Nimble Quest Beginner’s Guide and Walkthrough

As Nimble Quest’s own intro indicates, you will be playing a sort of Snake on steroids, that combined with an 80’s RPG graphic style and a lot of strategy thinking as your party becomes larger. This walkthrough guide will help you grasp all the basic gameplay feature concepts and we include some tips at the end of the article.


nimble quest walkthrough

When commanding your “snake troop” you have 3 movements:

  • Steer: you make your party turn left or right by swiping your finger on screen.
  • Grow: just pick new heroes along the way
  • Avoid: don’t hit walls, enemies or your own party.

We’ve got a separate guide on Nimble Quest characters.

Heroes will attack enemies automatically when in range. It’s actually very important the angle in which you approach enemies, most of the time the best idea is to attack them from behind, where they are unable to attack your party. This is certainly difficult and sometimes impossible, for instance with standing enemies. Your priority should always be to keep the party leader alive, the others can be destroyed and you will eventually regain them.

Crashing your party against a wall means the end of the level, and you will have to retry the stage by spending tokens, if you repeatedly retry stages, the numbers of tokens needed to do so will keep increasing exponentially. You can though ram enemies, with a lesser risk of losing the party leader.

All gems you will be picking up along the way will allow you to upgrade power-ups at the store and also to

At the end of each successfully finished stage you may unlock a new hero (you first need to pick him up in the level itself). If you have tokens available, you can “fast forward” stages by spending tokens.

If your leader is destroyed, you will have to start the entire level again, that includes all the stages you’ve gone through so far, unless you spend tokens to keep playing on the same stage. The good thing is that once a hero has been unlocked, it can be picked up again in any area

[box type=”shadow”]The only character that will gain experience and level up will be the party leader, you will eventually alternate the leader not only to level them up but for strategic reasons.[/box]


This is where the game gets interesting, since it’s not only about avoiding obstacles, the actual strategy goes into your troop formation, before you start each level, you need to pick the party leader, and you have up to 15 characters to choose from. You start out with just 3 heroes, but you will be unlocking new ones as you reach new areas/stages. . Each party leader will gain experience points by killing enemies. In the hero selection screen you will see how each character has a set of 3 stars, each star gained through leveling will grant the character stat increases, like more Armor, hit chance or attack range. Remember that the only character to gain experience is the party leader and nobody else, all kills (skull icons) count for the leader party. Regardless of whether your party makes it or not to the end of the level, the experience points still count towards the party leader.

The overall party members you can stack in your snake is indicated at the top left of the gameplay screen, and is increased each time you find a brand-new hero in a new stage. The buffs are the following:

  • Fast Forward
  • Vitality: increases the health of all your party members by 25%
  • Swiftnes: increases the run speed of all party members by 25%
  • Shield: gives your main hero a bubble shield at the start of each stage
  • Attack Buff: increase the attack speed of all your party members by 25%


Buffs can be purchased with tokens right before entering a stage, and they stay permanently with your party until they are destroyed.

The Store

The store, which you can access after the end of each stage, is not precisely the place to spend real-life money, but rather where you upgrade your power-ups (do not mistake these with buffs), like attack speed, bomb blast radius, shield strength, and you do it with the gems that you picked up along the levels.

Some Tips

  • Try to level up all fighters equally: this becomes true after the first few levels, try to make all heroes equally stronger, since that means more firepower, and if they get destroyed, it might take a lot of time and patience to finish the level. Still, the party leader is what keeps the snake alive.
  • The best way to spend tokens?. Buy buffs and avoid spending tokens on fast forwards or retries. If you quickly die in a stage, that means your party is not strong enough to survive it yet, so it’s much better to save those tokens and get buffs that stay permanently with your party (that is until they are destroyed, but remain through different stages if you don’t)
  • Enemy snakes work the same way as yours: Exactly, if you manage to kill the party leader, you will destroy the entire party, so unless you can get rid of them from behind, the best idea is to charge them right from the front. Fighting side by side can prove lethal for your entire group, specially when they have a healer in their lines.


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