Village Life Guide: Age

Being this one of the most outstanding features of Village Life, a Villager’s Age determines what can and cannot do, even though they do not die (at least not in the current game version), there are plenty of tips that are useful to know in order to understand the game mechanics

[box type=”shadow”]Village Life Tip: 24 hours in real time = 1 Year of Age in your Villager lifecycle.[/box]

Age Segments

  • Newborn: 01: Babies do not provide happiness neither they have needs.
  • Toddler: 02+
  • Kid.: Even though they yield happiness and have needs, they can’t carry out tasks.
  • Teenager. 13+ It’s only at this age when your villager is finally ready to do quests, besides providing happiness xp points for fulfilling his/her needs. It also triggers the “Coming of Age” window, where you must choose the skills that will be attached to this villager for the rest of its life.
  • Adult. 18+:This stage is the one that lasts longer, and even though your villager will change phisically, they can always work, produce happiness and give you thought bubbles
  • Elder. 75+: They are not able to work any longer, they pass away between the age of 80 to 90

Coming of Age

Once one of your villagers turn 13, they become teenargers and they can perform tasks. You will now have to select one of the skills to make those tasks go faster.

Village Life Coming of Age

When Villagers Come of Age, you can choose a profession for them, and this is what the next window is all about

Village Life Choosing Profession

Villagers inherit SKILLS from their parents. The pink SKILL icon will represent the SKILL inherited from its mother, and the blue SKILL icon the one from its father.

Notice there’s a third slot, where you can choose a third PROFESSION for your villager, if that is what you want and your village requires it.

Mind you, if you get to choose a SKILL that your parents already inherited, you will increase the TASK speed by 25%, and you can create a villager focused on a single task which can do that particular profession with an increase of 75%. Below you have the full list of Village Life Professions

  • Forestry: Cutting down all types of trees and extract wood
  • Mining: Extract minerals from rocks
  • Forage: Collect fruits from Trees and Bushes
  • Farming: harvest farm crops.

[box type=”shadow”]Village Life Tip: The fact that your villager does not have a certain skills does not prevent him from doing the task, it will just do it slower.[/box]
[box type=”shadow”]Village Life Tip: Once your village has grown enough, you might have the chance of matching couples in or outside your village having both male and female the same skills, and thus giving birth to a villager that will be much faster in a certain type of profession, even more if you choose for a third time the inherited profession once it “Comes Of Age”.[/box]

The 40 Years Old Milestone

Your villagers change appearance once again, grey hair, baldness, etc, just physical changes, they do not affect working speed.

Do Village Life Characters Die? How Old Can They Get?

Yes, Villagers in Village Life do pass away, they die between 80 and 90 years old. Even though you do not receive keys for this event, you do get some gems, which can buy keys if you need them. This is the message you get when that happens.

“your character” has enough wisdom to continue their journey to the stars!. Their legacy will live on in future generations. Collect your inheritance.

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149 thoughts on “Village Life Guide: Age”

  1. I love my villagers, but 3 are about to officially be elders. When the time comes, do we at least get a grave to remember our passed elders?

    1. Ou.don’t get graves but some players.have adopted the idea of surrounding the king statues with flowers and placing lightning bug lamps nearby one for every death

    2. My villager and my husband are elders and I’m 77 and my sister just died but she has a 3 year old and I wanna know when I die cause I have like 10 kids most of them are getting older but I had 2 sets of twins who are just babies!!! Do still get to play if your very first villager dies like the person u started with

    1. You will probably get a wandering villager soon. So they will get married and continue on the village

    1. i dont think they can because i havent gone on my village life for a week and they were still alive

  2. I can’t see my female characters, and when I click on the family tree their face looks like a man and their hair is different. What should I do?

  3. What happens if all my children leave, and the adults grow old and die? Will my village become defunct? So far, all but one of my villagers have left when they got married, and the ones who opted to stay had no children.

    1. That won’t happen, because random villagers will always come and stay in your village, making sure you never “run out” of people.

    1. I have a villager that is 56 years old, and her thought bubble says she wants marriage. Is it too late for her?

  4. My villagers haven’t wanted babies yet… I have two or three married couples… None of them have had the baby thought cloud yet… Will they eventually want a baby? Or could they maybe not want babies at all?

    1. Depends how long you’ve been waiting? I had to wait 2 weeks intil mine wanted then ‘maybe baby’ just popped up on both at the same time! (differnt couple) They each conceived and now have children. Its worth the wait.

    2. It depends, my second couple (The man with his daughter – He got married and stayed and his daughter married and left) they only had their first child in their 30’s and a few days ago his wife conceived when they were both 40-45, and they only have 3 children. But the third couple (The twin girl from the first couple – Twin boy recently got married and left, they had another son and he married and left) She is 26 and was second to get married, and has a 2 year old daughter and is ready to conceive her next in a few mins, so it depends.

  5. My villagers haven’t wanted babies yet… I have two or three married couples… None of them have had the baby thought cloud yet… Will they eventually want a baby? Or could they maybe not want babies at all?

    1. My first couple had the twins then a boy then a girl after that nothing.
      The twins are both in my village and the girl is married with no children. The boy is unmarried.
      My single boy has moved to another village and i dont think he has any babies, although my youngest girl from that couple has had a girl then a boy and has recently said she wanted another, so it depends on the couple and the person.
      They may not want a baby although you will get wandering villagers if not.

    1. i have found this not to be a reason since all of mine have unfulfilled needs and one couple has had 2 children and one on the way with this. just be patient,

    1. I have a Man about 18 and is getting dates and wants to get married but know one replys. If u want them to get married u can just acept

  6. What if 3 of my villains dies and I only have 4 left, but 3 of them are growing too old soon so that I’m left with 1 who still can work.. What do I do? No one wants to marry her or anything..

    1. you’ll get a wandering villager and will probably keep whoever they both marry to keep your village going

    1. yes, they go to the tree around the bottom left to to do their business but it is rarely seen.

    2. Yse what they do is they’ll go behind a tree and sorta dissapear but then they come out and the celebrate and then they go along there business

  7. 3 of my villagers are 76 their going to die soon but i have people getting married and getting pregnant and 1 is just started dating this boy

  8. So my fiances game is glitched he hasn’t even been able to get past the tutorial. When it asks for him to place the hut he follows the directions and goes to place it and all off a sudden the game gets digitalis and freezes. We have tried the his game on 3 different browsers and two different computers. He has contacted the company who made the game and they said they are working on it but it has been almost two months now. Any ideas on what he can do to fix the issues?

    1. Err, I dont think you can do anything else. But I guess you can make a mew acount? Dunno if thats what you mean by ‘browsers’If not maybe they have village life on other sites? I doubt it though.

    2. You might be using a bad website, prone to viruses and things. Try a different website. I play mine on Facebook.

  9. Why do villagers leave after marriage? One of my villagers is ready to propose but i’m scared to do it now because i don’t want anyone to leave. I don’t understand why they just randomly leave, what’s the reason for that?

    1. When they marry they chose to etheir live with ‘you’ (the wife/hub village) or the other person. Because they cant be aprt married.

    2. i think they go live in the village that they think needs a baby or something, my people do the same thing

  10. One of my villagers “passed on” and all I got was 500 coins and an energy potion. It says above that you are supposed to get gems (which we all desperately need to buy those ever elusive keys). What’s up with that?

  11. I was ten levels ahead of my sister when she started her village life game. now she has over taken me on the levels?? I tend to my village life way more than her and have upgraded more things like the water, storage and food, where as she has a lot less in her village!. I notice my villagers don’t play much with the activities that have been made? why is it my village is so slow to progress to the next level

    1. Mine does that too. The higher the level you are the harder it is to level up , they make it that way so you play more

  12. None of my villagers want babies. I only have 7 villagers, so I haven’t reached the maximum amount, and the smiley face is green without a cross. Is it their age? The couples I want to have babies are between between 29-38. The two couples have been married for over two weeks. Please help? :(

    1. My villagers didn’t have kids till mine was 34 and 39 . Sadly its up to the game. Thepeople i started out with when i crossed the bridge … NIETHER of them had kids . its all about patience .

  13. Ive played for 64 days aka 2 moths 4 days and My man I stared with passed on last night 85 years old . His wife is still alive 85 years and doing poorly. They do get depressed when they lose there husband and or wife . I DIDN”T get gems . I got a energy elixir and 200 coins -_- . It also effects the kids because there all depressed. Ive taken care of ALL there needs and there still not happy … What should I do ?

  14. My eldest vellager Eliza passed away today. I almost cried when I saw the updated family tree showing her picture faded. :'(

    1. Yeah Its Sad . Ive Had 4 people die on one of my accounts and ive had 4 other people die on my other account . Its sad that they fade it . they should make it like … (name) was born into or moved to village in year ( number ) and died year (number)and say rip … sadly its the cycle of life but be happy cause with every death is a new birth ( most of the time )

  15. when one of my villagers got married they left and now its hard for me to take care of my village
    what am i suppose to do? HelP!

    1. your villagers will have to have a baby and raise it till its 13 then you have another villager other than that nothing

    1. Its fate . They die when they die . My oldest married couple died spearately the wife was 86 and her husband died at 89 years old . thats just one of the MANy deaths ive had so its all about fate

  16. just wondering if any knows if a villager can have crafting as their skill? Right now I only have mining, forestry, foraging, and farming.

    1. Man its been awhile since ive been here … anyway you log on and go to the game and wait 15–30 mins and a heart should pop up

    1. From my experience, they don’t have babies after 40. My oldest couple to have a baby were age 37. So far I haven’t had any one older than have one.

    1. Try to refresh the page (if you play on a computer) or close the app (if you play on an other device0

  17. I am confused, I thought when you have a son and eventually he marries, his wife comes to your village…? One of mine left… and his 5 other siblings are girls. Does this mean that I won’t be able to repopulate my village unless I buy a baby potion for a boy?! The parents are too old to have more kids… Shit…

    1. In situations like that you will usually gain an outsider. Someone that just shows up, may need help, and will end up living with you and marrying one of your villagers. So all hope is not lost lol

  18. Two of my villagers are 25 and the majority of my villagers are married/or are children I want them to get married so bad because I fear theyll grow old unmarried and without children please help

  19. Is there some sort of villager limit? My three adults still don’t want a relationship, and my two married couples don’t want to have children. All the other villagers are over the age of 70. How am I supposed to get new villagers if they don’t want to do anything?

  20. I have 13 villagers, I thought the limit was 14. And I have 5 adult villagers. They never even wanted marriage. Can I fix this?

  21. when will I be able to get into the mountain village? also what is the village limit because my people, although still marrying they re no longer having any children, I’m scared I’ll end up with no villagers left -_-

    1. I’m having the same problem. I have 3 married couples, one couple is 10 years older than the other two and none of them have wanted babies. I’m hoping if I just wait it out something will happen.

  22. where you get water for your villagers there are two babes in a basket on a log. I clicked on them but it didn’t do anything why are they there

  23. My little Eliza,(age 10)Has been depressed after her parents’ recent death.Her brother,Timothy,Is 22,and Is married to a woman,Wendy.He has 6 kids and 5 siblings,of course,one of which is Eliza.One of the siblings,Is a full master at everything.Her name is Mia.Mia is constantly working at the a age of 43.She is the eldest of the village.Mia is a mother of 3 and has recently divorced with a cruel man,Sam.There also is Slayma,A 33 year old who has moved on to her husbands village.Now,Mia is harvesting crops,The miracle of life is happening with Timothy and Wendy,and poor dear Eliza has to fend for herself.Her other younger siblings are very young,and they’re all 3-6 years old.How will Eliza,by herself,be able to look after the baby’s when they are older?Mia will have become an angel in Heaven,and dearest Timothy will be caring with other matters,perhaps making another little babe.But meanwhile the word ELIZA is stuck in my head.Thanks for reading.

    1. Don’t worry.Your Eliza will by then be accompanied by lost villagers.And her own husband.

  24. I have a male villager who had began dating two weeks ago. He and her are still dating but there has been no thought bubble saying that he wants to get married. Is it because he is old or could something else be the matter?

    1. I had a bit of the same problem with one of my villagers. One of my villagers accepted the date, and nothing happened. They will usually have hearts following them for a day or two. Then they will usually get married. If your villager didn’t have heart bubbles, I don’t know what happened. Maybe it didn’t work out?

    2. I had a bit of the same problem with one of my villagers. One of my villagers accepted the date, and nothing happened. They will usually have hearts following them for a day or two. Then they will usually get married. If your villager didn’t have heart bubbles, I don’t know what happened. Maybe it didn’t work out?

  25. My brother’s villager is dating mine. I want them to have kids, but who’s village will the kids live in?

    1. Plz answer my question. I need to know. BTW my villagers are Anna, Kristoff, Scarlet, Oliver, Cody, and Evie.

  26. It’s me for the 3rd time but, I had a villager that wanted a date and I tapped on request or something and now there’s no ❤ bubble. What do I do, wait?

  27. So no question, I was just wondering how many of you guys have had babies with half brown, half greens eyes and babies with purple eyes. Thanks.

  28. Hi I play the game on the iPad but can’t seem to get any friends.. Is there a way to get any? Really struggling for items as I’ve only got mya

  29. will my babies grow still if I don’t feed them because I don’t have milk and my friends don play it and I cant get gems?

    1. yes. You don’t have to feed them, they just want milk and if you give it, they will get happy and you will proceed to the next level.

  30. my baby’s lost all her hair. I thought it was just a glitch, but every time I come on, she’s still bald and has a black dot above her head. Will her hair come back?

  31. I’ve proposed to my Village Life husband/wife, but they’re not answering back and now my villager is too old to have babies. Should I dump them or wait for them to approve? Have they dumped me without me knowing?

  32. i have a villager who is never having female children and one of the boys is never getting married i am scared because he is getting older so woman wont like him also what is the maximum age to get married?

    1. Well, try the next time your villager wants to propose to this villager hit ‘break up’ That way he wont be dating her anymore, and you can have a different villager date him. Most people don’t actually care the age of the villager that they have a villager dating, its more important to them to make sure their village doesn’t die out.

    1. You have to visit the water fall that is connected to your village. There a dog should be stuck in the water with a random village guy. If you complete the challenges he asks, you will move on.

  33. So I just unlocked the mountain area and when I went back to the original wildlife village there was a giant hole in the ground near the blackberries. What does this mean and what does it do?

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