Zenonia 5 Berserker Class Character Build Guide

The Berserker is a melee class in Zenonia 5. This strategy guide aim to provide you with in-depth descriptions of skills and also the different and best builds/specs for your Zenonia 5 Berserker, so you don’t find later in the game that you have not used your stat and skill points in the wrong way.

Zenonia 5 Berserker Best Stat/Spec Builds

STR and CON should always be a priority when creating the ultimate Berserker Stat Spec, since those stats are those a melee class needs the most.

Why shouldn’t you add points to Dex and Int?. Because the EVA, CRIT and HIT can easily come from equipment rather than stat points. REgarding INT, the SP provided by it is simply not needed, it will be provided by STR.

  • STR Focused Berserker.
  • What you basically do by adding all your points to STR is creating a huge damage output. The con of all this is that your HP will be low and your attack avoidance low as well. So, when doing PvP, you will be an easy target for ranged classes like pure Int Wizards or pure Dex Mechanics. So its far more convenient for PvE play. However, you can still make use of some ranged abilities your Berserker has, but that are really not the best skills for a melee class. This spec is only for advanced players in PvE mode and noone else.

  • HYBRID BERSERKER SPEC 2 Con + 1 STR and then 1 Con + 2 STR
  • Each time you reach a new level, change the first points strat for the latter, so you end up with 50/50 stat split between STR and CON. As with all hybid specs in Zenonia 5, this might be the most balanced one and the most convenient for intermiate players who are not actually experts and don’t want to get frustrated with dying a lot of times. Your damage output is not that great, but your HP are a lot more than focusing on STR only, thus, you will survive hits a lot more. The rest bonus damage output will be left to gear equipment (see best bear equip for Berserkers in Zenonia 5 below)

    Also, you can focus your upgrade stones on attack only if you are a 50/50 build. If you happen to find yourself dying a lot in some boss battles, you should instead swith your gear to a more defensive one.

  • CON Focused Berserker.
  • This might be the best option for rookie players. Your berserker will be able to resist endless attacks from mobs and bosses with a really high HP bar and a high defense stat. Prepare though to stay attacking for a very long time during boss fights, since this is where you will be lacking stats.

    Focus your gear, weapons and upgrade stones on attack to counterbalance this spec. Try to find and equip gear that contains Crit bonus.

Best Gear for Zenonia 5 Berserker and Best Fairy Skills

Depending on your Berserker stat build, you will need gears with different bonuses, same thing goes to Fairy specs.

If you are putting all your points to STR, then it’s wise to equip items that give you HP, otherwise you will become too weak. Adding extra damage output is only for advanced players.

The skill stones for Fairies should be Fire. If you find yourself dying a lot, use HP Gain stones.

For berserkers with CON builds, then the way to go is obtaining DEF gear, that is until you reach the later instances of the game, where you can opt for some other gear due to your resistance being higher.

If you are wearing items with reflect bonuses and reach a 100%, you might consider it enough, the increments you get after that highly diminish.

Best Titles for Zenonia 5 Berserkers

The titles below are the definitely the best for STR based berserkers

  • Mud Slayer: Attack +20% [Kill 100 Mud Titans]
  • Kumtra Killer: Strength +20% [Kill 50 Kumtras.]
  • Burgeoise: +10% All stat [Have at least 1 million gold]
  • Legendary Warrior: HP +20% [Achieve level 99]
  • Super Miner: Constitution +15% [Mine 50 Orichalcon]

List of All Zenonia 5 Wizard Active Skills

Shoulder Charging Active 1 ATT: 100%
Stun Rate: 10%
Duration: 2 sec
ATT: +5%
Stun Rate: +2%
Power Slash Active 1 ATT: 350%
Constant DMG: +15%
Bleeding Rate: 30%
Duration: 6 sec
ATT: 20%
Bleeding Rate: 3%
Offensive Stance Active 5 ATT increase: +20%
Duration: 30 sec
ATT Increase: +2%
Duration: +1 sec
Guard Crash Active 5 Power Slash ATT: 190%
Stun Rate: 20%
Duration: 4 sec
ATT: +10%
Stun Rate: +2%
Defensive Stance Active 15 DEF Increase +30%
Duration: 30 sec
DEF Increase: +3%
Spinning Slash Active 15 ATT: 300% ATT: +20%
Wrath Strike Active 15 Guard Crash ATT: 150%
Constant DMG: +25%
Bleeding Rate: 10%
Duration: 6 sec
ATT: +10%
Bleeding Rate: +2%
Phantom Detonation Active 25 ATT: 80%
Constant DMG: +30%
Bleeding Rate: 10%
Duration: 8 sec
ATT: +3%
Bleeding Rate: +2%
Black Hole Slash Active 25 Spinning Slash ATT: 300%
Constant DMG: +10%
Shock: +10%
Pull: +1
Duration: 2 sec
ATT: +20%
Last Resistance Active 25 Reflect: +100%
HP Recovery +6%
Duration: 10 sec
Duration: +1 sec
Dark Spirit Active 35 Phantom Detonation ATT: 100%
Decoy x 1
Duration: 12 sec
Duration: +1 sec
Extra decoys at
Level 5 and 10
Blood Lust Active 35 HP Consumption: +1%
Normal Attack Increase: +80%
Duration: 20 sec
Duration: +2 sec
Blood Circle Active 35 ATT: 65%
Constant DMG +40%
Bleeding Rate: 10%
Duration: 6 sec
ATT: +4%
Spin Move Active 45 ATT: 160% ATT: +5%
Level 5 and 10 revolution
and travel distance increased
Potion Effect Increase Passive 1 Potion Effect: +10% Potion Effect: 5%
Gold Plus Passive 1 Gold Acquired: +5% Gold Acquired: +5%
ATT Increase Passive 5 ATT Increase: +4% ATT Increase: +2%
DEF Increase Passive 5 DEF: +4% DEF: +2%
EVA Increase Passive 15 EVA: +2.00 EVA: +2.00
CRI Rate Increase Passive 15 CRI Rate: 2.00 CRI Rate: 2.00
CON Increase Passive 25 CON: +3 CON: +3
STR Increase Passive 25 STR: +3 STR: +3
Passive Master Passive 35 Upgrade Passive: +3% Upgrade Passive: +3%
Power Link Passive 35 ATTK per STR: +15% CRI per INT: +5 %
Berserker’s Spirit Passive 45 Speed during Hit Rate: 10%
Speed ruing hit: +5
Duration: 3 sec
Speed during Hit Rate: +1%
Area Zero Passive 45 Free CRI Skill Rate: 3%
Free CRI Skill / Duration: 2 sec
Free CRI Skill Rate: 1%

Zenonia 5 Berserker Active Skills Builds, Tips & Advice

  • Shoulder Charging: This skill sends the berserker in a short run, damaging everything in its path. Of course, most of the time, you will never take avdantage of all hits the skill has to offer. This skill might be best used to escape life risk situations when surrounded by multiple mobs.
  • Power Slash: This one has the ability to send enemies back a few steps while also dealing a good amount of damage. Beware though, since this ability only has a single hit, if you miss it, then that’s it, your SP will be wasted.
  • Offensive Stance: This skill is a buff one, meaning it makes your regular attacks more powerful. When mixed with Blood Lust, it proves to be a very powerful option. Get at least 1 point to this skill.
  • Guard Crash: You have a very high chance to stun players on PvP fights when this ability is maxed out. You basically dash in a straight line hitting a max amount of 5 times.
  • Defensive Stance: No, this active skill won’t save you from major crits from bosses, so we suggest you forget about and gain a few more levels, saving yourself the hazzle.
  • Spinning Slash: When focusing on single targets, this skills is indeed powerful, it fires 1 deadly shot that tumbles down your target. However, and since you need to pick a lot of other skills that have sort of the same effect but spitting multiple attacks, this is not a priority.
  • Wrath Strike: Beware with the summoning time of this ability, it takes so much time that you can get seriously damaged while doing it. HOWEVER, if you do it with the right timing, is it one of the highest damaging skills. If you learn how to handle it, then go for it and stack points on it.
  • Phantom Detonation: As long as you are a pure STR Berkserker build, Phantom Detonation will do marvels. A very powerful attack as long as all your gear and weapons have att bonuses.
  • Black Hole Slash: Another vacuum skill, does nothing but bringing the enemy towards you. Might be useful in PvP battles, but worthless for PvE scenarios.
  • Last Resistance: Another skill that is pretty good to survive longer during PVP battles, the HP recovering when this skill is used is also usefull when suffering from potion cooldowns and taking heavy damage from bosses. It’s good for hybrid builds.
  • Dark Spirit: This skill should be your top priirity, for all type of builds this attack is incredibly powerful. Max out the skill if you want to take advantage of it.
  • Bloodlust: Your damage is highly increased in exchange for HP loss with this skill. If you mix it with Last Resistance, you can counterbalance the HP loss and stay pretty much the same. This is another recommended skill
  • Blood Circle: A great skill when facing multiple enemies at the same time. However, you should max it out if you trully want to deal decent damage.
  • Spin Move: The bad thing about this skill is that you need to stay really close to the enemy in order to use it. Might be good if you have assigned enough points to CON. Regardless of that, expect to get it a lot when using it.

Zenonia 5 Berserker Skill Builds

You will mainly play with 2 different skill builds for pure STR, hybrid and CON stat builds. With a hybrid berserker build, you are not strong enough to resist attacks from mobs and bosses, so you will still be using the same skill build that applies for STR based berserkers.

For STR Berserker Stat Spec:

  • 1p Power Slash
  • Max Out ATT Increase
  • 1p Offensive Stance
  • Max Out Guard Crash
  • 1p Phantom Spirit
  • Max Out Crit Rate
  • 1p Bloodlust
  • Max Out Dark Spirit
  • Max Out Phantom Spirit
  • Max Out STR Increase
  • Max Out Passive Master

These are the first mandatory points that need to be assigned in order to create the initial skill build. After these points are added, you will have to decide whether to max out some active skills or go the passive route. Remember that Bloodlust + Offensive Stance when maxed out and stacked can output a huge amount of damage.

For CON Berserker Stat Spec:

This build will only yield great results later in the game, and it takes quite a lot of time and patience to level up (although you won’t die that often). Damage Reflect items mixed with Decoys become a very powerful combination once you make some progress. When farming XP through different scenes, we suggest you pile up quite a few enemies and try to attack them all at the same time. Attacking single targets with a CON build is simply not fun and takes forever.

  • Max Out DEF Increase
  • Max Out CRI Rate Increase
  • 1p Offensive Stance,
  • 1p Last Resistance
  • Max Out Dark Spirit
  • 1p Bloodlust
  • Max Out CON Increase
  • Max Out Passive Master
  • Max Out STR Increase
  • Max Out Last Resistance

Once you are done with this initial CON build, then you can focus on passive skills whhich manage to increase your attack power a lot more than active skills do when very few STR points are assigned.

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  1. my berserker build is def and strenght now i’m lvl 73 try to hunt set 70 my attck is 3k7 and def 1k7 what should i do to beat the final boss? lvl 88

    1. Train till you’re at least on lvl 90, killing hell sorcerers (lvl 85 I guess) Sorry for my basic english lvl xD

    2. I have a question, when i pvp, the other class like berserker, paladin, mechanic, wizard, use the skill that looks like a triangle and have 3 circle connect into a triangle shape, and i use skill on them the damage that i did is like 10, 11, 9, 8, 12 then went up to 8203 but then go down to 20, 11, 13, 10. what skill is that? plz tell me

  2. I’m at lvl 54 berserker right now. I love this game but I need friends on it so I can get free scanning scrolls. Please add me, my Zenonia 5 name is xenahort69 thank you to whoever adds me and helps me in my quest of scanning scrolls :) Ill accept all friend requests

  3. If u font spend ur money (alot) on this game,,,dont u ever expect to reach the final boss,I got all of the 4 characters & all of them were lvl 90 but still none of them can beat the gate keeper boss,,,f**k

  4. I keep seeing phantom spirit on the skill build but there’s no phantom sprit on the skill tree? Is this phantom detonation or berserker spirit?



  6. Hey guys, add me my name is eternitywar9 and I’m a lvl 22 berserker . Btw, is my attack and def gud enough for my lvl? My attack is 1k and def is 450-ish. Is is gud for my lvl(I’m lvl 22)? I play pvp a lot and so I have the title giving me a 20+ bonus to all my stats, plus I have a unique ring which I got from killing a Franken, it gives another 10+ stat bonus.

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