Zenonia 5 Mechanic Class Character Build Guide

The Zenonia 5 Mechanic class is a ranged attacker, which deals damage from a prudent distance and is able to release a combo attack in a very short amount of time. It’s not the easiest class to play due to the fact that you constantly need to reposition yourself to aim properly so the shoots don’t end up wasted, specially the skill abilities. On this guide we’ll give you a few different stat and skill builds, as well as tips on what are the best active skills and the best weapons out there.

Zenonia 5 Mechanic Best Stat/Spec Builds

For each point added to the main stats, the sub-stats increase the following way;

  • STRENGTH: 2.2 defense
  • DEXTERITY: 0.06 hit rate, 0.18 critical chance, 0.16 evasion, 6 attack
  • INTELLIGENCE: 0.22 critical chance, 28 stamina points, 0.14 hit rate
  • CON: 1.8 defense, 20 health points

Mechanics are similar to Wizards because their most important stat is Dexterity, both for PvE Mechanics and PvP Mechanics. Why Dex?, because it not only helps you build your attack power, but also gives you Dodge, and if you put enough point to Dex, your enemies will miss a lot of hits when attacking you. However, being a Dex-only oriented spec you still risk having a very low health meter, which is lethal when facing bosses (potions are many times not enough when facing high level bosses.). Some armor and fairies can help you boost your health though.

And what about CON and STR?. What happens is that you need to add too many points to these stats for them to become actually relevant in terms of HP gained and enough DEF to reduce the damage receive, and if you do this, your guns will take a lot of time trying to defeat even single enemy units.

Last we have INT which does offers hit and crit increase, and this might be the only secondary stat worth a few points later in the game.

Our suggestion is that you put every single point into DEX and gain a few levels before entering new areas, this way you make sure you are not going to get one shooted and have enough attack power to blast bosses with multiple skills.

As you know Hell Mode is only for experts, and still the Mechanic dex build is still popular because of the damage output being far more relevant than defense.

Zenonia 5 Mechanic Skills

We’ve compiled all the Paladin active skills available and describe them in detail, giving you tips on how to better use them.

Back Step Active 1 ATT: 100%
Slow Rate: 15%
Duration: 4 sec
ATT: +6%
Slow Rate: +2%
Laser Beam Active 1 ATT: 100%
Constant DMG: +30%
Shock Rate: 10%
Duration: 6 sec
ATT: +4%
Shock Rate: +2%
Knockback Shot Active 5 Back Step ATT: 250% ATT: +15%
Flash Active 5 Knockback Shot ATT: 450%
Confusion Rate: 30%
Duration: 4 sec
ATT: 480%
Confusion Rate: 32%
Precision Active 5 CRIT Rate Increase: +5%
Duration: 30 sec
CRI Rate Increase +2%
Maximum Output Active 15 Range Increase: +20
Duration: 31 sec
Range: +6
Duration: +1 sec
Explosion Shot Active 15 ATT: 250%
Constant DMG: +20%
Bleeding Rate: 25%
Duration: 6 sec
ATT: +15%
Bleeding Rate: +2%
Seize Mode Active 15 ATT: 80% ATT: +5%
Flamethrower Active 25 ATT: 150%
Constant DMG: +30%
Bleeding Rate: +10%
Duration: 6 sec
ATT: +3%
Elecnare Active 25 ATT: 120%
Constant DMG: +30%
Shock Rate: 10%
Duration: 3 sec
ATT: +5%
Blize Mode Active 25 Seize Mode Hide
ATT Increase: +50%
Duration: 3 sec
Energy Bomb Active 35 SP Consumption: +1%
Normal Attack Increase: +60%
Duration: 20 sec
Duration: +2 sec
Supporting Shot Active 35 ATT: 100%
Mechanical Turrate 1 x2
Duration: 12 sec
ATT: +5%
Duration: 1 sec
Satellite Shot Active 45 ATT: 150%
Constant DMG: +30%
Bleeding Rate: 10%
Duration: 6 sec
ATT: +5%
Duration: +1 sec
Potion Effect Increase Passive 1 Potion Effect: +10% Potion Effect: 5%
Gold Plus Passive 1 Gold Acquired: +5% Gold Acquired: +5%
Weapon Specialized Passive 5 ATT Increase: +4% ATT Increase: +2%
DEF Increase Passive 5 DEF: +4% DEF: +2%
EVA Increase Passive 15 EVA: +2.00 EVA: +2.00
CRI Rate Increase Passive 15 CRI Rate: 2.00 CRI Rate: 2.00
CON Increase Passive 25 CON: +3 CON: +3
DEX Increase Passive 25 DEX: +3 DEX: +3
Passive Master Passive 35 Upgrade Passive: +3% Upgrade Passive: +3%
EVA per DEX Passive 35 EVA per DEX: +15% EVA per DEX: +5 %
Escape Expert Passive 45 Speed during Hit Rate: 20%
Speed ruing hit: +5
Duration: 3 sec
Speed during Hit Rate: +3%
Area Zero Passive 45 Free CRI Skill Rate: 3%
Free CRI Skill / Duration: 2 sec
Free CRI Skill Rate: 1%

Zenonia 5 Paladin Active Skill Description and Tips

The descriptions below will help you guess which are the best skills for a mechanic in Zenonia 5

Back Step

If you can, add a few points of this skill at the beginning and after you reach level 30, respec your character and get rid of it, since the following skills are a lot more precise. It simply steps back while bursting the guns.

Laser Beam

What’s great about this skill is that the laser beam is straightforward and easy to aim at enemies. The range of it is simply spectacular. Just add 1 or 2 points to this skill and beware of ranged attackers attacking you when you are casting the skill

Knockback Shot

This skill is good for PvP, when trying to escape a dangerous situation while also damaging the enemy, don’t spend points on it in PvE though, there are better skills.


Here is the most popular Mechanic skill. You are invunnerable while activating the skill and you can damage multiple enemies with this attack. Notice the stats of the skill and how it growths at a 30% per point added. Max it out before anything else.


Presicion gives a boost to your crit rate, but as we already explained, it’s not actually a priority and you will be much better spending points on pure attack skills.

Maximum Output

The range of this attack is what makes it awesome. It’s not a priority but add at least 1 point to it after you maxed out the most important skills

Explosion Shot

It works great on multiple enemies right straight ahead of you, but if you use it against single enemy units, you risk missing the shot once and again. Add a few points if you have great precision when shooting.

Seize Mode

What you do with this skill is exchanging freezing your character on screen for hitting an enemy anywhere in the screen. Of course, in later instances of the game, or when facing a boss, standing still means only one thing, getting killed. Don’t use it.


You need to get too close to enemies to use the flamethrower. And even when fully hitting mobs, the damage is not that great and casters will end up hitting you hard. Don’t add any points to it.


Useless skill with poor damage output.

Blitz Mode

Great when facing hard-hitting bosses. You can hide for a bit and dodge enemy attacks. In the meanwhile other skill will reset and be able to be used once again.

Energy Bomb

This skill is another must because of the huge damage output. Max it out as well. You will lose some SP but it’s totally worth it.

Supporting Shot

The problem with the shooting turrets is that their HP is so low that in higher instances of the game they get one shot instantly, add a single point to it just to unlock the satellite shot..

Satellite Shot

As long as you keep a prudent distance from enemies when casting it, the satellite shot is a great skill, dropping a beam from the sky onto the ground.

Zenonia 5 Mechanic Skill Builds

Here is an early Mechanic skill build for PvE. Even after you get all these points used, there’s still many levels ahead and you can branch out your focus.

  • Max out Weapon Specialized
  • Max out Dex Increase
  • Max out Passive Master
  • 1 point to Escape Expert
  • 1 point to Satellite Shot
  • 1 point to support shot
  • 1 point to Seize Mode
  • 1 point to Blitz Mode
  • 1 point to Explosion Shot
  • 1 point to Flash
  • 1 point to Laser Beam

After you are done with the early spec, you can now opt between passive skills or active skills. Even though you have plenty of levels, you still have to choose skills, simply because by the time you reach level 100, you are probably done with the game.

Mechanic Build PvE Pure Active

  • Max Satellite Shot
  • Explosion Shot
  • Laser Beam
  • Max out Flash
  • Max out Energy Bomb

Mechanic Build PvE Pure Passive

  • Max out EVA per DEX
  • Max out EVA
  • Max out CON Increase
  • Max out CRI Rate Increase
  • Max out Passive Master

Mechanic Best Gear and Weapons

When looking for armor (gloves, helms, chest, cape). Focus on gear that has EVA, HP and Attack bonuses. In later instances of the game, the best thing you can do is to get as much EVA as possible from gear and weapons. You can consider you have a good energy meter as long as you can get hit 4 times without dying.

HP absorb armor is also good to have as a second option, just in case you cannot find the bonuses explained above.

Mechanic Best Fairies

Use the holy rune fairy. This is probably the best one because of the stun ability. As far as stones go, focus on getting EVA, DEX and HP absorb

Mechanic PvP and Boos Fight Strategies

During boss fights, you need as much damage output as possible, as we stated several times on this guide, DEF does not make any different on Mechanics. Blitz skill to hide and Flash are your best friends here. When you are about to get smashed, use them.

When doing PvP combats, the key is to have lots of HP absorb, simply to counterbalance the enemy’s HP reflect. The worst classes builds you can come across in Zenonia 5 as a Mechanic are Pure CON Paladins and CON berserkers. Mechanics are the most difficult class to play PvP with, at least for beginners. Getting as much EVA as possible can be your salvation.

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  1. But the EVA per DEX is a hoax. I have 83 Eva and then I spent 15 points to max Eva per DEX but it only turned out 86.34 which is quite alarming given that my Dex is 403. Pls help

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