Marketland Guide: Marketland Cash

There’s one method for obtaining free Marketland cash without cheats or secret codes. It’s simple, for every new level you reach, you are granted 1 Marketand Cash. That is it. Leveling is far easier in Marketland than other social games, so there you go.

We suggest you keep the cash for the time you find bugged quests and need to complete them (specially in those quests that need item requests that are never actually send out to your friends.)

How to get more Marketland Cash?

Simply click on the + green icon right next to the cash counter and purchase it with your credit card or paypal account, The more Marketland cash you buy the bigger the discount.

Looking for a quicker progress in the game? Marketland Cash allows you to level up faster, complete quests, deliver shipments instantly and renew damaged products!. Buy exclusive attractions for your customers‘ enjoyment.

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