War of Mercenaries Guide: Mercenary Units & Beasts

In this war of mercenaries guide you will find the complete list of mercenary unit and beasts currently available. We also give you tips on how properly use your mercenaries and train your beasts.

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Mercenary Units

There are three main mercenary categories, those that focus on attacking defensive buildings, those who loot a lot more and finally those that attack everything in their path. Go to the recruitment chamber to get them and hire them in the mercenary barracks. Remember, you first recruit, and once unlock you can hire, until then, mercs will remain greyed out in the hiring quarters

Mercenaries can be leveled up or trained in the Training Chambers. You need might and time to do so. However, after battle you will lose all progress made on the mercenaries you took to battle.

Which are the best mercenaries to loot?. These are the Night Rider and Sneak Peak loot 6 times more than other regular mercs. But all mercs loot, we are currently working on a loot chart to help you make numbers before going to war.

Bedouin Brute1.3200300150020sAnything
Night Rider2.51501535015sResource B.
Persian Hashishin1.3200300150020sAnything
Nubian Guard1.2200050500020sDefensive B.
Sneak Peak26001001200030sResource B.
Mongolian Gargantuan140001003000040sDefensive B.
Pharaoh Warrior0.980012006000070sDefensive B.
Gentle Healer0.758000400120000200sWounded Units
Persian Sapper36003002000070sAnything
Rock'N Gaul0.88000150015000160sAnything


Beasts are the most powerful war units in War of Mercenaries. There are a total of 3 beasts available, all of them need to be unlocked before being able to be used. You first need the Beast Cave to get the Beast Keeper, until then, the only beast you can get is the first one you choose. The stats below are the default ones, but they increase for each level your Beast gains.

Mightosour30001200020%Bedouin Brute

Getting a Beast. The beast cave allows you to create/raise beasts. You must choose between 3 of the available beasts, and you cannot change beasts until you create the Beast Keeper, which basically hosts your current beasts, allowing you to raise a diferent one. Only 1 beast can be active at the same time, no more, no less.

Training your beast eventually leads to evolving it. Training requires of mercenaries, these need to be available in the barracks and will be consumed in the process. You need to train your beast daily if you want to mainting its level.

Beasts caved in the Beast Keeper will not get destroyed, but the beast in the Beast Cave will.

Beast Training Tips

  • Beasts are ready to be trained once every 23 hours, training progresses them one step closer to evolution.
  • Level 6 beasts can have 3 bonus levels which require daily training to maintain
  • If a ready beast is not trained within a day, it will become lazy and lose its progress
  • Beasts can be evolved instantly with gold, unless it is fully evolved
  • Lazy beasts cannot be caved in Beast Keeper.
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  1. I can not play a war of mercenaries every open window always appears retry, I’ve reached level 35, is there something wrong? HELP me

  2. When we evolve the beast it always says, “LAZY”… So How can I evolve it???
    (I waited for the entire timing but…It still says LAZY…)

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