List of Coasterville Bugs, Issues & Error Messages

This is a sort of log where we compile the several issues and bugs you come across when playing Coasterville. You’re invited to leave a message telling us your problem, we’ll kindly report it to Zynga, but before please read the following list of possible quick fixes to get you out of trouble:

  • Fully clear your browser’s cache (this applies to Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari)
  • Check that your internet connection is working properly and is not slow.
  • Make sure you don’t have multiple tabs opened at the same time you’re playing Coasterville, Zynga games are known for being quite heavy in terms of memory.
  • If you get multiple connection problems when playing the game, refresh the page and make sure Facebook is running properly.

Another way of getting your Coasterville problem fixed, is to use the Zynga Player Support forum. You first need to sign up to this forum separately, but you can use the same username for all Zynga games. You’ll rarely see a Zynga mod with quick fixes, but this is rather a log that they use to fix the reported bugs.

[box type=”shadow”]Use the list below or search with Ctrl+F through the log[/box]




Each time you need to upgrade an attraction/store and need a rare item that you cannot search for or craft and want and click on the “ASK” button, you get the following message:

Sorry, but we are waiting for your friends to respond to your last post. Please post this message again in XXX minutes.

List of Affected Quests and Items:

  • A Feast for the Eyes: Green Apples
  • Falling Mercury (Snowflake Megawheel): Gingerbread Man
  • Flight of Fancy: Princess Uniforms
  • Seal The Deal: You cannot complete the task that tells you to collect 2 potions from the potion shop, despite gathering plenty of them, the counter freezes at 1. The only way to finish this quest is by using park cash on that particular task
  • Several Frontier Quests, Cherokee Princess Uniform cannot be requested.
  • Truck Drivin’ Quest from Marty.
  • If you cannot hire a friend on the goods emporium to deliver trucks that give you 30% bonus shipment of goods, you must fully clear your browser cache. Otherwise, use a clean but different browser, once you do that, you will see a friend of yours avatar within the goods emporium window and be able to order through him.

However, even if you wait for the counter to end, it appears to restart itself. It also happens when you haven’t used the full list of friends/neighbors to ask for items. The request does show in your facebook feed though.


Each time you log in to Coasterville and start opening the envelopes you can’t see the precious green apples you need to finish your quest/goal even if you messaged multiple times your friends asking for them. This glitch has become quite common amongst users.

FIX: Sometimes the apples or other items are stucked in the queue and get delivered all at the same time. Another possible fix is to also send gifts, maybe this is some compensation system that was never explained.


Some users are reporting that goods trucks are missing the speed up button, located on the left, that allows users to cut in half unloading waiting time each time they push it. The only button left is the one that completes the unload by using cash park.



This is not a problem, you need to make sure there’s a small lightning right next to the Neighbor profile/avatar in order to know if you can actually visit their Theme Park and do things there. After you finish and get your inspiration point from that neighbor, you will have to wait around 12 hours to come back there.


Even after getting approved and charged for park cash after buying it, it never appears loaded into the game. Credits issuing is slow or simply doesn’t work

FIX: Post your problem in, only a moderator can fix this.


Some quests have goals that require you first to collect some items, either by searching them from stores or asking for them, but after you get them, you couldn’t give them away.

FIX: This Coasterville issue is now fixed for most quests/tasks, as they placed a button “GIVE” or “SEND” right below the goal.


Even after you click on the envelope, it simply does not open.

FIX: Restart Coasterville..


Even after levelling a lot, your energy bar seems to get stucked at a low number, like 28 or 30, and simply does not increase after hourse of waiting.



After your friends list show up, and are about to ask for an item or send a gift none of your friends appear. The list is empty

FIX: Bear in mind that you need to wait hours before you can ask or send a gift to neighbour again after having used it already. You cannot ask multiple times for different items to the same people.

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45 thoughts on “List of Coasterville Bugs, Issues & Error Messages”

  1. Each time you ask Neighbours for Princess Uniforms (mind you, these cannot be crafted) a pop up tells you to wait hours before your neighbours can reply. Then the counter resets and its the same story all over again. This is the only item with this type of issue, all other items you ask for are perfectly being requested. Now, all fantasy shops are affected, so that means the quest Flight of Fancy cannot be complete, thus, you cannot get the Majestic Castle. Still don’t understand why don’t they fix them quickly.

    1. game just keeps crashing as soon as the advert appears, when the advert finishes the game wont play…. maybe its time to give up its frustrating :-(

  2. Cant complete the quest a feast for the eyes. Collect 4 green apples to make holiday tarts. The ask button turns grey when clicked

  3. CAN’T OPEN LETTER/ENVELOPE/MESSAGE CENTER/INBOX TO SEND/RECEIVE MESSAGES I have the same issue. Please do not tell me to “restart game” It does not work. This is not my first “Zynga rodeo!” I’ve cleared my cache, uninstalled the game, reinstalled the game. Nothing works! I am playing on firefox. PLEASE do not tell me to install another browser!

    1. Wait a second. You do not have to “uninstall the game”, it’s a browser based casual game, you can just sign in to Facebook in any other browser in 2 minutes and test it there. Anyways, the Coasterville inbox messages missing or delayed is likely an issue from the game itself, but they have targeted this problem already, god knows when they are going to fix it.

    2. i have been having the same problem for 9 days now when the games comes up no the pics are blank and cant get request envelopes

    1. Try doing it in a fully clean browser, one that you never use, you have Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, etc.

  4. I go to collect goods for one player, and my screen needs to refresh EVERY TIME. I have no problems with the other good boxes, just that one. I can’t get rid of those goods without collecting them, and until they are collected, I can’t hire anyone else for that drivers spot.

  5. Game crashed during saving when a tour-bus had arrived. Lost the income of that tour-bus and it was gone when loading up again. Never happened anywhere else with crashes so must be a scripting issue.

  6. Just had some neighbor invitations from top players (50+) who already were my neighbors. This happened quite a few times the last days and it got me thinking. I bet they get 25 energy for every 5 renewed friends. I’m not trying it out since I consider it cheating but not sure if Zynga is aware of this option. Is it cheating? Would I get banned if I did it? Or is it not possible to get 25 energy this way?

  7. my mom is playing n she got to a point where she cant buy more land… it shows a red x on all the land surrounding her… she hasnt used all the attraction n stuff or done all the missions… how does she get more land??? she has what she needs to purchace it

    1. You can’t do anything about it for now. Simply wait until the Zynga releases the next expansion, which is the Beach (you can actually see some of it if you go to the very right of the screen.) . Before the Jungle expansion, there was less land lots to be purchased.

  8. plms with coasterville pix and cant see through and it so purrs and white fog and i did all try like upgrade and others stuffs doesnt work and what can i do ?

  9. Land expansion on right hand side should be half cost according to recent post, why is mine still at 50 passes to unlock?

  10. even if i have enough annual pass and recommendation i cant expand my park. once i try to buy an area the server is going wrong. what to do?

  11. I play on facebook. my problem is that the inbox envelope thing has disappeared and i cant send/ accept requests from friends. but someone else logged on the same computer same browser and theirs appears. dont know what to do.

  12. My friends are not showing up at the bottom of the screen. Also when I click on things like giving an annual pass the screen goes gets darker and nothing comes up~~ won;t allow me to do anything untill I reload game. All I can do is use energy. Other family members get on same computers and they have no problem:/

  13. I have collected the six required pink plush unicorns to start a parade at least 3 times now, and when I click on decorate, I don’t get the option for a parade anymore, and it reverts to a lesser amount of unicorns, which I have to again request in vain.

    1. I saw you have the same problems with coaster ville, did you decidt them? I have this bug about 2 weeks and can t play at all. And can t join Support for problems as i sent every time for a forum but no solution for a moment. Thanks.A.

  14. I cannot receive gifts. no envelope to open for over a week now. Ready to stop playing if I can’t get this fixed. I have spent over 60.00 playing this game and now it won’t work.

  15. Can’t open my coaster ville, the page swich off every time at the begiinning. Sometimes I can access for several minutes but its not often.
    I can t pla at all. Solutions?

  16. everytime I try to play on zynga I get the screen with an exclamation mark in a circle and I have to keep refreshing and to make a long story short I can’t play cause this keeps happening ! ! ! HELP

  17. I complete goals…and they reappear over and over….its very frustrating! Any suggestions? I have cleared my browser cache ( Chrome) and I am now at a loss

  18. Hi ,I recently changed my website from google chrome to google chrome 24 as coasterville kept crashing all the time ,so far the new web browser isn”t crashing but it is now freezing when I visit neighbours .There seems to always be some problems with the game & it also runs slow & downloads slow. Can theses problems be rectified? I have tried everything possible to fix the issues with information from your site on crashes even too advice to download new chrome 24 which I did, but still having issues. :( I love the game but it gets frustrating when the game doesn”t run properly ,I hope you can help me out? Thankyou Belinda

  19. I just started getting commercials about every two minutes and then my game freezes up. Can’t concentrate on what I am doing because I get interrupted so often. I just quit playing. Love the game. Never had these ads before.

  20. Hi I have completed Majestic castle and placed it. Now the quest of collecting landmark bonus is not getting completed. Kindly please help over it and provide me a solution to complete it. have tried activating the majestic castle and then collected but still couldn’t found a solution

  21. When playing Coaster Ville, in my Firefox browser, I constantly receive these two messages : Connection lost due to park construction or weather. Please refresh to reload game… AND… Connecting to servers. Please wait. I get these two messages every few minutes, while playing Coaster Ville. NOT with any other game. And, with any browser, the game is slow and does not play correctly. By the way… IF you uninstall the game by removing the app, you will LOSE your progress in the game.

  22. Unable to buld or upgrade businesses or attractions. It accepts the upgrade and then comes up @unable to connect to server then refresh then the game goes back to how it stood before the update.I can still gain coin, goods & thrill points but cannot spend them. HELP

  23. i was playing coasterville for a long time, then all of a sudden my park looks letterboxed and when the pop ups appear ie, send gifts or new attraction on,that box seems to small for screen, i can not see the send box or the cross at top of box to ignore, hence i have not been able to play as i cant actually get onto the park, have done resoulution and have taken off a gamers unite snag bar and nothing changes it, i have same prob with farmville but i can go full page with that which allows me to still play but that is not able to be done on first loading coaster. please helllllpppppppp

  24. Hi I have completed Majestic castle and placed it. Now the quest of collecting landmark bonus is not getting completed. Kindly please help over it and provide me a solution to complete it. have tried activating the majestic castle and then collected but still couldn’t found a solution. I have purchased 4 hat carts now that it keeps telling me to upgrade my hat cart to level 2 to progress in Fantasy and it still doesn’t update. I have also used the Majestic landmark bonus many many times and it still doesn’t show that I have done so. My golden treasure box has disappeared and can’t complete the task for it either.

  25. my storage button suddenly can’t store anything that I have used already.
    (that goes for attractions, bathrooms and landmarks that were already in the inventory to begin with) and once I got them out of the inventory I can’t store them back again like I did successfully in the past with the same number of things in my inventory

    and I can’t find my dark cases anymore as well.

  26. I have not been able to see my theme park for about 3months now. I have tried everything. I have asked people on here bout nothing gets it back please can someone help as i loved this game

  27. I had over 20,000 in goods one minute & now they are all gone & I am very upset I want them back now also I spend a lot of money playing this game & I have been trying to complete so many quest that are not registering so I can’t move forward I have reported this problem so many times already I love this game but I am at a point of frustration that I am not sure if I want to continue to spend my money or even play anymore……… Please help me with these situations……………..

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