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Total Conquest. Welcome to quickgamer’s Total Conquest walkthrough guide for beginners. If you want tips, take a look at the bottom of the guide.


VILLAS AND FARMS. In order to ensure the well-being of your troops and citizens you will need a steady supply of Gold and Food at all times. Every farmer and household owner will pay you a tribute in exchange for your protection of the province. All you have to do is build Farms and Villas for them

TRAINING. The game revolves around battling your friends and enemies alike. For this, you need an army. Select the Barracks building in the Province, then tap on the Train Units icon. Tap on any of the units in order to train one unit. After the units finish training, they will be stationed in the Muster Ground building, for your viewing pleasure and evaluation. You can access them by tapping the View Army icon in the training interface or manually selecting the Muster Ground building in your Province.

DEFENSIVE. Your province can be attacked by other players, even when you are not playing the game. You can defend against them by building Towers in strategic positions or placing Traps in unpredictable spots. Another good defensive building is the Militia, but beware, the troops inside will spring into action only when they smell the enemy very near. Position this building carefully.

PROGRESSING. There are several ways to achieve true greatness in Total Conquest. Proving yourself on the battlefield is, of course, the main one. While in your Province, you can tap the Battle icon and select any of the missions on the map (represented by the icon of an enemy). If you want, we can find an opponent for you based on your level of skill. Just tap the Find a Match icon and let us do the work.


DEFENDERS. After you have trained some troops, you can order some of them to guard your Province while you are away. Just add them to the Militia building and they will stand guard while you are tending to other business. These units will be subtracted from your Attacking Army in your Muster Ground and will not be available for deployment when you attack other players.

CIRCLE OF LIFE. You can choose which brave men amongst your already trained troops will defend your Province in case of an attack. After you’ve trained some troops in the Barracks and they’re relaxing in the Muster Ground with some grape juice in hand, you can go to the Militia building and select which fine men will have the honor of defending your province. Just tap a unit’s icon in the left column (Muster Ground Column) and see them added to the right column (Militia column). Added a unit to the Militia by mistake. No problem, just tap the unit’s icon in the Militia column and the units will be removed one by one.

DEPLOYMENT. All units in your Muster Ground are available for deployment in Attack mode. If you exhaust the troops you have in the Muster Ground but feel that victory is close, you can deploy more troops by spending Tokens. After you have deployed all your available troops, the price in Tokens for each troop will replace the number of available units. Deploying your units is easy: Just select the unit you want to deploy in Attack Mode (the icon will turn yellow), then choose the location where you want the unit deployed. You can tap and hold a location to deploy multiple units quickly.

POTIONS. Potions can provive assistance during an attack, both by aiding your troops and by harming your opponents. To use them, simply select a potion and then tap where you want to deploy it. Note that is takes our alchemists a while to brew them, though, so you need to wait a but before each one becomes available again.

IMMUNITY. Immunity is meant to temporarily protect your Province from attackes and allow you to gather resources in peace. However, your Immunity will be dropped once you attack someone. You are given Immunity every time you are successfully attacked by another player. The duration of the Immunity varies based on the level of destruction dealt by the attacker. You can see if Immunity is active and how much time is left in the top-right corner of your HUD.


RESOURCES. You acquire resources of your own by building Villas (gold coins) and Farms (apples) and collecting from them. Gold is primarily used for constructing buildings or defenses and upgrading them, while Food is used for training and upgrading skills for units. You can always steal some resources from other players if you feel brave. The players you raid cant take revenge against you by raiding your Province themselves. Nobody can steal all of your resources at one time.

STORAGE SPACE. After you collect some Resources from your production buildings, you will need someplace to store them. The storage capacity for these buildings increases with every upgrade, so plan ahead; you don’t want to have a lot of Resources on hand and no place to put them. You can build both Food and Gold storage buildings from the Market. Also, keep in mind that your production buildings have a maximum capacity that they can store without you collecting from them, but the resources stored there cannot be used unless placed in the Storage buildings.

BUILD AND UPGRADE. Tap the Market icon while in Province mode in order to access all the individual buildings, which contains the name of the building, some relevant information about it, the number of buildings of that type you’ve built, the maximum number you can build, and the cost. Prices will be displayed in red if you don’t have enough money to build a specific building. Most buildings can be improved via the Upgrade system. Just tap a building, then the Upgrade icon. This brings up a window where you can evaluate the advantages gained by upgrading the building, the current level of the building, the level you will upgrade to, the time it takes to finish the upgrade, and the cost of the upgrade. Production buildings halt production hile they are being upgraded. If you want to build or upgrade any given building, you will need an Architect who is not too busy to take the job. You can employ extra Architects by tapping the Architect building and tapping the Hire an Architect icon.


RANDOM MATCHES. You can start a Random match against another player by tapping the Find a Match icon, once inside the Battle Map. The system will automatically pair you with another player of equal or similar strength based on your City Hall’s level

REVENGE. Got attacked by another player while you were away?. Go into the Inbox and select the Battle Logs in order to view the attacks you suffered while away. If your forces are not strong enough to defeat your attacker. You have the option to ask your Legion members to avenge you, use the Ask for Revenge option. Check the requests tab in your Forum regularly to see if any fellow Legion members have asked for revenge against their attackers, you may be able to help.

REPLAY. A good way to improve your Province layout from battle to battle is by studying Replays of the attack you just suffered. To do this, =access the battle logs section by tapping the envelope icon in the HUD while in your Province. This is a great way to improve your defensive strategy and fortify areas that you might have overlooked before.


LEGION BASICS. In order to have access to all the Multiplayer features, you must first build a Forum. The first time you enter the Forum, you will be masked to either create a Legion or join an existing one. From the moment you are part of such an assembly, the Forum will function as a central hub for your Legion’s activity. You can increase the number of Legion members by leveling up the Legion itself. This can be done by donating resources to the Legion’s Common Storage. You can invite a friend to join your Legion from either the Chat or Friends Map interfaces. You can request reinforcements from your Legion members in the Forum by tapping the Request Units icon. Once you tap the icon, you can see requests that you and others have sent in the Requests tab in the Forum.

LEGION WARS. Wars are events in which members of two warring Legions attack each other over the course of three days and gain War Points. At the end of a War, the Legion with the most War Points wins a reward of Tokens, which is divided among its members. Starting a war is easy. Start by building the Forum building and then access the War tab and select the Start a war icon. war can be waged against another Legion only by the Legion owner, after which other members can join in from the war tab in the Forum.

SPOILS OF WAR. Each successful attack of any player involved in the War brings War Points for the Legion that he or she is part of. After 3 days, the Legion that has the most War Points is declared the winner. The rewards are divided between the participants in the war, depending on the amount of War Points each one has contributed to the Legion’s final WP score. You can get resources, leaderboard points and even Tokens as rewards, provided you take the necessary risks.


  • Is victory close, but not quite reachable?. You can call for reinforcements, or use potions to ensure your success.
  • Is the campaign not offering the kind of challenge you expected?. You can always try your might against other players.
  • The Forum building allows you to join a Legion, from which you can receive reinforcements and other benefits. There is strength in numbers
  • Place two fingers on the screen and drag vertically to modify the viewing angle.
  • The way to a flourishing Province is a healthy economy. Build and upgrade Farms and Villas if prosperity is your goal.
  • Improving a unit at the Blacksmith also increases its price from that point onwards.
  • Units which are deployed on the battlefield will not return to your Province. They earned their freedom in battle
  • Each unit type has its own strengths on the battlefield. If a situation seems very challenging, try approaching it with a different roster.
  • Don’t be afraid to use potions, they can often turn the tide of battle.
  • Want your troops to deal more damage to the enemy. Try upgrading their skills in the Blacksmith.
  • Short on funds for that awesome upgrade. Resources can be plundered from both Campaign and PvP battles.
  • Units received from other Legion members cannot be assigned to the Militia. they can only be usd while attacking.
  • You can double-tap buildings such as the Barracks to directly open their main interface.
  • Some units and towers have a minimum range where they can fire projectiles. The cloud Buster, for example, cannot attack units which are engaging it in melee.
  • Victory is achieved in each battle when you have earned at least one star. This is awarded when you destroy the enemy’s City Hall or more than half of their buildings.
  • The Speculator unit can tread lightly around traps without activating them
  • Villas and Farms will stop producing if their internal storage is full, be sure to collect from them regularly.
  • Touch and hold a building to start moving it
  • Blessings from the Temple can have a significant effect on the battlefield. Use them to your advantage, and watch out for enemy Temples.

Hope you enjoyed our Total Conquest walkthrough guide for beginners. If you have other tips, cheats, hacks or defending or attacking strategies for PvP or campaign levels, please leave your comment below.

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    1. Go to the units page to see barracks units but it doesn’t show units for BotG (barracks of the gods) which there are only two (minotaur and cyclops)

  1. I have put a abbundant amount of time money and patience into this game! I like tha basis/platform
    Of the game, but I have bought tokens and lost/ stolen etc. I would be very satisfied if you made it right! ( between the 2 month time period when I was not even able to load game, not to mention all the tokens that just “dissapered”! I hope that you will recktify this matter and guarantee that it won’t be happening again. THANK YOU

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