Pixel People Winter Wonderland Update Out Now!

If there was a Halloween update, a Winter/Christmas content update for Pixel People was sort of obvious. Besides new genes, professions and buildings, we get a new mini game and new features. All the details after the jump.


  • Get ready to see your city themed for Winter and Christmas
  • Special Event: Winter is Present [can you put an end to the icy chill? A new mission awaits]
  • Grinch Mini Game: this mini game, which consists on tapping on the grump icons that appear on top of the houses, is tied to the Winter is Present event, and is completed on a friend’s town.
  • Collect Reindeer: this is what you need to do in order to complete the first mission of the update and trigger the unlock sequence for the new jobs and buildings.
  • New Mission: Dear Santa, this is the first mission you need to complete in order to unlock all new professions, with the exception of the Event Planner, which is unlocked by default.
  • New Genes: Holiday Spirit and all the professions below
  • New Professions: Event Planner, Toy Maker, Toy Soldier, Guardian, Ice Lord, Snow Elemental, Elf, Sherpa, Alpine Rescue, Snowboarder, Viking [all professions combinations/formulas are already listed.]
  • New Buildings: Toy Factory, Event Center, Winter Fort, Ski Lodge, Mountain [buildings guide after the link]
  • New Animals: all the new animals are reindeers, which you get through the winter event
  • New Decors: Snow Decor category, Bankai Berg, Candy Canetacles, Deep Freeze, Gatecon’s Cache, Holyday Park, Ice Breaker, Ninja Lake, Snowmani Bank, Wall Bottom, Wall Section, Wall Tide, Wall Top.
  • For users complaning about missed events: the Event Center building allows you to access one by one, all the previous events so you can complete them.
  • Purchased Upgrades: you can share these upgrades with friends, meaning your friends can get them as well.


Visit the Telephone Company in order to visit your friends (if you dont have friends added through facebook, you will have to do it first, otherwise you won’t be able to complete the event). Tap on the small reindeer icon on the bottom left corner of the screen in your friend’s town. Start the event, tapping on the grump and whack him wherever he appears. Do not tap on Santa. You need to whack 50 grumps for a prize. After tapping on 50 grumps, you will get a reindeer animal, which is used to complete the Dear Santa mission, which is the kickstarter to unlock all new professions and buildings. After the event ends, you need to visit ANOTHER FRIEND in order to start another event and keep getting the reindeer. Here is a good tip, before you start the event, position yourself on top of the residential area, since the Grinches appear there. Beware that events take 11 hours after they end on each friend’s city.

After getting all reindeers, you can complete the Dear Santa Mission and get the Holiday Spirit Gene. You can now head to the Arrival Center and start unlocking all the new professions and buildings. The professions cap is now 306, plus 9 new secret animals.


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40 thoughts on “Pixel People Winter Wonderland Update Out Now!”

  1. i only created a facebook account to play this game. I dont use facebook, neither do any of my friends save for a few, and those few dont play Pixel People and the fewer that DO have only a size 30 population to smack grumps with. This christmas event is making me feel left out and bringing back bad memories pf high school where the most popular kids get all the good breaks.

    1. Add me on Facebook, I can send you stuff if you need and it’s always cool to have more friends to visit πŸ˜‰ Facebook.com/humbertoglz

    2. I’m having the same issue if u want to add me on Facebook I don’t mind joining your neighbours, I’ve got a population of 295 so I have plenty of houses you can play on an hopefully unlock some of the events if u which. My Facebook is rachael.cooper.106@facebook.com. Hope this helps

  2. Agreed – this update and holiday quests were something I was looking forward to since the Halloween quests, and lo and behold I only find out that I will be excluded from the holiday fun. My facebook friends aren’t into this game, and this isn’t likely to inspire them. Here’s a nice lump of coal for you Chillingo. :-(

  3. So we need at least 9 friends to achieve the event? We can’t get all 9 reindeers from the same friend of from our own Santa? : /

    1. well, you can wait 11 hours until an event can be activated again in the same town if you want to. You don’t have to have 9 friends.

  4. I have a problem… Everytime I try to add friends the app shuts off and I can’t add any friends…. Anyone else having this problem??

  5. Add me on Facebook, I can send you stuff if you need and it’s always cool to have more friends to visit πŸ˜‰


  6. Can I add some of you guys? I need some Facebook friends to play this with. And all the reindeer I get are DANCER! ITS NOT FAIR.

  7. I’ve also found that every now and then Santa flies by in the sky. If you click on him you get a reindeer. I’ve found three this way today. I don’t have any Facebook friends who play either so I was relieved to discover this way of getting reindeer. I’m still trying to figure out how often Santa appears or if there’s some sort of pattern or at any specific time.

  8. I waited a day until I could tap on the Grinches again and it just reset the timer to another full day and didn’t allow me to tap on any Grinches at all! What’s the deal? If it keeps doing that, I won’t be able to go on with the game. All the other things (mine, veterinary, arcade) reset as they normally do.

  9. Come on! I went to another site to smash Grinches and it wouldn’t let me. I had waited the appropriate amount of time & it just reset to 23 hours! Not 11 hours! Everything else was on schedule (mine, animal shelter, arcade, trees). So what happened? Was it because of the time?
    It was midnight my time. Did that mess me up or is there a bigger problem?

  10. PS Why do my posts to you appear, then disappear, then reappear? I keep thinking you never got the first post and I have to do it over! Sorry about the repeats!

  11. How do you continue to use the Abomination Gene with the Winter update? I do not see where you can. My son just got the evil gene and I inadvertently download the update form Halloween to this Winter one on my iPad.

    Now he cannot make any the evil people… I didn’t realize he just got this. Is there aw way to re-download the Halloween one?

    1. He should have unlocked the Dark Tower. Here you can activate the halloween time for 2 hearts a minute. He can then use the Abomination gene to splice. Also, apparently you can use the Event Center in this new update to access and finish old events. I don’t know much about that but it’s worth checking out.

    2. Make an event center. This will enable the user to reactivate any event times. This includes the Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Halloween one. Once you unlock the Dark Tower, you may not use the Event Center for Zombie Time. You must use the Dark Tower. I think this is how it works. I’m in the same boat as your son so ^_^

  12. Seriously? Every time I post something it seems to disappear! The timer for the Grinch smash reset itself to 23 plus hours (not eleven) without letting me smash anything! I hope this doesn’t continue. Everything else reset as it should have (trees, arcade, animal shelter, mine). What’s up with the Grinches? I see so many others are already done with this new update. Right now, I can’t move forward!

  13. I can’t find the dear santa mission in the mission building…. I have skipped through the “special” one on the bottom right like a hundred times and the dear santa mission is no where to be found… Where did u guys find the mission?

  14. I completed the “Dear Santa” mission but did not get any of the new jobs or buildings. I’ve tried completing other missions to see if another Christmas-themed mission pops up but so far no luck. Also tried the Repair button at the Arrival Center Maintenance screen. Any advice?

  15. Thanks,but I have an issue with Christmas quest!When I press complete the game crashes and I’m looking on my home screen!Does anyone had the same problem???

  16. New update is suppose to allow collecting reindeer in my own town also however, when I tap on Grinches they do not disappear and I run out of time. We need another update to fix glitches.

  17. Got all deer press complete on the new Gene & game closes, tried too many times now & keeps closing.
    Deleted game redownloaded & same thing happening.

    Cannot get new gene so cannot get new stuff, im totaly locked out of continuing to be able to play cos of this stupid bug, no new stuff for me.

    Thanks a bunch :(

  18. I spent a lot of time collecting the reindeer and now the game keeps crashing when I tap “Complete” on the mission! Is there a fix for this?

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