Nemo’s Reef: Plant Combos & Rare Plants for Guest & Rare Fishes

We won’t list the exact level in which each Guest Fishes appear, since the sequence has been modified several times after each game update (but we do list the levels in which any given guest fish can will show up). It does not matter actually, since you have the plant combo below, you just need to identify the fish name and find it in our list. If you are new to the game, read our Nemo’s Reef Walkthrough.

Before You Start

How To Keep Guest Fishes? & How to Get Guest Fishes to appear?

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Guest Fishes are not attracted by any type of rare plant or plant combination. Guest fishes appear every four levels, most of the time through quests. You shouldn’t worry about making them appear, but rather to keep them when they appear, and if you don’t do anything, they will eventually leave the Reef. Guest fishes can be kept in your Reef by placing a certain plant, coral or stone, or a combination of all those. We created a list below that shows the exact plant or plant formula to keep Guest Fishes. Finally, different players get different Guest Fishes at the same level and your Vitality Score does not modify the chances of getting Guest Fishes more often


How To Get Rare Fishes?

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Rare Fishes, unlike Guest Fishes, do appear instantly if you grow the right type of Rare Plant. You do not need to combine (plane near each other) Rare Plants, just growing a single type is enough to get the Rare Fish to appear and stay.


What You Need To Know About Rare Plants

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Rare Plants always come from Mystery Seeds or Extraordinary Mystery Seeds. Mystery Seeds do not guarantee you to grow a Rare Plant, while the extraordinary DO. However, the extraordinary seeds won’t always give you a NEW type of rare plant, it could in fact be a repeated species that you already have in your Reef. One last awesome tip is that you can in fact find out if the seed you are growing will turn out to be a Rare Plant, if it sparkles, it will. Jusst stare at the seed you just planted. Also, always plant sets of 5 Rare Seeds, since most of them won’t yield Rare Plants afterall.


Complete List of Plant Combinations to Keep Guest Fishes

FishPlant/Coral Combination
Brown Seadragon1 green straight seaweed + 1 orange straight seaweed
Green Seahorse1 Green Seaweed Cluster
Red Seahorse1 Bright Green Bonsai + 1 Green Marine Bonsai
White Seahorse1 Rock + 1 Silver Bubble Coral
White Seadragon1 White Seaflower
Yellow Seadragon1 Ruby Sea Flower
Yellow Jellyfish1 Yellow Pillow
Light Blue Jellyfish1 Rose Seabed and 1 Boulder
Pink Jellyfish1 Pink Marine Shrub + 1 Pink Sea Blossom
Yellow Octopus1 Shell + 1 Rock + 1 Light Green Marine Shrub + 1 Flat Rock
Red Octopus1 Red Cirripathes + 1 Lilac Cirripathes
Green Octopus1 Green Sea Flower
Orange Octopus1 Big Yellow-Green Seaweed + 1 Heap of Stones

List of Levels in Which Guest Fishes Appear

  • Level 5
  • Level 9
  • Level 11
  • Level 15
  • Level 18
  • Level 21
  • Level 23
  • Level 25
  • Level 28
  • Level 31
  • Level 36
  • Level 38
  • Level 40

Complete List of Rare Plants to Attract Rare Fishes

In the last rows, we included the Rare Fishes that you obtain from Saturday’s Challenges, most of them require to grow rare plants.

Rare PlantRare Fish
Green ThalassiaGreen Parrotfish
Pink Water Hyssop FlowersPink Emperor Angelfish
Amber Sea NymphYellow Lionfish
Yellow ThalassiaYellow Dusky Batfish
Orange Kelp on RockOrange Mandarinfish
Bright Green ThalassodendronGreen Trumpetfish
Orange Water Hyssop FlowersOrange Dusky Batfish
Brown Himanthalia Elongata Short Brown Seamoth
White Sea NymphWhite Clown Frogfish
Green Sea GrapesGreen Dusky Batfish
Pastel Orange Halimeda PlantOrange Lionfish
Olive Himanthalia ElongataOlive Mandarinfish
Violet Halimeda PlantViolet Emperor Angelfish
Maroon Sea GrapesRed Trumpetfish
Blue Himanthalia ElongataBlue Lionfish
Red Kelp on RockRed Parrotfish
Blue ThalassodendronBlue Emperor Angelfish
Green Halimeda PlantGreen Emperor Angelfish
Orange Feather StarShort Orange Seamoth
White Mermaid's Fan PlantWhite Lionfish
Yellow Feather StarYellow Mandarinfish
Blue Sea GrapesBlue Parrotfish
Purple Kelp on RockPink Mandarinfish
Yellow Mermaid's Fan PlantYellow Clown Frogfish
grow 8 different NEW rare plantsYellow Pajama Cadinal fish
grow 10 rare plants in 24 hoursRed Clown Frogfish
collect 4000 sand dollars in 48 hoursYellow Trumpetfish
harvest 10000 algae in 48 hoursShort Red Seamoth

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1,201 thoughts on “Nemo’s Reef: Plant Combos & Rare Plants for Guest & Rare Fishes”

  1. What’s up with the INSANE amount of algae you need to use to keep the Rare Fishes obtained from saturday’schallenges?. The Blue Emperor needs around 2000 algae and the Pajama Cardinal needs 10000 !!!!!!, it’s not fair !!!!!.

    1. That’s nothing to 120,000 for the yellow mandarin fish and 150,000 for the blue parrot fish

    2. You don’t have to feed any of your fish ever to keep them. If you want to grow pearls to plant seeds requiring pearls and you don’t have enough you can do this. There are always fish that only need a few hundred algae to grow a pearl. You don’t have to feed the ones that cost thousands. They won’t die. You do need to find the right plant or combination of plant( s) and rocks to make them stay if they are the ones that appear on certain levels. They need to be newly purchased too. You can’t just move around ones you already had.

    3. Wow at least read the walkthrough before you ask questions it clearly explains. Meanwhile what’s this new spectacular seed? At 45 pearls I’m assuming it guarantees you a NEW rare plant????

    4. I know, some are crazy, I’ve only fed up to the one that is 15k. None of them will leave if you do not feed them.

    5. Suggest : Cancel treasure chest that ask for pearls. Cancel returning treasure chest that ask for sandollars. Next chests will be free if you get to it before it pops and vanishes. Have fun!

    6. Free treasure chest for algae, sand dollars and pearls no longer add up in my game counter. What’s up with that? I now ignore all chests unless it’s an assigned task. Then it only adds to the assigned task counter and not for the total game counters. Drags this game down by several severaaal stars!

    7. I’ve now grown 6 rare plants to try and obtain the quest of gaining the orange feather star plant and still it’s not grown. This is ridiculous I’ve now had this happen twice I’ve got another quest I’m not allowed to complete on a previous occasion. Plus they never answer you if you have a problem!!! This is really really bad I’ve spent masses on pearls what a rip off they are it’s terrible so upset!!! =( anyone help please!! =(….

    8. Is there a way to close year 2013 comments? Is there a way to view “recent comments only like year 2014? Takes forever to scroll to the bottom. My question is what are spines for?

      Another question , are there only three types of zoom- in fishes, the bottle nose, the pugfaced fish and big sad eyed fish? Just different hues with different combos, sure hope the blue variations are a totally new specie?

    9. Great new games with chained treasure chests and squirt. Constant sudden zoom in and out on fishes , I find bothersome thou.

    10. If you need advice please try and go to google+ and sign in. Find NemosReef John. It is dedicated to the game. All players are welcome to come. Ask for help contribute hints.

    11. It’s May 23 and the server is down. I really want to play and get the newlants and fish promo game. Pls. Extend period of he special game since your server is down, here .

    12. If we miss out on some weekend plants like lace coral and blue branching seaweed etc.. Will this plants be on sale again?

    13. What’s up? Server down again? It’s violet parrotfish game tomorrow! If server stays down, just give everybody the fish! Harharhar!

    14. Got the violet parrotfis! Glad the server went back up in time for the weekend challenge . Sad the new plants were not included. How about alternate weekends for new limited plants and fishes? Perhaps server won’t crash as much.

    15. Hi! If I completely get rid of three or four of the lessr rare plant, the kind that’s easily grown, will my rare fish disappear? Will it come back when the corresponding rare plant is regrown? My vitality is 100% and I can’t grow any new rare plant of which I still lack 3 or 4 types. Tried leveling up but my vitality remained at 100%. Tried removing ornamental plants with no effect. Any advice.

    16. If you need help, lists, want to participate in organized coop quests go to Googleplus and sign up. Search communities and join NemosReefPlayers. We have all info and 24 hour help.

    17. Coop quest suck!. We had 9 players, 8 attempted to perform, finish task but one player never acknowledge or joined the game. There should be some way to change players if anyone of the players never accept or if they refuse. Time should also be extended for the new replacement player!

    18. People, READ FOR A MINUTE!!! Geez, you’re asking questions we’ve answered ten times! You DO NOT NEED TO FEED A RARE FISH FOR IT TO STAY. YOU ONLY NEED TO ATTRACT IT WITH PLANTS AND IT STAYS. PERMANENTLY. The only reason you feed it algae is so it makes pearls!!!

  2. I have the rare plants that are suppose to bring the rare fish but yet I’m missing a bunch of the fish. They never showed up what could be the problem?

    1. I’m missing the yellow lionfish… I finally grew a rare plant and no rare fish came! Amber Sea Nymph =Yellow Lionfish…

    2. Totally wasted 45 pearls. The spectacular seed gave me a plant I could get for only 10 pearls. Plus I already have that plant. What a waste of pearls.

    3. I bought a spectacular seed for 45 pearls and it gave me a rare plant I already had! What the heck??????!!!!!!

  3. @Frank
    You don’t have to feed algae to the rare fish to keep them, you only need to feed them if you want them to make pearls.

    You only earn one rare fish the first time you grow a new rare plant. If you grow repeat rare plants you will not earn more rare fish. You have to grow a new rare plant that you don’t already have.

    1. I wasn’t aware of any of the challenge”s on Saturday my game has been hacked into. I AM ON THEIR NETWORK AND NOT DISNEY’S I DON’T HAVE ANY OF THE NEW RARE PLANTS ALL THE REEF”s are empty. Does any one know how to get in touch with Disney? OR how to get these leeches off my game!:

    2. The game crashed. Then my phone crashed. With the new phone,my reef is gone. Everything started over. Twice. Disney game support didn’t answer.
      Add me.

    3. What’s with the ten second delay to open the nursery icon? The update seems to have glitches, please clear it up soon. Opening takes as long as a chained chest!

    1. I think he’s referring to the yellow trumpet fish. It says collect 4000 sand dollars. I’ve done the same and still nothing.

    2. You have to receive the weekend challenge/quest to get the rare fish that don’t come from a rare plant

    3. I swear I have done that 1000000’s of times and I STILL haven’t got it !!! Why???? Tell me !!!

    1. According to the Nemo’s Reef Wiki (, expansions occur:

      Level 4 – right side
      Level 13 – right side
      Level 20 – left side
      Level 23 – right side
      Level 33
      Level 40 – Collect 10,000 algae, feed 10 Rare fishes, and grow 5 rare plants from any rare seed.
      Level 44
      Level 46 – Collect 10,000 SD; collect 10 pearls from chests; collect 20 pearls from fishes.

      I think some of those changed after the last major game update. The ones above seem about right, although it seems like maybe I got my last expansion at Level 31 or 32 instead of 33. (Hard to remember because the time between the levels really starts to stretch out…)

  4. How do I get/buy rare plants? I don’t understand why in the rare plants section , it appears you can buy them with hearts? I have planted numerous seeds and only 1 rare plant came of it. I’m on level 17. Please help, I want some rare plants, thanks

    1. We explained it well in this guide. Not all regular seeds will get you a rare plant. HOWEVER, all extraordinary seeds will give you a rare plant. Last but not least, extraordinary seeds DO NOT guarantee you will obtain a NEW rare plant.
      You can tell if a rare plant is new because it will glitter randomly during the growing process.
      The hearts indicate what is the heart level you need to plant the rare plant.

    2. @Kristin The hearts next to the rare plants indicate the vitality of plants that a rare seed may produce. The list of rare plants are only showing which ones MAY grow from a rare seed. The more hearts by the plant, the better the plant is for your reef. Hearts indicate vitality (or health) of your reef.

    3. Use pearls to get the better mystery seed they give u rare plants for sure and stock up on alge not sure spelling because my most expensive fish I have cost 9,000 to feed good luck.

    4. The ones with hearts are ones u could possibly get when u buy a rare plant, but don’t use pearls to grow fast when I did that I got green seaweed which is so lame.

    1. I too have AT LEAST harvested 10000 Algae within a 48 hour period… YEst the fish you list (Short Red Seamouth) is still not in my collection! Any ideas anyone?

  5. If you move a rare plant while its growing, it wont produce a rare plant.
    Also, the hearts dont mean you have to have that many in order for the plant to grow. Rather, its an indicator of the vitality it will add to your reef. (Ornamental plants seem to be the highest- I’m on level 21 with vitality near 1300, and have lots of ornamentals).
    I’ve also found that when you move plants, fill in the empty spaces, rather than spacing them out,
    Question : has anyone figured out the meaning/purpose for the glowing plants. Sometimes I move a plant, and the area around it starts glowing.
    I’ve also found the treasure chests seem to appear the more often I move plants around..

    1. I was wondering about the glowing plants as I move them as well. I just moved a lot of seaweed close to my giant green sea bushes to make more room for new plants and they started glowing purple and almost had a sparkle to them. I also see tiny little fish appear sometimes and hide in plants and never see them again, but they don’t show up in the guests list. Is there any value to them?

    2. Purple zones result from grouping specific combinations. The combos attract fish that can be seen only when you zoom in. There is no value in terms of vitality or SD or algae.

    3. I would like to know the answer to the glowing violet lighting as well. When I enlarge that area, I have a kazillion little fishes. When I put it back to nirmal viewing , the fish disappear.

    4. I have a vitality of 5900 and only a couple ornamentals. The glowing around areas means idk but I have a lot of glowing areas. It means the combination of plants is good. ADD ME:; Rachellovesfood2

    5. They are zoom in fish . I hate them SOOOO much ! They always get in the way of squirts stupid hide and seek .

  6. This is my thought on the purple glowing areas. They occur when you plant companion plants next to each other. Like the giant green grass and green seaweed. The more companionship have the higher your vitality percent. And the higher your vitality percent the better your chances at getting rare plants from mystery seeds. That’s how I’ve been doing it.

    1. When you see the plants “glow”, it usually means that “zoom” fish have been attracted to that area. Certain plant combos such as Orange Tube Sponge and Orange Bell Seapen, Giant brown grass and Brown seaweed cluster (touching), Yellow table plant and Red branches, among others, will produce tiny fish of different species that can only be seen when you zoom in.

    2. Here’s what i have gathered for combinations:
      Yellow plateau plant+rock
      Yellow table plant+red branches
      Orange tube plant+orange bell plant
      Green seeweed bush+giant green seeweed(or something)

      If anyone knows more combinations, please continue the comment chain with more.

    3. The only combo I’ve discovered that hasn’t been mentioned is: maroon pipe sponge + violet sea blossom + lilac cirripathes. If you know of any more please continue to add to this feed, thanks.

      @ Rachellovesfood2 I added you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    4. I don’t get the purple light it shines over my yellow pleatue plant and heap of rocks and that stuff turns silver. Who has seen this? It wierd. Wanna see it check angelfish52404 reef it awesome

    5. @Angelfish52404. The purple shimmer means you have put multiple plants together that attracts smaller fish. Enlarge the plants and you will see the fish. You do not get any extra points for doing this but it is interesting. If you want a list of the different plant combos reply here and I will post the ones I have collected.

    6. Hi,
      Most of these combos worked for me… but my vitality hasn’t changed at all, on my tablet nor on my desktop…
      A lot of other differences between them as well… Like playing two different games!

    7. The purple shadows just happen. They do not appear to be attracted to any specific plants. Also any time you enlarge your reef additional fish appear. They are not only in the shadowy areas.

    8. Here is my glowing plant list : yellow plateau + heap of stones
      Maroon pipe sponge + violet sea blossom + lilac cirripathes .
      Green seaweed bush+green seaweed .
      Orange tube + orange sea pen.
      Yellow table + red branches.

    9. Based on the list at the Nemo’s Reef Wiki ( the following combinations are all “fish-attracting”. I don’t know if every combination attracts a different type of small fish (I had assumed so, but when I just looked I only counted 6 or so different types of small (“zoom-in”) fish — so, not sure.)

      Yellow Table Plant + Red branches
      Yellow Table Plant + Rock
      Rose Barrel Sponges + Mauve Bell Sea Pen
      Giant Green Seabush + Green Straight Seaweed
      Orange Tube Sponge + Orange Bell Sea Pen
      Yellow Sponge Bed + Yellow Mangrove Propagule + Green Seaweed Cluster
      Yellow plateau plant + Heap of Stone
      Giant Brown grass + Purple Marine Shrub
      Giant Brown Grass + Brown Seaweed Cluster + Flat rock
      Giant Brown Grass + Brown Cactus + Brown Mangrove
      Maroon pipe sponge + Lilac Cirripathes + Violet Sea Blossom
      Maroon pipe sponge + Blue-shaded Moss + Blue Eucheuma Denticulatum
      Small yellow grass + Small Shell + Yellow Bell Sea Pen
      Giant Green Grass + Light Green Marine Shrub + Green Cactus
      Giant Green Grass + Light Green Heap of Seamoss + Green Sea Flower + Green Marine Bonsai
      Orange plateau plant + Orange Heap of Seamoss + Orange peel seaweed
      Barrel sponges + Silver branches + Boulder
      Barrel sponges + White Sea Flower + Mineral Hedge
      Giant Red Grass + Red Eucheuma Denticulatum + Red Seaweed
      Giant Red Grass + Turquoise Stems + Blue Sea Flower + Indigo Sea Flower
      Pink Sponge Bed + Ruby Sea Flower + Red Sea Blossom
      Blue Tube Sponge + Green Mangrove Propagule + Purple Marine Shrub
      Blue Tube Sponge + Sea Palm + Saffron Java Moss
      Giant Gold Seabush + Silver Branches + Blue Sea Flower

      A few of the last entries refer to a “Blue Sea Flower”, but I haven’t seen that in the game yet (not even in the previews “coming up” through Level 38), and even that same wiki page doesn’t list it as one of the ornamentals. So I don’t know if it’s right, or if the last person to edit the wiki made a mental error and meant “Blue (something else)”.

  7. The enigmatic seeds do NOT guarantee a rare plant, as mentioned above. You have a much higher chance, but no guarantee.

    1. the extraordinary rare seeds, on the other hand, do guarantee a rare plant. Once again, NONE SEED guarantees A NEW RARE PLANT.

  8. Why can’t I plant? It keeps telling me you can’t plant in this location the same thing happens when I try to move plants. I have zillions of coins but can’t use them to buy plants because it won’t let me plant them. Help

  9. Am I the only one who is not getting the Saturday Challenges? I’ve been playing for about 6 weeks and am on level 30, but the Bruce Challenge is the only one I remember getting, and I am missing all the rare fish listed for the challenges except the Yellow Pajama… Very frustrated!

    1. I didn’t get any Saturday challenge, although I was really looking for one last weekend! I started the game in the end of March, so I only could get yellow pajama cardinal fish only too. It’s annoying!
      Yesterday I wrote an e-mail to Disney Interactive to ask about Saturday Challenge if they will give a chance to get these fish to those players who joined later than February-March. I’m really curious if I ever get an answer or not!!!

    2. I can’t get the yellow pajama fish either. I got my first weekend challenge this weekend for the golden pajama fish. Will we get a chance to get the yellow one?? What about all the other rare fish? I have all the rare plants but I’m still missing lots of rate fish.

    3. You need to tap all the plants when they are NOT producing even the bubbles and you will get them all back

    1. Click on the + sign below the pearls, it will take you to a site that says: free peals, click there and there are advertisements that for just watching a video you get a free pearl.

  10. after i have got a guest fish to stay can i remove the plant combo? im making my reef more productive by removing pointless rocks/shells/plants. for example if i remove my seabead and boulder combo will my blue jellyfish leave?

  11. I have harvested and planted everything I can….but the ones who insist on paying with pearls. I feed the fish…wait the week to get the five pearls….and there still is not enough pearls….other than buying them…( which I would if My total income was over $710.00..I am disabled). I as well as several other people in my situation…that started playing it because of me….are seriously considering UN-INSTALLING and quiting the game…all due to the apparent force purchase on the pearls…if anyone has any knowledge on how to get more pearls…or considering quitting the game…due to impossible expectations from those of us who cannot BUY pearls…please answer this post…we may be able to get DISNEY to change the rules so it is fair to everyone??

    1. I agree totally with you Kathryn……..its frustrating when you have a quest that requires you to plant a seed that can only be purchased with pearls AND not to mention extrodinary mystery seeds can ONLY be purchased with pearls its HIGHLY annoying when you are on a tight budget and can’t BUY the pearls………you know disney, ……… could make things a little easier

    2. Just to let you know. There is an option where you go to buy pearls that you can get free ones. There are other games that you can download play till level three and you get a certain number of pearls. I will tell you how many you can get with each thing. Its very easy. Download the app, install it, play till level 3. Wham pearls. Then unstill the game if you dont want to keep it. Each one I did took no more than 5 to 6 minutes to get to level 3.

    3. I too cannot afford to buy pearls with real money. I just keep playing and most importantly FEED FISH. Try to feed the lesser algae consuming ones most. Always keep those least ones making pearls. Do not “rush” any builds or harvests as the tutorial has you. It is a waste!!! In time you will acquire more pearls at a faster rate. It took me a few months but i get 15+ every 3 days now from fish.

    4. I am glad I found this website… You do not need to feed those high rare fish once you have them. I was getting a little worried when one fish ate 12000 algae!

      I am still unsure about the challenges.

    5. I chose this game for relaxation. I found if I waited just ENJOYED the game the fish arrived for me to enjoy. I also set the amount of coins to spend on opening treasure chests according to the coins I had saved . Whatever I received was a gift because the game was free.


  12. I’m on twenty two out of room and those extraordinary seeds does not guareentee rare plants and I’m with you its fun but very frustrating that you can’t purchase plants cause of no pearls com on disney you can do better

    1. also why is everyone moaning about pearls. i can accumulate 30 pearls in about a week just by feeding fish and the log in bonus. there is no need to pay for pearls at all :s

    2. What’s the log in bonus? and how do you get your fish to give you so many pearls? My fish only produce 1 pearl every 60-75 hours… I would have to wait 2 weeks just to get enough pearls to plant one extraodinary seed.

    3. Abcd, zzzz is talking about daily log in. Do u play @ least once a day. On day 3 u get 1 pearl, day 4 is 2 & by day 5 u get 5 pearls. So if u log in every day in 5 days u can have 8 pearls. If u keep ur fish feed u get 1 pearl every 3 days. It adds up a lot faster then u think.

    1. To do a coop quest you have to add friends. I add anyone that visits me reef automatically. Mckennasreaf and I have added everyone from this thread. To add someone click menu then click friends then invite at the top click the add and type the name you wanna add. You need at least 3 for a quest. I. Like to do quests and I am on everyday a few times a day. Stop by and harveat and I will add you I have aot of f patches by nemos anename.. Also you can hide a friend if they aren’t playing.

  13. I lose today 45 pearls to open chests. And all I got was sand dollars and algaes every time less than 1000. It is so unfair!!! Do you open the chests if you have to pay with pearls?

    1. No. OK maybe just twice :D, once was when I accidentally clicked at it, and the other was on the weekend Challenge to open 12 chests.

      Normally don’t open chest that require pearls, but I did pray for pearls when I click at chests that are free or just require sand dollars.

    2. I agree that’s definitely not fair. I just don’t even open the chests anymore unless they are free or for sd.
      Also I downloaded my app thru amazon Appstore and ofcourse its not same version as Google play. Emailed support to either update or merge acct and no response yet.

    3. I no longer open chests that cost pearls. Only time I do is if trying to complete a task to get a rare fish. It just is not worth it. There will still be some free ones and some cost sand dollars still.

    4. I never open the chests that ask for pearls…I am on level 21 and it does take a while to get pearls, but I feed those fish that take smaller amounts of algae and I log in everyday for those extras…will not PAY for pearls, but I am getting along pretty well… ADD ME…collectincat

  14. I am new to this and I am trying to do the weekend tasks for the first time but don’t understand what’s going on. Mr. Ray tells a task and an hour later it’s gone and there is a new one. Since I got the message last night I have gotten 6 tasks to do within 48 hours but when they are done nothing happens. On a side note I keep reading about people complaining about the tasks with pears and the lack of pearls. I thought the point of pearls were to be a little hard to get so you have something to work for. Even if you don’t do a task because you don’t have enough pearls it’s no big deal. I have only been on the game for about a week and I have had about 30 pearls. I would never spend real money on this because it’s a game and it’s just for fun. I think if it stresses you out that much you should find another way to relax because this is not it. Also if you want to spend real money on this that’s cool too, but don’t complain either way unless there is a real problem. Sorry for the side rant but some people will whine no matter what I guess.

    1. More power to ya my friend if it works leave it alone and Nemos reef really works for me I”ve created my own little spot to relax in and let my life rest its meditation to me , just let it flow and let it grow

  15. I agree re the pearl treasure chests… seems this weekend all I’ve gotten were 6 pearl chests and all but one only rewarded about 150 algae… that’s crazy, whether you buy pearls or not.

  16. Fed up with these weekend quests. I have planted required amount of rare plants twice and on both occasions only half have been recognised by the game. Shan’t be doing that again. Like many of you, I am fed up with the treasure chest wanting pearls to open them. Have decided not to bother opening the chests for a while unless they are require sand dollars or are free. That’s my moan over with. Back to the tap, tap, tapping!

    1. I don’t even open sand dollar chests anymore. Too many times I have gotten less sand dollars from the chest than what it cost. I just open the free ones now.

    2. I agree with you about the treasure chests they have gotten extremely annoying as most of them take more than they give. On a side note I tried to find the free pearls option and can’t. How do you access it.

  17. Early someone mentioned the combinations to get the little visitors that you can only see when you zoom in. Does anyone know more of them?

    1. When you group certain plaints together it will draw reef fish. You can only see them when you zoom in a bit (to save from overloading the program)
      Here is a list of some of the combinations that will draw different fish.
      Violet Sea Blossom/Lilac Cirripathies/Marron Pipe Sponge
      Brown Sea Grass/Purple Marine Shrub
      Yellow table/rock
      Yellow table/red branches
      Yellow plateau/heap of rocks
      Orange Bell Sea Pen/Orange tube sponge
      Giant Brown Grass + Flat Rock + Brown Seaweed Cluster
      barrel sponge/silver branches/boulders
      yellow small grass/yellow bell pen/small shell
      Giant Green Seabush + Green Straight Seaweed

    1. The “Homework” button appears in the top right-hand corner if your screen, just below your Vitality icon – it’s a little box with a picture of Mr Ray inside it and when you select it, a list of task(s) you have to perform in a set amount of time comes up (usually harvesting a certain amount of algae or sand dollars will be one of the tasks and harvesting a certain amount of times or from a certain type of plant will be the other). For every task you finish, a check mark will appear next to It and when you finish all of the tasks within the time limit, you are given a reward; usually some algae and experience points (I’m not sure how long you’re given to finish the tasks but I do know that the time you have to complete them starts and ends at a pre-determined time every day and NOT when you first open up the “Homework” that day so how much time you have to complete the tasks depends on what time the “Homework” icon first appears on your screen and how soon you start on the tasks after it appears and I’m not sure what time this is but since it is HOMEWORK, I’m guessing it probably starts either sometime around the regular school start time (8:30 or 9:00 AM) or after school is finished for the day (3:00 or 3:30 PM)).

    2. My homework button comes at 10:00pm and gives me 14 hours to finish. Any idea if there is any more incentive to do homework other than what’s offered? ie. the xp and coins for finishing it?

  18. When I open the chest, the algae or sand dollars are not added to my totals. What can I do to correct this.

    1. You don’t have to “find” the homework button as it doesn’t exist :) When it is time for your homework task, a little box will appear with the blue shark’s pic (I believe that’s what’s in the box it’s a box with a pic) when you click on it, it will show you the task to complete. Here’s a tip: Be sure and click on it as soon as you open the game (if it’s showing up) that way you will not have wasted any of your opportunities to complete it. (Like if it asks to collect from the yellow table plant 8 times and you’ve already done it…you’d have to wait until the next harvest time and possibly miss out on completing it all in time. Hope this helps :) ShabbyChicQueen

  19. I am confused about growing rare plants I had one growing and it got to the final stage of growth but then when it finished it disappeared. What happened? Is it just that those seeds didnt actually grow anything?

  20. What happened? This is my 5th day in a row and I was waiting for the 5 pearl bonus. But it said it was my 1st and just got the coins :(

    1. You probably didn’t get to it on time. So the 5 day week started all over.

    2. Sarah, mine did this to me twice! I noticed that it was doing this when I wasn’t playing multiple times a day. I notice that my game doesn’t always recognize that it’s a new day too. I have started playing multiple times a day now, and that seems to have corrected the problem about not getting my 5th day pearl reward.

    3. That happened to me too but then the next time I got to this point, it worked… Stupid glitches!

    1. The Bluespotted ray probably was the easiest rare fish to get, provided you played the game at the right time ๐Ÿ˜€
      You basically just plant 5 items using only sand dollar and algae.
      It was offered a whole week around 3 weeks ago, can not remembered exactly.

      I am at level 31 now.
      – Nemo5664b –

  21. I do not know what is going on, I began playing this game in Feb. And everything was good then they did the update and now I had a friend try to add me as a friend and they told me that I do not have the game INSTALLED I can go to others reefs and do every thing as always but nobody can come to my reef. HELP I do not know what to do. I would really like to be able to join the Quest, but no body knows I am here. I hope someone can help me. Thanks.

  22. Does anybody know what are Spectacular Seeds (level 27), they cost 45 pearls!!! Does they guarantee a new rare plant and a new rare fish or the game just want to take away my pearls?

    1. i only use the extraordinary seed for 10 pearls, spectacular is a huge waste of pearls. I get a new rare fish almost every week…I’m on level 23 and by just using the 10 pearl seed, i get the rare fish. ive never gotten a rare fish from a mystery seed and i spent 10,000 SD on enigmatic and got like a stupid seaweed cluster. So stick with Extraordinary, there is no combinations of what seeds to use and how many at what time, i play this everyday and have found the game has a brain of its own and randomly gives rare fish.

  23. My son plays Nemo on a Kindle, and I play on an IPad. The new changes like coop Quest and the Free Pearls are not available to the Kindle users. I am assuming that probably applies to other tablets that are not able to handle the new changes. I started playing this game because my 2 year old granddaughter wanted the app and it was free. Now I am hooked and cannot let her play because she feeds the 35,000 algae fish! I am also dismayed that a free game ends up charging you to buy pearls. I am not rich and cannot spend money for pleasure. Shame on Disney for discouraging so many like myself and Kathryn from playing a game that is enjoyable for all ages! I also want to hear from someone who has grown a spectacular seed! Is this a new rip-off?

  24. Ok so I had the yellow jelly fish in my reef and had the yellow pillow but it left. Why did it leave when i had it??

    1. The question is, did you have the yellow pillow in your reef before the yellow jellyfish came? When a guest comes, even if you had 25yellow pillows before it came, you have to plant a new one to get it to stay. For almost every guest that I have, I attracted them with the plants listed, but have planted the same item or items again in order to keep them. Once they have decided to stay and you add them to your collection, then you can eliminate any duplicates you want to in order to save space. Hope that helps!

  25. Does anyone know if, after you tap on the little sand dollar/algae bubbles that appear above the different plants in order to collect the items they produce, you have to actually PHYSICALLY collect the sand dollars/algae and pink stars (experience points) that pop out of them or will the system AUTOMATICALLY collect them for you if left alone??? I have been trying to figure this out for a while now using both methods – collecting them manually and just allowing the system to automatically collect them after a certain amount of time has elapsed – but, on account of the way the system adds them (which is confusing to say the least since sometimes, they seem to add in to my totals BEFORE I’ve even had the chance to harvest them while other times, they add in several seconds AFTER I’ve harvested them and sometimes, they don’t seem to add in AT ALL), I have been unable to positively determine this… It seems as though you don’t get the same amount of sand dollars/algae/EXP added in to your totals when you just leave them for the system to collect that you do by manually collecting them by tapping on them…
    Also, does anyone know how many experience points you gain from the different types of plants (I know you get different amounts of EXP from different plants but I’d like to know how much you get from each type of plant so that I can speed up the levelling up process by planting the plants that yield the most EXP…?
    And when you place/plant rocks and ornamental plants around the different types of living plants and coral to make them “more appealing” to the fishies, does this also affect the amount of sand dollars/algae/EXP that the plant produces and/or the amount of time it takes the plant to produce these items so that you receive increased harvests in decreased time??? e.g. If you get 2 algae from the Yellow Table Plant every 30 secs if planted on it’s own can you either get a larger amount of algae (say 3 algae every 30 secs rather than 2 every 30 secs) or a decreased harvest time (say 2 algae every 15 secs rather than 2 every 30 secs) by planting some Red Branches and/or aRock right next to it? Or does doing this just attract more variations of those little microscopic fishies and have no real useful value?

    1. No need to tap again on the dollar/algae or pink stars.
      The system will automatically updated your dollar/algae/xp.
      Notice the bubbles on the upper screen? That is the visual indicator that it just updated your scores.

      You can see the xp by yourself when you tap on the little dollar/algae bubbles. After you tap, you will see text describing how much that plant give you xp. Combine this info with the time it need to produce that dollar/algae, then you can choose which one suited you best according to how much/often you play the game or how long each session is.
      My favorite so far is Cat’s Paw Coral (200 XP + 180 Coral) but it cost 30 pearls to plant one and 10 hour to produce each time.

      The little fish has no added value. It just for your own satisfaction to have more fish on your reef ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. Thank you so much! I was wasting so much time collecting all this stuff and my harvesting goes so much quicker now that I know this isn’t necessary! LOL. What a difference!

  26. Hey does anyone know what all those pictures of the different rare plants are that you can scroll through under the Rare tab in your Nursery (where you buy your Mystery/Extraordinary Mystery/Enigmatic/Spectacular Seeds)? Are they just showing the rare plants you’ve grown so far or are they the rare plants you could POSSIBLY grow from planting the different seeds???

    1. Okay so if you have grown all the plants that are shown under the “Rare” tab already, I’m guessing that this means that you have to wait until you get to the next level and more new rare plants appear here before you could actually possibly grow a new rare plant, is that right???

    2. That happened to me too but then the next time I got to this point, it worked… Stupid glitches!

    3. Okay so if I’m understanding this right, I guess this means that I’ll have to wait until I get to the next level and more rare plants appear under the “Rare” tab before I can possibly grow a NEW rare plant??? Becuz I’ve already grown at least one of every plant that’s currently showing under this tab…

  27. Add me under friends, intite by name thing. Jacobglenn. I want to do coops and cant get anyone to do them with me. I’m level 25 and play just about every day. I try to play everyday multiple times a day. Thanks

    1. I added you on my friend list elle. I started a coop last night and yet again it doesn’t look too good. As soon as this on is over ill start another

    2. Me too – I’m “Metalgrrrl” and play at least once a day but usually two or three times… Thanx!

    3. Same here! My name is “Pesukaru611819″. I would like a coop friend and I play several times a day. Level 29.

    4. I noticed that some ppl have been inviting me to do the co-op quests since I posted my username (thanx!) but I should warn everyone that I work from 6:00 PM – 2:00 AM Mon – Fri (sometimes I even work as late as 4:00 AM) so u probably don’t wanna add me to ur quest until after 10:00 PM since they have like an 8 hr time limit…

      Anyway, I didn’t wanna b the reason why ppl’s quests were failing so I thought I’d better mention this…! When I get home from work I always play for at least an hr or 2 though and between 2:00 PM (when I get up) until 5:00 PM during the week I’m almost always playing so invite me if ur starting quests during these hours or after 10:00 PM at night… And weekends of course! As long as u gimme at least 2 hrs to finish the quests, that’s good enuf!

      And thanx again everyone 4 inviting me!!! : )

    5. Hi Hayley, elle, Metalgrrrl, & pesukaru- I’ve added you as friends. I’m Victoria1170 :)

      p.s. Metalgrrrl- I love your reef! It’s so wonderfully organized lol ๐Ÿ˜›

    6. I hope you don’t mind I added you all, I’m kind of new to all this. Thanks, I’m Esenciadelis, add me please.

    7. I added you all also, I hope you don’t mind. I’m abaldridge, feel free to add me if you like. I’m trying to learn all I can, I’m new to this too. Thanks!

    8. I’m adding all of you in hopes to try these coop things, and hope you will add me to yours. I’m ‘collectincat’ and I am on level 21. What level is necessary for the coop?

    9. Hi All, hope you don’t mind I’ve also added everyone here. I work shift work so keep odd hours, am usually on a few times/day. Cheers.

    10. Happy to do quests too. Come by to visit too. I have barrel sponge patches and Pink Sponge Bed Patches right near Nemo’s Anemone. I’m at level 45 today, 5-19-14

    11. Hey everyone! I hope you don’t mind but I’ve added all of you in hopes of doing some co-op quests :) add me! Kimberly9918

  28. Hello,I play on my daughter’s kindle fire,this morning it said something about a weekend challenge for a new fish& it looked like a stingray, but it doesn’t tell you what the challenge is….any ideas???

    1. From what I could tell, the challenge automatically started at midnight on Friday, July 13th – I just finished mine now (the challenge was to grow 8 rare plants in 2 days) and it had just appeared/started (it came up in the top right-hand corner of my screen just below the Vitality icon (in the same spot where your “Homework” normally appears). Like I said, you are given 48 hrs to complete it so you have until Sunday night @ midnight to complete it.

    1. You don’t buy hearts. All the items have hearts (which stand for reef vitality) associated with them. If you click on the heart in the square in the upper right corner, it will show you how “vital” your reef is, and there is an explanation of what that means.

  29. If the Spectacular Seeds guarantee you a new rare plant than what do the Enigmatic Seeds give you??? I haven’t made it to Level 20 yet so I haven’t gotten access to either of these seeds yet and was curious becuz depending on what the Enigmatic Seeds give you, I may just want to save my pearls for when I finally get to the level where the Spectacular Seeds are available for me to buy…

  30. How can I removed friends from my friends list? I’ve got some that need to go. Please oh please let there be a way.

    1. I want to know too… Accidentally misspelled the username of a friend I was trying to add but can’t figure out where/how to get rid of it… Anyone???

  31. I’m very frustrated that the game doesn’t count things I’ve grown for a challenge! I’ve grown 8 plants for a Saturday challenge that requires 8, and I still only have credit for 5!

  32. Why is it that when you visit a “Random Friend”‘s reef and perform your 5 actions, that you never get the actual amount of SD/algae that the plants you harvest produce??? I always look for the Cat’s Paw and Bamboo corals when I visit my “Random Friend” every day but Bamboo Coral is supposed to give you 50 algae while the Cat’s Paw gives you 180 so even if I just harvest 5 Bamboo Corals for my 5 actions, that should still give me 250 algae yet I never seem to receive more than 100 algae when it’s all said and done… Has anyone else noticed this???

    1. It is because you have to share it with your friend, 50:50.
      So if you harvest 5 Bamboo Corals, you get 125 algae, your friend also get 125. The same with the SD/XP.
      I think it is fair enough.

    2. Yes it’s all becoming clear…! Makes sense! Thanx once again!

      P.S. Do you know EVERYTHING??? LOL

    3. Hi, I have a lot of the high xp and algae earners if you want to visit them. My reef is called BrendaGreer. I enjoy doing the coops, so add me. Thanks, Brenda

  33. So I have the opportunity to get a rare fish in 2 days. I planted the 8 rare plant seeds and accomplished the rest of the required tasks.My 8 plants grew but I didn’t get the rewards. I don’t have time remaining to plant another 8 rare seeds. Will I have another opportunity to get that rare fish?

    1. you have to get 8 different rare plants that you don’t already have…i havent gotten that quest yet but its pretty much impossible to do if you already have some rare plants….that quest is not fair i wont even waste my time with it.

  34. Just noticed something that I’m not sure if anyone is interested in – those of you who only open up the free treasure chests might be… You can tell a free treasure chest from those that cost 6 pearls or a certain amount of SD w/out opening it – all you hafta do is look closely at it: if it has a lock on it, it’s NOT a free chest; if it has no lock on it, it IS a free chest… FYI if anyone cares…!

  35. Does anyone know what levels your reef expansions occur in??? I didn’t see it mentioned up in the guide (unless I overlooked it)…

    Also do you hafta be at a certain level when you grow your 8 NEW rare plants in order to get the Yellow Cardinal Fish? Becuz I’ve grown at LEAST 8 different kinds of rare plants since I’ve started the game and don’t have one of these… Or are these offered in a challenge?

    1. The expansions happens when friends arrive I’m at level 20 my question is when or if the red octopus is gonna come back any clues help please someone

  36. MetalGrrrl: good to know I’m not the only one who get 6 pearl chests. Can anyone tell me if I have to be on Facebook get the best out of this game? I’m on level 21 but seems that things are locked to me. Thanks

  37. Ok so I grew 8 different rare plants no pajama cadinal fish grew 10 rare plants got the red clown frog fish no yellow trumpetfish and no short red sea moth I did all of those things nothing at all what should I do help please

    1. Your earlier question about Red Octopus: To keep the octopus you need to plant 1 Red Cirripathes + 1 Lilac Cirripathes. Read above list “Complete List of Plant Combinations to Keep Guest Fishes” You have to plant them after you get tho octopus even if you already have them.
      You bought 8 rare seeds but did they all grow into rare plants? I bought an Enigmatic seed for $10,000 and got a $60 plant. Only Extraordinary seeds guarantees a rare plant. I’m reef 13324118 if anyone wants a Coop quest. I’m not on Facebook and I don’t know if that’s necessary for quest.

  38. Reef 14645145, I’m so sorry I wasn’t around for your quest today. Glad to say it’s a busy fun summer, finally! I visited your reef and it’s good lookin’. To attract more fish look up “plant combinations to attract fish” like Giant Brown grass touching Brown Seaweed cluster & flat rock. Small yellow grass and small shell w/ yellow bell sea pen. They don’t guarantee you will get a fish but much more likely. Hope to see ya soon in a new quest!

    1. Those combinations are for small fish seen only when you zoom in. Use my name for co open also.

    2. Laury234 I planted barrel sponges, mineral rocks and white sea flower. They sparkled when all touched and purple now flows threw them. I thought I could pick the quest for coop but planted 3 mystery seeds anyway. They didn’t sparkle so probably wont’ get quest completed.

  39. Hi,

    I’m in level 40 for 2 months now, asked Disney about further levels. They said I.m at the end, but new quests were coming. They did come, but I stay in level 40. Got the 2 rays, but still miss the red frog fish.
    Does anyone know if there is a combo with the new violet plateau plant?

    1. How long did it take you to get to level 40 (not counting the 2 mo. at lvl 40)? I’m at lvl 18 and it’s taking soooo long.

    2. Hi Johiona, I’m at level 35 and suddenly one of the orange kelp on rock started to glitter. Do you have any idea what this is hinting for? I’m Martinnemo695

    1. There’s actually no way to grow a “specific” rare plant but there is a way to grow a NEW rare plant… Depending on what level ur at, and whether u have this available to u already, the Spectacular Seed is ur best bet since it guarantees that you’ll grow a NEW rare plant (although u still can’t choose WHICH new rare plant u grow) but they cost 45 pearls so they’re not cheap… Other than that, u just gotta keep planting the other seeds and keeping ur fingers crossed… Supposedly the Enigmatic Seed (then one that costs 10,000 SD) gives u a better chance of growing a new rare plant than the other ones do but personally, I find it to be a rip off – the few times I’ve bought them I’ve never grown a new rare plant and just wasted all my SD’s…

  40. What’s the best plants to get the most XPs? What’s taking me so long is getting enough XPs to get to the next level. I have tons of table plants, giant green seabush and fruit loop corals to give me XPs, coins, and algae. But it’s still taking mad long. And it’s taking up a LOT of space on the reef. I would like to get the cat’s paw coral (gives a lot of XPs) but those require lots of pearls.

    Any suggestions? How are you all maximizing your space and XPs?

    1. Okay, Victoria 1170; I wondered the exact same thing and so I made a list of all the EXP that each of the plants and corals that I have so far will give me and I will list some the highest ones for you:

      CORAL: Cat’s Paw Coral (purple) – 200 EXP / 12 hrs ***
      LIVING: Giant Green Grass – 100 EXP / 8 hrs ***
      LIVING: Yellow Small Grass – 90 EXP / 12 hrs
      CORAL: Bamboo Coral – 80 EXP / 24 hrs
      CORAL: Orange Vase Coral – 80 EXP / 1 hr ***
      CORAL: Brain Coral – 70 EXP / 24 hrs
      CORAL: Carnation Coral – 70 EXP / 12 hrs
      LIVING: Yellow Plateau Plant – 60 EXP / 12 hrs
      CORAL: Cup Coral – 60 EXP / 6 hrs
      CORAL: Green Bubble Coral – 45 EXP / 8 hrs
      CORAL: Egg Shell Coral – 40 EXP / 1 hr ***
      CORAL: Christmas Tree Coral – 40 EXP / 6 hrs
      LIVING: Barrel Sponge – 45 EXP / 24 hrs
      LIVING: Yellow Sponge Bed – 35 EXP / 6 hrs
      LIVING: Blue Pipe Sponge – 30 EXP / 30 mins ***
      CORAL: Orange Pillar Coral – 30 EXP / 30 mins ***
      LIVING: Maroon Pipe Sponge – 30 EXP / 2 hrs
      CORAL: Green Mushroom Coral – 30 EXP / 5 hrs
      CORAL: Finger Coral – 25 EXP / 45 mins ***
      LIVING: Orange Tube Sponge – 25 EXP / 1 hr
      CORAL: Fire Coral – 20 EXP / 30 mins
      CORAL: Blue Mushroom Coral – 20 EXP / 1 hr

      I just listed all the ones that give you 20 EXP+ but if you want the rest, just let me know. As I level up, I will keep adding to my own list of EXP and will post it here once I’ve added a few more. Hope this helps: it was a little painstaking to compile but I’m glad I did it becuz it’s actually very helpful – especially for levelling up at a quicker rate. If you ever want to figure out the EXP yourself though, just watch the little amounts that float up immediately after you’ve tapped on a plant/coral to harvest it and this will tell you both the amount of SD/algae you’ve harvested as well as the amount of EXP you’ve gained.

    2. Wow, thanks for the list MetalGrrrl. I’m hoping to get some of them as I level up. Right now, I don’t want to spend any pearls ($$) on some of the ones that gives the most XPs (Cat’s Paw). It takes me like 2 days to get to a new level (and I kinda play waay too much).

    3. Sorry that didn’t copy and paste right. The categories didn’t go across the page they went vertical. Just search for Quick Gamer then Nemo’s Reef.


    5. You dont say whaqt level yo’re at. When you harvest(one at a time), watch the xp meter under the level indicator to see how many xp it goes up.Then harvest the next to see what it adds and so on.

  41. This is a question for Bupea: what games can you play to earn pearls? I’ve never seen games advertise pearls except for first time I signed up for tapjoy
    Also, anyone know what happened to free pearl option? Button not there anymore.

  42. Can anyone tell me what happens if you refuse a co-op quest??? Does the person get the option to add another player in your place or does it just screw up their quest or what?

    There was a quest that I was invited to the other week that I knew I wouldn’t have time to complete b4 I went to work (and he quest would have been over by the time I finished work) so I refused it hoping that it would give the person who’d invited me the opportunity to invite someone else but I wasn’t sure if this was how it worked so I thought I’d ask… I couldn’t think of another reason why they would give you the option to refuse though, so I’m guessing that this IS how it works…

    And I apologize to the person who invited me for making their quest fail if this is NOT the case!

    Also, is there some way to figure out who it is that has invited you to participate in their co-op quest???

    1. If your refuse a co-op quest then the whole quest is pretty much screwed up.
      There is no option to change to another player,
      but the person that started the quest would have the option to take over your part by spending some pearls!
      I think no one would do that just to get the quest done.

      Another reason the co-op quest is difficult to complete is the time zone of the players.
      If you invite someone on their sleep time then the quest is surely cannot be completed.
      No need to feel bad if you couldn’t complete the co-op quest, chances are someone else couldn’t either.

      Previously if someone invited me to co-op, there was a notification on my Android device/phone that show the player who invited me.
      But lately there is no such notification anymore.
      The same with the info of the friend who just visited your reef and did the daily task.
      Previously you know who was that but now it just give you your own username.

    2. I thought we could pick the quest requirements. I was mad when I started a quest that was to “grow 3 rare plants” After just doing that there was no way I was spending more pearls so I didn’t do the quest but felt bad because I started it. So MetalGrrrl if it was my quest no worries. I’m not receiving notifications either. I told Disney Techs about the 6 pearl treasure chests that come up 98% of the time and they assured me that it is completely random. With that kind of help we could all be techs.

  43. I am on level 18 . Since last 2-3 levels I am only getting homework assignments. No jobs coming on the left side of screen…?

    1. I’m having the same problem :( did you figure out what it was? I’m hoping it’s just a level thing. Fingers crossed.

  44. H, I’m on level 36 and just got a task to get the violet parrotfish. I’m suppose to open treasure chests. My question is how many? The quest on the left says 100 and the numbers on the right are 0/12. What does that mean and will it work?

    1. I just finished the quest and it was to open 12 chests – NOT 100. The special quest for the violet parrotfish is on the right-hand side of your screen where your homework and all your other special quests will appear; if you have a quest on the LEFT-hand side of your screen that tells you that you hafta open 100 chests, it’s something completely different. Opening 12 chests by tomorrow (Sunday) night before the time runs out will get you the violet parrotfish.

    2. I’m at level 22 and I got the same assignment. You have to open 12 chests within the specified time to get the violet parrotfish.

    3. Also, I’m getting the odd feeling that ever since this assignment started, there’s been a whole lot less free chests. In the last 40 hours, I’ve only managed to see 5 free treasure chests, which is a LOT less than I normally get.

  45. Saturday homework is the one with collecting sand dollars, algae from tentacle coral and growing eight rare plants. I’ve triedto do it before and it never recognizes the rare plants I grow. What’s going on? Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  46. Nemo’s Reef is a dodgy app. While it may teach the benefits of delayed gratification, it also encourages gambling through the sea chests . Although you do learn pretty quickly that gamblers always lose out in the end. It is also pearl hungry and pretty much forces you to buy pearls through in-app purchaces; especially now as they seem to have discontinued the relationship with Tapjoy. I also play another game called Haty Day. Hay Day is a farm game that works on the laws of supply and demand. It doesn’t force in-app purchases and is very generous with giving you diamonds and farm tools and supplies; plus their support people are brilliant! My recommendation – ditch Nemo and start farming on Hay Day!

  47. I am doing one of nemos requests to grow 4 rare plants. So purchased a bunch of mystery seeds with my sand dollars and out of all of them I got 3 that were sparkling. So I purchased the last with my pearls and then one of the growing plants stopped sparkling. Has this happened to any one else? What a rip off!

    1. Make sure you don’t move the sparkling plant. If you do it will stop sparkling.
      Move back to the original spot and it will start sparkling again ๐Ÿ˜€

      I simply ignored the task to grow 4 rare plants.

  48. I’m level 40 and I still haven’t been given the quest to harvest 10,000 algae for the red seamoth. When did that happen for anyone? I, getting a little mad bc I play on my iPad and I don’t have the palms to get the 2nd sting ray either.

    1. You can check if there is any updates for the app.

      On Android tab/phone just before the sting ray came, the app automatically downloaded a small update for you when you run the app.
      The update is supposed to introduce the palms so you can complete the quest.
      And yes, it was probably the easiest rare fish to get ๐Ÿ˜€ :run:

  49. Btw, what is that weird “farty” sound I keep hearing? Is it when something has grown or now has coins/xp/pearls? It’s not the normal sound when something you planted has grown. But this “farty” sound comes up every couple of hours or so, Anyone know what that is or have heard it too?

  50. I have a quest from dory on level 22, grow a bright green talassadendrion. I have planted approximately 75 rare seeds and still got nothing. Please help!!

    1. Yeah, same here. Thought it was a glitch in their system sending us a quest we cannot really complete.

    2. I’m reef 13324118. I ignored that quest from Dory because I already have a talassadendrion. Later in that same level I bought an Extraordinary Seed and got the talassadendrion then remembered the quest. So we need to remember that next time we buy extraordinary seeds.

    3. You don’t need to complete the task to advance to the next level.
      It will be carried over and still available to complete.

      So keep planting rare seeds. It will come eventually.

    4. i did that quest and got that plant on the first try….problem is, it is like the ONLY rare plant i get. ive gotten about 50 of them and just sell them for SD. I think every game is totally random for each of us.

  51. I am aalmost lvl 28 and interested in doing co-op quests. Anyone interested please add me to friends list sweetmiss1989.


  52. I don’t see the answer here, but if is I apologize. When I visit a friend’s reef, I’m not getting the rewards I expect for harvesting. I visited multiple reefs and chose barrel sponges because I needed $ and I got $0 :( Why?

    1. I too have visited multiple reefs looking for good deals, and have found that once I tap on something and then go to another reef or reefs, only the last reef I tapped at will count.

  53. I am another Grandma who started this app as a way to support my granddaughter. Sadly, I’m addicted. I spent my own money in the beginning as I figured out the details of the game. Now, I collect over 30 pearls a week from rare fish , free treasure chests and signing in daily. It’s all I need for pearls.

    I completed the quest to open treasure chests in 4 hours using only the free chests. I can’t say I have a life, but the addiction is very satisfied!

    Now my granddaughter wants the app to allow trades so that she can access my rare fish and plants. I’m enjoying the game. I see the glitches daily. for example today the app crashes if I try to visit a friend so I can’t complete that goal. other times, as mentioned the tally doesn’t move when I’m tapping like crazy. I was a banker, I can feel when a number moves…sometimes these numbers don’t move. All said, this is an informative forum. I’ve learned a lot and still have challenges in the game. Thanks

    My name is Filomina 56 nd I have Cats Paws and Barrel Sponge. I’m on the end of Level 20 and I think I’ve been playing for 3 weeks. Yes sadly…summer vacation.

  54. Did anyone else start the game with 500 free Amazon coins in your Amazon account? (= to $5)? I have no idea how I had 500 Amazon coins to start with (I only recently started to play games on my kindle) so not sure how I earned it- maybe from somewhere else unrelated to the Nemo game. I hope I hadn’t accidentally bought them in the past… >.<

  55. What are people’s success rates with mystery seeds and enigmatic seeds? I think it’s like 1 in 10 for mystery seeds and 1 in 5 for enigmatic seeds for me. I’ve never tried extraordinary or spectacular seeds. What are peoples success rates with those?

    1. Actually, let me update that. 1/15 success rate for something decent for mystery seed and 1/7 for enigmatic seed. Pretty lousy odds I think- either wait an eternity to get something good or spend a whole lot of coins/algae to *maybe* get something.

    2. Actually it used to be 2-3 out of 10 for the mystery seed until level 20. After that it became smthng like 1 out of 10 and as soon as the new expensive seed appeared it is less than 1 out of 15. So it is better for me to gather pearls from the rare fish and use them than wait…the only good thing is that you get ornamental plants that cost pearls using the mystery seed.

    3. The extraordinary seeds always give a rare plant, but seldomly an expensive one. I thinkthe rate is 3 out of 10. The spectacular seeds give often the more expensive ones, I think 7 out of 10. Those seeds gave me my missing plants, and the yellow frog fish. But 45 pearls is a high price…

  56. Re Mystery Seeds. I’m on level 23 now and I have 1:4 ratio for rare plants but haven’t seen a new rare plant in a while. I buy one rare with pearls when my stock builds up, but rare plants are plentiful with the 1200. Seed. I figure, at that price, I will at least always get great combo plants. I still love the game and still met the Treasure Challenge with,free treasures…Awesome!


    1. Yes that used to be the case for me too…but now I have planted 17 1200 seeds and none of them gave me a rare plant. I agree about the nice combinations though. The 10000 seed is not worth it I have planted 4 to only get 1 rare plant, not a new one. ..I get enough pearls from rare fish and bonus to be able to plant the extraordinary seed but I save them for the weekend papers that give rare fish.

  57. A lot of quests have come my way when I was busy. I’m glad to say I could complete one today. Thanks who ever sent it!

    1. Yes, sometimes they return. Can take some months, however. In my case the yellow cardinal came again, the second time I got it.

  58. @ Victoria
    Sorry for my late response, it took me a couple of months, I guess 4 or 5. My second game has also arrived at level 40. Took me 5 months. I play every hour, harvesting. I noticed that that is the best rythm, having planted a lot of โ€บthose egg shell corals.
    I also noticed that the maximum vitality stops at 303K. And also that vitality doesn’t drop anymore after selling rare plants. The only thing I have to worry about now is having enough algae โ€โ€to feed the fish, in order to earn pearls that can buy me rare plants for special quests. I saw that approximately every month there is a new fish to be earned, so I save me some pearls for those events. The rest I spend on cat’s paw corals.
    I really hope that there are more levels to come, cuz this is getting a bit boring.

    1. How are you ‘selling’ plants??? And do you get coins back or are you just cleaning out the reef??

  59. when i start up my game, it tells me that I have an opportunity to get a new rare fish, looks like blue trumpet fish, from hidden treasure. is that a weekend challenge? there is no icon on my screen when i’m playing, about that quest. should i start opening up chests or did the challenge not start yet? has anyone else gotten this message for the quest in the beginning of the game?

    1. thank you! i wasnt sure because the first saturday challenge i got was a couple months ago & i missed it, then i got bruce about 2 weeks ago but there was no notification for it, now this is my third and i’m on level 24. thanx again :)

  60. Ok I have a few questions. First I have grown at least 45 mystery seeds. And not one has yeilded a rare plant. What am I doing wrong. I understand that not all will grow a rare plant but come on I havent even had one grow a rare plant. Also why so few challenges. When I started the game there were a lot of challenges now I am at level 17 and have none. Can anyone explain?

  61. Does anyone know if it’s typical to stop receiving the daily homework assignments after a certain level??? I’m on Level 30 now and don’t think I’ve received these for the last couple levels or so…

    1. I have 2 games running, both level 40, and since homework exists in this game I never saw it missing.

  62. Wow the spectacular seeds suck! Costs a whopping 45 pearls and all I got was something I already had a dozen of. I thought the spectacular seed would guarantee I get a new rare plant that I didn’t have, but no. I was fooled. So apparently none of the seeds are worth the price- not spectacular, not extraordinary, not enigmatic.

    Guess I just gotta buy a million mystery seeds. Which at this point is taking foreverrrrr cuz it’s like 1/15 that I get something.

    1. Victoria, I spent 3000 pearls on extraordinary mystery seeds and didn’t get the last plant I needed in order to attract the yellow frog fish. Then I planted 10 spectacular seeds, and got it immediately, as well as other high value plants. As I wrote before, the success rate is about 7 out of 10 for the spectacular seeds.

  63. After 2 weeks and about 5 levels, I *finally* got another rare fish- the Blue Lionfish. But 15,000 algae to feed it!! Now I’m algae-poor…

    1. Victoria, you do not need to feed a fish to keep it. You only need to feed it if you want it to produce a pearl. If you don’t feed it, nothing happens. The fish stays.

  64. Hey, does anybody know of a website that lists ALL the plants/corals and their XPs/SDs, etc? I found the site once but I didn’t bookmark it and now I can’t find again it through search. :(

    It listed ALL the plants and ALL their corrosponding XPs, SDs, and algae. Very useful!

  65. Q- Once we get a rare fish, they’re there to stay? What about a guest fish? If I got rid of the plants/corals/combos that got me the rare fish or guest fish, will they then also leave?

    1. You can sell all you want after confirmation that you attracted the fish. Combos don’t need to stay intact. When you reach level 40, all missing guests will appear, one after another. Just make the combo needed, after the fish is confirmed to stay, sell the plants/specials you used and make room for the plants needed for the next guest. It will appear immediately. It’s wise to have a little stash of pearls by that time, in order to speed up the growing.

    2. You can delete the combos after you have the fish. I have deleted all plant combos because I have no room. I need the space for more rare plants to boost my percentage and of course you need lots of algae for the pearls.

  66. By the way,
    If anyone needs fast dollars or algae, just visit my games.
    Both have plenty cat paws and barrels.
    Visit johniona or johnionaphil.

    1. 1. tap Menu on the bottom left
      2. tap move
      3. tap the item you want to sell
      4. tap the red shovel
      5. a message will pop up stating “Selling object Do you really want to sell this object for ___ sand dollars? if you really want to sell it then tap OK.
      6. item is removed from your reef and sand dollars are added to your total.

  67. I am half way through level 23 and I haven’t gotten a guest to visit my reef since level 18. What’s going on? And what happened to the free pearls option under the pearls section of the treasure cave?

  68. I already bought yellow pillow for almost 3 times for the task. Yellow jellyfish stayed but the task wan’t done yet. I also bought 3 times for the hint. It says buy yellow pillow but nothing happens even when i buy it. Can anyone knows how to finish this task. Pls. Pls. Pls. Thanks.

  69. Just wondering, does it matter what your percentage is on your rare plants. I’ve got over 85 and know I can’t get the enigmatic seeds to grow a rare plant. I was getting a fifty fifty ratio before. Should I have a lower percentage, the game claims the higher the percentage the high success rate. If anyone has figured out a way to increase the success rate, please let me know I’m on level 39 about to go to 40 and I still don’t have either mermaid fan, the yellow feather star or the purple kelp on rock. Thanks.

    1. I’m wondering the same thing! I used to have a 50-ish ratio and would get new rare plants occasionally. But now that my ratio percentage has gone up to 65%, I haven’t been getting any new rare plants at all. Haven’t gotten a new one in a very loooong time.

      I wonder if it’s best to keep the ratio low or high?

  70. Hi, can anyone help me???? My reef is gone! I opened game from app-store, just press the “open” button, I have done it many time before, and every time my game popped up but today it didn’t. Or the button opened the game but new blank game – level 1. And with different username “Reef ….” How can I log in to my real reef with my real username???

    1. Helly- I can’t help you, but I know there was an update today so it may be why your reef got affected.

    2. Helly,you can get yourgame back. Go to Disney’s customer service at and tell them you want your original game back. They will answer you within a few days. You receive a list of things to do. After you did the thIngs they asked, you will see your game back.

  71. Hi,

    I didn’t have a guest appear on level 18 and I play every day so I can’t imagine I missed it. Has anyone else had this happen? Is there anything I can do about it?


    1. I had the same problem. I am level 26 now and the guest fish I “missed” — blue jellyfish– came at level 22 I think. So I guess this will happen to you too.

  72. Hi,has anyone ever restored the game from Titanium Backup without having to get Disney to re-set the account
    I dont know if anybody else has noticed, but if someone invites you to a co-op which you cant complete, kill the game using a Task Manager or similar, dont just exit the game and re-start, and you should find that the type of Coral etc has changed. It dosnt work for the person initiating the coop though, at least that is what I have found

  73. Have put down 23 mystery seeds. It will be interesting to see how many new plants I get as there are now 5 bubbling away. Only noticed 3 at first and 1 of those has now stopped!

    1. I got 6 rare plants, so every one that did bubble turned into a rare plant. Only 1 of them gave me a new fish :)

    2. It has to be a NEW rare plant (one you haven’t previously grown) in order to attract a new rare fish: you can only get each rare fish ONCE and each rare fish is attracted by a certain rare plant. So, for example, if you grow a Green Thalassia for the first time, this will attract a new fish but if you grow a SECOND Green Thalassia at some point after the first, you will NOT get another rare fish. It has to be a rare plant that you’ve never grown before.

  74. How do I make my reef bigger. There is no more room to plant. Both Dory and Nemo have spoken about getting more room because it is cramped, but I don’t know how to do it. Help please!

    1. You just have to wait: reef expansions occur when your friends arrive @ your reef (w/ the exception of when Gurgle arrives @ Level 30 or so since this was the only time I had a friend visit w/ no accompanying expansion) – you will have to build them a home like you did for Dory (the Tiki Heads) and then they will stay but either way, you will get an expansion @ this point.

    2. Yes I understand all that, someone else made a comment earlier on and I wasn’t sure if they meant that when it bubbles you will get a NEW rare plant or it would just be any rare plant, new or one I already have. I now know it is the latter. I planted another 25 mystery seeds to try and get the Turquoise Bluespotted Ray again. Didn’t spend a right lot of time watching them, but I only saw 1 of them bubble! I got 8 though and got the Ray so it paid off (this time!). Can you tell me if it cost 8500 algae to feed it first time round, I seemed to think it was less??


    1. When you get Deb (the blue- and white-striped fish) you will get your next expansion: I was frustrated too when I got Gurgle (the purple and yellow fish) but no expansion since I had been told that an expansion occurs whenever a new friend visits your reef (and this WAS the case up until this point) and I was badly in need of one since I was COMPLETELY outta room in my reef but I had to wait… I forget which level Deb arrives in but it’s probably listed @ the top of this walkthrough…

  75. I have experimented the past few days (having played for a few months now) and have found something to share regarding the rare plants. If I plant a Mystery Seed on the edge of one of the blue ledges, making sure the square highlight includes some of the “rubble area” at the edge, I get the sparkles indicating a rare plant. I have successfully done this 6 times in a row now. Can anyone duplicate this?

    1. The new update may be playing with this. I’m still getting sparkles when I do it, but I do *not* always get a rare plant now. (Plus, Mr. Ray tends to quit early, and I get an iPad ad every time I visit the nursery — sometimes twice before I can tap the menu again.)

    2. When I tried this, it sparkled, but if you wait after a day, it won’t sparkle anymore. Maybe after 5 days, but eventually they will stop sparkling. I get a lot of homework these days, and I can’t on very much.

    3. Thank you so much it works! I’ve been spending so much money on pearls and now I can actually use up my SD. Thnx again

  76. What’s a Coop Quest? When I opened up my collection to my rare fish, some of the fish that I don’t have has a limited thing. It said I missed the quest. Can someone please do a coop quest with me? I’m popcorn3669.

    1. It won’t be through a quest that you get these: they’re only offered through the weekend challenges (which you will get advertisements for every couple months or so) so you just hafta wait for them to come around again. This weekend, for example, they’re offering a chance to get the Blue-Spotted Ray (if you don’t already have this) so just play the game on the weekend and watch for the special quest that’s offered to you…

    2. Well that’s weird. I still play, but usually on weekends, so try adding me on weekends, I am not sure, though.

      Anyway, no one has answered my question, what is a coop quest?

  77. Recently a red vertical coral that gave 50 algae every hour was released for 5 pearls each. I bought some, but today they are gone. Were these a limited time plant? I didn’t notice when I bought.

  78. Ever since the new update, I get a freaking iPad commercial every time I go to buy something in the nursery. I’ve been playing this game for a while and it has been really good at relaxing me (I tend to be anxious). Is there any way around having to see this ad every single time I want to buy a plant?? It is jarring and just generally frustrating. Sometimes the commercial even repeats – I’ll wait the three seconds, click the skip button and it just starts over again! I’m getting frustrated to the point where I am considering no longer playing.

    Any advice you might have would be awesome!



    1. Don’t stop playing the game. The same thing happened to me and I was frustrated, but I ignored it. It went away eventually.

    2. Yes very annoying; have you tried visiting the website??? I was going to try this as well to see if this might stop the ads from coming up but before I got the chance, they stopped on their own…

  79. Hello everyone, I’m gramma5759 on the reef and would love to be added to anyone’s quests. I did add a few of you that requested the same. I’m on level 32 and do not get the weekend quests, I’m out of planting room and also get no new rare plants. Ive read all your questions and answers and thank all of for your insight. Any and all advice is always appreciated.

    1. Mary, i’m at level 20 and understand that the next expansion is at level 22. Have you used “patch” to combine like elements to gain space? Also u can move slender plants to the edges or overlap elements by moving to just below another element.

  80. Okay guys; here’s that addition to my above XP list (from highest to lowest XP) that I said I’d post as soon as I got a few more to add. I have included EVERYTHING (including the living plants/corals that I already posted above) and starred my favourites:

    CORAL: (Purple/Pink) Cat’s Paw Coral – 200 XP / 10 hours ***
    LIVING: Violet Plateau Plant – 100 XP / 2 hours ***
    CORAL: Tentacle Coral – 100 XP / 8 hours ***
    LIVING: Giant Green Grass – 100 XP / 8 hours ***
    LIVING: Yellow Small Grass – 90 XP / 12 hours
    CORAL: Orange Vase Coral – 80 XP / 1 hour ***
    CORAL: Pipe Coral – 80 XP / 12 hours
    CORAL: Bamboo Coral – 80 XP / 24 hours
    CORAL: Psychedelic Coral – 75 XP / 1.5 hours ***
    CORAL: Carnation Coral – 70 XP / 12 hours
    CORAL: (Maroon) Brain Coral – 70 XP / 24 hours
    CORAL: Cup Coral – 60 XP / 6 hours
    LIVING: Yellow Plateau Plant – 60 XP / 12 hours
    CORAL: Green Bubble Coral – 45 XP / 8 hours
    LIVING: Pink Sponge Bed – 45 XP / 12 hours
    LIVING: Barrel Sponge – 45 XP / 24 hours
    CORAL: Egg Shell Coral – 40 XP / 1 hour ***
    CORAL: Christmas Tree Coral – 40 XP / 6 hours
    LIVING: Giant Red Grass – 35 XP / 40 minutes
    LIVING: Yellow Sponge Bed – 35 XP / 6 hours
    CORAL: Orange Pillar Coral – 30 XP / 30 minutes
    LIVING: Blue Pipe Sponge – 30 XP / 30 minutes
    LIVING: Maroon Pipe Sponge – 30 XP / 2 hours
    CORAL: Green Mushroom Coral – 30 XP / 5 hours
    CORAL: Finger Coral – 25 XP / 45 minutes
    CORAL: Sea Pen Coral – 25 XP / 1 hour *** (see my comments below regarding this coral)
    LIVING: Orange Tube Sponge – 25 XP / 1 hour
    CORAL: Fire Coral – 20 XP / 30 minutes
    CORAL: Blue Mushroom Coral – 20 XP / 1 hour
    CORAL: Purple Bonsai Acropora Coral – 15 XP / 5 minutes
    CORAL: Blue Cat’s Paw Coral – 15 XP / 10 minutes
    CORAL: (Pink) Vase Coral – 15 XP / 20 minutes
    LIVING: Orange Plateau Plant – 15 XP / 20 minutes
    CORAL: Pillar Coral – 15 XP / 30 minutes
    LIVING: Red Tube Sponge – 12 XP / 4 minutes
    CORAL: Silver Bubble Coral – 12 XP / 15 minutes
    LIVING: Giant Brown Grass – 10 XP / 30 minutes
    LIVING: Rose Barrel Sponge – 8 XP / 2 minutes
    CORAL: Violet Brain Coral – 8 XP / 3 minutes
    LIVING: Giant Green Seabush – 8 XP / 4 minutes
    CORAL: Sunset Cup – 4 XP / 5 minutes
    LIVING: Yellow Table Plant – 2 XP / 30 seconds
    CORAL: Fruit Loop Coral – 2 XP / 1 minute
    CORAL: Fan Coral – 1 XP / 30 seconds

    *Re: Sea Pen Coral: These were only offered for a limited time and are currently no longer
    available for purchase but were more highly valued because of the fact that
    they took up only one grid square and so they could be planted in places
    where none of your other living plants and corals could. They will most likely
    be offered again sometime in the future for a limited time if you’re patient.
    They cost 5 pearls each (and yielded 50 algae every hour) the first time

    I think that’s everything but if I’ve missed anything, just let me know and as long as I have the living plant/algae in my nursery, I will add it in on the list. Hope this helps! : )

  81. I am on level 25 and I have over 35000 vitality.. I need some friends for co open please.. my user is Taysmom2003 I am on all the time… Thanks!

  82. I got a treasure chest that wants me to spend 3500 pearls to open it And to make matters worse I lost all my pearls that I saved up. The total amount of pearls lost was 1500. Is there anyway to get this rip off to stop? Maybe a class action lawsuit might show Disney not to rob those of us out here that has to do real work for a living.

  83. I found a place where I can grow mystery seeds, and always grow rare plants. I would also like friends for coop quests. My username is PearlTreasureC4200. Thanks!

    1. Pearltreasure please tell where this always grow a rare a
      Plant place is located???

      I came yesterday after being stuck on 18 for a long time with no instruction or direction from stingrays after reading all good tips here.
      I went back & rearranged lots of plants within minutes I went up a level got a new rare fish, plus 4 patches, YEAH

  84. I am at level 33 at omizoeyreef. Please add me for coop quests. I have added lots of folks listed above already and will be visiting these reefs daily instead of random friends.

  85. New weekend quest to get frog fish. Something about finding treasures. Has anyone already done this quest and if so exactly what do you need to do to get the frog fish? Thanks.

  86. The quest is open 12 chests. Did it in two hours. Congrats everyone on getting new fish. He does cost 18000 algae for one pearl, tho.

  87. Does anyone have or has had a problem with deleting plants? I deleted several and replanted others in their spot but when I turn my Kindle back on all the plants I deleted are back with double planting.Both plants produce for me so I shouldn’t complain, but it’s annoying.
    I contacted Disney but have not heard from them yet.

  88. Does anyone have a problem with deleting plants? I have deleted several and replanted in those spots but when I turn my Kindle back on all the deleted plants are back. I know I shouldn’t complain because both plants still produce but it’s annoying. I contacted Disney but have not heard back. Any insight out there?

    1. Hi Mary,

      I saw the same happening in my reef, but now it’s fixed or so it seems.
      I sold a lot of living plants and rare plants, to make room for corals.
      The next time I opened the game the sold plants were back, on top of the new plants.
      So I sold them again and again, good business, hehe.
      Now everything is back to normal again..
      Btw, the plants could be harvested double too, corals and/or rare plants same time.

    2. Johniona

      You’re right it was good business, I did the same thing harvesting from both plants and reselling. Mine is all fixed now too but I’m glad I wasn’t the only one, I thought my Kindle had a bug.

    3. I am also having a similar experience… In my last expansion area where I planted a whole bunch a Psychedelic Corals, no matter what I’d grow there, once harvested, could almost immediately be harvested again. This sounds like a good thing except that I kept an eye on the numbers when harvesting them a second time and I only got XP/Algae/SD from these plants the FIRST time I harvested them: every time after this, I was just tapping on them for nothing. So it turned out to be annoying since I was only getting the points the first time and they would grow back so quick, I couldn’t tell what I’d harvested and what I hadn’t… This is still going on now.

      I should also add that I noticed that if I collected pearls from my rare fish that swam into this area, the pearls came back right away again too as long as the fish I was collecting from was still in this area but it happened so quick that I didn’t get a chance tot check to see if THIS was counted or not. Anyone w/ this issue should give this pearl thing a try too and see if the extra pearls are being added to their totals or not – I’d be curious to know.

  89. Please add me for co-op quests. I’m on level 31 and play several times a day. I only refuse quests if my job is something ridiculous like “collect 41 pearls from chests” or if I need to grow X amount of rare plants and there is not enough time left on the clock to grow them :)

    1. I would also like friends for coop quests my name is PearlTreasureChest4200. I’m on level 17 and my vitality is 11350.

  90. I play on my cell phone as well as my ipad andthis weekend mr rays homework has not appeared at all I’m on level 25 I was on level 24 on my ipad oct 7 it was supposed to update on my ipad and it erased my entire game now its totally gone but what’s up with disney saying we were gonna be able to get the fish we were missing nothing I get nothing on top of that I worked really hard on my ipad and its gone I have two different reef numbers because my phone is a droid and like I said when I tryed to type in on my ipad my droid reef number it would not let me do it I am very upset I am a one yr cancer survivor and this game has really helped but I’m getting very frustrated that all of that money I spent is lost forever some one please help my I pad reef # is13717417 my cell phone reef number 13647907 like I said on my bad days nemo and the gang helps me a lot thanks

  91. I’ve jus recently had an update for neems a reef (1.4.2)
    I’ve lost my little homework icon, and this weekend I had a chance to collect 5rare fish.
    I had no icon to let me know what to do. Has anyone had this problem. Not sure what to do.
    I’m at level 30, I’ve also tried to combine 1pink marine shrub and 1 pink sea blossom to receive the pink jellyfish. Nothing. I’m frustrated. Any explanation!!!

  92. Does any one has a problem with the homework its been 3days for me without homework and also when i open the app a quest appear but just for few seconds? Help please

  93. I hate to sound impatient, but does anyone know what to do to get the fish we’re missing? I haven’t got all week and I have no instructions yet…

  94. Did anybody get the message for the quest to get three rare spring fish and one new rare fish if we missed it earlier this year? It said it was starting Monday October 14 and that’s today and nothing has come up for it and I really need those rare fish!

  95. Is anyone else still having trouble with this week’s event? We have two accounts at our house, and it finally showed up yesterday on one, but the other one has nothing about it. The one that isn’t working said the game server wasn’t available on Monday and most of Tuesday, and when it finally came up yesterday it was still showing me the ad for the event for a couple hours, though that’s gone away, I even started getting homework assignments again.

    Why isn’t it letting me try for those fish on the one account? Any help would be most welcome!

  96. Got that pinl fish easily, but I was quietly hoping that all missing fishes would show up.
    Sadly the last one I needed, the red clown frog fish wasn’t in the package.
    Hopefully that one will show up once again too.
    And it would be nice if there are more levels to come, I’m in level 40 for months now and there’s nothing to gain anymore except new fishes. XP doesn’t add up anymore. And I would like to see another extension of the reef.

    1. That is odd all extraordinary seeds are supposed to yield rare plants. Those are the only ones I use usually. With a couple spectacular but 45 pearls is costly! The only thing I can think of is there might be a glitch in your game or Disney updated the game again and changed it. I haven’t planted any for a while but I’ll let you know if I get the same thing. Also sometimes I have clicked on the wrong seed before and planted a bunch of spectaculars by accident so you could have accidentally clicked the wrong seed, too.

    1. It costs 10,000 SD and its basically like the mystery seed. You may get a rare plant or you may get an ornamental plant that is worth a few pearls. Personally I would only use the enigmatic if I have a lot of SD extra to spend or have no pearls. Its a 50/50 chance to get a rare plant. Only spectacular and extraordinary seeds always give rare plants.

    2. I tried all the different seeds just to see what the chances of getting a rare plant were. Just like coralreef said, you are guaranteed a rare plant with Extraordinary and Spectacular seeds only.
      The Mystery Seeds don’t produce any rare seeds sometimes or maybe like 1 out of 10.
      The Enigmatic Seeds produce about 5 out of 10 rare plants.
      Also, none of them guarantee a NEW rare plant.
      I am level 30, so it might be different for you.

  97. Received 1 hr ago notification that I hadn’t gotten my rare fish for this weekend…but going into game there is no icon for task.did anyone else get this? Is it just a qlitch?

    1. The rare fish quest was for last weekend you will probably get another chance to get the fish in a couple months or what happened with me with the quest for these fish I got the notification for like 4 days and the quest started on October 14 and I didn’t get the icon till the end of the day. So sit tight you might get it yet if not you will get another chance.

  98. Please add me and visit my reef. My user name: Hdjfcnnggnnvq. If you need coins, go to the left of my reef, if you need algae, go to the right. I do co-ops (except getting pearls from the chests). Thanks!

  99. A vampire crab to be earned this weekend, as well as some black plant.
    Hopefully the Disney server is ready, cuz at this very moment it’s impossible to connect..
    Fix the damn thing, guys!

  100. The Halloween special started. I cannot plant any of the plants for the batfish. When I try to buy the plant the app shuts down. Is anyone else having this problem? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Disregard post. The app is working correctly now. The batfish is only 800 algae to feed which is nice. Good luck.

  101. Trying to earn the crap I’ve planted 10 mystery seeds as done 4 have grown fully but counter still sitting at 0/10!! Not fair

  102. Nice bonus, that black batfish. Wasn’t mentioned in the announcement.
    Traded a lot of cat’s paw corals for the black fan corals, cuz in the end those plants pay off better.
    Not the most beautiful plant, by the way, but it brings a lot of contrast, this pubic hair plant. Sorry, but it looks like it. Or is it me?
    Now the waiting starts again for the red clown frog fish. And for that orange sea pen coral.After level 40 corals are all you need. I sold all living plants but 3 of each kind,and did the same with the expensive rare plants. My reef was more beautiful a few months back, but the demand for algae is forcing me to plant monocultures. An expansion would solve this problem. Disney?…

  103. I’m trying to do the Red Vampire Crab thing and I grew 2 Extraordinary seeds and 8 of the mysterious seeds and that wasn’t good enough. The quest says to grow 10 of ANY rare plant. Anyone else having this problem???

  104. Got my crab today. Rare plants with the white bottoms are what you are looking for. Rare seeds can grow any plant in the game just remember just cause it is a rare seed your planting dose not mean you get a rare plant. if the instructions say “ANY” rare plant not some plant in the living section or so forth. I did things the hard way striate rare seeds for 1200 sand dollars took me well over 40 rare plants to get what I needed …good luck all

    1. I’m still waiting for that fish too. It was a special assignment, like the crab from last weekend.
      We just have to wait until it passes by again.

  105. Im very new to all this. i have added some of you ( i think)i think ive also sent out co op quest. please add me pixiebell84.
    Thank you.

  106. What is the sea palm? Because I got 1 from a mystery seed and it’s not in the nursery. Even the big yellow seaweed. And when I try to sell the big yellow seaweed it costs only 1 sd!

    1. That was a temporary available plant, needed, together with sand dunes which were also temporary, to get a rare fish. I don’t remember which one.

  107. Hi I have really enjoyed reading all of your posts. I am level 19 and I don’t have any left hand side tasks to do, I would like to do some co-op quests. Please add me, josamacnz. I am in New Zealand so time zone may be an issue for some quests but I play lots, it’s really fun!

  108. How much does everyone else’s mystery seeds cost? Mine are at 800. Level 16, wondering how much more are they gonna end up costing me. Getting quite annoyed actually.

    1. You don’t have to spend pearls if you don’t want.
      That’s up to you.
      If you can’t make it in time, let it go.

  109. I noticed this morning a new fish was added to my rare fish list. I was missing 7 yesterday today I’m missing 8. Does anybody know if we’re getting a thanksgiving challenge? Also I’m in level 37 is anybody past level 40?

    1. There’s no past 40. I’m in 40 since 6 months, with 2 games.
      The only thing there’s to do after you reached level 40, is plant as many corals as possible in order to feed the fish. That is, if you want to harvest pearls. You need pearls to do the weekend challenges quickly. When you reach 40, all missing guest fishes will appear, one after another. So don’t worry about that. The missing rare fishes come by every few months. I’m missing the red frog clown fish still. But it will appear some day again. This weekend was for people who missed the pajama cardinals, 2 of them. The white one will be there soon enough too. Next challenge there’s a ray coming, I saw that I miss 2 fishes now instead of 1. You can check my games if you want. Go to johniona and johnionaphil. Both have plenty cat’s paws and barrels to obtain corals and dollars. And I get half, hehe.

  110. I can’t get on my reef, the game will not load, is anyone else having this problem? I also can’t contact the tech support it says my game has been disabled. Any ideas would appreciated.

    1. Depends on how many times per day you wanna harvest.
      When you do it every hour, the egg shells give you 35 corals each time.
      When harvesting once or twice a day, you’ll be better off with the cat’s paw corals, giving you 180 corals every 10 hours. You have to do the math for yourself.

  111. Wow I have just been sitting here reading everyone’s comments, picking up some great hints and tips. One question, what do you mean about the daily sign in to get pearls? Im completely addicted to thia game and play pretty much everyday but never had to sign in?? Am I missing something obvious??
    Ps, im in Australia and tend to get the mr ray homework and challenges a day late id say cause of the time difference :-)

    Any help is appreciated! Im mingding17 currently level 21 if anyone wants to add me!

    1. When you open the game first time every day, you get a bonus. The 1st is 10 sand dollars, the 2nd day+ you receive 100 As, 3rd day you get 1 pearl, the 4th day they give you 2 pearls and every 5th day 5 pearls. I’m in The Netherlands, maybe the time difference is an issue here too. I usually get my bonuses somewhere in the afternoon, but I already signed in several times before normally.

  112. An orange spotted ray and red sea pen coral are coming for thanksgiving – yay! For those of us not in the US, when is thanksgiving? I assume this weekend… And does anyone know if the sea pen coral will cost pearls? I’d better save hard, those ones look great for filling in the gaps.

    1. It’s always on a Thursday. I looked it up and saw nothing but Thursdays the next 10 years. So I guess always the last Thursday in November.

    1. Yep, 10 pearls. I wonder why the orange version gives you 50 algae every hour, instead of 60 every 2 hours, and cost only 5 pearls. Not very logical. And did you notice that Disney made the plants available for another 55 hours? I guess business went too well to quit. That makes sense of course.

  113. I have only been feeding the rare fish that need few algaes to get pearls. But i just heard a rumour that you have to feed ALL rare fish at least one time to attract new rare fish. Is that true? Some of them are soo expensive!!

  114. No Emma,

    That’s a load of bull. I never did that, and I have all rare fish but one. The only thing that attracts rare fish, are rare plants. If you grow a new plant, one that you don’t have already in your reef, the rare fish connected with that plant will appear immediately.
    So don’t let others fool you, just keep on playing your own game.

    1. hi!

      i am at level 40. i have not two rare plants. My level of vitality is 290k. The rare plants who grow depend on my level of vitality or not?

  115. Hello Guillaume,

    You’re allmost at the end. Maximum vitality is 303K so those missing plants you mentioned are necessary, yes. After that you can sell what you want without affecting the vitality number. Only the last plant of each kind you can’t sell.

    1. How do I sign up so I can post plz I can only reply to comments at the moment I am using an iPad thanks for any help x

  116. I have been watching my mystery seeds for sparkles, as I heard that ones that sparkle when they are growing turn out to be rares. But to paraphrase johniona, that is a load of bull! Several times now the ones that sparkled turned out to be ornamentals. I was very careful during my last set of 6 mystery seeds to move nothing at all on my reef, so it wasn’t that I moved the seeds. I don’t think there is any way of telling what you are going to get until you get it.

    1. Since they updated the app all the seeds sparkle so you are no longer able to tell which are rare and which aren’t.

  117. There is a new empty patch that you are suppose to be able to put four plants in to save space. I have no idea how to put the plants into it. Anyone have any clue?

    1. You can put four plants of the same kind by dragging them directly on top of the patch. You can visit my reef and see what it looks like by going to the right of my reef. GL

    2. I am on level 41, after topping out at 40 for a long time, (that is before the update). I can tell you this. The patch is awesome, but gets very expensive as you go along. Add your plants to the patch by moving them right onto it. You will get additional patches as your level increases, but be sure to keep your vitality up as you go along. Don’t rush through the XP levels, they will be all gone soon enough. I play MULTIPLE times a day, won’t say how much cause its definitely too much. But if you’d like to visit me, I’m sure you can do pretty well, harvesting, that is. Does anyone know if you can harvest someone’s
      patches? I have over 60, so try it and let me know!!

    3. I can’t get any thing to go on the patch. I tried dragging a plant onto it by using the move button, didn’t work. How else can you move a plant without using the move button? Please more instructions, more explanations. Thanks.

    4. When you are prompted to complete the patch / fan plant growth the app prompts you to put the fan plants in the patch. Do not attempt to do that before asked to. It will not allow you to. It is part of the task, even though they have two separate quests icons. I hope this helps.

  118. Has anyone updated nemo’ s reef yet? Is it working alright? The reviews on the app are not good so far. I’m waiting to see if it is ok or wait until they update the update.

  119. Whats going on ?
    From 1 week no xps adding! I have been having 100 xp for so long
    I think theres something wrong with this.
    Can anybody fix the damn thing!

  120. What kind of rare seeds gave you the most rare fishes? I think Mystery Seeds are useless, I planted 65 Mystery Seeds and got 6 common rare plants.

    1. Depends really on the plants and fishes you want. My experience is that when you need a fish in the mid range, you better plant a 10 pearl seed than a 45 pearl seed. This most expensive seed gives you the top range rare plants, approximately 7 out of 10 times.

  121. Please add me – Helly110611
    I do Coop Quests and I have good plants in my reef. You can earn 1800 algae, 2000 XP or 2500 Sand Dollars, 450 XP just visiting my reef. :)

  122. Please add me as a friend (tubeam) I am at level 28 and I play often throughout the day (unless I am working-only 2 days a week though). I live in the Eastern Time Zone. Thanks.

  123. How long ago was the new update? Yesterday I planted new plants and when I harvested them I don’t get any points and they pop back up with algae right away. I closed it. Does the same. Turned the phone off. Does the same.Tried to sell them and it won’t let me. How do you get intouch with the people who runs it?

    1. Go to the app, tap on reviews, tap app support. Follow instructions for your device, they will contact you within a week. This happened to me on my reef and they fixed it within a week. Good luck.

    2. I have a similar problem which I think is due to being near the extent of my WiFi range. The game carries on but nothing is added when harvesting. I try to keep an eye on the totals and make sure the coins and algae are added but I usually realise when I try to feed a fish, or feed a seed with some algae, and it wont let me. Then I know I have to close the game. Just exiting the game does not work. Either close it with a task killer or press and hold your home button to get the list of apps that are still running (in the background) and swipe to the side (or up and sown depending on your phone orientation), and this will stop it running. Then re-start the game and hopefully you should be back in business. Its a pain, but it works for me and it beats tap, tap, tapping away! for nothing!!

  124. I’m loving the new update. I just updated today. The space plant is freaking awesome. Also I went from needing one fish to missing 12 and now you can go past level 40. I’m only on level 39 but was starting to wonder what I’d do with out my reef everyday. Lol yeah I’m not addicted at all right. Happy harvesting folks.

  125. Nice update indeed! The space savers are superb, but limited until you reach a new level of Vitality. I watchedthe vitality meter, but it’s still fixed at 303,500. Strange, cuz since I installed the update I grew several completely new rare plants, and attracted 4 new rare fishes. The extension is welcome, but it’s a rather small one. I think there will be an other extension to the left too, also a small one. And I expect a lot of weekend and/or Christmas specials, cuz I saw three or four new temporary rare fish. Let the games begin!

    1. You must be an expert by now, I’m looking forward to the free chests on Friday – and getting to new levels. wonderful tips on this forum but haven’t seen a way to keep the red-yellow bicolor angelfish. Any hints?

  126. I also noticed that the space savers are more expensive every time you buy one. The first was 100 SD, the last one I bought 30,000. Now I have to wait until my vitality reaches 470K. Hopefully it starts counting soon….. Maybe I’ll reach level 41 tomorrow, if not the day after. New plant is waiting already…

  127. Correction: the last space plant cost me 36,500 SD. Furthermore I would like to inform players who appreciate the so called “zoom” fishes, that they will be gone if you use the needed combos in combination with those space plants. I tried to replace the single barrels with 4in1 space savers, but the little fishes went and didn’t return. Only when I replaced the space savers with the original single barrels, they came back.
    And a fifth rare fish joined my reef today: what a day! 5 fishes in 24 hours, and Christmas hasn’t even started yet. I’m a happy guy.

  128. Well,1 more good thing about the Christmas thing is that you need way less xp to go to the next level.For example to go to level 23 I needed 130 k xp.But now it’s just 93600 xp!

  129. Hi there! I had never noticed that you can have a “zoom”-fish with that Mauve bell sea pen and the rose barrel sponge, it’s also not listed in here or in the nemo’s reef wiki – so i thought it’s a good thing to post here, since lot of you guys were helpful to me.
    My impression on the appearance of those chests is that it depends on how much you harvest. Especially if you can manage to harvest all there is,there is a good chance to find yourself some of those free chests, but they are presented for a very short period of time, you might miss it if you go to the one or the other side on a Level 40 reef. But i may be wrong – What do you think?

    1. I’m @level 43, what I’ve noticed about the chests is that the free ones seem more frequent when I’ve played for a longer period of time, and when i’ve performed actions on my reef…ie, planting new plants. The other “zoom” fish I have are orange sponges with orange sea bell pens, and maroon pipe sponges with lilac cirripathes and violet sea blossoms. Also had an odd experience. I planted a rock with 7 yellow table plants and a huge mess of red branches. Of course I got the zoom fish, but I also got a barrel plant OVER the same spot as the rock. Don’t know if that’s a bleep in my game, or if there are other combos that cause plants/objects to share the same place. Have not been able to duplicate it. Anyone have a similar experience, or able to duplicate this?

  130. The free chest started today the 19th the ad said 20th. Nice, they come often, I opened about 15 so far sd and algae so far, I’m waiting for some pearls. Have fun everyone.

  131. The free chests are so frequent I can’t seem to keep up. They don’t seem to disappear too quicky either. I’m on eastern standard time, does any one know why they are apperaing a day early? Thanks for all the tips!

  132. I need help. Haven’t been able to open game in a week. It says there is a new version to update. But when I go to amazon where I downloaded it from there is no updates??????

  133. I need help. I have not been able to play game in a week. It says I need to update to new version, but I cannot find an update….

    1. Hey, aquabeach.
      If you click on the eye you can see your reef without the chests, quests, the menu, kind of like when you finish harvesting in your freinds reef.
      But the name of your reef will not be seen above.

      Oh,& if your freinds level is too low , why can’t you add them for coops?

  134. Well in December 21 and still getting FREE chest. Hope it sticks around all weekknd:). Happy Birthday “Nemo’s Reef”

    Btw… I hope some of you don’t mind, but I just added you to my “LOF” (List Of Friends), because I really need to get into these CQ’s (Coop Quests). For those that I have not reached out to, please feel free to do the same @:

  135. Please help me and add me for COOP! I CANNOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO FIND OUT IF I HAVE A WEEKND QUEST OR NOT OR WHERE TO GO TO FIND THAT INFO!! Also if I visit ppl what to I click on for most algae, most sand dollar, and most XP because no matter how many I add I am limited to click only 5 total per day on one person and the rest don’t count, and they get waisted because I do not know what to click. I just started and I’m luck 16 and severely hooked on the game. I bought pearls and ran out quickly just trying to get rare plants but it looks like not all the rare plants are open to me based on my level. 2 days I climbed to lock 16 but now it’s taking forever and even if I buy things for vitality I have to before I can get more and I am limited on creating patches.Are they reusable? Please help to answer my questions please!

    1. Hey Gabriel; I will try to answer your questions in the order they appear…

      First question; okay, you will get a full-screen notice that will come up the first time you bring up the game on the day/weekend that the special quest is taking place which will explain the quest, the reward for completing the quest (a new rare fish) and will list which task(s) you will need to complete to earn your reward. You will also get notices that will appear periodically at random times while you’re playing the game in the days prior to the start of the quest to let you know to play the game that day/weekend to receive the rare fish they’re advertising in the notice. And your quests, when started, will also appear as little icons on the right-hand side of your screen, above or below where your daily homework icon appears and you can tap on these quest icons at any time to bring them up and view them in order to check on your progress, the details of the quest, etc. And actually, there is a quest going on right now for the next several days (December 24th to 29th) for the Flame Angelfish so just play the game in the next several days and you should receive this quest; this will be a good example of how your quests will appear to you.

      Second question; yes, you only get to perform five actions per day – NOT five actions per reef you visit – so you’ll want to make these actions count by visiting the reefs that have the most of what you require – be it SD, algae, XP or a combination of the three. And nor are you limited to performing these five actions all in one reef so you could visit five different reefs and harvest from one plant/coral at each reef in order to perform your five daily actions if you wanted. And you should also search for PATCHES that contain four of what your looking for since that means you will be able to harvest even more during a day. For example, my personal favourite is still the Cat’s Paw Coral (the pink one – NOT the blue one) because it yields 180 algae and 200 XP (the highest XP of any other plant/coral that I’ve come across so far) meaning that you will harvest 720 algae and gain 800 XP per action if you can find some of these and if you can find FIVE PATCHES of these, you will harvest five times these amounts (although you only get half of what you harvest during these visits to friend’s reefs – the person whom the reef belongs to gets the other half).

      Third question; yes, new living plants/corals/rare plants become available to you as you level up so, at first, you will not have access to all of these so your best bet is to just plant the plants/corals that give you the most XP and which are available to you at whatever level you’re at because the more XP you collect, the faster you will level up. I posted a list of all the living plants/corals and how much XP they yield here on this site several months ago so just check that if you’re unsure of which plants/corals will give you the most XP; at the time I created this list, the game only went up to level 40 though and with the newest update, they’ve added 10 extra levels and more plants/corals so these will NOT be on the list but. I will post these ones as soon as I have a few to add to it.

      And last, no, I’m not sure whether or not the patches are reusable; I was gonna ask the same question myself so if anyone has tried deleting a patch and can tell us whether or not it reappears for reuse in your Specials, please let us know! If I haven’t heard an answer to this question in a few days though, I will try deleting one of these patches myself and let you know what happens.

      Anyway, I think that’s everything; hope this helps some… : )

    2. Yes, The patches are reusable. I sold a few and bought them back empty. You get half the price for both patch and plants in it.

    3. That’s awesome; thanx so much, Johniona! I was afraid to try this just in case they WEREN’T reuseable becuz I didn’t wanna waste them and I really want to reuse some… It sucks that you hafta spend that money all over again to buy both the plants that were in the patch and the patch itself (even if it IS only half price) but you gotta do what you gotta do, I guess…! Anyway; thanx again!

  136. I am stuck on a quest that tells me to buya patcha. It says I have some available but when i tyr to buy another one it tells me i have to complete the fan coral upgrade I already have a patch with fan corals. What am I doing wrong?? Please help, thank you!

    1. You need to place 4 fan corals on the patch; once you do that, a whiter fan coral will appear, producing 8 algae, or x4 of any original plant you put there. For example, if you make a bamboo coral patch, it will produce 200 algae instead of 50, but you use 4 bamboo corals to make one that produces the same as 4 bamboo corals. It’s a space saver. But the cost increases the more you buy them, and you only have a limited amount for a certain vitality.

    2. I have a patch with the fan corals in it. How do I take them out? Ma6be if I take them out and try again it might work, I cant figure outt how to take plants out once they are in the patch

    3. Sell the whole thing, Barbara. You cannot take the plants out. Sell the patch and buy it back. You lose money, but that is what life’s all about.

  137. Hi, my question revolves around the green crab quest. I am a level 26, my sister is a level 19. She got the quest to get the crab, I did not. Can anyone explaine why?
    Thanks, hope to hear something soon. Is there a Disney nemo’s reef help site?

  138. Just got the angel fish, I must say it looks nice.
    Almost level 45 now, too bad it goes this quickly. Maybe I play too much.
    Hopefully the last levels have millions of XP more. Takes me 3 days now to complete a level. The new fish is 25,000 algae to feed, it’ll give you 1 pearl every day. Not too cheap, the red vampire crab takes 21,000 less.

  139. We play every day and are available for co-op quests. Does anyone know if we’ll get another chance to get the rare fish we’ve missed in the past? My daughter is determined to fill all the gaps in our collection. Thanks.

  140. When I plant new extraordinary seeds I just keep getting the same rare plants I got in the beginning. I am missing many on the list but nothing new has planted in weeks. My reef shows 100% vitality in rare fish but 75% in rare plants. I’m on level 33. Any ideas?

    1. I sympathize , I too struggle to get new rare plants. I am on level 42 and I still haven’t got a yellow mermaids fan plant and have only managed to grow a few of the the higher value rare plants. My vitality has been at 100 percent for several levels and I grow all varieties of rare seeds. If anyone has any help it would be appreciated.

    2. @danaMD:
      The spectacular seeds give you a better chance to grow the high rated plants.
      However, I noticed that I need ever more seeds to get a quick result.
      The highest rated so far, the orange one, coated me approximately. 2000 pearls. Ridiculous. Disney is milking this cow to the max.
      Maybe the extraordinary seeds give you the plants too, eventually, but I suspect you have to plant four times as many seeds, if not more.

    3. @johniona Thanks for the help. I added you as a friend a while back. Your reef is amazing. I can’t afford to buy pearls so it’s going to be a long time before I can have a reef that nice. Congratulations on the orange jellyfish, could you tell me what attracted it?

    1. There is, IowaMom, but you lose your present game. Just delete the game and download the app again. You only have to choose a new name. Just put a number at the end, worked for me too.

  141. What the hell is going on!
    My coop quest was to harvest 5 brain corals and suddenly changed to grow 16 ornamental plants.
    After 10 minutes it changed into harvest 5 carnation corals.
    & I’m getting irritated cuz, every 2 minutes thiers a new content availible and the game restarts automaticaly!!!!

    1. Well, mine sure isn’t doing that but it used to. What level are you on? Speaking of coop quest feel free to add me at PearlTreasureChest4200. Thanks!

  142. Maybe you should contact disney at their website and only the constant updates happend, not the changing quests. Maybe you’re getting an one quest at one time, but I do not know how that is possible…

  143. Dana’
    In order to make the orange jellyfish stay just plant silver branches and a saffron java moss. I hope I translated correctly cuz I don’t know the names used in English. I’m Dutch and the whole game here is converted to that language.
    Okay, everyone here has saved 20 pearls now.
    My bank account number is…. hehe.
    Happy new year for everyone here.

  144. When reaching level 46, an extension of the reef is what you get after completing 3 stages.
    Even the extensions aren’t free anymore.
    Stage 1 is collecting 10,000 SD from living plants.
    Stage 2 is collecting 10 pearls from treasure chests.
    This was expensive for me cuz I had to open at least 25 chests
    and each costed me 10 pearls. I didn’t see any free chests or
    chests that could be opened with SD.
    Stage 3 is harvesting 20 pearls from fish.

    This is where I’m stuck at the moment cuz a few minutes before I reached level 46 I harvested all 48hrs fishes.

    So make sure you’ve got a stash of pearls before entering 46, and enough fishes to harvest from.


  145. Oh, and Dana:

    I tried to add you too a few days ago, but it said that it had found you but you haven’t installed the game.
    Same happened last week when I tried to add MomH.
    I don’t know why this happens. Can’t be the distance cuz I added josamacnz too. He or she is from New Zealand and that’s about the max distance from Holland.

    1. Wow, thanks for the information. My reef’s name is lftoflnn. And your English is great. Never realized you were Dutch. I’m in California. I too tried to add momh and it didn’t work. Good luck with the final expansion task.

    2. My pleasure.
      I suspect that momh is not the reef name. Like I tried to add you as DanaMD. So maybe we better ask, I guess momh visits this site regularly.
      Thanks for your compliments on my English. It’s not the hardest language to learn. I still make some mistakes but at least I know I do. I already wondered where you are, intrigued as I was by the MD in your name. It is the land code for Moldavia and if you would have been moldavian, you would have been female too cuz Dana is a female name there.
      I know cuz I visited Moldavia and Romania a lot and do speak Romanian.

    3. Dana is a gender neutral name in the US. It is a family name. I am female and was named after my father. I am sorry to say I do not speak another language. Congrats on the new rare fish.

    4. Thanks Dana.
      I’ve reached level 47 in the meantime. Nothing hard to do there so far. The only thing you have to do is buy a few plants and stuff from the nursery. And there’s a great new plant, the red (maroon?)christmas tree coral. Will set you back 5,000 SD and 3 times 1,200 algae to buy and grow it, but yields 250 algae and 250 XP every 5 hours. Way better than the cat’s paw coral and even the egg shell. I hope the new table plant in level 48 will be such a whopper too.
      I visited your reef as you will have noticed, and it looks very nice indeed. I just don’t understand how you feed all your fishes cuz I saw an important part of the space is occupied by living plants. I myself struggle to feed all fish. I don’t even feed the last arrived species because they want 400K and 450K. I wonder if the ray that has to come soon is even more expensive.
      About your name: I knew it is used for males over there. I didn’t know it’s gender neutral though. Thanks for teaching me.
      We here are forced to learn other languages for no one speaks Dutch except half of Belgium and a few former colonies. And my job as trucker forces me even more. Besides the 3 mentioned languages I also speak German fluently, and reasonably Italian and French.
      English, German and Dutch are closely related so those are easy languages to learn for me.
      Enjoy your day and reef.

    5. Sorry, johniona, et at…Add me as Sethtylerreef (level 46). for I Pad, Katesreef7166 for Kindle, or Katesreeftoo for samsung. The green crab weekend game appears to have been an Android game. There was a limited time statue, and 5 white branches to earn the crab. Hopefully it will be available for apple users later. Also, everyboy ADD for_you_all to your friends. Took me a little while to realize this site has all the combinations for zoom fish. Thanks for the infor on the orange jellyfish!!!

    6. What about the combos for zoom fishes: I’ve found a new one indeed. Thanks. But he/she misses a few combos too. I didn’t find the rose barrel with the mauve sea pen and also the giant red grass with blue cirripathes+indigo sea flower+ blue eucheuma denticulatum.
      And ofcourse all the living plants that are new, starting from the purple (violet?) plateau plant.
      Some of those one can only purchase with pearls, and the only known plant priced like that that is in a combo is the rose barrel. The blue tube sponge isn’t known as part of a combo, as is every pearl costing living plant that came after it. I hope some day I will know them all.

    7. Rectification:
      The for_you_all reef has the combo with the giant red grass.
      And I made a mistake with the needed plants for that combo:
      It isn’t giant red grass with blue cirripathes+indigo sea flower+blue eucheuma denticulatum.
      The right combinstion is giant red grass with turqoise stems+indigo sea flower+blue sea flower.
      I hope nobody followed my directions, for those eucheuma plant is expensive.

  146. John,

    Thank you for all of the great info. My reef name is lftoflnn. Love the bank account joke. :). I would never have known you aren’t a native English speaker. Good luck with the reef expansion.

  147. Anyone know about the pop up involving planting the android statue? It was supposed to start Dec 17 thru Jan 7. I don’t see an android statue and don’t know what else you have to plant.

    1. The stone statue is under the specials in the menu. Good luck getting your green crab, it is a good one – not too expensive to feed!

    2. I don’t have the stone statue under my specials and I never got the quest that was supposed to start on Dec 31. I have tried checking for updates, closing my game, restarting the phone. Nothing has worked, anyone have any other ideas?

    3. @Angelgram & Abcd:
      Do your devices run Android?
      Because the ad says for Android users only.
      When they do maybe the last option is contacting Disney.
      They will answer you within a few days and are very helpful.
      Good luck.

    1. Normally they will stay 1 to 2 levels before disappearing again. Some return quickly after that, some don’t.
      But eventually you will see them all back.

  148. This morning when I started up the reef, a message appeared that said new content available.
    Nothing special you would say, this happens every now and then.
    But when it started up again, I had to fill in my age for verification.
    What the heck??
    I play this for over a year now and was never asked to do such.
    Big Brother again? Or are they planning xxx-rated content? Fishes without clothes or so, caught mating??
    Really, this is a family game. No terrorist activities here. Maybe they plan some depth charges. Hehe.

    1. Yeah it’s weird about the age request. Can’t imagine what they need it for. I’m looking forward to getting to level 47 now that I know about the red Christmas coral. :) I have never fed all my rare fish, not only do I not have enough algae plants to do so I find the cost of some of the fish to be ridiculous. I have seven at the moment that I do not feed. I realize it will take me longer to finish the game but I’m ok with it. If the coop quest from today was yours, sorry I refused it, but I don’t have the required plant to finish it. I have to save pearls for rare plants. The only reason I have any plants bought with pearls is from the one anniversary free treasure chests.

    2. I figured out the download…..they brought back the free pearls from tap joy. Go to the plus sign under the pearls top right click on it. Inside is the free pearls icon . If you go in you can earn free pearls by watching videos or other actions depending on whether you want to pay for products or give personal info.

    3. I never start quests and seldomly join them. Most of the time you have to grow plants and I don’t have any free space. Only the dollar and algae harvesting quests I won’t refuse. And due to different time zones I often see coop quests too late.
      I feed all fish up to 200,000 algae. I easily tap more than 600 K every day. Now it has become even easier. I think my reef will turn from bluish to reddish sooaan. Until we reach level 50 and have to wait another year before they add levels again.. So I can save a lot of pearls, algae and dollars again. That was an advantage over newer players; because I spent more than six months in level 40, I could save litterally millions.
      About the return of the free pearl thing: I hadn’t even noticed it was gone. But it’s a nice option for people that won’t spend money on pearls.
      Again about the coop quests: why don’t players hear if it was a success? All that you receive is a message that the quest has ended and that you can start a new one.

  149. Help, I’m stuck. It tells me to place 5 sediment hedges, so I bought 5 and when that didn’t work, I bought some more. I moved 5 around, I had 8 so I sold 3 then all of them and bought 5 more. I apparently don’t understand. I’m on level 18.

  150. I’ve read all the above comments and found some really useful info. I’m on level 37 and never played a coop game add me my name is abigailerin I’ve got loads of cats paw coral on patches to.

  151. Not sure if anyone has asked this question yet, but has anyone reached 1,000,000 SD or Algae? I’m pretty close and I just want to make sure that is what’s going to Happen. Its hard to tell from the space given, so I just want to make sure. I do not want to get a surprise if I end up going buck to “0”!!!

    1. The only thing that changes is that you will see an M instead of a K. Don’t worry, you won’t lose a single dollar or algae.

  152. There was a new notice this morning for a new rare fish quest this weekend. It looks very similar to the red Frogfish. I hope this doesn’t require growing a lot of rare plants, I haven’t been very successful in that endeavor of late. I hope I can get it and afford to feed it.

    1. I saw it too, yes. I hope it’s the red frog, it’s the only one I’m missing. Can’t be an other one I think, cuz the only fish to come on my list is a ray.i just don’t remember what to do to get the red frog. I dont think it’ll be expensive to feed, when you look at its position on the list. I too hope that it’s not about growing rare plants cuz I’m a bit out of everything except algae. If anyone still remembers, please let us know.
      Thanks in advance.

    2. I have been collecting a list of rare fish and their quests. If my info is correct, you need to grow 10 rare plants in 24 hours. I doubt I will be able to accrue enough pearls to finish the quest in time. :(

    3. I have only 62 pearls at the moment, maybe 30 more if Disney fix their problem with the server. Since noon I can’t connect anymore. Second time this happens right before a quest. They know it’s the last fish I need, hehe.
      Don’t worry Dana, just grow as many rare seeds as you can. 2 out of 10 will yield a rare plant. Maybe even more. And the rest you sell and plant new ones.

    4. Red Frogfish challenge is 8 rare plants in 51 hours. Sorry I had the wrong info. To feed the Frogfish you need 130000 algae. Good luck.

    5. It’s not as bad as you thought, Dana.
      8 rare plants and you have got 2 days to accomplish it.
      Luckily I had 115 pearls so it didn’t even cost me 5 minutes to earn that fish.
      It needs 13,000 algae every 48 hrs to grow 1 pearl.

  153. How is every one getting the red crab and the red frog fish I have the green crani never got my reef back on my ipad in fact I started a new reef and that was deleted as well so I don’t play on my ipad any more I went to the disney just like you suggested and guess what when I tryed to enter my email address it told me it was invalid I’m like okay after all of that time and real money its gone now I can go and visit my other page but can’t get it back on my ipad what a bummer

  154. Trying to keep the yellow octopus; I’m level 28 and grew a new light green marine shrub near the rock, flat rock and small shell. When this didn’t work I re-read the chart which just says “shell”. I tried the urchin shell as well, but it didn’t work and I don’t have the option to buy a regular shell. Advice???

  155. Note: I made a patch a few weeks ago with orange acropora corals. Normally one can harvest those corals every 30 minutes. The patch, however, can be harvested every 20 minutes. Mistake in the program? Done on purpose?
    As soon as there are patches for sale I want to try out ofcourse. 2 harvests per hour or three makes a big difference.

    1. All patches made with this orange acropora are ready to harvest after 20 minutes instead of 30. Very good, I made a whole lot of patches.

  156. Does anyone no how to combine plants together and get fish.. Like if you put the giant green seabush and the green straight seaweed get fish..anyone know any other combination?

  157. If you want to keep Light Blue Octopus (Level 43) then you need 1 Purple Marine Shrub and 1 Flat Rock.
    Add me please, I do coop-quests, I play several times a day, I’m in level 43+, my name is Helly110611

  158. left a message on Johniona on Jan 2 comment. I found a reef called for _you_all. Don’t know who did it, but thanks soooooo much. I’m still figuring out the info on it. It has all the zoom fish combos…As I mentioned there, I am Sethtylerreef on an I pad. I also have a Kindle reef as Katesreef7166, and a Samsung reef as Katesreeftoo. (Need I say that my husband hates this game!!) I have a lot of trouble with my android reefs – seems they don’t want to run past level 25 or 26 without locking up. Anybody have this problem, or a suggestion?

    1. Thanks Kate (I presume),
      I added you. Your reef Sethtylerreef looks fine. Good choice of colours especially on the left.
      I followed your tip too and added for_you_all too.
      Amazing! How did he/she do that?? I tried to harvest the barrel patches, but they’re not free yet. I had the same issue in the beginning at metalgrrrl’s reef so I think that restriction will soon disappear.

  159. Zoom Fish Plant Combinations–these are combinations of living plants, ornamental plants and specials

    Yellow Table Plant + Red Branches
    Yellow Table Plant + Rock
    Rose Barrel Sponge + Mauve Bell Sea Pen
    Giant Green Seabush + Green Straight Seaweed
    Orange Tube Sponge + Orange Bell Sea Pen
    Yellow Sponge Bed + Yellow Mangrove Propagule + Green Seaweed Cluster
    Yellow Plateau Plant + Heap of Stones
    Giant Brown Grass + Brown Seaweed Cluster + Flat Rock
    Giant Brown Grass + Purple Marine Shrub
    Giant Brown Grass + Brown Mangrove Propagule + Brown Cactus
    Maroon Pipe Sponge + Violet Sea Blossom + Lilac Cirripathes
    Yellow Small Grass + Yellow Bell Sea Pen + Small Shell
    Orange Plateau Plant + Orange Heap of Seamoss + Orange Peel Seaweed Cluster
    Barrel Sponge + Silver Branches + Boulder
    Barrel Sponge + White Sea Flower + Mineral Hedge
    Giant Red Grass + Red Eucheuma Denticulatum + Red Seaweed
    Giant Red Grass + Blue Sea Flower + Indigo Sea Flower + Turquoise Stems
    Pink Sponge Bed + Ruby Sea Flower + Red Sea Blossom

    1. Dana, you forgot 2 that I know:

      Giant green grass+bright green marine shrub+green cactus and
      Maroon pipe sponge+blue shaded moss+blue eucheuma denticulatum.
      That last one I’ve found after a tip of Momh at the for_you_all reef. You should really check that one out.
      Probably a hacker, at least someone who knows a lot more about computers than I do.

    2. Thanks for the additional combos. I too added for_you_all and when I try go to that reef the game crashes after a few seconds of being there. I tried a couple more times with the same result. I’m on an iPad, so maybe that’s why. Anyway I can’t get on long enough to see anything there. It definitely looks hacked.

    3. Besides getting zoomed in fish. Some claim it helps grow mystery seeds into the rare plants. Is there any other benefit for doing the combos?

      Reef:ย Lcovenantdaughter
      Level 28
      Above Nemo’s Anemoneย 
      5 Barrel Sponges Patches ~ 1000 sand dollars
      3 Cat’s Paw Coral Patches ~ 720 algae + 800xp
      3 Egg Shell Coral Patches

      Time Zone: GMT-6

  160. Are you guys having trouble with the updates for the game tonite? Mine has tried to upload (endlessly) and crashed a couple of times. Waited to try my crashed kindle game (katesreef7166) all week , and finally got on!!!… only to have the server crash. Now I’ll have to wait another month til the game works again…with no fish…grrr.. PS. Looks like someone tried to add me for a coop quest. Sorry the kindle only works for a couple of hours a good for coops:(

  161. Can somebody please tell me what is the quest for the red clown frogfish because I’m kind of grounded & I won’t get my tab, Ipad etc.So I won’t get them until feb. thanks!

  162. I have a quest to plant a certain rare plant.The Orange Feather Star. This quest appared at the beggining of level 37. I am now on level 38 and have planted several Rare plants, still nothing ! I now have a new quest to plant rare Blue Sea Grapes. Does anyone know how i plant a specific rare plant?

    1. I too still have those quests to accomplish and I am on level 45. You just need to keep planting rare plants. It seems as you level up higher you need to use the more expensive rare plants to get the higher value rare plants. Good luck.

    2. The plants you mention are in the upper class. Quick results cannot be guaranteed, but the biggest chance is planting as many spectacular seeds as you can.
      I know, 45 pearls each, but what can we do? The only way to go around this problem is buy a hack. And then who knows who controls your phone…

    3. Success I finally got the blue sea grape for the quest, I’d already gotten one earlier and than the quest came along later. So yes it is possible. I am growing only spectacular seeds at this point and it takes three days to collect enough to grow one but eventually I’ll get all of them.

  163. Since a few weeks it takes a while since my writings here are put on the site.
    Why is that?
    Do the owners want to prevent that others get info about what to do in certain levels too soon or for free?
    Maybe it’s just coincedence, but my last messages all appeared days later.
    I hope this site is not linked to Disney in one way or another…

    1. I’ve been having the same problem. I have written several comments and that was last week and they still aren’t up. I collected as many zoom fish combos and tried to put them up and they aren’t here. I certainly hope Disney is not trying to interfere with our ability to communicate with one another.
      On a different subject, congrats on getting to level 50 so quickly. The pink Seadragon looks very nice. Any hints would be appreciated.

    2. The above comment is placed here, and my January 10th comment is still awaiting moderation.
      Someone’s sleeping….

    3. I just leveled up to level 45, and I thought I would have the orange jellyfish show up but it hasn’t . What level does it show? Thanks.

    4. Dana,
      I think it depends on your vitality. When I remember well I got it in 45, but I know also that my vitality was 100% at that moment. Only recently it has dropped because I sold a lot of plants. So jack up your number there I would say. It will appear anyway.
      I thought the missing ray would come, but I think it’s only coming when a new rare plant will appear on the list.
      I’m sure you already read my comment about the pink dragon.
      Good luck.

    5. Thanks. You’re probably right about vitality, I just didn’t think about it. I guess I’ll get it at the end, cause I’m still not getting enough pearls to plant rare plants more than two or three days a week. I keep adding more algae but it’s slow going.
      And you aren’t kidding when you say you sold some plants! Your reef has a definite red hue now.

    6. It has, hasn’t it?
      I was forced to sell a lot of plants because I need SD.
      Unfortunately the red table plant sucks big time, only yielding 300 SD every 24 hrs. I know the rose barrels give a lot whwn you convert it to an hourly amount, but in that case I have to harvest every 2 minutes.
      Maybe I’m a bit hooked on this game, but not to that level.
      So I planted a lot of those pink sponges.
      It will take a few weeks, if not months, to accumulate enough dollars to build me a reef that I really like.
      It will stay a bit red cuz of the red Christmas trees, but I keep in need of algae ofcourse. And boy do they give me algae! Harvesting 4 times a day makes 1000 per day per coral. Only the 1 grid plants are better and they were temporary.

  164. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this, but if you reach 100% vitality on either rare plants or rare fish, it won’t let you grow any NEW rare plants until you level up. If it’s just your plants @ 100%, delete any duplicates & keep on truckin. If it’s your fish, save your pearls/SD and wait for the next level to plant.

  165. I’m in level 50 now. When reaching it I got 5 pearls… wow!
    After litterally millions of taps on my cellphone I get 5 pearls. Haha.
    But ok, the phone is still working.
    Also the Pink Sea Dragon came swimming into my reef.
    I didn’t want to spend pearls this time so I googled it.
    To make it stay plant 1 blue shaded moss and 1 brown seaweed cluster.
    To make things easy they’re listed next to eachother in the ornamental plants list.
    Furthermore you have to plant a pink plant, the newest and of course most expensive in that same list.
    And that’s it. Now I will have to wait for special quests, I have to save me dollars and pearls and I can tweak my reef until I like it.
    May be there will be another expansion next december. Or some bunny fishes at easter. Hehe.

    1. Someone please help, I think I’m only level 38 and I have no more room to plant rare plants to bring my vitality level up. What plants do I eliminate that will not effect my vitality as much and what level will my reef expand?

    1. You do not have to feed your fish. You only have to either grow the correct rare plant or do the special quest. The rare fish increase in vitality as does their quantity of algae for feeding the further down the list of rare fish.

  166. @Quickgamer:

    Is it not possible to reverse this comment list?
    I mean last comments on top?
    It takes me a minute or so to scroll down.
    I’m on a cellphone, so the scrolling is not as fast as on a desktop pc.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. I think no one reads these comments physically.
      They just run an anti cussing and swearing program and put the comments online after approval.
      Because if they did, they would have given me an answer, wouldn’t they? Just a matter of decency I would think.

  167. New rare plant has arrived: the pink sea grape.
    That must be the one necessary to attract the ray.
    And I saw that a new temporary rare fish is on my list. Maybe there’s a quest next week.
    It’s getting crowded in my reef. I wonder how many pearls they want us to spend this time.

    1. I too noticed the new “limited” rare fish a couple of days ago. I hope we don’t have a quest, they haven’t put up any ads for it. I’m almost ready to level up to 46 and I need to save everything for the reef expansion. I’ll need to check out the new rare plant.

    2. At least you know what’s coming.
      I agree that some things come at the wrong moment. I don’t have a problem with any quest right now, but that’s me. I can imagine that you and others have something else on their minds. Not to mention their iPads, cellphones and laptops, hehe.

    3. I leveled up on the 19th, I only needed to buy one pearl chest to complete the second reef expansion task, I bought several SD chests and opened several free chests as well before buying the pearl chest. I got fifteen so I actually recouped my purchase plus five. I’m just waiting for a few fish to be ready to harvest. I don’t mind the new quest but it would have made it more stressful to have so many things to do at once. Also when I leveled up to 46 I got the pink Seadragon. I thought that was odd cuz you got the jellyfish on 45 and I didn’t. Oh well I guess we will all get them eventually. I play on the iPad. I can’t imagine trying to play on a phone, I’d constantly be tapping on chests I don’t want to buy and buy them anyway by double tapping. Lol.

    4. I’m a tall guy, almost 6’6”, my hands fit my body. But I seldom tap on things I don’t want, except for that @#/&! blowfish.
      Why is it that I payed for housing all Nemo’s friends, except Star, and I never, ever see them even near their homes? Huh?
      I made them their own block, houses near to eachother, flowers in the streets and still only the starfish is home.
      By the way, Bloat is called Dick in Holland. Dik here means fat. But now I know the real reason, haha.

      I think Dana, that there aren’t fixed schedules for everyone anymore. To prevent at least a bit of cooperation between players.
      You already mentioned you play on an Apple, do you get fishes too that we don’t have? You know, like we got the green crab. I know I can check your collection, but maybe android users cannot see all things that iPad users have or the other way round.

    5. I’m happy for you that you didn’t need to spend any pearls after all. I really didn’t see 1 free chest or 1 that could be opened with SD.
      Maybe they keep records of every player and know which one is easy on spending pearls and who’s not. I don’t know if they can do that. But I know I had to open them all with pearls. And that it took long time for chests to appear, much longer than normal. Maybe because I was one of the first players there, again I don’t know the answer.
      I like to believe that it’s all coincidence. I hope so.

    6. I love the Dutch name for Bloat it is so appropriate. He gets in the way all the time. I think that Dik should be his new name. Lol.
      My list of rare fish is the same as yours, I just haven’t gotten the quests done for all of them. I haven’t been asked to do the quest for the green crab yet. I need to grow the orange and Violet thassodendron plants and the blue kelp on Rock.
      I rarely try to buy chests. It seems that the game gives you pearl chests first and if you ignore them long enough it will start giving you SD chests more frequently with the occasional free chest. I find there is a pattern to the way they show up. First you get several pearl chests then there is a lull where no chests show or only a few, then more chests show with a few SD chests and maybe a couple of free chests. It seems to repeat this cycle.
      During the reef expansion I wasn’t sure how it would go but the chests came in the same pattern just not as many as usual. I was very lucky the one pearl chest I opened had what I needed. I had hoped that if I waited until after I opened several SD and free chests it would give me something I needed. I did not get any pearls from the SD and free chests.

    7. I agree with your observations concerning the rhythm of chest appearances. I observed the same. But lately I noticed that I get more free chests than the ones that can be opened with SD. Maybe cuz I’m short of money I don’t know. I always have the feeling that they know exactly the situation that each player is in.

      About the green crab: I thought that was an android only offer. With the android statues, remember? If you really got an Apple iPad, you won’t get that quest. Apple wouldn’t allow android things on their devices.
      Maybe you’ll get an other quest instead, same trophy.

    8. There is a crab of some kind on my list of rare fish that I don’t have yet. I don’t know if it is the green vampire crab, it is a “limited” fish. I assumed it was the green vampire crab. I’ll let you know when I get it what it is. I know at one point android users got a ray with sand dunes and sea palms which they did not have on IOS. They eventually had a way for IOS users to get it, I just don’t remember what the task was. I don’t understand why they can’t make the quests the same for all devices. Your reef is looking good.

    9. There’s a crab on my list too, placed after the blue/yellow fish. So I assume it’s gonna be very expensive to feed. Half a million or so. I suspect that it’s showing up after I get the pink sea grapes. It’s not a limited fish. There aren’t any limited fishes on my list left right now, now that the green cardinal has arrived.
      My reef is still under construction, the present set up is only for getting as much SD and algae as possible. I lack dollars right now to patch everything but it has time…
      The “islands” are ready for the moment, all but one filled with zoom fish combos. I’m sure I will also change or tweak them over time. Nothing is ever ready or perfect. The moment it is, the game loses its attraction I’m afraid.

    10. Here is the list of rare fish on my game in order:
      Green Parrotfish
      Pink Emperor Angelfish
      Yellow Lionfish
      Yellow Dusky Batfish
      Orange Mandarinfish
      Green Trumpetfish
      Orange Dusky Batfish
      Short Brown Seamoth
      Bluespotted Ribbontail Ray
      Yellow Trumpetfish
      “Limited” Crab
      Violet Parrotfish
      White Clown Frogfish
      Green Dusky Batfish
      Yellow Pajama Fish
      Orange Lionfish
      Golden Pajama Fish
      Red-Yellow Bicolor Angelfish
      Short Red Seamoth
      Olive Mandarinfish
      Violet Trumpetfish
      Black Dusky Batfish
      Violet Emperor Angelfish
      Turquoise Bluespotted Ray
      Green Pajama Fish
      Orange Bluespotted Ray
      Red Trumpetfish
      Red Clown Frogfish
      Red Mandarinfish
      Blue Lionfish
      Red Parrotfish
      White Pajama Fish
      Blue Emperor Angelfish
      Short Yellow Seamoth
      Black Clown Frogfish
      Green Emperor Angelfish
      Pink Dusky Batfish
      Short Orange Seamoth
      White Lionfish
      Yellow Mandarinfish
      Blue Parrotfish
      Violet Lionfish
      Pink Mandarinfish
      Red Vampire Crab
      Yellow Clown Frogfish
      Flame Angelfish
      ? Pajama Fish
      ? Clown Frogfish
      ? Bicolor Angelfish
      ? Ray

      The way you build your reef shows is very artistic. I love art but have no talent for it. Sadly my reef will never be as well done as yours. I look forward to seeing how your reef will evolve over the coming months.

    11. Hi Dana,

      Wow, a lot of typing you did.
      Thanks a lot. The list is more or less the same, only sometimes in a different order. The limited crab you mentioned must be the green vampire crab. It’s about on the same place as mine.
      The fishes you missing are the violet pajama fish, the orange clown frogfish, the yellow/blue bicolor angelfish and the pink blue spotted ribbontail ray. I just got it, when I grew the pink sea grapes, just as I thought. And also just as I thought does it ask a half a million every feed. Ridiculous.
      Let it starve, hehe.
      Don’t say you’re not artistic. Everyone is in his/her own way. Just follow your sense for beauty. I’m not aware that I am artistic, though I, like you, love art. Especially paintings and not too modern. Maybe an exception for Salvador Dali. As you will know many famous painters come from my country, like Vermeer, Rembrandt and Van Gogh. The last one is not among my favourites, by the way.
      Just follow what your heart and mind tell you at the time. I know you can’t spend many pearls, but you’re almost at the end of this game. After you reach level 50, you can save as much as you want and how fast you want. When you think you have enough, start building. Maybe that’s even better than the way I do it, because the hard way gives you lots of satisfaction.
      I know you will eventually, and that the result will be stunning. As I know you, you have a friendly and helpful character. No ugly things will come out of your mind.
      I hope they will not refuse this somewhat personal advice here on the site. But at least the beginning is to the point.
      When they have problems, just write to my email. I saw it was published here. Maybe I made a mistake, maybe the people at quick gamer did. But it’s there.
      Good luck Dana.

  168. Whats the yellow feather star?…I spent 110 pearls but still nothing…do anyone know the
    Answer to solve this problem?
    Please add me for coop friends im at 38 level
    Mine is…EMELDHA4183

    1. The yellow feather star is a rare plant that is in the higher class. Difficult to obtain with the extraordinary mystery seeds. More chances with the spectacular seeds, but they are 45 pearls each to buy. When the plant is not yet in your nursery, don’t spend any pearls now. When it appears you can start trying. It’s no use to throw away precious pearls for nothing.

  169. Hello everyone. I made it to level 30 today and it is asking me to plant a Ruby Red Sea Flower. However according to the Nursery it won’t be available till level 31. Is this normal?

    Also I am interest in Coop Quests if anyone wants to add me to their friends list.
    I play everyday, at all times of the day. I am listed as Kandra33.

    I have lots of Violet Plateau Plants and Cat’s Paw Corals.

    1. This happened more than once on my game. Don’t worry quests carry over to different levels. You just need to do them when you can. Have fun.

    2. Thanks DanaMD. Your right it stayed all through 30. I was able to complete it as soon as I hit 31. On my way through 32 now.

      I did have one question. I thought the reef was supposed to expand every time a new friend showed up. When Gurgle appeared the reef did not expand. Will expand the next time?

      I hope so, I sure could use the room. I had to sell a lot of my multiple rare plants. Which was fine, because really how many Orange Water Hyossps and Bright Green Thalassodendron does a girl need. : )

    3. I’m not sure when the expansions occur, but I think there are only four expansions thru level 40. After that there are two more. If you scroll thru the blog I think someone talks about when the expansions occur. I’m sorry to say your reef is going to get a lot tighter. I had to remove almost all large ornamentals and all plants that were grown for getting guest fish or to finish a quest. If it does not earn dollars or algae it becomes expendable. I did however try to keep as many rare plants as possible. I don’t know that it helped to get higher level rare plants,tho. Good luck and keep tapping.

    1. First make a patch the way they ask. The one with the yellow table plant. Then make the patch for nemos dad. After that you can make any patch you want. If not, contact Disney. Good luck.

  170. My SD and algae don’t add up anymore.
    Maybe someone here has the same prob? I dont think that I’m the only one, for the rest of the game hasn’t crashed.
    Must be a server problem again.

    1. Contact Disney they should be able to resolve that quickly. And yes it could be the server. During the free chest celebration where I opened three chests and none of them were added in. I contacted them and they added in the missing amount. Good luck.

    2. Problem was solved after an hour. But I lost all algae and dollars I tapped in that hour. The plants that ask more time came back for harvesting. The short term plants did too, but of course only once. Disney owes me now. Let’s see…. a lawsuit American style? I’ll be rich. Na, I don’t want to be rich that way. Just gimme a free fish, haha. A cheap one of course.

    3. Thanks Dana.
      I don’t think I will write them for this. It’s a minor issue, I lost maybe 5,000 algae and a few hundred SD.
      No need to bother them once more.
      There’s a bigger issue going on since a few weeks.
      Last summer I lost my phone, and after buying a new one (I had 2 cellphones) last december I asked them to put the old game back on the new phone. No prob, within a week they honoured my request. But until today I can’t access their server, at least that is what they keep telling me when I try to play. So I wrote them again and told them what was going on. They said the game was probably corrupted.
      Last week I asked again and they responded that it was a bigger problem than they thought and they need more time to investigate it. They will contact me. Don’t call us, we’ll call you,

    4. Sorry to hear about your second game. I have both of your games on my friends list and wondered why you never played the second one. Funny that today the second game’s name moved up on the list. I wonder if that means Disney is working on it? Btw, you have a great sense of humor. Still laughing about your comments about Bloat. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    5. I admire your admiration for my sense of humour, haha!
      I’m sure Disney works on that reef. I already wrote about that. But since I read your comment above, I checked again.
      Guess what? I can log on now, but it’s not my game that appeared. I will await their email, but I think I have to start a new game again and trade that one for my own game.
      You can think what you want about those people, but they’re surely dedicated and very helpful.

  171. I have installed Nemos Reef on my tablet, to which I love but have also installed it on my computer. Homework is first thing in the morning on my tablet but on the computer, it’s starting late in the evening. I have actually uninstalled this game 3 times to try and correct it but it’s still starting at night. Therefore I am unable to do homework on the computer game and would like to know why its this way. I’d like to keep the game but will uninstall if it’s not fixed. Would appreciate reply back at this email. Reef name is Sugarsreef2

    1. I don’t know in which part of the world you live, and IF that is influencing the time of receiving homework, but I am living in The Netherlands and receive homework late in the morning. Around 10 am most of the time.
      It’s better to contact Disney about this prob I think, rather than uninstall the game. They know for sure why this happens, and you can keep enjoying playing.

  172. Thanks a lot coz this site helps me a lot …

    May I ask some favor? I know it’s selly difficult but if it’s possible to put tha picture of corals n plants i would be more thankful. Because my apps are all installed in Japanese versionaang all plants, corals, fishes had a Japanese name n I’m getting crazy to trying to ftranslating it from eglish to Japanese@@

    By the way I’m half Japanese and half filipina but since I grew up here in Japa, I think my English is really poor.

    But anyway I hope you would reed this message even there’s Alot of messages that had post here in your owesome site.

    Thanks a lot,

    1. Yuko,

      I discovered a few days ago that the language of the Nemo app depends on the language I set on my smartphone.
      I too was struggling sometimes with translation of fish and plant names.
      When I get my second game back from Disney (it’s corrupted), I plan to set my other phone on English so I can compare.
      I don’t know on what device you’re playing, I don’t know if this is possible on tablets or touch screen computers too.
      Hope this helps. I dont know if this site allows to send pics with the emails.
      Good luck, John

    2. And don’t worry about your English.
      I’m not American or any other native English speaker, and I understood your mail very well.

    3. Thank you Johniona for your reply and for your answer.

      I change the language of my cellphone and my nemo’s reef change in English too

      Now I could play without searching a lot lol

      Once again, thank you very much Johniona for help.

  173. I’m probably late with it, but only today I saw the new quest for this weekend: a green pajama cardinal. I saw it when I tried to open my corrupted 2nd game, so they’re working on it at Disney’s. It’s not fixed yet, it disappeared immediately after I got the glimpse of the new quest.
    Maybe it’s not even this weekend, I didn’t see the announcement until now on my regular game.

    1. The rare fish quest is for this weekend. It looks like we need to open chests to get it. I will probably have to wait to start it. Tomorrow there is a big wave surfing contest. I love to watch it, they stream it live and it will be on tv here too. is the website if you want to check it out. It will start here about 8 in the morning.

    2. I saw it too. Something about a weekend Treasure Hunt.

      Hope we don’t have to open a bunch of Chests.
      I am up to 7 pearls per chest. That could get expensive.

    3. @Kandra33
      I rarely buy pearl chests. I circle the reef opening all chests but NOT buying them if they are to be paid with pearls. After a few minutes, I start getting more SD chests as well as free chests which I open and buy with SD if needed. It usually only takes 2-3 hours to complete the quest. I find that if you try to do it all at once the chests keep coming at regular intervals. Good luck.

    4. Wave surfing was never a big thing here. The North Sea isn’t deep enough to spawn big waves. I think only oceans can do that.
      I know you’re in California and also that it’s big there, even invented there. Never saw a live contest, only sometimes on tv. I love to watch those tunnel surfers. They’re all retarded ofcourse, haha. But I admire the skill and bravery. I bet their health insurance rates are beyond imagination.
      Hmm, let me think. 8 Am there…. must be 10 hrs later here if I’m not mistaking. No problem, I guess.
      Thanks for the tip.

    5. It took 1 hour circling the reef to open 12 SD and free chests to finish the quest and get the green pajama fish….it costs 990 algae to feed for 1 pearl in 72 hours. Congrats everyone.

  174. To earn the green pajama cardinal fish you have to open 12 chests. Simple enough. I spent 40 pearls, around 57,000 SD en the rest was free. 30 minutes and I was done. To get 1 pearl every 3 days you have to feed it 990 algae. Cheap one.
    Good luck to you all.

  175. Please add me! I’m on level 40.I have tons of Eggshell Coral patches and regular Barrel Sponges and Cat’s Paw Coral. Username is Sbs0919

  176. I can no longer open the reef at all!!! All I get is a black screen. Don’t know if it takes too much memory or if one of the updates has created another problem. Is anyone else having this issue?

  177. I have found out about a glitch in the programme that allows you to put things in unplantable areas. First you select menu, move, and then choose the plant you want to move, so that it has the three options up, green tick, red spade and orange flip. Then at almost the same time – you choose the new location with one finger and press the tick with a finger of the other hand, then the item will go there even if it is unplantable. I have used this to move all my friends houses to the blue area above my reef, and cram rares into unplantable rough areas of my reef.
    You need to practise a little, and the new location tap has to be just before you press the tick in the current location.

    1. Works fine indeed, Josamac! Like you said it’s now possible to cram plants in places where you couldn’t before. I think I won’t let my friends hover, but to make room for even more corals or living plants is very good. Thanks for sharing this, mate!

    2. I play on a Samsung Galaxy S4. Maybe you should try again, it took me a while too before I got it. And I noticed that some items go back in their former place after a while. But only the corals and living plants do so.

    3. No worries, John! Yes it is harder to put plants that produce in rough patches. I have managed some in spots that have just one or sometimes two red squares. Josie x

    4. Most producing plants go back in their original places after a while. There are 2 or even 3 plants in the same place I noticed. You can tell because the colour changes slightly and there’s some movement at the base of the plant sometimes. Excluded are the plants at the front edge, they stay where I put them.
      But thanks anyway, Josie. Much obliged.

    5. One of the things you can do is grow a new plant as soon as you move one, then when the other plant reverts, you have two on the same spot. Even if the new plant isn’t finished, you can still finish feeding it and it will mature. Just make sure you have them facing the same direction, (if you’re using the same plant) or you’ll get a little ‘sparkle’. Also, be careful not to stack too many plants on one spot, since they tend to get black-looking. One thing I THINK I noticed is that if you decide to move things around again, you can, but if you seperate stacked plants, you need to transfer the plant from a space where it can stand on its own. Otherwise, the green tic-mark will never take.

    6. Yep, since a week or 2 I make my own patches too. 2, sometimes 3 stacked. When I gathered enough dollars I will sell the double layer and start building my reef.
      I think it’s only a matter of time before Disney’s programmers have found something against this phenomenon, so let’s profit while we still can.

  178. I grew the rare plant: violet mermaid fan, but no new rare fish appeared. Does anyone know if it was supposed to?
    Thanks, tracy

    1. When I remember well you should have seen the violet pajama fish immediately after growth was done. If that fish is already on your list, you should have got it now.
      But I can be wrong ofcourse, maybe someone else is better informed.

    2. I grew that one recently and got the violet lionfish. Sometimes if the rare plant finishes when you are not online then you don’t see the fish swimming in. Check if you have it on your list, if not, I guess contact disney.

  179. Hi still learning the game and thanks to this site I’m finally getting there. Would like some friends tho so please add me . I’m UK based

  180. Does anyone know how to accomplish the task Create 1 sunset cup patch? I have tried planting them in different locations, different amounts and different shapes. Nothing is working. It still shows that I need to do it. Also, what is the whole thing about having friends? I’m willing to add people if it helps with the game. I play everyday.
    Thanks in advance for the help!

    1. Buy a patch, put in 4 sunset cups and that’s it. If you ain’t got the sunset cups, grow them first. After you did it all, sell the thing, cuz the harvest is too poor to justify the place it’s taking. Buy the patch back and put some high yielding plants in it.

    2. Hi!
      Sorry for my english but I’m gonna try to explain it.

      1st open your game then click: Menu/nursery/special/patch then buy patch

      2nd put 4 sunset cup on a patch that you had bought.

      Then you’ll finish your task.

      I hope you would understand my english

  181. Oh, and friends can help if you want to do quests together. Some quests ask 9 people or so, so you need to have at least double that, cuz some of them might already be in another quest. Once in a quest, you can’t be invited for a second one.

  182. How come I complete the below three quests on the weekday in 48 hours and weekend in 48 hours but the fish never appear:
    grow 10 rare plants in 24 hours Red Clown Frogfish
    collect 4000 sand dollars in 48 hours Yellow Trumpetfish
    harvest 10000 algae in 48 hours Short Red Seamoth

    total I complete 2 times… can anyone tell me how then they appear???

    1. If you completed the quests correctly and in time, you should get those fishes. Better contact Disney about this, they know what has gone wrong in any case.

    2. You have to get those quests to get the fish, not just do the tasks. Keep playing and the fishes are coming about one every two weeks, on the weekend.

  183. Is anyone else having issues with their homework timing out before it said it was going to? This has happened to me 3 days in a row now. It says I have 20+ hours,I put the game down a while, and when I come back, it’s gone! Very frustrating.

  184. This morning (Saturday), there was a message on my phone that said hurry up! This weekend’s challenge has started.
    I didn’t see any announcement for it this week so I thought: strange… Opening the game I saw no special quest or whatsoever.
    After 2 hours there was another announcement in the bar of my cell that said : hurry up! There’s still time to get this weekend’s rare fish.
    Two days ago I received new game content. Maybe this causes it and they’re simply too early with this announcement. Or it is a residue from the last time.
    Anyone else with this phenomenon?

    1. Ah, I get it now.
      A challenge for some people only to get temporary fishes.
      That’s what I extract from the reactions here.
      Thanks, folks!

    2. Yes I wondered what would happen for you guys who already have the fish! I guess you don’t get the quest but you get some random messages.

  185. Opened game on Friday for the first time no announcement.Task just popped up to plant 8 rare seeds and get White Pajama Fish.

  186. Frustrating game today , not getting any chests to open so looks like another quest I can’t complete. Happening to anyone else ????

  187. I sure hope Disney comes up with some new fishes in time.
    Got 50 rare species now, I’m afraid that’s it, because it’s a nice round number.
    Time for a next movie then with Nemo, so he can make a lot of new friends. We’ll see those newbies soon enough here then.

    1. I wish they had squirt and crush in the game, a turtle would be totally awesome dude! And visits from the school of fish that make shapes would be fun too.
      I am really hanging out for the red christmas tree coral! Cat’s paw coral is so expensive. I bought 3000 pearls when google had that half price sale and I’m not sure how many to hang onto. I have 700 left and am on level 41, should I just spend them or keep them for quests?

    2. It’s better to save some for the future events. With a lot of pearls you will be sure you make the quest in time. So when you’re short of time, you finish the quest with some pearls.
      I bought 6,000 some weeks ago, and they were spent quickly. I needed that pink sea grape plant to get the pink ray. Cost me over 3,000 only to get that one. The rest I spent on violet tableaus.
      It’s hard to get SD with this game, algae and pearls is simple enough. There’s no real big producing living plant, like the algae have that red coral or the egg shell.
      I was thinking about a turtle too in fact. Or maybe some distant dolphins in the dark blue in the back. Maybe some eels, you know, with the big teeth. Or the angler fish, with an illuminated bait growing out of his head. Some clams, oysters. With black pearls, worth 10 white ones, hehe. I hope Disney read this site too.

  188. Are there any corals that produce more algae than barrel sponges? Just wondering for when I collect from friends. I’m level 28.

    1. Barrels produce SD, not algae.
      The best producing coral is the red christmas tree coral, 250 algae every 5 hours.
      The best producing living plant is the red table plant, 300 SD every 24 hours.
      You are level 28, both plants I mentioned are available near the end, levels 47 and 48.
      If you look at the production per hour, the cheap plants do in fact better than the expensive. The yellow table plant for example gives you 2 SD every 30 secs, that makes 240 Sd per hour. But it means also non stop harvesting, so you have to look for yourself which plant is best for you.
      I see that most people use the egg shell coral for algae, and the pink sponge bed for SD. When they have pearls to spend they buy the cat’s paw coral for algae and the violet plateau for SD.
      Good luck.

    2. Go to the “for_you_all” reef. He/she has patches with the best producing plants.
      That is, if you can get there. Some people’s devices crash when they get there. I too harvest SD there, but it takes more than double the time to reach that reef. Maybe because it’s a very strange reef, I don’t know.

    3. Since yesterday evening I myself can’t go to the “for_you_all” reef anymore. When I try, first the game let me know that the server is not accessible. After you push ok, it starts swimming there again, but after 5 seconds or so it says new game content available, game will restart. And then it keeps just doing that, announce a restart. I had to shut down my phone in order to return to the game.
      Pity, that reef had red table plant patches, giving me and the owner 3,750 SD each. Helped a bunch with these patch prices that I have to pay.

    4. Yes. The barrels actually produce sand dollars. The best is the Pink Sponge Bed. It gives 200 sand dollars every 12 hours, so if you harvest twice daily you can get 400/day from it. Also, when you get to level 48, I think, you can get the Red Table Plant. When you get the quest to plant 3 of them, put them in a patch of Egg Shell Corals. A couple of mine grew the table and automatically added another Egg Shell on top of it. (Helped with the high cost when you factor in the freebie–but you must be mostly surrounded by Egg Shells) Good Luck!

    1. I meant cat’s paw. I’m a crazy person. Anyway… I was collecting from for_you_all on a daily basis but yesterday or the day before it started telling me “cannot connect to server” when I try to swim there. I can still go to any other reef, but not that one. Annoying. Can you still go there? I was wondering if it got shut down for its crazy modifications…

  189. I’m on my kindle file and there are 3 plants that need to grown and they won’t accept my clicks. I have enough algae and coins. Anyone else having this problem?

  190. Please visit my reef: Hdjfcnnggnnvq , I have lots of patches for you to harvest from! Middle to the right of my reef are algae producers, to the left are sand dollars. I am level 47 (soon 48)! Thanks!

  191. I bought a patch yesterday, the price was 244,000 SD it said. But if you have this amount it lets you buy the patch, put it into place, and after you tick it tells you that you don’t have enough SD to purchase the item. At last I had to pay 270k, the price of the next patch. What nonsense is that? Like I go to a shop for a 500 buck TV, and have to pay 600, cuz that is what my next TV will cost.
    Those patch prices are ridiculous anyway, what is Disney hoping to achieve? Or maybe prevent? That we have a reef full with patches and never have to do a purchase again?

    1. I bought a patch again today, and it says that was the last one available. Maximum amount of patches reached.
      So I counted my patches and I have 80.
      This time the price was 270,000 SD, as I told before.
      Ofcourse I tried to buy it when having more than that amount, but I couldn’t. 297K: not enough. Only over 300K I succeeded. So I guess the price is 300,000SD.
      And it didn’t even tell me this time I couldn’t buy the thing, after ticking it simply disappeared. Bad manners, haha. Pissed off that I bought the last one, despite the insane purchase price.
      Now I can really start saving and build me a reef that I like.

  192. Is anyone else out there back g a problem with their pearls disappearing? The first time it happened I thought maybe I made a mistake as to how many I had. But now it opened again, almost 30pearls this time. Thanks guys!

    1. Maybe you double tap during harvesting, when the chests are hard to see under the algae and dollars. Normally Disney wouldn’t take pearls away. If they want to cheat, it would be much easier to not add all algae and SD correctly. Who counts those? No one does. So I guess there’s a simple reason for your lost pearls.
      Good luck.

    2. I caught myself a couple of times going so fast that I didn’t realize I had tapped on a chest that took pearls, until later when my pearls were reduced. Johniona is right too, sometimes the chests are hare to see til it’s too late..

    3. Or, what happened to me a few times too, while harvesting you tap on the plant again and you accidentally speed up growth. No prob if it’s only 1 pearl, but some plants take up to 12 pearls. Can get expensive.

    4. Hi! I’ve been reading these blogs and it’s really helpful. Thanks everyone. I noticed a while back that whatever chest I open none of it, algae, sand dollars or pearls add up to the game counters. They only add up to the homework counters and whatever amount is collected does not add up to the game counters on the top of screen. So now, I totally ignore chest except for assigned task. So chests are ignored in my game..

      Recently a cancel bottom has been added for accidental mistakes with using pearls. Really happy with that. Just have to cancel really quick.

  193. Has anybody tried to get on ‘for_you_all’ lately? I tried a bunch of times this morning, and each time I got a message that said the server was down, try again. Wherever I hit OK, it took me to another reef. I can still look at the vitality…, so the reef is apparently still out there, I just can’t get to it. II’m Sethtylerreef, level 50.

    1. Yes Kate, me and some others here.
      Scroll back if you want to read it. I don’t end up in an other reef, I just keep swimming there but never arrive. I have to shut down my phone to play again.

  194. Couldn’t get on for you all reef either then went this morning 11:30 central U.S. time and the reef has had some rearranging done to it and had some things removed.

  195. New quest to come between February 10th and 16th: the Valentine’s Day event. When I saw well, a pinkish fish (again!) And 2 new plants. I hope heavy yielding SD plant among them.
    Still have to watch closely. That announcement disappears so quickly nowadays, that I need 4 times to get the whole picture.
    I’m getting old.

  196. Hope someone can help me with this problem! I have a task of growing a ruby sea flower, but those are not even available until level 31. I just hit level 30, so there’s no way I can grow one! Why would they do that? And how do I fix it?

    1. It’s one of the flaws with this app. No worries the task will wait until you get to the level you need to finish.

  197. I am trying to do the Bruce challenge and I have tapped 14/16 fish but can’t figure the other s anywhere. Don’t know what to do! I waited untill I uped my level
    to 20 and got a new fish but no increase on number for Fish the shark(Bruce). So upset and frustrated. Please help and feel free to add me .I play multiple times a day

    1. One way is to really tap your whole reef, which is a time consuming thing to do.
      The second way is to tap on a random rare fish. You will see its name appear below on your screen. Next to that name, on the right, is a little green square with a white arrow in it. Tap on that square, and the next rare fish is brought to you. (The screen moves). The name of that fish will appear below again, so look where it’s swimming. If you see it, it’s not one of the hidden fishes ofcourse. If you don’t see it, start tapping the central area of your screen, because it must be hidden there somewhere.
      Good luck, John

    2. Make sure you tap all plants. I find most of the fish in ornamentals, and the rest while I harvest algae and sand dollars. I know it can be frustrating but the only way to find them is to keep tapping all the plants around the reef. Good luck.

    3. Hi, the bruce’s quests become tricky by the time you find at least 12 fishes. Besides the ways that johniona an DanaMD gave you, i found another tell of the game, if you just can’t find the last fishes, try not to move or harvest any plants in a few seconds, from the place where the fish is hidding will appear a few bubbles, like the ones that the fishes make when you tap on them. Sometimes, with these bubbles also appear a part of the hidden fish. Excuse my grammar, my english is not my mother lenguage

    4. hahaha thanks johniona! I’m trying to speak english as a second lenguage. If you ask for the name Ydra, is not a real name, just a nickname that I like

    1. You can add who you want yourself, just type names and add them, or add names that you found randomly.
      I hope you find cooperative people, because I myself seldom see coop quests succeed. I never start them myself, but join the quests that are about collecting algae or dollars. Sometimes about feeding fish, depends if there are fish to feed within the time given. I refuse all other quests.
      I joined an estimate 15 quests this year, and saw 3 succeed. Must be frustrating for the initiator and the people who join. To me it isn’t that much, cuz I reached max level already. I can do nothing with XP anymore.

  198. Do you know away to get pears faster because I really want to get all the rare fish so I can make sure that my reef is healthy for more fish to come.

    1. Besides buying pearls? In fact there are more ways. You can get free pearls by playing other games. Look under the pearl button. Android only, I think though.
      Then there is opening as many chests as you can afford with your SD. But this is a highly uncertain way to get pearls. Disney won’t give too many away.
      And then there is keep on playing. The longer you play, the more rare fishes you will collect. Feed them and you will get pearls. I get at least 13 every day, feeding the expensive ones, around