Nemo’s Reef Guide: Complete List of Quests

Here is the complete list of Nemo’s Reef quests (still under construction), some quests are very important because they are key to get you Nemo’s Friends through special “buildings” and also introduce quests to get Guest Fishes. If you are having trouble completing some quest, please leave a message below.

Complete List of Nemo’s Reef Quests

The Algae Harvest
Starting from a Seedlearn how to plant what he wants to grow in his reef. Go to the Nursery and buy a yellow table plant
Food for Growthgrow the table plant until maturation using algae 3 times
Time for a Changeplant the red branches
Rock Onplace a rock decoration near the Table Plant
Sunrise, Sunsetgrow 2 sunset cups
Vitality is Vitaltap on the vitality button
A Home for Doryplace Dory's Tiki Heads in the reef. Go to the Nursery and tap on Specials, the Tiki Heads will be there
What Seadragon?attrack a seadragon by planting a giant green seabush
Under the Seabushgrow a giant green seabush
Like a Spongegrow 2 orange tube sponges
What Could it Beplant a mystery seed and grow a mystery seed
A Wormy Messplace a heap of stones in the reef
Protecting the Playgroundgrow 2 giant dark yellow seaweeds
Spare No Effortharvest 50 algae
It's all about Coralgrow a brain coral
The Envy of AllKeep Green Seahorse in your ReefGreen Seahorse
Hey, Hey, HeyGrow 2 yelow plateau plants
place 1 yellow plateau plant near a heap of stones
Rocky Roadplace 3 flat rocks around the reef
Rairty is beautyGrow 2 rare plants from any type of rare seed
Pillar of the Communitygrow 2 pillar corals
What a FungiGrow 2 Blue Mushroom Corals
Grow a Green Mushroom Coral
And what's a Living PlantCollect from yellow plateau plant 1 time
Collect from yellow sponge bed 1 time
Whatever Floats Your BloatBuild Bloat's Ring of FireBloat
A Festive MoodGrow a Christmas Tree Coral
Your bottom DollarCollect 30 times from any living plant
hello neighborgrow 2 carnation corals
through the ring of firekeep the Red Octopus in your reef.
the grasshopper and Nemoharvest 50 times from any Coral
Collect 50 times from any Living Plant
Quantity over Qualitygrow 5 giant green seabushes
grow 5 fruit loop corals
Going down the tubesGrow a Red Tube Sponge
It's ExtraordinaryPlant an Extraordinary Mystery Seed
Grow an Extraordinary Mystery Seed
Don't Let the Fish StarveFeed the rare fish with Algae
Harvesting ExpertHarvest Algae from a Carnation Coral
Learning To SaveCollect 300 sand dollars
Close FriendsGrow a Purple Marine Shrub
Place a Purple Marine Shrub next to a Giant Brown Grass
The Pearl HarvestCollect Pearls from the Rare Fish
A need for weedgrow 2 Green Straight Seaweeds
Place one Green Straight Seaweed next to a Giant Green Seabush
Nap TimeGrow 2 Yellow Pillows
Another MysteryGrow 2 Mystery Seeds
Boulder DashPlace 3 Boulders around the reef
Rock OutPlace a Rock somewhere in the reef
Place a Head of Stones somewhere in the reef
Place a Flat Rock somewhere in the reef
Bubbles GaloreGrow a Green Bubble Coral
Bubbles on the BrainBuild Bubble's Stone Chest
Like a Floating SunKeep the Jellyfish in your Reef by planting 1 Yellow Pillow.Yellow Jellyfish
Something ExtraordinaryGrow a Rare Plant from an Extraordinary Mystery Seed
Shimmering SilverGrow a Silver Bubble Coral
Fire is your FriendGrow 2 Fire Coral
Barricade the BarracudasGrow 3 Brown Cactus
Just Keep PlantingGrow 2 Yellow Small Grasses
Silver LiningGrow a Silver Branch
Grass for EveryoneGrow a Giant Brown Grass

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24 thoughts on “Nemo’s Reef Guide: Complete List of Quests”

  1. How come I complete the three quest in 48 hours for both weekday and weekend but the fish never appear:
    grow 10 rare plants in 24 hours Red Clown Frogfish
    collect 4000 sand dollars in 48 hours Yellow Trumpetfish
    harvest 10000 algae in 48 hours Short Red Seamoth

    total I grow two times but still cant get the fish, can I know how then can get them?

  2. Hi & Thanks to all for tips tricks plant combos especially!
    I was wondering why the RUMBLING noise/feeling is not mentioned here, it happens before the light from above starts turning things purple with silvery sparkles. Twice now after placing new plant combos, not new rare, my screen has zoomed in on a fish that is not rare or named at all!! I am at level 19, did all my homework, thought I had completed all tasks &still missed fish. I had to visit another reef to even see the pajama fish. I am @ 22100 vitality experience 41511/50900 love my little red octopus & blue cats paw. I am totally out of room to plant! Oh, I am reef27757238
    Come see or leave me an helpful comment you may have+

  3. im struggling eith this task, how do I do it

    And what’s a Living Plant Collect from yellow plateau plant 1 time
    Collect from yellow sponge bed 1 time

  4. Level 22 Dory’s quest. How do you get a particular rare plant? I have tried three different seeds and keep getting duplicates of plants I have but not the one she wants. Bright green thalassodendron. Help! Thank you.pamsreef8698.

  5. If you need help quickly, info, lists, etc. go to Google+ and sign in. Do a search in communities for Nemo’s Reef Players and join. We have all the answers and someone is always available to answer your questions.

  6. I am trying to get a Blue Lace coral that is available from Quest. I have completed the assigned task correctly and still no rewards. I guess I need this coral to attract a new fish is available from July 4-6th. Can you help?

  7. They just started a new quest for yellow starfish but they don’t say what you need to do to get them. Do you know?

  8. Having trouble getting a rare plant for Dory the green thalassdendron then I was asked by Nemo to grow rare plants from mystery seed, extraordinary seed,enigmatic seed. The mystery seed doesn’t produce anything but common plants and I have even tried to use pearls to quicken the growth and still waiting.The quests began on level 23 now on 24. What happens if you don’t get them?

    THANKS, CamiHoneyB

    1. Patience…2 birds one stone 10 mystery seeds later.

      Sharing a new combination:
      Yellow plateau, purple carnation, purple Bangia on rocky ground.

    2. What is purple carnation, is it the regular carnation coral? It is a combination to get the small fish?
      Thanks, Marta

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