Nemo’s Reef Guide: Complete List of Plants, Corals & Ornamentals

Below you will find the complete listings of Nemo’s Reef Living Plants, Corals, Ornamental Plants, Rare Plants and Special Items. The lists will help you decide which plants and corals suit you best depending on how many times you play the game daily, in case you are planning to create a coral or plant farm to harvest sand dollars and algae (which is something you need to do if you want to level up quickly). Some brief notes on each category before we start

  • Living Plants: these plants produce Sand Dollars only.
  • Coral: Corals produce Algae only
  • Ornamental: These plants increase you Vitality points
  • Rare: Rare plants increase your vitality points
  • Specials: Special objects need to be grown to keep Nemo’s friends in the reef, individual quests will request to create such objects.

Living Plants

NameSD CostAlgae CostTimeSD ProdXP
Yellow table plant10 330s22
Giant green seabush50 54m58
Orange tube sponge100 361h1025
Yellow sponge bed120 456h2535
Yellow plateau plant1506012h3060
Giant brown grass30015030m1010
Maroon pipe sponge5004502h3030
Yellow small grass800120012h5090
Orange plateau plant1200270020m1015
Barrel sponges1500450024h25045
Rose barrel spongespearls242m4
Red tube spongepearls304m812
Blue pipe spongepearls19530m2030
Giant green grasspearls6008h80
Giant red grasspearls


NameSD CostAlgae CostTimeAlgae ProdXP
Fan coral10130 s21
Blue mushroom coral10101h1020
Fruit loop coral2021m32
Sunset cup4075m54
Brain coral1101524h4570
Green mushroom coral150255h1530
Carnation coral2002012h3070
Pillar coral2504030m515
Christmas tree coral300706h2240
Green bubble coral420908h2545
Bamboo coral50015024h5080
Silver bubble coral60020015m612
Fire coral65025030m520
Cup coral7003006h1560
Finger coral80040045m1225
Pipe coral90045012h2080
Psychedelic coral10007001,5h1575
Egg shell coral11005001h3545
Cat's paw coralpearls10010h180200
Violet brain coralpearls103m158
Orange pillar coralpearls2030m1030
Tentacle coral


NameSD CostAlgae CostVitality
Red branches103010
Turquoise stems163015
Green straight seaweed203620
Orange straight seaweed203620
Lilac cirripathes609045
Purple marine shrub6010550
Violet branches504550
Yellow pillow10022550
Blue seabed707560
Blue shaded moss25018060
Yellow marine shrub8010560
Light green heap of seamoss9015065
Brown seaweed cluster20027070
Giant dark yellow seaweed507570
Red cirripathes9613575
Brown cactus1409080
Green seaweed cluster10010580
Red java mosspearls4580
Violet mosspearls4590
Orange peel seaweed cluster120135100
Violet stemspearls60100
Yellow bell sea pen150240120
Saffron java moss200360140
Violet seaweedpearls90150
Rose seabed250660200
Green eucheuma denticulatumpearls120250
Violet sea blossom220480250
Bright green marine bonsai220420300
Silver branches250420350
Mauve bell sea pen250300400
Light green marine shrub300480450
Orange bell sea penpearls150450
Pink sea blossom300480450
Sky blue pillow350720450
Blue cirripathes7001800500
White sea flower4002400500
Green cactus5003000550
Green java moss1200900650
Green marine bonsai2000300700
Red sea blossom2500900850
Giant green seaweed3000600900
Pink marine shrub45004200950
Green sea flower500036001000
Orange heap of seamoss500018001200
Red sea flowerpearls12002000
Green mangrove propagule
Red seaweed


Green thalassia60
Pink water hyssop flowers100
Amber sea nymphy120
Yellow thalassia150
Orange kelp on rock200
Bright green thalassodendron250
Orange water hyssop flowers300
Brown himmanthalia elongata350
White sea nymph450
Green sea grapes460
Pastel orange halimeda480
Olive himanthalia elongata600
Maroon sea grapes1000
Red kelp on rock1500
Blue thalassodendron2000
Green halimeda plant3500


NameSD Cost
Heap of stones80
Urchin's shell90
Flat rock100
Mineral hedge120
Dune of sand150
Sediment hedge180
Small shell200

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6 thoughts on “Nemo’s Reef Guide: Complete List of Plants, Corals & Ornamentals”

  1. Ok, when someone puts one of these help things up. Why are they stupid and never put the freakin level you get the items at. That is the most annoying part. They tell you what to use to get a certain fish. They dont tell you that the items you need are lvl23. PUT THE LEVELS WITH THE ITEMS.

  2. I got this email from Disney: “Thank you for contacting us. First, we do regret any inconvenience you may have encountered.
    The success rate for Mystery Seeds to grow a rare plant is about 15%. Enigmatic Mystery Seeds have about a 60% chance of growing a rare plant.
    Extraordinary Mystery Seeds will 100% grow a rare plant, but it could be a rare plant you already own. The new Spectacular Mystery Seeds will
    also 100% grow a rare plant and are twice as likely to grow a rare plant that you don’t yet have. ”

    My question is, what do the seeds grow when they DON’T grow a rare plant? Or is it that they always grow a rare plant but it could be a rare plant you already own. Perhaps they meant to say ‘Mystery Seeds have about a 60% grow a rare plant THAT YOU DON’T ALREADY OWN…’ ? I mean, mystery seeds etc never grow ornamental, living plants or corals or specials…that is what I’m getting at here…does anybody understand what I’m trying to say?

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