Marketland Beginner’s Guide

Surely, Gamegos’s Marketland appears to be yet another simulation game at first, this time taking place in a Grocery Store, as you try to expand it as much as possible while making tons of money and making customers happy. Fut after this review you will find surprising that Marketland does not have an energy bar, which literally means you can keep playing the game forever, don’t worry, no paywall will suddenly show up to ask you to purchase premium currency in order to let you keep playing. Definitely, the gameplay is a lot more intensive and constantly requires you to pay attention at displays to keep them filled with goods.

With a total of 4 type of currencies, Marketland does stand out from other games which rely on just two of them. Marketland Cash allow the usual premium stuff like finish tasks or quests instantly, buy premium objects, etc (worth noticing that you obtain Marketland Cash also when using cards, not many but more than in other casual games). Then you have coins, the regular currency you will be using the most along the game for regular purchases. Luxury points are points earned through actions like delivering stocks to the displays, installing new ones, placing attractions and other facilities. These points unlock items and new type of customers. Finally, you have the “cards”, three types actually, that speed up the gameplay, which is great for hardcore gamers, no need to buy them with cash though, as you also obtain them through regular in-game activities.

The toolbar at the bottom holds several nice features. The trophies section works somehow as an achievement log

Within the build section you will find an astonishing range of options. Displays, Decors, Coin-Ops, Attractions, Cashier Desks

Of course, you can expand your store several times, and in order to unlock bigger spots you must get more neighbors and coins.

Having the option to close and open your store is quite pleasant, not many of these games have the “pause” option, when you know you will be off for quite a long time.

The “Collections” section becomes quite addictive as you obtain unique items from interacting with displays, customers, attractions and coin-op items. These Collectibles could very well be the second “achievements” section. Once you got all the collectibles from a certain category, you can exchange them for prizes. The Shipments sections is where you can manage orders for all displays, so you don’t go clicking around on each one individually.

As you reach higher levels, new and bigger suppliers will unlock, allowing you to order bigger shipment and keeping your shelves stocked for much longer. Le alone discount prices for the order and more XP points.

Neighbors in Marketland

You get coin bags and XP each time you visit your friends’ stores, and you also need them to expand the store and unlock certain items, but that;s pretty much all about it. No trade features has been so far implemented within the game to interact more within your community friends.


You will get to know different categories of customers, Daily Shoppers, Students, VIPs. Each one has different needs and different budgets. As you get to higher levels and get luxury points and get more sophisticated in terms of displays installed, customers with much higher budgets will get in. What was surprising, and quite original, was that the people getting into the store have the names of your facebook contacts, and when you check out the character window, there’s a big button that says invite, smart move by Gamegos to get more users for the game.

As the store gets more crowded with customers, the floor will surely start to get dirty, you need to clean that up so customers keep coming for more.

Each time you level up, you not only receive bonus items like cards and Marketland Cash, but also unlock new displays. A new advisor might show up to give you new quests as well.

As usual with many casual games on facebook, the quest log is located on the left side of the screen. The tasks within the quests are explained in detail, quite hard to get lost there. As you progress through the early stages of Marketland, the quests will teach you all the game mechanics and features. What we really didn’t like at all was the quests were simply too short, and you’re bombarded with tons of them at the same time, it makes sense if you can keep playing Marketland for hours on end unlike other energy-based social games.

What Are The Cards All About?

Cards are bonus items than when dragged to customers and displays have different results. You can buy more with cash but they are not a premium item, you obtain them from multiple game events. Some displays will give you these cards when served for instance.

Product Card: They repair damaged displays, insure shipments and work for an entire hour as “auto serve” tools, which is good since you don’t have to be logged in to serve the recently delivered shipment.

Delivery Card: Speed Up shipments. Use it when your display is empty and needs to be stocked again.
Shopper Card: Use them on customers to increase their budget. Better for VIP customers.

As you finally reach level 10, a new feature gets unlocked, you will be able to launch campaigns and run ads to get more people in your store through special offers and discounts.

What many facebook users find enjoyable about this game is that the mechanics don’t push them to adquire premium currency in order to get major items or make progress through the game. Yes, Gamegos is not doing it the Zynga Way, but surely they are piling up daily users at a much faster rate. Also, the need for neighbors is not as high as in other social games, another feature that some players like a lot.

Stay tuned to Quick Gamer, we’ll soon be adding articles with unique Marketland Tips and Tricks.

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32 thoughts on “Marketland Beginner’s Guide”

  1. on my marketland the people enter in the shop but they doesnt buy anything and they go out with a sad face why??

    1. Bcoz there is too many people waiting at the cashier. If there is more than 2 customers waiting at cashier, the new customer just left without buying anything.

    1. If you buy them, they are there. It’s just the expansion is barely two lines of blocks, that are not noticed unless you had furniture placed in your store’s inner borders.

  2. I don’t understand how can i complete the task : “Anti clockwise 1″ it says, renew shipments in your neighbor’s store. but i can’t please help me asap

    1. Yes ikr me to and i cannot get it i don’t know how to do it how do i speed up someones shipments in there market

  3. How do I load coin-op items? I’m stuck on the well-kept 2 task and I have purchased a coin-op item – the orange juice machine. But I don’t understand what the task entails.

    Can someone please help?

    Much appreciated

    1. simply click on the Build icon (present in the below ribbon of the game) and after clicking on that build icon, you can drag your shelves and rotate them around

  4. I was wondering how you expand I’m on level 20 something and in order for me expand it keeps saying something about neighbor 1 I have no idea what I have to do to unlock the next exspansion

    1. need to get more friends playing, I have only one other friend and I’m also stuck from enlarging the store

  5. STILL UNABLE to catch witches!!! This is NOT the first quest that has been this way… I am TIRED of sitting for hours waiting for a quest.. BORING!!!

  6. i want to build my store and want to increase my my item but i am unable to expand my products like diffrent items would you helped me ?

    1. go to your neighbours store, any items with a timer clock above their shelves just click it that speeds it up for them.

  7. how to speed up your neighbors shipment in marrketland because there is a task that says speed up your neighbors shipment

  8. I have Marketland friends but aren’t neighbors … why? what am i doing wrong. Please let me know what i have to do ~ thanks.

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