Tiny Death Star Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to quickgamer’s Tiny Death Star walkthrough guide for beginners. For those that played Tiny Tower, the game mechanics will be easy to grasp, since there are actually just a few new features added, besides the Star Wars themed stuff of course. Check out other guides for the complete list of Bitizens, Levels, VIPs and Scenes.


Levels are the building floors you have to add in order to make your Death Star bigger, in order to create more Job Positions and also for adding more residential rooms. You can add a new level by tapping on the top button in the middle. The credit cost increases as new levels are added, but so is the credit generation from the business levels. There are 6 type of levels;

  • Food:
  • Service
  • Recreation
  • Retail
  • Residential: you need residential levels so new humans start living in the Death Star, becoming available at the same time for a job position.
  • Imperial Levels: Once unlocked, you can start completing assignments, which are special quests that take lots of credits to complete and have bigger rewards in terms of Imperial Bux.

Once you add a level, you need to wait a certain amount of time for it to be constructed, or otherwise pay 1 Imperial Bux to speed up the construction.

[box type=”info”]IMPERIAL LEVELS. What’s so special about Imperial Levels?. Once you reach the fifth mission and complete it, you will be granted access to Imperial Levels, these let you complete Imperial Assignments.[/box]

Assignments are carried out within the Death Star itself. For instance, the first task is to “Extract the Rebel Secrets”. But it’s not so easy, you need Supply Officers to obtain the necessary items. The first one is handed out for free, but for the following ones, you will have to either keep playing and wait for them to appear, or spend 1,000 imperial credits to get one to assemble an item. Besides, only 1 Supply Officer can work at the Interrogation Room at a time. Also, you might need of multiple Imperial Levels to carry out some Assignments

Each part needed to be assembled takes some time, although you can always speed up the process by spending some precious Imperial Bux.


So how do Jobs work exactly?. First of all, each level has 3 job positions available. Only 1 of them is active at a time, so what you are basically doing when adding multiple bitizens to the slots is making sure you can choose a job that fits your time needs, the third slot is always the one that yields the most coins, but also takes a longer time to order the stok

Every job slot has 2 stages. The first is meant to order the goods, which takes time, and the second slot is to sell the goods, which also takes a certain time. You can speed up both processes by spending imperial bux.

Once you have all 3 job positions occupied, only a single slot can make an order for stock. However, all 3 positions can sell once they received the stock. You should always start with the job position that takes longer to receive the stock, since this is also the one that will take longer to run out of stock. In the meanwhile, you can keep placing orders in the two remaining slots.

[box type=”info”]WORKING BITIZENS. These bitizens are randomly generated for each player. What this means is that you are not likely to find another player that also got the same name, dream job, birthday and skills that you did. The bitizen character avatar comes indeed from one in the album, but you can get the same avatar with different stats.[/box]

Each unit sold will give you 1 credit, which does not seem much, but when you find that each character can sell multiple units and that you will eventually have lots of floors selling stuff and services, then the credit counter will start increasing at much faster rates.

When in the “Hire a Bitizen” menu in a business level, you will see the best applicants first, with their corresponding stat highlighted. Notice that if you don’t have unemployed bitizens, you will be shown employed ones as well and that is one way of moving them from one Job position to the other.

UPGRADE RANK. What you do by upgrading a leve rank is allowing it to upgrade the amount of stock the level can hold at a cost of X amount of bux.


You sure need something, or somebody, to fill in all those levels. There is where the bitizens, this time Star-Wars themed characters, will start flowing in by getting inside the elevator and wait for you take them to the right floor. In fact, this is what you will do most of the time, grab the elevator and take them to their spot.

If a bitizen actually moves in, instead of just using a service in one of the levels, you will get profile card detailing the skills, name, birthday, level, etc.

A bitizen living and working in the Death Star has 4 skills; Food, Service, Recreation and Retail. The higher stat is the one you must take into account when giving the bitizen a job, since the higher the skill, the more the ordering time is reduced. The bitizen will get its dream job only when you already added quite a few levels.

EVICT. Evicting a Bitizen = fire him from its job position. But not only you will get rid of him from a specific job, but you will also kick him out of the Death Star.

If you want to force-unlock new bitizens to come to your Death Star to live and work is by tapping on Residential levels that have empty slots and rent them at the cost of 1 bux. This way you will get right away a human bitizen ready to work at another level.

Dressing Up the bitizen a differently with one of the multiple costumes available doesn’t change anything, and it’s there merely for fun. Special Costumes will cost you bux though.

Not every single Death Star bitizen visiting the Death Star will stay there for work, some just pay a visit to a store or service level.

Each time you take a bitizen to the right floor, it will immediately give you a few credits.

RECRUITING OFFICERS. Recruiting Officers appear randomly and will help you move new bitizens into the residential level you deliver it to. NOW, they not only get you a single bitizen, but actually fill up ALL rooms in a single move !!!!.

[box type=”info”]Bitizen of Interest. You will randomly see a blue alert icon at the bottom, which ask for your help to find a particular Star Wars character in the death star. Once you find the right character, you will be given 1 Imperial Bux.[/box]


Once you’ve transported a few bitizens to their respective level, you will be introduced to Missions. Missions, or quests, can reward you with quite a few credits/coins when you complete them, and they are a good way of following the right path to build your Death Star

Remember to collect your reward once the mission gets completed.


Scenes do not seem to give you any special rewards besides the fun of watching the clip itself. They are unlocked by delivering a specific character to that level. Check out our album guide to find out which character triggers which scene.


The album shows you the complete catalogue of Bitizens, Levels and Scenes, that is of course, until you actually unlock them. Remember you can force unlock a character by spending Bux.



The inventory is where stuff such as supply officers are stored.


Holonet = Facebook Wall. The bitizens living in the Death Star will start posting their thoughts on the Holonet wall, most of them are useless, but some could give you a clue of where the bitizen should actually be working.


  • We suggest that you spend the first Imperial Bux in purchasing credits, otherwise adding new levels during the first gaming sessions can get painfully slow.
  • Levels with more employees can stock and sell more products.
  • The red arrows are your best friend to quickly look for the elevator. This becomes important when you have more than 20 floors.
  • Your businesses continue selling items even when you are away.
  • Icons Matter. Take a look at the top-left corner of each level to see if there are any job slots or rooms available for your bitizens.
  • The 2nd and 3rd items produced by a business sell for two and three Credits instead of one.
  • If you want faster elevators, you can buy them at the Store, they cost bux, but not so many. Most of them are locked and you need to buy the previous version in order to unlock the following one.
  • It does not make sense to place a business level if you don’t have residential levels with rooms available.
  • How do you Fire a Bitizen?. Can you move an employee from one Job to the other?. At the beginning, you might think that they only way to empty a job position in a business level is to evict a bitizen, but you thought wrong. Instead of tapping on Evict, tap on Job
  • Remember, Bitizens looking for a Job will only move in to the Death Star if there are residential rooms available.
  • When adding a new level, take a look at the level type distribution chart. Too many of one kind means buyers appear less often.

Hope our Tiny Death Star walkthrough guide was useful. If you have questions regarding the game, just leave a comment below. You can also share your hacks, tips or cheats if you want to.

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  1. just found that whenever you find a bitizen of interest, labeled as “suspect identified”, a new bitizen character gets added to the album

  2. Great guide. I have a niggling question though. Do you happen to know what it means when a person arriving at your station/tower has a question mark (?) instead of a floor number? The question mark disappears and changes to a floor number when I start moving the elevator though. It’s made me very curious.


    1. None, we simply didn’t notice any difference between the coin that the character yields, and as you say, it will tell you the floor as soon as you start moving the elevator.

    2. I’m not too sure if this is true, but from what I noticed, chars with “?” seem to take off -1min off restocking/building. When I restock an item with a 1min time right after/before the character enters the level, it instantly restocks. Can anyone confirm?

    3. Question mark bitizens can be used on any imperial floor, not just on the floor number in their speech bubble. This can help to speed things up when building on the imperial floors but you get no coins for sending them to a floor they didn’t request

    4. -You can put ANY bitizen at an imperial level
      -Delivering a bitizen to any level thats stocking will take a minute off.

      I haven’t figured out what its for either.

    5. ? marked bitizens, i think, are ment to confuse you. If a bitizen arrives to go to the floor you’re about to finish building, for example, as a residential and take him there, you won’t be able to make him stay there. For that, you can wait for the construction to finish, and then take him to the floor. With the ? ones, you have to move them in the elevator (if you do that you won’t be able to do anything else meanwhile you have him in the elevator) and if you have to take them to the floor you will open soon, you probably will and lose him as whatever could be useful.
      Sorry for my english.

    6. The ? bitizens are the characters that are also in the album, so all are actual Star Wars characters. If you deliver the right ? character to the right floor you’ll see a little clip. For instance: send Leia to the -1 interrogation room. 😉

    7. I figured it out! The ? characters will “cause a scene” so to speak. No matter what floor they ask for, you can drop them off on a certain floor to enact a cut scene. For example, plain ? Leia can be dropped off on the INTERROGATION floor to enable a scene of her being interrogated. However, Bespin Leia will NOT.

    8. The QUESTION MARK is for characters in the album. It prevents us from moving a floor and forcing these characters to move into an apartment. Disney probably doesn’t want Princess Leia working at Rebo’s Karaoke and living in Snivvian Apts!

    9. ? characters I believe are there as additional gameplay challenge. The level number (N) will not appear until after you start moving the elevator, after which you cannot cancel the action and you have to deliver that bitz to the corresponding N level. Let’s say you are keeping a Residence-N full with 5 bits and N=5, you will then lose that bitz due to lack of room. So the tip is: Always keep ONE available room in your Residences.

    10. OK so the people with the “?” just mean that they are not disclosing what level they want to go to before you decide to move them. All the special characters appear this way. The logic seems to be that since you are able to move levels around at any moment for the cost of 1 buck if you knew what level Han Solo wanted to go to or Boba Fett you Could move a residential level to that location and end up with Boba Fett living in your Death Star.

    11. ? Characters just give double coins… Has no relation to cutscenes or album.
      So delivering a ? To level 25 for me would pay 25 x 4 (elevator bonus) x 2 (? Bonus) = 200 coins
      Also, cutscenes trigger with specific characters/races visiting specific levels, eg Leia going to the interrogation level or sending an ewok to the Imperial Gallery or sending a gungan to Watto’s Wares…

    12. “?” Biizens do several things:
      -they have the chance to unlock a cutscene (if placed on the correct floor)
      -They tip double the amount
      -they create a shopping spree like the celebrity (if the floor has any stock)

      Several things to note are:
      -you cannot force a bitizen on to a level (I’ve tried a lot)
      -you cannot stop at a level to unlock a cutscene. it must be requested
      -any bitizen can be transferred to a sub-floor/imperial level but you forfeit your tip
      -any bitizen put on any level with time left on it removes 1 minute (except workers which remove 3 hours)

    13. It was a glitch thats been fixed. The level that they ask to go to is not meant to be displayed. Its the level that triggers a scene if desired. I usually just send them to my top floor for the shopping spree.

    1. The star right next to a floor means you have matched a worker with its “dream job”. Each floor can have as many stars as jobs have, that means, 3 stars in total. These workers will start ordering twice the amount of goods for that position.

  3. Something I discovered by accident you can add to the guide quickganer, if you have an imperial project going I.e rebel secrets, by throwing someone in thatevel you will reduce the time by a minute. This is great if yiu have full apts and a guy wants to go to one. Also I have 17 floors at the moment and the 2nd lift whichbgives twice the tip. So what I do is chuck people in the imperuals levels if 1. Rhey want to go to a low floor 2. I have projects on 3. They want to go to an apt on a low floor.

    Cheers !

  4. Anyone know how to complete the I Spy mission? It says to bring him a rebel spy. I’ve captured two so far but that didn’t trigger it, I’ve also gotten Leia and delivered her to the interrogation room instead of the floor she requested. Have a cute little scene, but still didn’t clear the mission. I think I’m missing something….

    1. No, you are not missing it, capturing a rebel spy simply means finding it and successfully capturing it afterwards.

    2. My last comment appeared but then was deleted for some reason. I’ll try again. I’m having the same problem. No idea how to complete this mission. Quickgamer, what do you mean when you say “capturing a rebel spy simply means finding it and successfully capturing it afterwards”? I can’t see how to do this. Thanks!

    3. You cannot choose when to capture the rebel, what we meant is that you need to keep playing until a blue icon appears at the bottom and a pop up window tasks you with finding that bitizen in particular, they will show you a picture of the rebel, which is in most of the cases Princess Leia, and you quickly have to find it in one of the floors and tap on her. NOW, there are many chances that she will in fact escape, in that case you need to wait until the next Leia appears and keep doing it until you succeed.

  5. Great game – I’m a touch stuck on a mission though: it says “curse these Rebel Spies! Bring me 1 of them!”

    I’ve tried everything to pass it and don’t want to skip it – tried dropping passengers off at lower imperial levels, but nothing seems to work.

    Also, what’s with the ? passengers – the answers above aren’t actually correct, as you can use any bitizens on the imperial levels to speed up build times.

    1. The answers above are indeed correct. We verified that the ? allows to reduce times. As you say, regular bitizens reduce times on imperial levels when carrying out tasks, but that is something different.

      Now, regarding rebel spies, you just need to wait until the actual character appears in the building, and the game asks you to locate it. In order to do this, keep delivering people to their respective levels until that moment comes. Beware though, that you need to locate it fast, otherwise you will fail to capture it.

    2. I eventually worked out the quest thanks, just took a little more playing as you mention – regarding the ? bitizens, Brains530 covered what I meant by it not being correct.

      The ? bitizens seem to work exactly the same as the others so why the distinction? Perhaps it comes into play later on.

    3. How did you end up working out the I Spy quest, Ash? I found a suspected spy and caught her but that didn’t end the quest!

    4. I think it only works with certain rebels – I captured plenty of them, but suddenly it unlocked.

      If yours isn’t working, it could possibly be a glitch as I’ve had a mission glitch on me – it was a “get 30 residents to move in” one, and I had 35. It could be that the coding ignores the residents moved in via the VIP though.

    5. You have to wait for an imperial mission to find an spy in some of the floors When you find the rebel spy the mission will be accomplish

    6. The ? bitizens do three very specific things – the tips that occasionally pop up in the app will tell you these things throughout the game:

      1) Any POSITIVE numbered level you take the ? bitizen to will net you 2x the tip. So if you have not upgraded your elevator, taking a ? bitizen to level 20 will earn you a 40 credit tip instead of the 20 credits you’d get with a normal bitizen.

      2) The main purpose of the ? bitizens is to unlock scenes. ONLY the ? bitizens can unlock scenes, which is why they do not have a floor number request. For example, if you deliver any Gungan bitizen with a ? over his head to the Mos Espa Cafe, he will unlock a scene where he snaps a frog with his tongue and pulls Jabba the Hutt from his bath through the ceiling.

      3) The one I haven’t seen anyone mention yet is that if you deliver a ? bitizen to a shop level, they will start a buying frenzy (the same as if you deliver the “Celebrity” VIP bitizen to a floor. It doesn’t tell you that this happens except in a random tip that pops up from time to time, but watch your floor after you deliver the ? bitizen and you’ll see what I mean.

      Other than that, the bitizen works the same as any other bitizen you deliver to a floor.

      I recommend using ? bitizens strategically. If you want to unlock scenes, do that first. But you get the same ? bitizens again and again, so don’t keep using them just to unlock scenes. Since ? bitizens aren’t locked to a specific level, you can use them to take a minute off of ANY level you’re currently constructing/stocking/crafting (on Imperial levels), so drop them off wherever you want to shave off an extra minute. You could also deliver them to any level you have currently fully stocked and take advantage of the buying frenzy they create. If you aren’t worried about taking a minute off or selling your items and don’t want to unlock a scene, then just take them immediately to your highest level and get the maximum tip possible. If you have an upgraded elevator, I imagine this benefit stacks, so it can earn you some MAD credits if you have a lot of levels and a souped up elevator.

    1. The interrogation room is just one of the multiple Imperial Levels. Each Imperial Level creates some particular item that allow you to complete side missions and get coins and maybe bucks. In this case, the interrogation room creates Rebel Secrets, which is simply another item, and you need supply officers to do so.

    2. Actually, the one thing you can do with the interrogation room is occasionally you’ll notice Princess Leia try to sneak onto the Death Star on your elevator. If you helpfully bring her to the interrogation room instead of wherever she wants to go you’ll get a little cutscene.

    1. As far as I can tell, moving floors simply helps you organize your Death Star better. I like to keep my residential floors all together, and that’s the only reason I may move a floor around.

    2. The higher the floor, the more money you received when you take a bitizen to that level. So taking a Bitizen to floor 15 will pay $30 with an upgraded elevator NB200 commercial lift. I keep my residential floors low and stores high and you will receive higher payments per elevator and you will always have 1 minute of stocking time on that floor deducted for every bitizen delivered correctly.

    1. I used it to help me be organized in tiny tower. Keep all the residential levels together or whatever.

  6. Just a quick question. In the other Tiny Towers game you could delete floors but I do not see an option for that in this game. Is there a way to delete an unwanted floor and I am just missing it?

    1. this is the same exact thing I am wondering, can’t find it anywhere online. I don’t think it’s possible.

  7. I still don’t really understand what the interigation rooms are for. I’ve built loads of stuff over 3 levels, but the items are just growing in the inventory. I don’t seem to get any money for them, and don’t see any side missions. what is supposed to happen?

    1. If you tap on the level right above the interrogation room, it will display the missions that require the items produced on the imperial levels.

    1. Once the special icon appears at the bottom bar it will ask you to find a bitizen and show you its pic, carefully investigate each level and once you find such bitizen, tap on it.

  8. What will happen when i get all levels? I’m cheating with time&date on my ipad to earn money quickly, and now i’m able to earn ~200.000 per 10 minutes

    1. No, you need to buy them in a sequential order. You can buy them with premium currency, which you get from capturing rebels and helping bitizens

  9. Hello, I’m stuck on a mission when the emperor asks me to have 30 bitizens move in. I DO have 30 bitizens bunt the quest will not end. Does it mean that I just have to evict bitizens just to have 30 move in by themsels? (I have used several tim the Recruting Officer VIP). thx

    1. Same here: got 30 peeps working their butts off for me and I used the recruiting officer several times. Help us with this mission!

    2. Glad I’m not alone here. I skipped it in order to move the game along – if you don’t skip it fast enough, you’ll build a lot of things that fulfill later missions. I did that, and now I’m kicking myself. Seriously, it is worth it in the long run to skip any tasks you can’t fulfill in the next few hours.

    3. This quest is clearly broken. I have moved out several bitizens in order to get 30 new bitizens, it did not work. My next thought was to go for 30 more bitizens that when i got the quest, that would be less that 60 in total. I did not yet test this though. I advice you all to skip this quest.

    4. I think the bitz count starts from the time the Emperor announced the mission and not necessarily the total no. of bitz you have from the start of the game. Did you start counting 1-30 from the introduction of the mission?

    5. @mrcrabdribble is correct. The 30 bitizens in the emperor’s task is in addition to any bitizens you had before the task. So if you have 10 workers living on two levels, you have to add six more levels and fill them all with workers to complete the task, for a total of 40 bitizens when you are through. I just completed this today.

    6. I posted a screenshot with that mission and submitted it as a bug report to the game. They answered me saying this: “Finally, the Emperor brings this achievement to your attention when you have a total of 30 bitizens. This is because you need to have another 30 bitizens to move in afterwards, to reach a total of 60 bitizens.” First, this isn’t true, because I got that quest when I had 15 bitizens. So I answered saying that I would get back to them when I was at 45 bitizens to see if it would complete the mission, and I added that it was a pretty mean quest to “triple your bitizen count.” They got back to me saying that they would forward that information to the Disney Mobile Team. The next day there was an update and my quest reverted to “get 5 more bitizen(s).” I did and it still didn’t complete the quest so I decided to just spend 1 bux to skip it.

    7. This worked for me. I already had 30 residents. But it took me to get 31 more to finish the quest. Just be patient.

  10. My elevator is stuck on level 2 with someone inside. HE did not get off at the level he wanted and it just floats there, won’t go up or down. Is there a fox for this?

  11. Im stuck on the mission where it tells me to “have 30 bitizens moved in”. I have 30 bitizens in apartments and it hasnt conpleted the mission!!

    1. You probably have to let 30 bitizens move in since the mission appeared. I’m at the same mission but my sixth appartment floor is still under construction.

    2. I’m having the same problem. After being given the mission I then built a new apartment level and used the Recruiting Officer to fill it. Mission remained incomplete. I then tried evicting a bitizen and moved a new one in in the normal way using the elevator. Mission still not complete.

      Please help me past this mission, what magic is required.? :)

    3. I just passed this mission – I think you have to move 30 bitizens after you get the mission. However I think it might just be 30 NEW bitizens, since when I unlocked the mission I had ~25, and now I have ~35. But I evicted a lot since then so I think I must have cycled through 30 new ones.

    4. The “get bitizens to move in” mission requires to move them with the VIP “recruiting officer”, normal new residents via regular elevator do not count (at least at this time and in my local (german) version)

  12. I’m not able to complete the 30 bitizens either.

    Also, the ? Are characters rather than ordinary bitizens and if take them to the right floor, it could trigger a scene.

    1. I completed this mission when I got to around 45 bitizens. It counts the amount of residents you have from when you received the mission plus 30. It doesn’t matter how many move in or get evicted. Just the total number.

    1. They are not requesting a speficic level, and it has already been answered here multiple times what do ? bitizens do.

    2. Quickgamer – The ? Bitizens do request a level once you start to move the elevator.

      Couldn’t figure out how to reply to a reply here , at least not from an iPhone.

  13. Hi stuck on the mission “fill a business with skill 9 workers star wars tiny death star” – do all the stats have to be 9999 for each working, i filled my food court with workers that had all 9’s in the food catorgorie but it did not seem to do anything. Thanks

    1. I’m stuck in the same place. I’ve got Rebo’s karaoke bar filled with workers that are skill 9 rec, one even has the dream job to work there, but it still will not acknowledge the achievement.

    2. I had trouble with this too. I got around it by making all three employees unemployed then rehing them. This triggered the completion of the quest.

    3. With many of the Emperor’s missions, the fulfillment must take place after receiving the mission. Any bitizen that has already worked on a particular floor won’t count, even if you have three bitizens with the correct stat at 9. Place a fresh bitizen with a 9 in that floor and the mission should unlock.

    4. I did as asdff anon mentions. I pulled my 3 lvl 9s, and re-added them. For some reason, I THOUGHT I got that mission before I had any lvl 9s in that job. Maybe I had one.

    5. I had trouble with this too. I removed all bitizens from one store and put them back into the store making sure each had a 9 in the relevant category and I achieved this mission.

  14. I have a bitizen who has rubbish skill levels, but is doing his dream job. Should I sack him or keep him on and why?

    1. I have the same question. I have a level 2 FOOD person, yet is in his dream job. Is it better to leave him there and get DOUBLE stock…or replace him with a 9 to have faster load times?

    2. In my opinion it’s always best to go with favorite job over the stat. The stat affects how fast the bitizen can restock, whereas the favorite job will double the stock the bitizen can carry before they run out (if you have 2 bitizens with favorite jobs, the the 1 and 2 spots will get double stock, 3 bitizens all spots get double stock). The double stock is what really pays off, because if you leave the game unattended (such as overnight), you will end up with double the coins than you would have. Also in general the favorite job is in the category with the highest score for that bitizen, so it is generally 5 or higher. The difference you’ll see between a 5 and a 9 is not nearly as much as a favorite job or not. Sorry for the ramble…

    3. There are sometimes more than three bitizens with the same dream job. When a fourth one moves in, unemploy the one with the lowest stats. If that one has really low stats all across the board, evict him to open up an apartment for another worker with better stats, just like IRL.

      Even if all workers have the same stats, employ a newer one to get the Imperial Bux!

    4. I’ve found that even if you have all 3 workers with dream jobs at skill level 9 and someone with an equal skill level comes along, it’s often a good idea to evict one of your existing workers and hire the new guy. You’ll get an imperial bux for hiring him, suffer no loss as he is the same skill level and it’s a good way to free up apartment slots in your older residential levels.
      You’re probably aware that having one free spot on 5 levels is much more useful to you than 1 residential level with 5 free spots. So if you have all 9’s in dream jobs and another comes along, take a look at where your existing workers live and evict the one on the lowest full level.
      (Apologies for the essay)

  15. What is the order you get businesses in? When I look at ” levels” in the sub menu, some are cheaper to open than others. Is this an indication of which business is coming up next?

    1. No, all levels come in a random order, but obviously, the ones that are more expensive end up coming later.

  16. I am a massive fan of Tiny Towers – playing continuously for over 2 years! Needless to say Death Star satisfies my addiction for Bitizen employment and job satisfaction, even though I have never seen a Star Wars movie *gasp*. But bux here are so hard to come by. I think it is going to take me 2 years just to get enough bux to buy the Infini-lift Lightspeed elevator, which is an absolute MUST have. This is my only disappointment with the game.

    1. Now, I’m on the “more bitizens” mission, and it wants me to have 30 bitizens AND I DO. Does it want me to achieve 30 bitizens in the last apartment i bought or must I do it for all? Or do I need over 30?

    2. This is my experience too. It feels like forever to earn bux. Just another game that want to make money on in apps. A huge disappointment.

    3. It only takes 4 months to get the infini elevator, u just have to play everyday and make sure to evict non dream job worker. Lets say on moe’s cafe you already got lvl 9 worker dream job, then u get a lvl 2 bitizen move in with moe’ cafe dream job, make on of your three worker unemployed, put the new bitizen to work, get the bux, evict him, put your lvl 9 worker back.

      Have fun :)

  17. i have a big problem. i have no idea how it happened, but somehow the app crashed for a second (not the problem, as this was easily fixed) and when i turned it back on and the screen showed up, i somehow got -115 bux while i had 2 bux before the crash. im slowly regaining them right now (currently at -89) but is there either a way to speed this proccess up, or at least a reason as to why i was left way down in the negatives?

    1. There are a couple of bugs in the game. One is using a bux to unlock a specific level to build will result in negative bux. I did it when I had 3 bux and ended up with -27. Built back up to positive and did it again then ended up with -116 bux.

    1. You actually want them to escape because you get 2 bux when they escape instead of just 1 for catching them.

  18. I don’t have this problem presently but I did in the past. Has anyone tried to make an Imperial level and get the timer down to 5 minutes only to have it reset all over again? I got around this by just speeding the process up with my bux but I’m curious if anyone else had this issue and had any other way to resolve it.

  19. Once you’ve collected a reward for the Imperial levels, there’s an option that shows your Imperial rewards and to collect cash for them.
    Anyone know how to get into that screen?

    I did this once but don’t remember how now.

    1. Go to the first imperial level (-1) and tap on it. There you will see the imperial assigments, once completed, you can collect your reward there.

    1. Yes, you can move bitizens to a different tier job slot by first making the store completely run out of stock, then moving all those bitizens to a random business (which also needs to be off), and finally start moving them in back again, but this time in different order.

    2. No, the first place will fill with the star employee no matter in which order you add employees – I’ve tried. The second employee with a star will go to the second place etc.

  20. Good guide. I’d put more emphasis on getting bitizens in their dream jobs. The double stock essentially doubles the money you make when left alone, which is especially handy overnight.

  21. Keep building Imperial pars, at one point i was able to collect the reard, but now i can’t find that option. I built the required min, but where can I get the payout? I clicked everything possible…..ggggrrrrr

  22. Hi, cool trick – if you get a new resident whose dream job is already full of others who are already fulfilling their dream job and of a higher level, still swap the new one in to get the free bux then evict.
    Does anyone have a list of characters (?) and the floor/ scene they unlock?

  23. One hint – once you have paid for a floor, you can see what you will actually get by checking “options” and “levels” and browsing the appropriate section. For example, I am currently 10 hours away from my service level bring built – but can see it will be a Youngling Hall, as that has now unlocked :)

    One question – With the Imperial Missions – I get told I need a certain type of level to proceed. The thing is, you have no control over what Imperial level you will get do you? I end up just skipping them wasting precious bux I know … but want to carry one doing missions as they cash can be quite a lot (current one awards 79K).

    1. That’s a good tip, thanks.
      Don’t skip the imperial quests as there are a finite number and you can’t go back to ones you’ve skipped. There’s about $1,500,000 worth of rewards available for imperial tasks so you should either get them all done as early as possible or ignore them entirely.

    2. When you select build a new floor, you can choose a specific level (see the second screenshot of this very page). Then on that menu you can pick a specific imperial floor that you want to build. That menu is pretty hidden, I guess, but it is totally worth to use it. Floors still cost bux, but they’re much cheaper in that menu than they are in the Store itself.

  24. I have a question about one of the missions. It says: Demand all items stocked on 1 level(s). It gives me the option to skip for bux and i have had all items stoked on a level since i got the mission. So im wondering how do you complete this?

    1. you need to wait for 5 yellow stock icons to appear on different levels and then press five of them one after the other

  25. I’ve found that scenes are triggered by delivering specific characters to specific levels. While this doesn’t mean much for regular floors, it means you can get scenes quicker for the imperial levels by taking the correct bitizen down there.

    Here’s a list of the ones I’ve triggered so far that I can remember:
    Interrogation – Princess Leia
    Extending Bridge – Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia
    Detention Level – Luke Skywalker, Han Solo or Princess Leia
    Mos Espa Café – Any Gungan
    Holochess Hall – Any Droid (I did it with IG-88).

    There are a few you can make an educated guess on:
    Tractor Beam – Obi Wan Kenobi
    Blast Doors – Obi Wan Kenobi
    Droid Store – Jawa

  26. Hi, what’s the purpost of spending your bux on a special character? like purchasing luke skywalker or someone like that? do they live aboard your death star? anything?

    1. No special purporse, maybe just saving a hundreds of hours of play to unlock the characters in a regular way.

  27. I ran out of Imperial Missions! What the heck, are more coming? This just got much less fun, I need the credits from those assignments but it just says I did them all. And now I have a bunch of the imperial items produced but nothing to do with them. Anyone else hit this?

    1. As with InkyTonguedCrook

      It is saying I have done all the quests on the Imperial items.

      Which is strange, considering I have only got 11 out of the 16 Imperial levels. And why complete finishing the remaining 5 levels, if there is no point collecting the items?

    2. There seems to be around $1,500,000 worth of rewards available for imperial tasks so you should either get them all done as early as possible or not at all.

  28. hi, i have a problem in the game. it wont allow me to build another imperial level. The message is “No Levels” No new levels of this type for your amount of progress. However in the mission i must build 1 imperial level. Is this a bug in the game ?

  29. Hi! I have a question
    So, quickgamer says: “When adding a new level, take a look at the level type distribution chart. Too many of one kind means buyers appear less often.”
    a) does it mean, that I’ll be getting less customers on this exact level OR on all the levels of this type OR less customers at all?
    b) does this apply only to customers who travel by the elevator or those, who enter levels on their own?
    c) does this apply to residental/imperial levels? Will I have less income if I have 4 levels of each type and, like, 7 residental ones?

    Thank you!

  30. Hi, i am stuck on one mission.

    Imperator wants me to improve on level. … After this popped up i improved it with a VIP a couple of times. But it doesn’t fulfill the quest.

    I am unsure what to do… deleting the quest is 2 bux, improving one level manually is 4 bux. … i am close to skipping this level?

    And btw.. are skipped levels coming back later in game?

    1. You don’t use VIPs to improve a level. You tap on the floor to show the list of that floor’s employees, then look for “upgrade rank” on the bottom right corner.

    1. Found it – “The VIPS are stored on the ground floor, tap on the ground floor and all the saved VIPs will show up, select one and they will hop into the elevator.”

  31. I need help I wanted to make a residential level but accidentally tapped recreation is there a way to change or delete the level

  32. For a massive source of income spend bucks to unlock Imperial Court. Use all of your upgrader VIPs on that level and only stock the level 3 product. I get around $150,000 each time I send a Big Spender VIP there.

  33. hi. im stuck on a mission. it seys “i semand all products stocked on 1 level(s)” i cant understand what sholud i do and don’t wanna skip any quest. Help me please!

    1. You need to get all three job slots selling at the same time (you sell after the merchandise is finally delivered). In order to do this, always start the order with the slot that takes longer, then proceed with the one in the middle and finally the fastest one, that is on top.

  34. What I would like to know is, let’s say I unlocked all the levels of the RECREATION category. Then there’s a Mission from the Emperor saying I should build 2 more RECREATION levels. So I suppose the game would repeat building 2 recreation levels you unlocked? Or do I just simply skip the mission since I have unlocked all levels of this one category already?

    * The situation I am currently facing is I have unlocked all RECREATION levels save the Rancor Pit and the Emperor assigned me with a mission of building 2 RECREATION levels. I am not sure of what to do because I dont’t know what happens when you unlocked all levels of one category.

  35. Got same situation with quest “Move in 30 bitizens”. Built all residential levels and filled all with bitizens but couldnt complete the quest and had to skip it. Guess quests r random here and dont depend on your progression.

  36. Has anyone else noticed the amount of Imperial Bux required to unlock a new level keeps changing? One day it was around 140 bux to unlock most of them. A few days later it had shot up to over 300 for the same levels, then 270 another time, now it’s back to 140.

    My guess is that if you patiently wait and build up your bux (adding levels, finding spies, hiring people for their dream jobs etc) the app automatically jacks up the price so you have no choice but to buy bux in order to unlock new levels. Sounds paranoid, I know but it’s the only reason that makes sense to me. And if it’s true it makes building up bux organically kind of pointless.

    1. This is correct. It has taken me some time to check what you said. The amount of bux needed to buy a level increases simultaneousely with the amount of bux you earn. It’s a shame!

    2. It’s simple, each level costs progressively more, and the bux cost rises accordingly also. The major advantage with unlocking levels per bux is that you can freely and exactly choose which level to build (also, iirc, the build time gets waived for insta-build).

  37. So I’ve been playing for about 2 days and for the first six or seven hours I unlocked named characters and new alien species at a rate of about 1 every 30 minutes or so. But ive been playing another 36 hours, 17 floors and 30 citizens, and I’ve had no new species or named characters show up at all. I keep hearing they unlock during play, but mine seem to have stopped unlocking. :/. Any ideas?

  38. I’ve added about 33 floors now (not counting imperial levels) but as yet have seen absolutely no bitizens with a skill level of 9 in Retail! Many of them go up to 8 but stop there. All the other skills I’ve seen so far have been at 9 for many bitizens. Anybody have any idea why this might be happening? Would I perhaps need to build more levels to ‘unlock’ this?

    1. Agree retail is very lacking. I havent seen one past 8 and very rarely are peoples dream job retails based. Service and rec get smashed though with bitz often 9 in both. Oh well

    2. It’s absolute random, I keep evicting all non 9 skill lvl bitizens that get in the appts. Just put the bitizens in their dream jobs, evict them and hire one for the 1 bux they ask for. If it’s 9 skill keep him, if not evict.
      All day doing that…

    3. I wonder if I actually paid the 1 bux to rent out a slot in the apartments (instead of waiting for a bitz to arrive on the apartment level) whether I would have a higher chance of getting a 9 skill bitz…? Or even better – a 9 Retail bitz! Here’s hoping…

  39. Agree woth Max skilled retail is very rare. Even rarer are retail drean jobbers.

    I have a question for the community I now have about 10 imp levels and lvl 2 elevator. Its very hard to control which level I am sending ppl going downwards anyone got tips ? Its mailnly becuase yoi dont get almost any visibility down while you are descending. Couple that woth a quick elevator not sure how your supposed to hit the correct floor every time.


    1. Indeed it’s quite tricky. I’ve got a lvl 4 elevator, which is super quick. At that speed it gets really tough and tho I try hard I still miss about half the time. Wait till u get x5 speed!
      Basically I’d recommend not to target specific imperial levels if a bitizen wants to go there unless it offers good money (credits) – e.g. only target -8 and lower. With a lvl 4 elevator it will be worth it anyway. Otherwise send the bitz to an imp lvl that’s currently researching an item.
      If u decide to target a specific level tho just try counting each lvl as u go down and try not to lose track, ofc easier said than done!
      And btw when deploying supply officers, rather than sending them down on the elevator, just activate them for the desired level from Inventory in the Menu. Saves u messing about with the lift :)

  40. I have completed all the achievements in the menu (top centre Trophy icon) and earned all the points (on my Ipad version). Anyone has any idea where these points go towards? What do they do?

  41. I have a total of 62 levels now and I no longer get the “Behold! While you were away you earned a total of _______ credits!” My Death Star no longer earns money while I’m away and all of the levels stay stocked unless I am actively playing. Has anyone else run into this?

  42. New and interesting development.for me anyway, I think this is when I got the superlaser imp level. I now get a small probe drone icpn in the top right and clicking on it shows a bunch of options with ??? I also had a “decorator” probe drobe show up in the lifts as a vip with all ??? . Where do I send or what do I do with this new revelation haha

    1. Ah got it now. It must be a chrissie tie in decorator probe will decorate a kevel you send it to (any level) do t think it does anything else. Still not 100% on rhe other stuff

  43. In the original Tiny Tower, when you upgraded a level it increased the time by 5mins to every restocking assignment. In TDS it only adds 1 more goods to each of the workers and doesn’t increase the time. Is this a bug they haven’t gotten to yet???

    1. Go onto the bitizen’s profile, tap “Job”, and different levels will appear from your Death Star that are not filled with workers. Select one, and you have changed your bitizen’s job. Hope that helps!

  44. Is it possible to un-evict a bitizen? I evicted one for a job from the Emperor, but I am short on bitizens so I want him back. How can I do this (if possible)? Thanks

  45. When I have a bitizen board the elevator with a request for an upper floor sometimes the down arrow is lighted while the up arrow is shaded. Is there some hidden trick with this? Do I get some bonus for taking them to a certain imperial floor?

    1. That sounds like a bug. Try rebooting your device, if that doesn’t work then submit a bug report to the developers. They require a fair bit of info. This is the information from the auto-response you will receive:

      1. Name of the game/app in question:
      2. Version number of app installed/downloaded:
      3. From which app store did you purchase/download the app:
      4. Was the app purchased/downloaded/updated via wifi:
      5. Brand name and specific model of your device (Android – in “About Phone” in System Settings; Apple – Settings>General>About):
      6. Device operating system version, language and region settings:
      7. Has your device been modified or rooted from its original manufacturer’s specs:
      8. Details of your issue or question:

      Good luck.

  46. I have a question and a comment.


    Hiring Bitizens costs 2 bux now (or when you’re over 80 levels, I’m not sure and I’m not restarting to find out). Renting a new bitizen used to cost one bux for me and now it’s two.

    Am I the only one that cannot “stock” the Holofilm Rental? Every time I try to the game exits and I lose any progress made in the last few minutes. I’m playing on Windows Phone on a Lumia 920

  47. Regarding achievements, anybody here encountered an issue with the game not awarding Expert Crafting (for completing 5 crafting missions) no matter how many missions you complete? I’m thinking this is a bug with the game, as I’ve got all the other achievs (10/11) so there’s no reason why this one shouldn’t complete also.

    Obviously you need to be connected to your google account for the achievs to register and I have been clearly. I have also reset the game 3 times in case I’d missed it when I may have not been connected before. Anyway, anybody who’s had issues with this and maybe knows how to get round this problem – I’d like to hear from you. Cheers.

  48. I’m having problems with my elevator. It activated without anyone in it. Up and down arrows are on the screne. and no way of turning it off. I can move it up and down but no Bitizen or anything in to tell me what to do. Screen is now locked other than the elevator. Any suggestions or solutions out there?

  49. I have unlocked every level in every category, except for a handful that show that they are locked, but there’s no way to unlock them; for instance, before the levels would either give the option of spending the coins, or using buks to unlock them, but the few left have no option. There is also a ‘coming soon’ box, when is that going to happen? I have over 11 million coins, but can’t open any levels…

    1. I have the same problem with over 30 million credits but can’t unlock the last few levels.

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