Village Life Guide: Dating, Marriage, Pregnancies and More

Dating and Marriages in Village Life and not part of regular quests, even though you trigger them the same way, through “thought bubbles”. They’re pretty much contain the worst and best part of the game, which we describe below. If you’re new to the game, don’t forget to read our Village Life guide for dummies.

Getting your Villagers to Date

From Age 18 on, both single female and male villagers will start popping the “Love Heart” thought bubble, this means they want to start dating.

[box type=”shadow”]You cannot date members of your own Village.[/box]
[box type=”shadow”]Here’s one mandatory reason to have Villae Life friends (can be facebook contacts or not). If you don’t have neighbors with single villagers ready to date as well, or not neighbors at all, you will see an empty “thought bubble”. Playdemic’s forums are the right place to go in order to find active players.[/box]

Once you click on love heart bubble, a window will pop up with a list of village life single characters available to start dating, the list will be empty is there’re none, in that case, hurry and go get more community friends. Simply choose one and send a request.

mailbox dating village life

Your neighbor will receive a message in their inbox with the option to accept of reject the dating. If they accept, the couple will start dating for a period of 24 hours give or take, during which you will constant tiny love hearts popping from their heads

Marriage: Getting Your Villagers to Marry

After the 24 hour period of waiting is over, you will see the Ring thought bubble show up, click on it to send the Marriage Proposal request. Your neighbor can accept it or reject it, and you will have to wait for as long as they click on either option.

village life ring thought bubble

Rejecting the marriage proposal means start the dating cycle all over again.

Propose or Break Up, It's Up To You

If the proposal is accepted, then a small intro with the marriage ceremony taking place appears, everyone in the ceremony will release plenty of happines bubbles, and since some users have reported that the shrine meter filled up and lost the extra bubbles, make sure the meter is still low when doing so.

Missing Villagers: What Happened To Your Character?

Maybe one of the game mechanics that annoy users the most happens when you “lose” one of your villagers, can be male or female, because they simply chose the other Village to spend their lives together. According to the developers, this is random, but probably villages with less couples will end up getting the newlyweds. So if you’re still wondering what happened to your missing villager after he/she started dating, they simply left. Even if you lose people now, sooner or later you will reach the population limit, but it takes time and this is the reason gamers leave Village Life on early stages. And no, it’s not related at all to who sends the marriage proposal.

[box type=”shadow”]If you keep playing, you will see many weddings go by and mourn your villagers leaving, you just need to hang on there and be patient and wait for them to join your village instead.[/box]

Pregnancy: How To Get Your Villagers Pregnant

There’re two ingredients to have babies in Village Life, one of them is having a married couple, and the other one is patience (we omitted the satisfy your villagers’ needs since it sounds obvious.)

Female villagers can get pregnant multiple time through their fertile lifecycle, you will likely have more babies from your original couple besides the twins.

The couple will only start “making a baby” once you accept the “maybe baby” thought bubble popping from your married female villager, but the time you need to wait in order for your couple to want to have a baby is absolutely random. Recently married couples might want one right away or more than a week can go by until the “Thought Bubble” appears.

village life maybe baby thought bubble
village life making a baby

Once the female villager gets pregnant, you must wait between 24 and 48 hours in order for her to give birth, during this period, the femaly villager won’t be able to work and you will notice the change in her physical appearance.

Village Life Having a Baby

Once the villager is ready to give birth, you will get a mailbox message that you need to read so the the couple gets into their hut and deliver it.

Unfortunately, the villager can fail to conceive the baby, such is life!. Pretty much like losing your villager after the marriage, you can get the same outcome multiple times in a row, another game mechanic fans don’t like at all.

Village Life How To Get More People

Village Life How To Get More Villagers

Select the name for the new baby boy/girl, if you want to rename the character you will be able to do so multiple times.

[box type=”shadow”]Village Life users have been reporting pregnancies in villagers older than 45 years old, so the exact age limit for pregnancies is not yet known.[/box]

Village Life Population Limits

How many villagers can you have in Village Life?. The population limit in Village Life is 14 people. However, if some of your villagers get married and bring their couple in, that number can increase. Mind you, you won’t have new kids in the meantime since none of the couples will have the “maybe baby” thought.

Lost Villagers

Can Villagers Divorce/Split?

Even though you won’t get the pop up box like in most major events, if a couple fails to conceive multiple times, the husband can leave the wife alone and leave the village as well. This is not a game error. It seems that villagers do divorce if the couple can’t give birth after many tries.

You will notice that after your villager gets married and in case he/she leaves to the other village (again, this is random). Another character could take the place of the “dissapeared” villager. These are known as “Lost Villagers, and suddenly appear mainly to compensate the loss. but it does not happen all the time though. you will also receive a message in your mailbox telling you about the newcomer.

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376 thoughts on “Village Life Guide: Dating, Marriage, Pregnancies and More”

    1. how do i change the appeareance of my villager? as i dont like the way they look? is it possuble to chnage hair colour and style etc?X

    2. Thx for all useful info though I read about the part were sending perposal messages… I think, and ive been sending these messages many times should I make my villager break up?

  1. Thanks alot, this is the only place that answered my question and i think (just like u mentioned above) that i’ll leave the game soon as i’m so sick of losing villagers because they leave after getting married.

    1. This is not a bug, it’s up to you to let the current couple split. After all, the happiness level affects the amount of bubbles they produce to level up.

    2. Hi,

      Can you or little person send me a baby potion?
      All of my baby’s have passed away and my family is lonely can you do that for me?
      Thanks if you would do that for me if not u meany.

  2. One of my villagers has been dating for 48 hours now,and the marriage proposal bubble hasn’t appeared yet help,and I have babies that are two when will they become a child ?

    1. betweeen 24 and 48 hours, but in some cases even more. Of course, there’s always the chance of a failed conception.

    1. The dating may be over and you may receive a message or the male villager’s user may receive a message about proposal just be patient.

    1. some villagers want a baby right away but also some villagers might not want one right away so it could take a couple weeks

  3. One of my male villagers started dating with a neighbor’s female villager and then, my neighbor blocked the application. Now my villager has a bubble with a ring, and when I click it, it says ‘ Ludd is no longer dating. There’s plenty of fish in the sea’. So, he seems blocked :( what can I do about it?

    1. Check out in the mailbox if you can actually find the option to break with her. Then the villager will be available for dating again.

    2. I have the same problem and there’s nothing in my mailbox so I can’t break with the girl. It’s been like this for almost a month and I can’t get any happiness from this villager, any suggestions, please?

  4. I accepted a date request for my villager and he had love hearts popping over his head but after a while they stopped and now I can’t see that villager in the “available” list. Is this a glitch or would they have accepted another request?

    1. the hearts stopped cause they’re dating. if you mean the hearts the keep floating around and fades off.. then i dont know. sorry.

  5. thanks for telling me how to get my villagers pregnant. it helped allot. but she still didn’t have her baby yet ;( u can’t wait to have her pregnant though :) love this site btw thanks.

  6. Hello,

    One of my female villagers started dating with a neighbor’s male villager and then, my neighbor blocked the application. Now my villager has a bubble with a ring, and when I click it, it says ‘ Ludd is no longer dating. There’s plenty of fish in the sea’. So, she seems blocked what can I do about it?

    Help Please!!!

    1. It should go away in a few days, tons of people report the same issue. If you might, post the problem on the official forums.

    1. What you need to do is look at the “Wants Relationship” bubble and click it now you will see your friends list if none of your friends have any available villagers then the villager can’t have a relationship. Tip: What I did with one of my accounts was made a new account and used that! It works and it means you can control all relationships! :)
      Hope this helps!
      Lottie x

    2. when your villager is 18, there will be a heart in his/her want thing, click on it and click on the person that you want your villager to date, if they accept the date, exactly 24 hours later, there will be a diamond ring where the heart used to be, click on it and it will send a proposal, and hopefully he/she will accept it, and if he/she does, than your good to go

  7. My girl is pregnant! It’s going great too! But it has been 3 days and she had not gave birth yet.


    1. If you want them to have twins, there’s also a “Twins Potion” in the shop. Your couple will have a girl and a boy. It costs 400 of the gems. It’s available in the Decor Store under “Potions”.

    2. you can buy a potion… theyres a baby potion, a twins potion, a baby boy potion, and a baby girl potion… they range from 200-400 gems…

    1. You can have kids over forty. I had three women over forty, they got pregnant and two of them fell pregnant. LOL

    2. Dont worry it will want a baby at some point. One of my villagers had a baby at 57 years old! And I don’t think there is a maximum to how many children you can have. This same villager had 6 kids.

  8. hey it been 24 hours and my nabor has the girl i have the boy and they wont make marrige buble but there not plz help ? ‘

    1. They will be married don’t worry. They get married when your Female/Male villager has the “ring” thought bubble. Then click on the “ring” thought bubble then an icon will open it will let you send the proposal. it will say “Does (Name of villager) take this man/woman (Name of villager), till death to part them?

    2. when your villager is 18, there will be a heart in one of his/her thought bubbles, click on it and choose the person you want to date, hopefully he/she will accept. exactly 24 hours later, a ring will be in the thought bubble that the heart used to be in, click on it to send a proposal,and hopefully he/she will accept it, if yes, then your good to go


    1. It will arrive soon. It takes patience.. Such as i. i also waited for the ring to appear. It may be canceled from the female villager to date someone else.

      I don’t know.. but try my advice if it is right

    1. You can’t start another game… If you want to start again, make a new Facebook account…

    1. Yes another generous neighbour will send you a married pregnant couple but you may have to wait a while as not many are so generous xx

    1. that’s the bridge your villagers initially repaired to settle down in the new area remember?

  10. Is there an age limit with the women? I mean I figure once the couples go white/gray haired they can’t be popping out kids lol but both my other married women are like 35 & 37. Where as one husband is 37 like her & the other is liek 24. Both have been married almost 2weeks & I’ve been furfilling wishes with little luck.

  11. its been like 3 weeks since my villagers gor married and the bubble thought for baby still haven’t appear. and as for the original villagers , the twins has grown up to 15 years old respectively but their parents are not having any other children yet ! how ??

  12. My couple from the beginning now want another baby but when I click on the bubble, it tells me they need a shelter… I have three shelters including a mud shelter and that’s the one they’re in.. Why can I still not get them to have a baby?

  13. Hi!
    The area in which it is blocked off by giant rocks and has a sign that says “Next Area! Coming Soon…”.. do you know what level you get to unlock that or?

    1. It doesn’t have to do with a certain level. Just depends on when the developers plan to release that new area.

    1. You cannot do anything, just let them be until they pass away, you will have lots of couples as you make progress.

  14. What does this mean? Beacuase my female villager already has 19 year-old son. but her husband has the maybe baby thought bubble even though they have a son. why does the husbund want a new child?

    1. Dont worry, It always love to have babies if you dont want a baby dont accept the maybe baby bubble

  15. In the bototm-right corner of the screen there’s a bouldsier sealing off the path, with a sign saying “Next Area, Coming Soon…” What do I need to do to open up this path?

    I don’t mind losing villagers so much, but I have learned all the skills and done all the special quests that I can see, and the inability to move on is bugging me quite a bit.

    1. there is a guy stuck in the cave, you have to give him some stew, once you give to him he should give you a map, and the cave should open

  16. two couples in my village have been married for 6 days, but neither want a baby. the original couple hasnt either, and its bothering me, because theyre all getting older! does the woman have to be happy, with like, no wants? because all of my villagers want a lot of things that i cant unlock right now :/ i just really want them to have a baby…

    1. Be patient! I have villagers too. Pls. add me! ok, if you Want to get a baby get all they needs always have energy,(no getting Low). But i only find out in my friends please try.

    1. you can’t that is the only platform where it works. You can try creating a separate group of friends with no access to your wall or feeds, block the game feeds as well and start adding people.

    2. I’m really bad at explaining stuff, so hang in here with me;

      That’s a lie, “quickgamer” (sort of). If you click on one of your villagers and then click on the family tree circle by their face in the bottom right corner, the game will ask you to add village life friends. I’ve got like 800, but you have to have one initial friend.

      So basically, the game will suggest friends to you by who your villagers are related to. To get it to suggest friends, the first step is to have a fellow village player on your facebook friends list. You can do this by posting on the app page requesting an add, or by adding someone else who has posted ( Once the game member is on your facebook friends, you can mark them as “restricted” and they won’t see anything you post whatsoever. If you unmark “show in news feed” on your new friend as well, it’s like they’re not there at all. After you have this member on your friends list, the next step is to get your villagers to date each other. So it might be best to wait until one of your villagers needs a relationship before you visit the app page, because then you can advertise them for dating. After your villager and your new friend’s villager are dating, clicking on the family tree icon will result in suggestions based on who the other villagers in your new friend’s villagers are dating.

      So let’s say you just started the game. Your twins are finally 18 years old and ready to date. Go to the app page, make a post stating something along these lines, “I have a female ready to date. Add me on facebook and I’ll send you a relationship request.” When you get friend requests, mark them as restricted, hide their posts, then go to your game and send them a dating request. I added you. Your girl is dating one of my boys. If MY girl is dating someone else’s boy, once yours and my villagers are together, you can add that someone else because they’re part of the family. NOW, I’m not sure if it works exactly that way. My female might have to be married before you can add her partner, but I know that’s how the suggestion connections work.
      Good luck! Hope this wasn’t too confusing, and if it was, read it again a couple times. Maybe slower.

  17. I have 3 married couples who have no wants to have a baby, my village limit has not been reached, I am getting very frustrated with the game, I would like the 3 couples i have to want babies, two of the three have been married for well over a week.

    1. You just have to wait. Its like in real life, you could want to try for a baby in a week, or a month, or more.
      Are any of your villagers over 40?
      If they are, you cannot have children with villagers over 40.

  18. The ring bubble appears when I click on a villager but when i click on the bubble it send me to the inbox and i just accept help requests

    1. You have to click the heart at the top of the inbox in order to accept anything relationship wise.

  19. I have questions about my couple that I first started with in the beginning. They had twins and their twins are 5 years old now, will they have more kids after? Or is it just random that they have more than 2 kids?

    How many kids did your villagers have during their life?

    1. My very first couple didn’t have any other children but the twins. But now I’m having a couple which has had 3 girls one after another. They are 19, 11 and 3 years old and their parents are 41 now. I’m just wondering if I’ll ever have boys in this game.. 😉

    1. i have a villager married. the woman cannot have a baby pllleeeaaassseee help if they cannot have a baby im not playing thia game anymore……………. please help now!

    1. No. You only need the potions if you can’t wait having a pregnancy. But most of the couples have babies without that help.

    1. It takes time.. One of my girl were dating in about 36 hours before the ring popped up.. Be patience.. :3

  20. Hi. I’m having a 19-year-old girl and she is dating a man who is already 47.. will they be able to have babies if they get married? Is there an age limit for men in this game for being fertile?

    1. i had the same problome my villagers did not have a baby but also none of my villagers had a baby i dont know if this helps.

    2. So she is 22 now and they’ve been married for three days until they’re now trying o conceive for the first time. 😉

  21. How can I find out what players villager my villager is dating? I clicked the accept button to fast and didn’t quite catch who the player was.

    1. Just visit your neighbors village and see if a villager of the opposite sex has hearts floating above their head

  22. In order for your villagers to have babies do you have to give them all of their needs and wants? My village couples are wife-61, husband 61; wife-40, husband 25; and wife-31, husband-40. They are getting older and still no babies, I’m getting worried.

  23. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to all my children leaving! The first child, the sister, went to someone at the same level as me. Then both my twins left, to people with more couples than me, or who were lower level than me. Now my most recent marriage, I made sure to date people who were higher level than me, so she would want to stay with me, but she left too! My two original couples are too old to have any more children (women are 52 and 60-something with white hair) How can I get more villagers? If all my villagers just get old and die, I’ll have to quit the game, no point playing if there’s no people!

    1. Villagers never wipe out,do they?Because they are replaced sometimes they don’t with ‘Lost Villagers’ (L.V)

  24. My villager (female) is dating with a friend’s (male) village and have just started dating.Can villagers take more time for dating?

    1. Yes .. one of mine dated in over 36 hours before my female villager wanted to be married.. you just need to be patient :3

  25. I have three married couples (one being the originals) and I’ve been waiting for over 2 months for someone to want to have a baby, it’s starting to annoy me

    1. Me too! I mean, some “Lost Villagers” came into my village and had a baby girl, but that doesn’t count to me. I want the son of my original couple to reproduce, but nothing has come up. For any of my couples. I’m just wondering if they’re all gonna die and my village will be without any villagers because they’re all now over 50! Is there an age limit in order to have a baby?

  26. Do you get the hats during the winter? I thought this was also helpful, but I just started playing and wanted to know.

  27. Yahoo!My couple is gonna have a baby.And another couple as well (main).Will they both have a baby?
    I mean can two couples give birth at a time?

  28. hey brilliant site by the way,i just have a few suggestions. the top of this section you should write “before posting a question please read previous posts as your question may already have been answered”
    2.below that write “if your question is about timing of any of the following:
    -waiting for a date (love heart) bubble
    -waiting for an engagement ring bubble
    -waiting for a want baby bubble
    -waiting for the birth of a baby
    then please do not post a question as it is answered here and the answer is the same for each question.
    the answer is = the best thing you can do about the timing concerns of anything that doesnt show a countdown clock is make sure the villager/villagers in question doesnt want anything, the only other thing you can do is WAIT PATIENTLY. if youve been waiting a week or two for something then why are the villagers still living in mud huts, dont just sit there waiting for one thing,progress and evolve your village while waiting for your goal.
    3.WAIT PATIENTLY MEANS WAIT PATIENTLY dont start panicking after 24 hours of something NOT happening,it could take weeks,thats why the game has the progressions available (and i mean better quality housing,better standard of living) they dont just happen as soon as you unlock them,they are tasks in themselves.

    well thats what my suggestion would be really,its what my mind was screaming after reading those posts
    i hope i didnt offend you and i hope you found them helpful

    1. your outstanding contribution is now live, thanks and we wish you’d post more often here.

  29. My couple who got married yesterday the female villager is 38 and the male villager is 22. is their a age limit for a female villager to get pregnant?

    1. i have the same problem my villager was dating someone else and they just got married this morning. she came to my village and i found out she was 52!!im running out of villagers cause they keep having girls and the girls leave. is there a way i can have them get a “divorce”.

    2. well the female villager was mine
      and they ave been married for over 2 weeks and haven’t gotten pregnant she is 48 now and he is 32

  30. my village couple got married and are getting older and still they didnt get a baby bubble will they ever have a baby

  31. my couple married long ago and still did not have a baby i think because they are unhappy but to fill they needs i dont have keys and and gems what to do

  32. Some corrections to your posted information:

    1) You don’t always get a “lost villager” I’ve had 6 or 7 marriages so far, everyone left and NEVER EVER have I had a “lost villager” appear to replace the villager. I had ONE lost villager appear a couple weeks after one marriage, right before I married another one, who also left.
    2) Nothing was mentioned about what happens when the villagers retire (do they count towards the population limit etc)
    3) The villagers DO DIE between 80-90 years old.
    So I think some of your information needs to be validated and corrected. Thanks for not having the information I was looking for.

    1. You have to wait until your population gets too low (have less than three villagers I think)at which point you will get a notification in your mailbox saying “So an so villager has found your village!”

  33. My villager wanted a relationship so I accepted a relationship request a neighbour had sent me but my villager still has the ‘Wants a relationship’ thought bubble. This is the first time I’ve attempted to put any villagers into a relationship. Do I just wait orrr?

    1. I think the villagers stop working at age 75 or over. My villager was 74 years old and still was working while her husband stopped working

  34. hi,
    1.can i be friends with someone on this site with a girl to marry my male they everdye
    3.will my first couple that had twins ever want more kids
    4.thanks for the help

  35. My couple have been married for more than 3 days, the female is 36 and my male is 28. I want them to have a baby but the little bubble hasn’t popped yet. I really want them to have a baby but nothing is happening! Someone please help me! :(

    1. same with me but they just wont conxieve it might take weeks so just be pacient…sorry

  36. I was wondering if anyone knew:
    If a woman is working on one of the 3 day buildings and her hubby has the maybe baby thought, will they just not concieve because she is working or what?

  37. Hi,

    I have been having problems with 4 of my gifts in my inbox on the game. Every time i click on it to accept it it tells me to refresh the game for all 4 gifts. Is there any way I can delete the gifts.

    1. no.but for me,mostly the girl leaves. i don’t know if it’s random or not(and i read the thing btw)byt i know from like 30 people(and quickgamer)that it dosen’t have to do withwho proposes.

  38. Hey there, I wanted to name my villagers’ new born baby something. Whatever happened, it didn’t work. So I was wondering if I can rename the baby? If I can, how do I do that? Thank you =)

    1. you can, all you have to do is click on the baby’d name and it will let you change the name…

  39. How do you stock up on baby bottles? I don’t want to keep having to use my gems or post that I need baby milk. Is there any other way that I can get the baby bottles or the items that I need to make them?

  40. My villagers (women) married to a friend (male) village. but why is this man still have a bubble “love”. he seemed unhappy and need relationships. why????

    1. Yes, when a villager gets married, they either stay at their own village or they go to their wife/husbands village.

  41. Hello! I have one question. My female twin married and went away to her husband’s village almost a week ago. I want to know if we are notified whenever one of our girls leaves and falls pregnant. Does it happen or will we never know?

    1. And, This is my 6th time my couple tried to have a baby and did not conceive. After about how many times does the male leave? If the male leaves, can both partners remarry?

    1. They retire first at age 72 then can live well past 100. I currently have one villager aged 118 and one who is 109. they just won’t die.

  42. How long after a child is born does that couple want another baby or how long is the female in recovery until they’d want another baby?

  43. My villagers did not conceive yet and the wife got the baby thought. i clicked that. And it didn’t conceive. I tried again, still didn’t conceive. So I’m trying again today. Please how do I get them to conceive, the wife really really wants children.

  44. My couple are 27 and went in the love shack to try and have a baby buts nothing is happening and when I went in the store to try to get a potion for a baby it said my cuple were too old Wharts happening and will my couple ever have a baby?

  45. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My villagers finally conceived. Now my female villager is pregnant. I wonder if it will be twins or a boy or just a girl. The female villagrs mom was pregnant 3 times. And had 3 girls named Ella, Emily and Sofia. Ella’s the girl that’s pregnant now, like i said. Emily moved to her husbands village and Sofia is waiting for her wedding proposal to accept. Its been more than 3 days. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEN WILL HE ACCEPT MY PROPOSAL…..HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. i have a bubble of wants children both of married couple and when i press on them game told me they need a shelter alone and i moved them in shelter alone but the bubble still appear is this normal for the bubble to appear alltime ?????????????

  47. I’ve tried these things, and right now I’m down to two couples and a kid, the last five got married and moved to another village. I’m curious on what is going on because during the wedding intro, they show a couple of villagers that croaked and the rest they showed the ones I lost to the other villagers, basically the siblings and their families coming by to visit, and I’m wondering if that is what being used against me?

    1. It all depends, some couples want one right away, while others can take up to weeks.. My original couple just concived yesterday, and should have the baby any minute now. Good luck! Have fun playing! 😉

  48. My original couple is now 26 yrs. and the bridge boy is 17 (can’t wait till he can date), his sister lives in a different village :( the original twins are 5 and their parents will have a baby and minute now (lol) Im only level 11. My original couple concived on the first try, its my first time trying, but i hope is always this easy for me! 😉 Have any advice?

  49. Ok, so with marriage do they live with you if your the one who sent the marriage proposal? Or if you say ok they can marry? or is it random? or if your a male or female?
    (help me please)

  50. I actually love village life especially with the intro. But I have a villager who is 65 but never got married because I travelled for 6 months but when I arrived I couldn’t see any love pop. And her mom which is 87 gave birth and she died at 97 and the child is now 13.

  51. Hello , my villager had a baby maybe thought bubble and I clicked on it. Then they tried for a baby and they said that wait till tomorrow. And I did , and she is not pregnant and they told me to wait for a day. No notifications no nothing please advice me I need help.

  52. When is the second time that lost villagers come because all of mine are elderly except for two, twins from the begining, and 2 have died? Im afraid there will be no villagers!

    Please answer me!

  53. Hey! I have a lot of villagers and they are all past 40. I have a married couple who is in their 50’s but they didn’t want children. Also my other married couple is almost in their 50’s and they don’t want children either. Can some couples not want children? And also, I heard that how to conceive, you need to have a loveshack. If that’s the case, then where do I find one? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  54. one of my villagers has hearts over her head said someone accepted relationship its been a week no marriage proposal as no bubble appeared and hearts still above her head why is this?

  55. my villager got the icon children the next day when i checked she was not pregnant will she have children or not. please answer

    1. You will get a message stating whether your villager is pregnant or not. If you did not get the message, just wait a little longer C: (You did click the thought bubble, right?)

    2. You can also click on the actual villager and it says (on mine anyway) whether or not they are pregnant and then gives you an option to skip to the birth by using gems, even if it doesn’t look like she is pregnant it says it :3

  56. My villager got18 years old and he did not have the heart thought bubble
    Please help me
    if you know the answer

    Please hlep

  57. I read all of the above messages (okay, well I started scanning when I realized they were mostly repeats of the same few questions). I have a new one for you all. I moved some of my villagers from Woodland to Riverside. Now the villagers in Woodland have all died and you need to have at least a couple of villagers there for certain tasks.
    As other people have mentioned I have only received one Lost Villager in all the time I have been playing so I don’t have much hope that I will see another one to start repopulating the Woodland village and I see no way to move anyone back there from Riverside.
    Any ideas?

    1. Further to above question…. How do I get to move to woodland? Do I need a certain amt of villagers (6) as we’ll have happiness up to move there? I obviously have to move there before I can get to riverside right?

  58. i have a villager thet is ready to date she is like 20 or 21 but does not have the heart in a thought bubble how do i get her to date someone????!!!!

    1. You can’t, unfortunately. You’ll have to deal with it. (I know the pain, one of my villagers’ wife is called ‘Catfish’…

    2. Yes you can rename them. Select the villager and click on their name (under their picture) and you can enter a new name.

  59. Two of my villagers, (aged 24 and 20) do not appear to be interested in love. Neither of them have the heart thingy in their thought bubbles. The oldest one received a date request from a friend though, but now he doesn’t want to marry. (He was 21 when he started dating). Is this a bug or did I miss something?

  60. I have too many people in my village now, 15, and I can’t marry or have any more kids. Is there a way to get rid of the older villagers or no? The oldest is like 48. None of my villagers moved out after being married and I now have too many people. help!!

  61. My married couple have married for a week and they are 36&30. Im wondering if they r ever going to be able to have kids.

    Please help!!!!

  62. Um what is the population limit of Village Life? I have 13 villagers and 2 new married couples, will they have babies too? I’m worried they might be affected cuz the village might be overpopulated. :/

  63. Hiii
    I like this site very much but just have a query.
    In my village, I have 2 young women and an old man.
    If I marry my girls into another village then how can I run my village afterwards???
    Also, my old man is of 84 years. He’ll pass out very soon and I know that.
    Please help me.
    With Regards,

  64. Hey, i just wanted to say, that my now 48 year old “Starter” female just gived birth 2 Twins so.. They can be more than 45 so get children d:

  65. One of my villages is 19 but it won’t let me choose a date for them and no date requests are coming through, what do I do?

  66. My original twins have been dating my sisters twins (we started playing within 24 hours of each other)for well over a week. what do i do do get them to propose already? we’ve both gotten really anxious.

  67. I am quite excited because one of my female villagers is pregnant and the baby will come tomorrow and then another one is in the “maybe baby process so 2 (or more!) baby villagers will be born in my village in the space of 2 days.i am very excited!!!!

  68. It has been 28 hours through my female villagers pregnancy. I know you said between 24-48 but how much longer do you think it will be until she gives birth??

  69. Thankyou for the help! I now have a little baby boy who was born a few minutes ago crawling around my village and another one of my female villagers is pregnant :)

  70. ok so i had a villager working at the workshop and they died and didnt finsh and now it says waiting what do i do to make another villager do the job they didnt finsih

  71. ok one of my people were making somthing at the workshop so thye could move onto the new map and as they were making it they passed away. now it says waiting like its waiting for the person to come back how can i make a new person finish what the person who past started

  72. My villager accepted a date invite but nothing has happened, then the little red hearts appeared but she hasn’t gone on a date, he hasn’t even accepted the invite yet. Is there any way to breakup or something

  73. okay so i have 2 villagers that are 63 and still want babies why? and i have 2 married couples neither of the couples want babies

  74. Hi! One of my villagers has been dating for 4 days but the marriage proposal hasn’t come up yet. Also 2 of my other villagers have turned 18 but the dating bubble isn’t coming either. Is there something wrong?

    1. Hey, my female villager just got married 2 days ago and the ring thought bubble hasn’t gone away and it won’t let me click on it and I think it’s stopping her from. Having babies. What does It mean? Is she not happy with the marriage? How do you get a new partner ?

  75. So one of my villager is 20 but he hasn’t got that love bubble yet. My other villagers that were 18 ( i think there were 6 or 7 ) and they all had that love bubble as soon as they turned 18. But still this villager hasn’t got that bubble. And im scare that if he doesn’t soon no one is going to want to date a old villager. So im just wondering , is my villager meant to have that Love Bubble anytime or was he meant to have it at 18 already :)

    Thanks guys !

  76. Hey, so I have like 8 villagers and two of them are pregnant so I can only use 4 for tasks. They are about to give birth as well. In addition I keep rejecting proposals because I don’t want to lose another villager because I have babies who will count as villagers but can’t do tasks. Do the babies count as villagers yet since they can’t do anything. I don’t want to be left with only three people to do tasks. In addition I have two people who have babies at the exact same time everytime and one of them is old! Lord when does it stop?

    1. I am pretty sure it won’t, you either have a glitch or your village just really likes babies. I wouldn’t reject the proposals though, Niro think you should just let the babies coming, think of how it will be when they are all teenagers, suffer for a little while but get a LOT of people to work later, hope my message helped.

  77. My female villager has been dating for seven days irl, I keep trying to propose but he never answers the proposal. I have tried to to be pat isn’t and I am afraid that if I break them up it will glitch and she will no longer want love, WHAT DO I DO!?!?!?

    1. don’t worry if u break up u wait a little and refresh and she/he should probably get a heart bubble again soon

  78. My villager is 19 and doesnt want to date yet. They usually do once they turn 18. I have 12 villagers at the moment. Is that the limit?

    1. I’m having literally the exact same problem as you Sarah. I have 12 villagers, most are adults but I have 2 kids and 2 toddlers (both 2 years old). I have another girl who’s 21 and she started dating one of my friend’s villagers a few days ago, but there hasn’t been a marriage wish yet. And my 19 year old never got a notification that she turned 18 (I don’t know if there is one or not, or just for when they turn 13) but if anyone knows anything about this the help would be greatly appreciated!

  79. my guy villager has been dating for REALLY LONG and I never received the proposal bubble. what’s wrong? he’s already 26 and I believe he started dating at around 18

  80. Well… I read or skimmed past all of the above and though there is a lot of questions and answers on villagers getting married, dying, having kids etc it would b nice if someone could inform me on the whole process of moving to different mountains. I have only started playing so I guess I am get to move to woodland but unsure of what I need to do to get there. Also one of my neighbours asked how to get to last mountain so my question is it the same process to move to each mountain. Thanks for your help

  81. Does anyone know how I can transfer my villagers from woodland to Riverside? It gave me the option but I clicked the wrong button. It took me forever to get there, and i want to move some of my villagers there. Any ideas?

  82. My original couple had twins then had 3 more babies, even when over 40 but I have 1 couple (the prince guy & princess) who r married & nearly 40 but no babies?
    Also, last 2 villagers who married moved to other village?

  83. My first set of twins born from the original villagers have come of age to get married but I haven’t yet gotten the request for them to start dating.

  84. one of my villagers is married and still have the heart bubbles popping over them then my other villager wants a date but he cant because everytime I try to look for one I cant because it sends me a message about looking for dates in the vl community and that keeps popping up then it resets my app. and it wont go away I have 12 villagers

  85. Hey, i have a question. – right so, is it a bug how out of surprise, my couple who were not the original Alessia and Oben (They’re long gone) had twins as their first kids,dark haired green eye’d Katniss and mid brown haired brown eye’d Peeta (Hunger games fan IKR) and well they wanted another kid, so i let them and they had another set of twins, is this normal? they’re called Finnick and Willow

    1. It is normal you were just lucky to have more twins :) I’m a fan of the hunger games to. ( I like your Names by the way!)

  86. When I sent the marriage requirement, and many, many days elapse, the groom does not respond, it may be somehow undone me to look for a new husband?

    1. He might has not been on in many days, if he does not answer in many more days, I would look for a new husband.

  87. Can you visit your villager living in another village? Cuz I really want to visit mine. Please answer if you know how. Thanks!

    1. Try to remember what his name was, look for him on facebook, try to add him as a friend if you find him! Other than that I don’t know.

  88. My girl on Village life just got a thought bubble above her head that said she wanted a baby about 3 hours ago, and I was wondering, how long does it take for me to know if she is pregnant? Does it tell me if she is?

  89. i ended a relationship of one of my villages bc the guy was taking too long to accept the marriage proposal (when she was approx 20), she is now 30 and still no heart to start a new relationship. But since then ive had two more villagers come of age (both now 23) and they havent had the heart bubble appear either :/ is there something wrong with my game or do i just have too many villagers in my village (i have 12)?

  90. . Can someone help me please… I have 2 marriage proposals and it keeps crashing when I accept them.. Please someone help!!!!what do I do :(

    1. That happened to me too it is wierd I know you have to wait a day or two and if it still doesn’t let you you have to keep trying

  91. How long can you wait to deliver the baby after the notification.
    And when a villager dies do they have a funeral for them

  92. Hi, does anyone know how to propose to another villager? I have read through all the comments and can’t find anything…

    Thanks in advance!!

  93. My villager is dating can u speed up the proses and douls the female or male villager from another town come to urs and the other villagers town?

    1. One of my female villagers is now 77 years old and the whole time after she turned 18 she has never wanted to date. Another problem happened with another character of mine; he has been dating this one female villager for two-three weeks and still has hearts floating above his head but there has never been a wedding ring thought bubble in his wants.

  94. My villagers original twins disappeared. After they were born they were never actually put. Like there were no babies ever. The same couple had another baby and then another set of twins after that. But where did the first ones go?

  95. every time i click on two of my females to collect their happiness a message pops up saying that they are pregnant and i have to comeback tomorrow to see the birth or skip and see the birth now for 25 gems. this message has been popping up for 3 days now. they don’t appear to be pregnant and can still complete tasks. i’ve even tried using gems to skip and see the birth, but i doesn’t take the gems, it shows the birth video and then my villagers are stuck in their hut until i close the game and then reload it.

    1. She went to live in the other persons village not yous they normally choose to live in the village with the least people out of the two. They want to keep it even.

  96. Hi,

    My married couple already had twins, but now they want another baby. They tried over 24 hrs ago, and I have received any notice if they have succeeded or not. Please help!

  97. How long does the babies stay as babies ? And does anyone know how long out takes from babies to working age ? I have such a small village and i just want them to be bigger village to get more done

    1. Babys grow after 4 years and again at age 13. After age 18 they can work! Every 24 hours are 1 year. Have fun!

  98. None of my villagers want to have kids and I have no one under the age of 27in my village. Can they all eventually die and there will be nobody left?? Please help!!!!!!!

    1. No they cant. If you have to low villagers you will get strangers!
      With the babies: If you under 20 villagers, you have a chance to get a baby bubble. If you under 14 villagers, you get 100% chance of a bubble. So hang on!

  99. I really want to know if you can become friends with someone through, like Game Center or something because I don’t have Facebook and I’m sick of waiting for maya to send me things.

  100. Okay so I have a baby boy potion.But what exactly does it do?Does it automatically give you a baby boy or do you have to give it to one of your villagers and wait for her to give birth?Thanks 😉

  101. I’ve waited 3 days and no baby. I thought this said you have to wait 24 to 48 hours. It’s been 72 hours (3 days)! Help!

  102. We’ll if you don’t want to wait for the baby thought bubble to pop up how else would you make your villager have a baby?

    1. I meant for the baby to be born. BTW I’m sending this now cause i just checked this. She’s already been born(the baby.)

  103. So I want to look at my vill as gers family tree, I hear people talk about it occasionally. Any tips on how? Thanks!

  104. When i came back to my village there were nothing. No villagers, no buildings, no trees. NOTHING! What do i have to do to get my village back? Please help me!

  105. When i came back to my village there were nothing. No villagers, no buildings, no trees. NOTHING! What do i have to do to get my village back? Please help me!
    P.S It loads very slow.

  106. Sometimes they don’t always have baby’s it’s nothing to serious !keep an eye on them and check maybe that they have had baby’s you never know !!

    1. you click on your villager then you click the pencil near your villagers name there are two tabs family tree & profile hope this help :)

  107. i only get boys (as babies)………is it only me?????? n i m not even exaggerating …..i had 5 boys in a row with no girls at all

  108. My woman Emily is pregnant and I have wanted 24 hrs and 48 he’s will she be stuck pregnant?
    My Finely is single fairly hot and needs a girl but he’s been really grumpy and moody because his x girlfriend dumped him date him plz someone!can some body send me a twin or any kind of baby potion I’ve only just started 2 days ago and one woman wants to have a baby and isn’t married and they took half of my jewls or whatever they are of me and my first twins and single died in birth can you do it I’m sad.(seriously on not fake) :'( 😛 =-O :-* :O

  109. Hello. If a female villager (18yrs) marries a guy (70+ years) and they have /don’t have children, and one day the guy passes out and she becomes a young widow (30+yrs) can she get married again?
    Can the same happen with a guy who gets widowed at a young age?

  110. Is there a way to change your villagers’ facial features? Because I’ve seen some villagers who look different than mine…

  111. Today (11/25/14) I was playing village life and noticed that my 53 yr old female villager wanted to try to have a baby. So I accepted and she was pregnant. It was so odd since most people’s villagers stop conceiving around age 40-45. Its super weird and I don’t know if it was possible to have a misscarriage or something hut I just think its really weird and thought I should share it.

  112. Okay so I have a male villiager whi wants to date but I don’t have Facebook so does that mean that my male villiager can’t date anyone?! What do I do if I can’t do it without Facebook will I have to get it or delete the game?

    1. When they come of age, if their mother and father were both, say, a farmer, than if you click the farmer option, then they will be a master

  113. Hi, I just started village life… what is the time frame equivalent to ours? How many of our days equal one of their years? and how long does it take for a baby to grow up?

  114. Thanks, I was confused and I didn’t understand why the would date if they never saw eachother. But then i wrote this. Thanks. PS. Sorry for my bad english, I’m from Denmark.

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