Rising Cities Beginner’s Guide & Walkthrough

Welcome to quickgamer’s Rising Cities walkthrough. We explain in detail each of the main gameplay features of this online city planning game.


  • City Credits: come from capitalists residents living in your city
  • Metro Money: This is the game’s hard currency. How to get Metro Money for free?, simple, you can exchange production points and city credits for metro money at the city treasury.
  • Production Points: come from workers living in your city

Construction Site

Even after obtaining the building permit and place the building in your city, you still need the building materials in order for it to be finished. Click on the construction site [represented by the tools icon] to see the materials needed and also to see the duration of the construction [some buildings require multiple construction phases]. Once it’s finished, you will gain experience points


You get to decide what kind of resident will live in residential buildings. Each type of resident will give you special currencies, if you are meeting the needs [read section below] of that building, you can chance the type of residents by clicking on any given residential building and then clicking on the change resident icon;

  • Worker: yield production points when their needs are met. Beware though that different houses have different needs, and that some houses first need to be upgraded in order to unlock “needs” and thus be able to yield production points
  • Capitalist: yield city credits, “needs” have to be fulfilled exactly the same way as workers.


Some residential buildings need certain commercial buildings close by. Fullfil the need to receive additional currencies.

  • Click a residential building to see which need it has.
  • Make sure that the residential building is placed within the radius of the commercial building it needs.
  • Deliver products to commercial buildings and the surrounding residential buildings will give you special currencies.
  • Every time you collect rent, a number of products directly related to the number of residents will be used in the neighboring commercial buildings.
  • After collecting enough rental income, you will reach the next upgrade level and unlock the next round of needs
  • Supply commercial buildings regularly: Either manufacture the products yourself or purchase them in the marketplace to keep your commercial buildings stocked up

Energy and Mood

Your city’s source of energy and your resident’s mood directly influence the progress you make in Rising Cities. Before you start, know that you can improve, or get more mood by decorating your city.

  • Where can you find the energy and mood display?. To the upper right of your screen, you’ll find your city’s energy (blu) and mood (green) bars
  • Power Plants produce energy: The more power plants in your city the more energy will be produced.
  • Influence Energy: the higher your energy level, the higher the yield on your production
  • Give your Resident’s Mood a boost: the better the mood in your city, the more people will move into your residential buildings.
  • Influence Mood: how do you get more mood? the more residents in your buildings, the more rental income you will earn
  • Maintain balance in your city: Power plants and productions dampen the mood. Decorate your city to keep citizens happy.
  • Building Permits

    You need building permits to place/install buildings. You can find each building’s permit amounts in the Architect’s book. Building Permits are different for each individual building or road, you might run out of them on a certain residential building, but still have permits to keep creating other types of residences.

    • Each building requires a different amoung of building permits, this is indicated right below each building icon in the architect’s book.
    • The number of building permits is limited: you may only construct as many buildings as the amount of building permits you have
    • Once you have placed a building, one building permit will be deducted
    • Get back building permits: when you demolish a building, you will recover the building permit
    • How do you get more building permits?: you can purchase additional building permits for some buildings through the small icon located below each building picture.

    Production Points

    • Manufacturing facilities require use up production points to create products.
    • How do you get production points?. Easy, by fullfiling your workers’ needs [see the section needs above]


    • The X-Presso item cuts in half the time you need for rental income, producion, construction and clean-up once.
    • Click the x-presso button within the building to use x-presso
    • Get more x-presso in the special category in the marketplace

    Architect’s Book

    Here is where you find all buildings that you can place in your city. It has a total of 7 categories; residential buildings, manufacturing facility, commercial building, Power Plant, Decorations, Street Squares, Special

    The Warehouse

    The Warehouse is where all your construction materials, products and special goods are stored.

    Weekly Quests

    The Market Place

    The Market Place becomes available beginning at level 5. This is where you can sell your own goods and products that you have in excess. You can set the length of the offer, units offered and price per piece.


    City Hall

    Why upgrading the City Hall building?. Because this allows you to have more citizens, this is the actual building that puts a cap to the number or residents you can have. You can also exchange currency within the City Hall Treasury Menu, where you can obtain 1 Metromoney for 50 city credits or 50 production points.

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One thought on “Rising Cities Beginner’s Guide & Walkthrough”

  1. Thanks to E. Pontious for letting us know of some of the mistakes made in this guide.

    “The biggest errors are the you cannot just buy Metro Money with game money — you have to either earn them (difficult. you get a few to start, but earning them later is hard) or buy them with real money.

    Also, ALL of the residential types earn city credits, but capitalists earn them as the \”need fulfillment revenue\”. (Students earn education credits, workers earn production points.. there are other types of residents, but I have not gone far enough along in game to know what they are.)

    HOWEVER, when it comes to earning credits for specific quests, then somehow only the city credits earned as need revenue, from the capitalists, \”count\”. Otherwise, where the city credits come from –rent, selling stuff in the market, earning various bonus\’, etc. doesn\’t matter.

    There might be other more minor errors (or, as noted, it could be these things have changed).

    OH.. one big change was just made. As of now, they no longer make you fix buildings damaged in an emergency. I have a feeling that might change later, but for now, you earn medals as before, but if the building is damaged, you just click on it and it is repaired without using any materials at all.”

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