List of Megapolis Bugs, Issues and Error Messages

Welcome to our Megapolis Bugs log. We hope we help you solve the issue you’ve come across with this game by providing some possible solutions.

Many times, doing one of things below actually fix the bug/issue:

  • Use the official help desk support to open tickets.
  • Clear your browser cache, cookies, and temp files. Make sure you play the game with few to none extra tabs open to see if memory is the cause for game crashes.
  • Change your browser. Yes, some error messages are very related to the browser you use: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and Firefox, try them all.

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  • Send a ticket to Social Quantum’s official support. Before you do so, make sure you didn’t actually spend the megabucks by clicking on the wrong spot.

  • Clear the cache and checked the inventory, if it’s still not there, open a ticket.

  • Try opening the game alone in a different browser, and fully wait to load. After that, check your animation settings within the game.

  • If the game session crashes when you try to log in with facebook but works just fine when playing a new game on Social Quantum network do the following;

    • Download the program iphone explorer on your computer
    • Once you sync your ipad/iphone check the folder Apps/Megapolis/Documents with the explorer and copy the following folder to your computer
    • curr_console.log

    • Zip the files and send them to Social Quantum support through a ticket or contact them through
    • Fully delete your browser’s cache.
    • Delete the game from your apps in Facebook and add it again, your progress will remain there
  • Try to log off the game correctly, right after that, turn off your ipad and log in to Megapolis again. Uninstall facebook and then sync it again. If it does not work, open a support ticket.

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93 thoughts on “List of Megapolis Bugs, Issues and Error Messages”

  1. Bonjour il semblerait que je gagne des megabuck régulièrement en bonus (cadeaux…) mais ceux ci ne viennent pas se créditer dans mon compteur que faire? Par avance merci et bravo maigres tout pour ce jeu si prenant

    English: Hello I seem to earn bonus megabuck regularly (gifts …) but these do not come in my credit counter why is that? In advance thank you and congratulations to all lean if taking this game

  2. My Megapolis app says cant play megapolis, server unavaible, and I turned off, uninstalled it, but it doesnt work… I got 13 megabucks n i bought 260 megabucks with my money, what can i do?

    1. In this case its likely to be a facebook connection issue, find your facebook settings for logged in devices and log out all devices, Log back in on your device and try again in the game.

    1. I can not buy megabucks also. Now my megapolis friends does not load. The inbox pops up when done everything blurs out. Have to restart. FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have tried all above suggestions,however I can’t sign into my game that’s linked to Facebook! It’s says server unavailable and that I need an Internet connection to connect! I have no problems playing on my ipad only iPhone!!!!!! Very annoying!!!

  4. Can anyone help you on how to syncronise the game between 2 networks- facebook and social quantum? I am on level 20 in the social quantum network and on level 16 with facebook network. I also purchased megabucks and I would like to have my game syncronized between these 2 networks. Please help.

    1. You have two separate accounts. Anyways, why don’t you post your problem on the official forums?. Only the support team can solve it. But I guess you will have to choose one of the two separate games.

  5. Constantly saying server unavailable. I am on Facebook network and have bought coins with my money. How can this e fixed. If not I want my money ack

  6. Been using megapolis and it just suddenly reset itself.. Was long way through the game. And have spent my own money on coins and megabuck s now it’s just all disappeared. want my money back

    1. That is Salary, not Megabucks. You get Megabucks for leveling up.
      Salary is used in the City Hall for automated people and tax collection.

  7. When you build the road junction there are train tracks ,Is that part of the game?Also, when I downloaded the app there was a picture of an airport is that in Megaoplis HD? Please reply -Noah

  8. Game crashed at first would never start up. I removed and installed it again. Lost all the money I invested in mega bucks. I then started over and the game reset without crashing. So unless I’m refunded I will report the publishers of this game and look into charges to prevent others from being taken advantage of.

  9. iPad/iPhone problem – Worth checking if to get Megapolis to work on Facebook account – go to phone/ipad settings – general scroll down to facebook then switch on Megapolis to Allow apps to use your account.

  10. My daily play just reset from 30 days to 1 day. should this happen or is there a technical hitch somewhere? Can someone please help. ID 3675406

    1. This happened to me as well today. Had 30 days this morning, and now I’ve got one. I assume it’s because I traveled to England and changed time zone on my phone, but it’s still very annoying..

    2. After 30 days, the timer resets back to 1. 30 days is the highest it counts up to. If you keep playing, it cycles back up to 30 days.

  11. on the iphone, I was getting the “can’t connect to social network” error when trying to use the facebook server after it worked fine for weeks. I fixed this after much frusteration and head-scratching by checking my settings/privacy/facebook on a whim. somehow, megapolis was turned “off” in my settings without my doing so. this may fix that long nagging problem.

    1. contact the developers, resync the app with the cloud if you have in your ipad or iphone and back it up every day.

  12. They are ripping us off on Megabucks. Even though the Megabucks sync on all three platforms they rip you off if you buy through Facebook vs. iTunes.


  13. Spent quite a bit of money and time buiding up my MegaPolis city only to have it suddenly reset to the very start. Plenty of money and a lot of time down the toilet. If my experience and that already recorded here is anything to go by, suggest you save your money at least and not invest in this otherwise very cool game.

    1. Same problem for me unfortunately on the ipad, the game was hanging, Needed to reboot my ipad and afterwards My whole city was gone including months of progress :-(

  14. Dear,

    I have restarted my phone and when I ran the game, my city dissappeared and a new game was running. I am using social quantum and samsung note2. Xould you please helpbme retain my city.

    Thank you

  15. My population max shows 1.3 mill and my current is 1mill, the problem is that it has been at 1mill for a week and doesn’t move up.Im level 44 and play regular. Any suggestion on why this is stuck.

  16. How do I get my money back for several expensive buildings I’ve paid for that don’t pay out the money when the times up. I love building my city but hugely disappointed when it doesn’t pay out. Also my tramp people don’t jump and my skate board park people don’t move… Love some help and restoration please megapolis support office please.

  17. I am well into this game…level 59, using on my Android phone….all wad well until the other day when i tried to open. A message poped up saying that I was using an old version and should update. When I click on the button to update it looks like its doing something but nothing happen, left it running for 2 hours to see it it would update..had to log off. Why is it not updating and letting me open it?

  18. I cannot rotate my roads. The button is grayed out. I am left with a town that traffic only goes west and east. Frustrating. I guess I have to uninstall unless someone can please help me fix it.

    1. The roads put in place by the game itself cannot be moved or changed. Any roads you add yourself can be moved or turned.

  19. I notice many have lost the Megapolis game, Has just happened to me, spend quite a bit of money and last night got 400 megs for $20. Get a headache using iPad so went to settings and clicked on Facebook, thinking this would link me so could play it on my laptop. Instead it opened a new one, and my old one is gone. So angry. I notice there are no answers given to others who have lost there game. So What, are we just supposed to say “OK never mind” Will just start again. I THINK NOT. Who do I contact. Help needed here Please

    1. just re-connect your network with the other option. Both servers are separate. This should work

  20. Im usiny HTC One cell phone I tried opening Megaopolis app aroynd noon on June. 7th.2013and Im getting”This application is not installed” I’ve spent alot of time and money on megabucks building my city on Megaopolis. I DID NOT uninstall this app. Someone plz tell me how I can get my original gamr back without it starting from the begininng.

  21. I have been using megapolis for a while but haven’t played in a while because I get to a certain level it clearly states at top og screen I have 150 energy even when I first tuen it on after weeks or even months apparently I dont have the energy to do anything that requires applying to complete things I.e beach and water supply I really enjoy this game but cant complete anything. I play this on Android.

  22. I too have just lost my city after restarting my phone. I was a level 31 with 14 megabucks remaining and 27×27 grid.

    Please help!

    1. My story same as Jason. I’m playing on a tablet running Android. The game crashed, rebooted my tablet and when I went back in, it started me all over with the tutorial.

      I’ve spent about $40 so far. Would like to get my game back. If not you’ll never see me again :-)

  23. Hi, I’ve been playing megapolis for quite some time now and invested a lot into it, but now it has crashed and.has made me start over again. Is there any way to get it back!?

    1. Also, I previously had two different games running but for some reason my game on my iPad is now the same as on my phone

  24. Updated my iPad today and restored it. Went to open up Megapolis and its making me start all over again. I’ve spent almost $100, was at level 68 with 10 million dollars with about 174 bucks. Including about 3 months of playing. iCloud won’t work. How the hell am I suppose to get my game back? Would like my money back because I’m sure as hell not starting all over again!

  25. I have a level 31 account on the facebook network that Iplay on android. I let a friend play his game on my phone now Icant get back to my account. Any suggestions???

  26. I have 198 energy of 200 max., whenever I try to buy something it shows me an error, “Not enough energy!”, while I have more than enough, plz……help!!!!!!

    1. You don’t have more than enough energy you have 200, and your buildings are using 198 so you have 2 units available.

  27. My scores at level 57 are stuck. 1M/1M for the last 1 1/2 hour. Have try to contact SQ forum unsuccessfully. Please help!

  28. i playing megapolis on my galaxy tab, somehow my galaxy tab restarted and i lost my city and i started from beginning again :(,
    how to not let it happen again

    1. i am having most weird problem
      someone else is playing my megapolis, it is really annoying to see someone else controlling your city
      is this happened with anyone?

    2. I’m having the same problem as well, everyday I come on I have new buildings bought that I didn’t buy such as: water treatment station, lighthouse and island hotel, I’m not losing any money however from this so it’s as if someone else is on my megapolis buying these buildings for me?

  29. Houses and buildings are basically clicking themselves, and I don’t get credit for them. They do this automatically, even if I’m sitting there waiting to get them.

    1. If you look under settings (the gear icon) click on city hall, if you have hired someone to do your tax collection, then remove him and your taxes won’t be collected automatically. Same goes for the consensus. This can also be done by clicking on your city hall directly as well. Hope this helps

    2. Hi


      I get the same response from the support desk, from someone whose first language is clearly not English, that I am doing it. I keep pointing out that it is happening when I am asleep or not even in the house and will they please pass the query on to someone who can sort it, but now she/he just doesn’t respond at all.

    3. Apologies – accidentally hit the caps lock and therefore seemed to shout!

      Does anyone have any ideas please?

  30. Buildings and factorys have disapeared off my town. Tryed uninstalling and re installing but there still not there????

  31. I’m not sure if this would help some out there. This is for those missing their cities. I’m playing on the ipad. On the right bottom is a gear icon that indicates settings. If you previously linked your game to your Facebook account then there should be a SQ and a Facebook logo there. My account is linked to Facebook and hence there should be a tick at that box. If your tick is on the SQ box, try changing it and it may bring your city back, provided you linked to your Facebook account when you started playing this game. Hope this helps some of you

  32. When people gift me building supplies directly to buildings under construction (rather than via free gifts or my wishlist – e.g. space research foundation or hydrology institute), after I accept them and migrate to any other screen – whether visiting a neighbor or closing and reopening the app – the gifts disappear. I’ve got the latest version of the app. Can you please advise? (I’m on Android)

  33. When I downloaded ios7, some new planes appeared that I did not buy (one of them was even upgraded to a midrange airliner!). I then noticed that I was missing about 400k and around 200 megabucks. Has this happened to anyone else? I left a message on their help forum, but no response yet

  34. Several issues, most recently I’ve noticed that I get messages that items have been sent to me by neighbors but the items are never actually received on my end. Currently showing six different items that this applies to. Playing on a Galaxy Note II with the SQ side. Also as a one-time deal I had purchased mmegabucks on special for of the 400 for 19.99, something failed, I was charged but the megabucks never showed up. I many numerous attempts to contact customer service in regard s to the issue. Like a fool, I keep playing but their customer service to this point has been non-existant.

  35. HOW TO RATE ROAD: 1- click on the original 4 way intersection that came at the begining of the game. 2-click on the buldozer. 3-the 4 way intersection will turn Green. 4-drag the green intersection where you want it. 5-fill the gap made by moving the original intersection by buying a single piece of road. The intersection will be replaced then. It took me 3 weeks to figure it out

  36. The Okteberfest is not working. I am stuck on step 4 where I can not access the contract tab to collect or ccmplete contracts. So, I am unable to mnove beyond this step.

  37. Had a loss of 100 mega bucks disappear before my eyes last night. Their support is lousy. They closed my ticket before I was satisfied. I would rather pay for this app than buy coins and mega bucks. They control the game. You do not. They know when you are on or off and they see everything you buy or do in your city. They also took my canine center away 2 weeks ago just when it finished building. Whoosh it was gone! Asked to have it replaced ,did not receive an answer. The only way to contact them is to go into the app and hit support.

  38. Seeing a lot of UI bugs. Right now I have buildings overlapping and the entire forest on the first game zone is gone. Does anyone else have this issue on the iPad. How can I resolve it, it’s super annoying.

  39. My entire city is gone to the begining!!! I had completed everything in my city and suddenly it came back to the begining. The support does’t answer my messages. I’m very disgusted with this game and spend a lot of my time playing it everyday. I’ll never play this kind of game again…

  40. I can’t the new buildings, starting with the Halloween buildings, to load. All I can see is a square where the building should be. Playing on droid

    1. I have similar issue also. New buildings aren’t visible, empty square instead of them, pleaying on Android phone. This includes all new proposals and construction sites.

  41. Crashes on startup (iOS 6.1.3). I tried uninstalling, rebooting my iPhone, I cleared cookies and browser history but ir still crashes on startup, whether its on social quantum or facebook, doesnt make any difference

  42. how to play Extras on megapolis? been trying numerous times! still couldnt play. u know, the extras like alexandria or fountain something then some kind of nong choon and such. whenever i clicked on the ‘Play! for 3 megabucks’ a message popped up saying ‘the sale is no longer available’ eventhough it’s newly updated. goshhh

  43. I’ been playing megapolis for over a year, and so far it has been a great game. but recently all of my unstarted construction projects have started construction on their own as if a ghost has been playing my game! I never start construction on more than one thing at a time, otherwise it takes forever cause the three computer characters send you the items you need to finish construction, and now they are sending me things for about 7 projects which I did NOT start! and there is no way to close construction. Every time I get back on the game a new place has opened and started construction! I don’t know where else to ask! There is no number to call and all the sites I’ve found are no help. Please help!!!

  44. I’ve not been playing that long, only about 2 months. But when I got to a level shortly after activating the mountain area, and the santa claus series of buildings activated of their own accord, all the new icons/pictures of buildings started to appear as dotted squares with the microsoft update dashed circle in the middle. I have an android phone but am using bluestacks to access the same apps on my laptop via windows 7. I am so appalled by the blockage of the icons that I am intending to warn off people from the rather addictive but enjoyable game as it imposes automatic activation of areas and then, I suppose an update to more recent software operating systems, blocks that enjoyment and destroys your invented world by refusing to let you see it. I am at level 32 and have level 10 helpfulness. bluestacks is the only viable option for running apps under windows 7 and this also imposes an obstacle to those of us that don’t have the financial ability to keep up with technology like companies. I have been playing jurassic park builder for some time and not had this problem.

  45. We’ll. I have been playing megapolis on my ipad for 4 days now and I was working on getting 3 megabucks to work on getting 11 by 11 expansion to my city and so I worked my way up to 3 megabucks and bought the expansion and it took my 3 bucks and then It goes back to my city all of a sudden and there was no expansion to my city like it never gave me it and it took my money!

  46. I chrashed my android tablet completely and I am using a new one. But after installing Megalopolis on the new android tablet I lost all my game levels, buildings and money invests are. Is there any way to restore my megalopolis city? I invested the last year so much money so that it would be really bad in case of losing everything. Can you please help me to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

  47. Have opened a few tickets with social quantum regarding bugs which have not been fixed. Also game froze uo and deleted my island hotel which i used real money to build and was in stage 2 of its developement yet they eill not refund me the real money i spent on the stupid thing saying it was an accident on my behalf. They really do not know how to keep customers happy. All i want is the island hotel replaced or the raw materials replaced that i used. Im not rebuilding the whole poxy thing again. This is not the first time something has randomly deleted but usually its not a stage build only a house or something. If i wouldnt be surprised if its deliberate error in the coding to make them more money. They seem to be very greedy.

  48. Megapolis keeps crashing on Facebook on my pc. It goes to a white screen with a ( I ) in the middle and happens alot. I use internet explore and have done everything they told me to do to clean it up with no change.

  49. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the
    video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talking
    about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your site when you could be giving
    us something enlightening to read?

  50. On my iPhone (level 70, Social Quantum), I can’t expand territory as the game consistently crashes when I tap the expansion ah, button. Only the planes on the south side of the airport are visible (B,H,I,J). And unlike on my iPad game, there isn’t a link to Tourist Island. The latter two are also issues when I’m in my “friend’s” pages.

    On the iPad (level109, FB), I cannot seem to access the new stations north of the city (Riverside, Interchange, or Traction) – when tapped, only the name is displayed. Dinopolis National Park is no longer visible.

    On neither device was the Rocky Mountain Expansion accessible – during the quest, when tapped, the city screen shot was reverted to.

  51. I have finished the New Bus challenge of the Bus Service but for some reason, it won’t move on to the next task…not sure what to do…I have built the City Bus three times with no success :( what should I do?

    1. I am also confused with the buses. I’m kinda new to the game and confused by much. I am supposed to sell the shuttle bus to make room for city bus. Maybe that will help you, but I can’t seem to sell it! When I click trash can it just sends it out on aroute again. Very frustrating. How do iI sell?

  52. Hi

    I have been playing Megapolis for almost a year and since yesterday it wont even open. It does not even get to the starting page where it says socialquantum. Im playing on a galaxy tab 10.2, does anyone know how to fix it? Would be very greatful for any tips. Thanks

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