Zenonia 5 Paladin Class Character Build Guide

Paladins are definitely the best class for newcomers to Zenonia 5, simply because their stats and armor put them way ahead the other classes in terms of attack power and resilience. This article will also detail each of the skills and explain how to make the best use them and also show the best paladin builds, both for PvE and PvP, whether you like playing offensive or defensive.

Zenonia 5 Paladin Best Stat/Spec Builds

For each point added to the main stats, the sub-stats increase the following way;

  • STRENGTH: 1 defense, 5 attack, 0.2 critical damage
  • DEXTERITY: 0.08 hit rate, 0.36 critical chance, 0.26 evasion
  • INTELLIGENCE: 0.14 critical chance, 26 stamina points, 0.18 hit rate, 1 attack power
  • CON: 3 defense, 26 health points, 1 attack power

Paladin PvE build Hybrid: defintely the best choice for beginner and intermidiate players, since they can keep cleaning new areas without having to level up a few extra levels before fighting a boss. The spec is 2 Strength and 1 Con. Adding 2 points to CON though is not suggested, since you just go too defensive and your attack power will suffer a lot, to the point of making simple fights against high level mobs endless and not fun to play.

Paladin PvE build ALL STRENGTH: with this spec, the attack power will highly increase and you will be able to finish mobs much quicker, what makes it the right build for farming and leveling up, but certainly a lot riskier in boss battles. Also, this might also be the best build while playing in Hell Mode. Remember that the Paladin even with this build survives attacks much better than a Wizard or a Mechanic.

Paladin PvV build Hybrid: You create this PvP spec by adding all points to CON. Enemies won’t be able to take you down, or at least will have a hard time doing so. Of course, the gameplay becomes tedious in PvE since it might take you half an hour to get rid of a low level boss, your damage power is quite low. This is the proper build for PvP battles but not at all for leveling. Having HP reflect armor is a must as a complement to this build

Avoid Dexterity and Intelligence You don’t need intelligence simply because you can replace these points with potions and never lack stamina. Intelligence does help with the required stats, but Strength helps a lot more. Dex points can be replaced with Hit upgrade stones.

Zenonia 5 Paladin Skills

We’ve compiled all the Paladin active skills available and describe them in detail, giving you tips on how to better use them.

Shield Charge Active 1 ATT: 100%
Stun Rate: 10%
Duration: 2 sec
ATT: +6%
Stun Rate: +2%
Level 5 and 10 Hit and speed increase
Curing Light Active 1 HP Recovery: +20% HP Recovery: +2%
Crest of Authority Active 5 Max HP Increase: +20%
Duration: 30 sec
Max HP Increase: +3%
Duration: +1 sec
Holy Cross Active 5 ATT: 500%
Slow Rate: 30%
Duration: 9 sec
ATT: +30%
Slow Rate: +2%
Temple Knight’s Screem Active 5 Curing Light ATT: 250%
Confusion Rate: 20%
Duration: 6 sec
ATT: +15%
Confusion Rate: +3%
Hammer of Silence Active 15 ATT: 250%
Silence Rate: 30%
Duration: 6 sec
ATT: +15%
Silence Rate: +3%
Recharge Shot Active 15 ATT: 300%
HP Recovery: +5%
ATT: +20%
Armor of Protection Active 15 Allie DEF: +20% Allie DEF: +3%
Duration: +1 sec
Hammer of Justice Active 25 Hammer of Silence ATT: 700%
Stun Rate: 50%
Duration: 6 sec
ATT: +35%
Stun Rate: +3%
Purifying Flame Active 25 Recharge Shot ATT: 70%
Constant DMG: +35%
Bleeding Rate: 10%
Duration: 6 sec
ATT: +2%
Bleeding Rate: 1%
Duration: +1 sec
Scale Aura Active 25 Reflect: +100%
Duration: 30 sec
Reflect: +10%
Duration: 1 sec
Absolute Shield Active 35 Purifying Flame Thorn Protect: +100%
DEF Increase: +80%
Duration: 6 sec
Duration: +1 sec
Holy Light Active 35 Holy Light x 1
Duration: 20 sec
Heal allie HP
Duration: +1 sec
Archangel’s Blessing Active 45 Holy Guardian 1 x 1
Duration: +20 sec
Duration: +2 sec
Potion Effect Increase Passive 1 Potion Effect: +10% Potion Effect: 5%
Gold Plus Passive 1 Gold Acquired: +5% Gold Acquired: +5%
ATT Increase Passive 5 ATT Increase: +4% ATT Increase: +2%
DEF Increase Passive 5 DEF: +4% DEF: +2%
EVA Increase Passive 15 EVA: +2.00 EVA: +2.00
CRI Rate Increase Passive 15 CRI Rate: 2.00 CRI Rate: 2.00
CON Increase Passive 25 CON: +3 CON: +3
STR Increase Passive 25 STR: +3 STR: +3
Passive Master Passive 35 Upgrade Passive: +3% Upgrade Passive: +3%
DEF per STR Passive 35 DEF per STR: +15% DEF per STR: +5 %
Survival Instinct Passive 45 HP Recover during Hit Rate: 10%
HP Recovery during Hit: +5%
HP Recover during Hit Rate: +2%
Area Zero Passive 45 Free CRI Skill Rate: 3%
Free CRI Skill / Duration: 2 sec
Free CRI Skill Rate: 1%

Zenonia 5 Paladin Active Skill Description and Tips

Shield Charge

What’s good about this skills is that you are invulnerable while casting it. We suggest that you either fully upgraded, to stun enemies besides getting a hyge damage output, or just assign 1 point to it in order to activate it, adding just a few extra points is worthless and there are better skills for that.

Curing Light

This is a skill that recovers your health points instantly, if you combine it with the use of health potions, then rest asure you will always have a filled up HB. We suggest you use it if you are pure strength, since you will indeed become more vulnerable to attacks, thus compensating the loss of CON. When used right after Crest of Authority, you even get a bigger recovery of health points. PvP battles are just the right scenario to use Curing Light, since you cannot use potions there.

Crest of Authority

This skill would be useful if you had insta cast, but that is not the case. You will end up being hit badly while using it, specially during boss battles.

Holy Cross

Definitely the most popular skill for a Paly in Zenonia 5. You should put this skill as priority and max it out as soon as possible. You will deal an AoE attack and your damage output will be insane. You will also slow down your enemies, thus getting a chance to reposition yourself.

Temple Knight’s Scream

Not the best skill to upgrade due to its really low reach, maybe just add a single point to activate it and use it to finish a combo.

Hammer of Silence

You dont get damaged while activating the skill, but you don’t deal much damage to your enemies either. You need to add at least a single point in order to unlock Hammer of Justice. Pretty worthless both for PvE and PvP.

Recharge Shot

Just 1 single point added to the skill is enough, specially good for those players that like going pure Strength spec. Maxing it out though is a waste of resources.

Armor of Protection

Specially good when tanking high level bosses, a 20% increase in DEF is insane and good enough for all builds. It will save you from dying repeated times against difficult bosses.

Hammer of Justice

After Holy Cross, this is the next skill to have for a Zenonia 5 Paladin. Not only you deal a huge damage, but also stun the multiple enemies. It has a very decent AoE range area as well. Max it out the same as you do with Holy Cross.

Purifying Flame

You need to add one point to get Absoolute Shield. It’s not suggested to upgrade since the damage done to enemies is very low.

Scale Aura

This skill boosts your reflect damage. Extremely useful when doing PvP, combined with a pure CON spec. However, try to get all the HP reflect armor you can since this will make the difference against other players with similar builds. Not recommended for PvE.

Absolute Shield

The good thing about this skill is that you get a defense bonus high enough to prevent dying in extreme situations, like when fighting very tough bosses. The cooltime is the reason many players avoid using it. Just add a single point to it to activate it in extreme cases.

Holy Light

First of all, you need to add 1 point to this skill if you want the archangel skill. It basically works by recovering your health meter during a brief amount of time.

Archangel’s Blessing

This is the third skill to max out. Not only because you cast a minion/angel that adds to your attacks, but also because when facing mobs, they will also put some focus on it, leaving you alone for a bit of time. The more points you add, the longer it lasts.

Zenonia 5 Paladin Best Stat/Spec Builds

You will need to choose one of the Paladin Skill builds below considering the stat spec you picked first. The builds are aimed at players with characters level 70 or less

Pure CON Paladin PvP Skill Build

  • Max outHammer of Justice
  • Max out Scale Aura
  • Max out Curing Light
  • Max out STR Increase
  • Max out DEF Increase
  • Max out Holy Cross
  • 1 Point to Holy Light
  • Max out Passive Master
  • Max out CON Increase
  • 1 Point to Curing Light

Pure STRENGTH Paladin PvE Skill Build

  • 1 Point to Holy Light
  • 1 Point to Hammer of Silence
  • Max out STR Increase
  • 1 Point to Archangel’s Blessing
  • 1 Point to Shield Charge
  • Max out Holy Cross
  • Max out Hammer of Justice
  • Max out ATT Increase
  • Max out Crit Rate Increase
  • 1 Point to Curing Light

Hybrid Paladin PvE Skill Build

Go 2 str and 1 con or do take turns doing 1 con and 2 con until you manage to get a perfect balance. Again, this is the best build. The skill spec is the same as above.

Zenonia 5 Paladin Weapons and Armor

The top stat pririty when looking for armor and weapon bonuses is the attack stat. It makes a lot of difference and you will see yourself taking down enemies a lot faster, than when choosing a CON gear. Even more, if you are apure CON build, then you need the attack boost a lot more.

Trey to use all 3 upgrade stones on unique gear only. If you are a pure strength paladin, then you might end up needing a bit HP armor just in case you find yourself dying a lot.

What Are The Best Titles for a Zenonia 5 Paladin?

For STR pallies go with Mud Slayer: Attack +20% or Kumtra Killer: Strength +20%. For defensive pallies go with Legendary Warrior: HP +20% or Super Miner: Constitution +15%.

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  2. Thers an error in “Pure CON Paladin PvP Skill Build” part. It says to max out Curing Light at first and then int the end it says to add just 1 point. Im guessing it should be maxed.

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