Village Life Tips: Levelling Up Faster, Get More Gems, Keys and More

Village Life fans rejoyce, below you will find a list of tips and tricks, some of them quite unique. Before you ask, no, these are not cheats, but help you get the resources you need much faster though and avoid some in-game bugs.


Believe it or not, one bug that seems to be affecting lots of users is the fact that you won’t collect any happiness if you stay logged off the game. We tested ourselves and you can quickly level up if you stay logged in to Village Life (maybe using a second browser for that purpose and just letting the game run on its own). However as soon as you leave the game, the happiness gathering will almost completely stop. It seems like the game is paused when you sign out. Consider this a quick fix that allows you to level up much faster at the same time.


If you are patient, you will soon realize that as you reach higher levels, the amount of free keys and free gems you get each time you level up end up exceeding your unlocking needs. By level 50, you should have already unlocked almost all the items available and start gathering keys that you will not use. You get at least 1 key and 20 gems each time you hit a new level, just use it wisely when a quest requires you to do so.

Marry your villagers as soon as you can. Yes, some people opt to leave their villagers single, but they forget that right now, lost villagers show up very often, compensating the loss. You get plenty of happiness (which takes you to more keys and gems) and lots of gems from the ceremony as well.


If you are quite close to filling up the shrine, do not get married just yet. This is because the extra happiness bubbles after the shrine is full will get wasted, they are not gathered and go to the next level meter (remember that you need a manual action to reach the new level).


This Village Life tip goes to those that hate marriages (even though the developers changed the game balance, a lost villager seems to find your village each time you lose the newlywed).

Before ACCEPTING a marriage proposal (we’re talking about accepting and not sending, since you can control the first one). Accept a quest/task that you know might take lots of hours (buried squirrel, gingergread house, etc) and put the villager that has been requested to get married to work on that specific task. As soon as the wedding ceremony is finished, whether or not the couple leaves the village, the task will be automatically completed.


As we told you in our first tutorial, villagers have core needs, being shelter, fire, water and food. Now, if they start piling up several core needs, specially the big white thought bubbles, you risk them producing less happiness and you will certainly start seeing the big red thought bubbles to the right of the character profile, indicating he/she can’t have fun. In a few words, expect that villager to produce a lot less happiness bubbles if you don’t satisfy first the core needs. Green thought bubbles are different, since the villager will soon be doing that activity with not many core needs in the way.

[box type=”shadow”]Tools Break Too Often: Indeed, specially those made of wood, flint and tin are the ones that break really quick just after a few uses. This is not a bug and the problem is that you keep needing them for harvesting certain type of wood or foraging some bushes.[/box]

[box type=”shadow”]Fun Buildings Lifecycle: All these buildings wear off after a certain amount of uses and you must remove them from the village since they wear off. For many, the lifecyle of such facilities is very short, but nonetheless is not a bug.[/box]

[box type=”shadow”]Need to POST some items in order to get them from neighbors: Not a Village Life bug either. We believe the developers made a mistake by doing this, since nobody looks at the game feed to see what others are posting, they will surely replace “post” for “ask” soon. It’s only active negibors that can actually help you.[/box]

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35 thoughts on “Village Life Tips: Levelling Up Faster, Get More Gems, Keys and More”

  1. I always send out any villagers who aren’t producing happiness to do quests, even if they aren’t the fastest at the task. That way the happy people keep filling the shrine and the grumpy bumpkin can work to make people even happier!

  2. Another thing about long quests like building something that takes a day or more you can also use a female villager who has the baby bubble (wants a baby bubble) if she is pregnant the next day the task will be completed no matter how much time you have left.

  3. I managed to go through to the Riverside part of this game, then my man got married and left my village! How can I get someone into the Riverside to fish now? Am so frustrated. Any help would be appreciated. many thanks

    1. If you click on the map, you will see a green “+”. If you click on it you can “move” villagers between the different areas. But just know that before you can move them back they need to rest…I think it’s about a day. I hope this helps!

  4. Re: Jenny March 16/2014

    If you have achieved opening the Riverside Village you should now be able to choose which villagers you want to live there by clicking on the map, then clicking on the fish icon and finally by clicking on the + symbol. It will then bring up all your Woodland villagers to select from. Just pick the villagers you want to move and they will now become villagers of the a Riverside village. You can swap villagers back and forth from village to village as you desire. I hope this helps :)

  5. how can i get to riverside? Ive been stuck on level 16 for weeks and i play everyday,many times a day.I keep my villagers happy except one core need usually but have no gems so always have to wait to unlock things!!!!

    1. before being able to get to riverside you have to complete a task which took me months to complete. You have to build thing huge hammer to get the guy out that is stuck behind a big boulder. It isn’t a hop, skip and a jump away it takes a long time and you don’t get that option right away, you need to be on a higher level.

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    1. Reach level 20 then go to the bush to the right of the Riverside village.

      Hope this helps!

  7. if i send a marrage request and it is accepted, does my villager move to their town or do they move to mine? (several of my villagers want to get married but I don’t want to lose them all)

    1. I think it’s random, I mean, I’ve married off 2 villagers so far and one came to my village (a master forager) but I lost the little girl you meet near the start, so I lost my only lumberjack boost. it’s either random or favours the male’s village, since the forager was female and the one I lost was also female =)

    2. It’s random. Although if your population is very high, (eg. if any new villagers would make you reach your pop. limit), then I would recommend leveling up before marriage. Otherwise, you’ll lose one of your couples. And no, contrary to popular belief, it is NOT the oldest couple that leaves.

      Hope this helps!

  8. Do I really have to pay to get to the mountain village? Is there any other way to get to it other than paying for it because I don’t have a credit card and no one else will let me use theirs. thanks

    1. Once you reach level 20, you can go to the bush to the right of the village. Then, the mountain should open :)

      Hope this helps!

    1. i am on level 59…only reached Woodland, Riverside and Mountain. If i have to wait until level 97+ to move on, i’m not going to be happy.

    1. Beach hasn’t opened yet. They haven’t said yet when it will become available, but I am sure it will be soon 😛

      Hope this helps!

    1. Oils are for making fires last longer. Different type fires use different amounts of oil.

      Hope this helps!

  9. I thought that the married couple go to the village that has less villagers so you never run out, please correct me if I am wrong though. I am not 100% sure.

    1. No if you propose to someone then your villager will live in their village but if your villager is proposed to then they will live in your village

  10. I thought that the married couple go to the village that has less villagers so you never run out, please correct me if I am wrong though. I am not 100% sure.

  11. Only worked this out recently… Oil (that you receive from inheritance when someone passes away or for a purchase of gems) is used for making your fire burn an extra 12 hours. All you need to do is ignite your fire, click on your burning fire, and it will tell you how many oils it will take to keep the fire burning longer. Hope this helps

  12. when is the beach opening up..all it says is coming soon….and when i started this game almost 2 yrs ago (got stuck n took a year long break)…the village wud get dark n rain..that doesnt happen it my settings or did it stop?

    1. I believe your village becomes gloomier when your villagers are unhappy. You must have made them more happy since then 😀

      Hope this helps!

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