Rising Cities Guide: Decorations, Streets and Squares

Below you will find the complete list of Rising Cities Decorations and street types, along with their details, including; Picture of the item, cost, energy and mood effects. Building size not included.

List of Rising Cities Streets and Squares.

Country Lane0cc
Asphalt Street10cc
Paved Square500cc
Tarred Street100cc
Paved Street250cc
Graveled Square250cc
Cobblestone Square1,500cc

List of Rising Cities Decorations.

Small Oak5cc+2 Mood
Twin Pines25cc+4 Mood
Large Hedge100c+5 Mood
Flower Bed of Sunflowers250cc+7 Mood
Rhododendron500cc+8 Mood
Cypress Tree850cc+9 Mood
Garden Fence1,200cc+10 Mood
Fountain1,800cc+11 Mood
Skate Park2,400cc+96 Mood
Tree3,300cc+13 Mood
Flower Bed of Purple Tulips4,400cc+14 Mood
Dilapidated Chapel5,500cc+120 mood
Palm Tree7,100cc+16 mood
Park Lamp9,000cc+17 mood
Radio Tower11,000cc+18 mood
Memorial20,000cc+21 mood
Flower Bed of Red Tulips23,000cc+22 mood
Small Pond32,000cc+24 mood
Modern Sculpture50,000cc+27 mood
Small Boxwood Shrubs56,000cc+28 mood
Large Boxwood Shrubs82,000cc+31 mood
Obelisk100,000cc+33 mood

Street and Decoration Tips

  • Decorations are the quickest way of increasing your city’s mood, they don’t require materials for their construction and don’t need energy either
  • Consider streets both the method of enabling buildings to work and also consider them a sort of GRID through which electricity flows.

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