Tiny Death Star Guide: Scenes [Albums] How To Unlock Them All

Tiny Death Star. Scenes are unlocked/triggered by sending specific bitizens to those floors, below you will find which bitizens to send to which floor in order to unlock all scenes


  • Blast Doors – Obi Wan Kenobi
  • Bounty Hunters – Any bounty hunter, 4-LOM
  • Cloud City Spa – Han, Boba Fett
  • Communications – Luke Skywalker
  • Dagobah Apts – Yoda
  • Detention Level – Luke Skywalker, Han Solo or Princess Leia, Chewbacca
  • Droid Lab – Princess Leia Organa
  • Droid Store – R5-D4, Greedo
  • Extending Bridge – Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia (*NOT Bespin Leia)
  • Holochess Hall – Any Droid*, IG-88 and Chewbacca (*NOT Pit Droid, FX-7)
  • Holonet Cineplex – Imperial Meeting Room – Darth Vader
  • Imperial Museum – Wicket, Snow trooper
  • Interrogation – Princess Leia Organa (rebel)
  • Ithorian Food –
  • Mon Cala Aquarium –
  • Mos Espa Café – Jar Jar Binks
  • Panna City Medicines – Boba Fett Limited Edition
  • Scoop of Hoth – Snow Trooper
  • Sith Meditation – Darth Vader
  • Superlaser Tunnel – Imperial Gunner
  • Tatooine Apts – C-3PO, Tusken Raider
  • The Cantina – Han, Greedo
  • Tractor Beam – Obi Wan Kenobi
  • Training Remotes – Luke, Obi Wan Kenobi
  • Trash Compactor – Leia, Luke, Chewbacca
  • Vader Meditation –
  • Watto’s Wares – Jar Jar Binks, Pit droid, Watto
  • Imperial Marches – ?


  • Blast Doors – Obi Wan Kenobi
  • Bounty Hunters – Any bounty hunter
  • Cloud City Spa – Han, Boba Fett
  • Communications – Luke Skywalker
  • Dagobah Apts – Yoda
  • Detention Level – Luke Skywalker, Han Solo or Princess Leia, Chewbacca
  • Droid Lab – Leia, C3-PO
  • Droid Store – R5-D4, Greedo
  • Extending Bridge – Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia (not Bespin Leia)
  • Holochess Hall – Any Droid*, IG-88 and Chewbacca (*not Pit Droid, FX-7)
  • Holonet Cineplex – Chadra-fan
  • Imperial Meeting Room – Darth Vader
  • Imperial Museum – Ewok, Snow trooper
  • Interrogation – Princess Leia Organa (rebel)
  • Ithorian Food – Ithorian (Hammerhead)
  • Mon Cala Aquarium – Mon Calamari (non-Ackbar)
  • Mos Espa Café – Any Gungan/Jar Jar Binks
  • Panna City Medicines – Boba fett Limited Edition
  • Scoop of Hoth – Unknown (*NOT Hoth Luke, Hoth Leia, Hoth Han, FX-7)
  • Sith Meditation – Darth Vader
  • Superlaser Tunnerl – Imperial Gunner
  • Tatooine Apts – C-3PO
  • The Cantina – Han, Greedo
  • Tractor Beam – Obi Wan Kenobi
  • Training Remotes – Luke
  • Trash Compactor – Leia, Luke, Chewbacca
  • Vader Meditation
  • Watto’s Wares – JarJar Binks, Pit droid, Toydarian, Watto

If you find that any of these matches does not work for you, or have made other bitizens worked on the same levels, please leave a comment below.

345 thoughts on “Tiny Death Star Guide: Scenes [Albums] How To Unlock Them All”

    1. Does anyone have any ideas on Lando or Jawa as I’ve not had any success with either of them yet?

    2. I tried both Leia and C=3PO on Droid Lab/Work, they don’t work for me :(.

      I found Obi Wan Kenobi can also be used on training remote

    3. Sorry, I got confused. In case you think Leia or C-3PO don’t work for Droid Lab, you have just delivered them to Droid Work instead. There are 2 Droids in the Imperial level so pay attention. don’t get confused like me. heehee

    4. I have never got Bespin Leia, but I keep getting Slave Leia. I am sure I know the diference between the costumes.

      Anyone knows where to send slave Leia?

    5. @Aalis, me too. I stil do not have a Bespin Leila, so maybe it holds as a Placeholder. But I do not have any floors that an Imperial Gunner can be sent for a scene.

    1. It’s not the snow trooper that goes to the imperial museum but the scout trooper, I think the snow trooper goes to the snowspeeder store as the clue came up that he needs to go somewhere cold and doesn’t work in the scoops of hoth.

  1. I’m not sure anout this but I’m just trying to be smart for dagobah apts. you probably need yoda and for tattoine apts. you probably tusken raider

    1. Does anyone understand what this scene refers to? I recognize the reference or scene from the movies for all the other scenes but not this one.

    2. Blasonk. The scene where the cineplex wall collapses and storm troopers run out of the hidden door. Nope that’s a strange one

    3. Guys put two and two together ackbar does not unlock anything and scoop of hoth isn’t being unlocked someone try ackbar on it or veers or vader(since he was on hoth) or try some odd ball like jar jar

    4. This is just a funny thing of some reference to the Wizard of Oz or that the Death Star is of shoddy construction. Chadra fan is a bat maybe like Batman at the movies maybe there some inside joke about that character I don’t know

    1. Confirmed. (Which makes sense from the movie scene but he doesn’t appear in the Tiny Death Star scene.)

    1. I just tried it with the snow trooper, and it doesn’t work. Only Wicket has unlocked the scene so far for me.

  2. How do you send a ? to a residential, they seem to never go to those once build. Referencing the need to bring yoda to dagobah apts and luke to tatooine…

  3. Everybody says jawa unlocks Droid Store but he appeared and didn’t unlock the scene for me. I keep waiting greedo or other jawa to unlock it anytime.

    1. i guess that is new character which you get from decorating levels. Someone should update first post with new finds

    2. OK i’m confirming that scene in Panna City Medicines is unlocked with that special limited edition character you get from decorating floors and its one of those cool ones :)

  4. I’m missing Ithorian food, the aquarium and also the new medicine level (not built that yet). After extensive googling today, I found no clues, so (With the new update) I figured I’d post what I have tried (and failed at) so as other people can try.

    On the ithorian food:
    Lando, gungan, gand, imperial trooper, snivvian

    On Aquarium:
    Emperor, (have also tried 2 others but cant read writing).

    On a separate note – I am 99% sure I got the spa scene with Lando.

    Also – anyone notice game crashes A LOT after todays update?

    1. Stormtrooper doesn’t work at Ithorian Food, just tried it.

      BTW, did anyone else get an otherwise unviewable scene where the Emperor and Darth are walking through the Death Star, the Emperor waves away all the decorations, and then you can’t summon the Probe Droid/Decorator VIP anymore?

    2. I got the scene where they waved away the decorations. That happened when I played the game with no internet connection. But when I played later with internet working, I was able to put up decorations again. The decorations I previously put up were gone though.

      And yeah, it has been crashing a lot for me since the Dec 13 update…

    3. This happend for me too! I would also like to know if its possible to summon the Decoration VIP. It seems all gone :-(

    4. I just found out! You get the Decoration VIP back, but all the levels are gone! You have to start all over. I’m gonna give it one more try. If this happens once more I’ll give it up :-(

  5. OK Last post tonight – I promise!

    Don’t know if this is relevant, but I noticed today (maybe after the update) that some bitizens in the album have a video logo in the top corner (Admiral Ackbar being one of them). Does this mean that they will unlock scenes? If so – can someone try ackbar on the aquarium!!

    1. It wouldn’t appear to be so, since the Imperial Gunner is listed as being able to unlock scenes here, but is not marked.

    1. It’s actually Jengo I think, the armor colour was all Jengo’s when I saw him in the unlock incentives screen for decorating the Death Star.

    2. Oh my sweet zombie Jesus! It’s not Jango, it’s the colouring of Boba Fett’s armour from the Han Solo cartoon from the Star Wars Christmas Special. This means an official Star Wars product has finally acknowledged that travesty as being real. His description even mentions the “dragon” he rides in the cartoon.

  6. Just thought I would mention that it matters which version of characters you use. For example I tried Bespin Leia on the Interrogation level and did not get a scene. However Leia Organa (rebel) does work. Sorry if this is old news but I didn’t notice it anywhere on here yet.

  7. I just dropped off Admiral Acker at Mon Call Aquarium and I did not get a scene. A few minutes later I dropped Hoth Luke off at Scoop of Hoth and no scene also. It seems that there is a bug in the game tthat causes scenes to not trigger.

    1. Agreed. Jawa has never worked at the droid store for me, but it makes so much sense that I was hesitant to accuse the post here of being wrong. I’m glad to see that someone has a similar situation to me (because Hoth Luke not working on Hoth = zero sense), so I agree it must be a bug. Maybe some people just have random scenes that won’t work. Hopefully they’ll fix this in a release sometime soon.

    2. To unlock Mon Clamari Aquarium, Goto the Bitizen store menu and spend 1 bux on the Mon Calamari there (not Ackbar) – he will unlock the scene. Hoth Luke does NOT unlock the scene like some websites suggest.

    3. There is a bug in the game. The snowtrooper unlocks it but it is currently broken so that the scene does not trigger. Someone needs to fix this. Also, Ackbar does not unlock the aquarium. I’ve gotten the scene and it is unlocked by a different Mon Calamari. It’s not Ackbar, despite the fact that Ackbar appears in the scene.

    4. The Scoop of Hoth is now working again! I updated and tried the snowtrooper there again, and it unlocked for me!!!!! If you have gotten the service medals update, try the snowtrooper at Scoop of Hoth! It worked for me!

  8. I finally unlocked the Mon Calamari Aquarium scene. It’s easy and only costs 1 bux. Go to the Store from the main Menu. Select Bitizens. Then select the Mon Calamari that is listed for 1 bux. You will get him immediately. Send him to the Mon Cala Aquarium and you will get the scene.

    I now have all scenes unlocked except for Scoop of Hoth.

    1. I’m in the same position…. All scenes unlocked except for Scoop of Hoth…. Neither Han, Luke or Leia in Hoth costumes are working!

      MUST be a bug…. Any advice?

    2. So I bought the bitizen for 1 credit, but messed up on level since you don’t get the confirmation message anymore….. how do I get that bitizen again?

    3. It may have been wild speculation, but I heard the Snow Trooper may unlock Scoop of Hoth? (I haven’t got mine built or I’d confirm)

    4. I hope it puts the mon cala into the regular rotation as after I bought it, I didn’t get one to transport. Instead I got a decorator droid.

  9. Use the limited edition of boba fett bounty hunter to unlock panna city medicines scene

    Regular boba fett unlocks cloud city spa

    Does anyone know how to unlock mon cala aquarium, ithorian food

    1. Unlock mon cala aquarium with the regular mon calamari, not akbar. Only costs 1 credit from the bitizen store.

    2. Mon Cala Aquarium is unlocked a Mon Calamari (just not Ackbar)
      Ithorian Food is unlocked by an ithorian (Hammerhead)

    1. No, if you look at the character profile there will be a little movie icon in the top right if they unlock a scene.


    EDIT: Jason, thanks a lot for the updated list, we added to the main guide, future comments will bury this list for sure otherwise.

    1. Vader Meditation (appears as Sith Meditation in Death Star) is unlocked by Darth Vader as i write above

      Only two i haven’t unlock is Mon Cala Aquarium (i already bought that guy for 1 bux as almost all of them so i’m waiting for him) and

      Scoop of Hoth – NOT working:
      ALL Bounty Hunters + holiday special Boba Fett
      ALL Droids
      ALL Ladies of the Rebellion
      ALL Rebel Heroes
      ALL Rebel Forces
      ALL Troops
      Endor Han
      General Lando
      Lando Calrissian + Skiff version
      Han Solo
      Hoth Han
      Hoth Luke
      Luke Skywalker
      Darth Vader
      Emperor Palpatine
      Obi Wan Kenobi
      Tusken Raider
      Jar Jar Binks
      + other normal characters i’m not sure but i think i try everyone except:
      I’m missing Bespin Han, Pilot Luke, Jedi Luke and Bespin Luke from store so i hope one of them will work (if someone already tried one of them let me know)

      I update this after i try more bitizens

    2. I just bought BESPIN HAN from store and send him to Scoop of Hoth and OF COURSE he didn’t unlock scene :(

      Since CHANTASTIC already tried Pilot Luke i’m missing only two characters from store to try unlock this impossimble scene: Jedi Luke and Bespin Luke but i’m little sceptic about these two.

      Also i write to Disney/LucasArts support about this scene and if it’s not bugged or something so if they let me know i post here .)

    3. Finally managed to unlock Scoop of Hoth.

      Tried Snow Trooper on a whim and it WORKED :)

      I think I managed to unlock Tractor Beam using Snow Trooper too (this I am a bit unsure… It definitely a trooper but of which I can’t remember… Did it on a whim as well, so got caught off guard when it actually worked)

    1. That icon means nothing. Admiral Ackbar has one and he does not unlock any scenes. Mon Calamari does not have the icon and he unlocks a scene.

    2. P.S.: not all of the scene-unlocking bitizens can unlock the scenes above. Perhaps they’re still waiting for the next update.

    3. For some reason, only the named VIPs have that. The generic aliens and imperials who unlock scenes don’t have that.

    4. why don’t you people just accept that just because Ackbar doesn’t unlock anything yet, there could be something he unlocks later? if he has the symbol, it must mean something. As for other characters unlocking scene without the symbol, that’s probably a programming error. When i look at the basic Luke (white suit), it says 1 of 5, which suggests to me that i have unlocked one of the 5 scenes he can unlock.

      After all, do any of you have all scenes unlocked?

  11. Does anyone know how to move saved game progress from one Android to another?

    The device I play my tiny deathstar is very slow. I just bought a new one and want to transfer my game progress to my new device.

    I have played way too far to start a new game.


    1. Try the Helium app by ClockworkMod in the Google Play store. It will backup and restore any application, even to a different device. It works with or without rooting and I’ve used it successfully with TDS. It takes a few extra steps and a USB connection to a PC if you aren’t rooted but it’s worth it.

  12. Is it possible for Jawas to live in the apartments?

    I’ve been trying to get more aliens by paying 1 bux to ‘move someone in immediately’ but I never get a jawa :( They are unlocked in the album, and I’ve seen a couple use the elevator). Can anyone confirm that that Jawas are able to move in?

    I have the following aliens living in my TDS:

    Aqualish (walrus)
    Arcona (angled eyes)
    Bothan (horse/dog/chimp)
    Chadra-fan (little bat)
    Chiss (blue w red eyes)
    Devaronian (devil)
    Duros (blue big head w/ red eyes)
    Gand (fly eyes)
    Gran (tri-clops)
    Genosian (dragonfly wings)
    Kel Dor (breathing mask)
    Mon Calamari
    Rodian (Greedo)
    Snivvian (pig)
    Ugnaught (worker)
    Weequay (dredlocks)
    Zabrak (Darth Maul) – most recent, after 70 levels 0_o

    PS. Thanks for the awesome guide!

    1. yes, it is.
      just move one of your apartments to their destination.
      I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll give it a try

    2. yes, it is.
      just move your apartment to their destination.
      I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll give it a try

    3. Can’t move apartment to a destination, but if a bitizen requests a floor that is a full apartment, you EVICT one bitizen and the bitizen in the elevator will move into the vacant spot.

      Still no jawa :*(

  13. Do you think you could add pictures? Sorry to ask but I just got a guy/robot in a black suit (not wedding suit) but I didn’t know who/what he/it was

  14. I paid one buck to get a Mon calamari to come to my death star, but I sent him to the wrong floor. I cannot buy another one and they refuse to visit my death star on their own. Is there anything I can do?

    1. I did this before i know that guy unlocks Mon Cala long time ago and since then i didn’t get him. I’m missing only two floors and it was looong time since i unlock him :(

    2. I did the same thing and have been waiting and waiting for another. Tried moving the floor when I got one, but it didn’t work. Just now I finally got one with the aquarium as their destination, I turned up my volume preparing for the glorious scene that awaits, and… NOTHING! ARGH! Apparently it’s impossible to unlock it if you missed it the first time.

    1. There comes time when new bitizens from album stop appearing and you need to buy them (this is my experience) but since you can get bux fast with evicting it’s not that bad .)

    2. @kekeao
      YES i have every floor and also with that special new one and for long time i had NO NEW bitizens appear in elevator so i start to buy them

  15. If you earned both Panna City Medicines and Boba Fett (Holiday Special) from the 2013 Decoration Droid Event you can unlock a cutscene when you use the latter on the former.

    1. Finally got it, but with white clothes, side buns Leia, not any other form of her. C3PO never did work, despite what it says in the list.

  16. Once you unlock a scene is there any benefit to send the character there again? I can’t really see one. After that seems like you are best to either send to top floor (most coins) or to a floor you want to knock a minute off building/stocking. It’s too bad they don’t give you a bux or bonus coins.

  17. So I’ve noticed something weird. I wasted the mon calamari from the store early at the game so I couldn’t make him stop at mon calamari aquarium.
    Then I figured I could just make a regular mon calamari to go to that floor.
    Thing is, they nearly ever appear on the elevator, and it’s really hard to have one going to the aquarium so I thought I could move using 1 bux the aquarium to the number the elevator stated.
    Horror comes when you do that and the mon calamari changes the floor he wants to go (for instance, he wanted to go to floor 25, you make aquarium to be 25 and then he wants to go 26)

    Next time I want to move 2 lvls to try get fucking calamari to go aquarium.

    1. People don’t want to go to a level number, they want to go to a specific location, which is why moving doesn’t work [I tried it as well]

      Another horror is I finally had a Mon Calamari bitizen decide they wanted to go to the Mon Cala Aquarium, and it didn’t unlock the scene :( (I, too, didn’t aim properly when I purchased the Mon Calamari)

    2. Yeah, it must be a special mon cali that unlocks it, because regular ones don’t. That special one NEVER COMES though.

    3. Crap. I was about to say that it doesn’t work but it has been stated.
      This way, I’ve never seen the special calamari appear so…

      Anyway, I bought the togruta, I’ve been playing like 4 days straight and never had any appear. How’s that possible?

      And here I’m thinking maybe scoop of hoth is unlocked by the skakoan. You know, the guy worth 1000 bux…

    4. nonegiven, we DID buy him, but in my case I had the fastest elevator and accidentally stopped on the wrong level. Once you buy him you can’t buy him again, and he never comes again, so it’s apparently impossible to unlock.

    1. Neither Boba Fett works, and neither does the snivvian. I take everyone there and nothing has worked so far.

  18. Does anyone know if the mission from darth vader ever ended if you have completed all levels (including the shops and imperials)?


    1. Prior to one of the updates (the one that started the Decorator Droid), there was a finite number of Darth Vader missions. I hit them. Then they reset (as I mentioned with the Decorator Droids).

      I’d guess there’s a finite number of them in total that may reboot after everything’s complete? I can’t answer that piece until I see things reset again.

    2. There is a finite number after the update as well. Now it goes to a screen stating “Build another imperial level to find out what to assemble next” with a Reward of 0 and a Skip of 100 bux and of course there are no other levles to build. It’s already at 16/16. Prior to this update, it had a nice message that you had completed all the missions. Guess they expect an update.

  19. I havent found someone to unlock Scoop of Hoth.

    I was on facebook the other day when i saw a picture of Tiny Death Star that had a Wampa in it. It was just a picture but i am assuming the Wampa unlocks Scoop of Hoth.

    Note: i havent unlocked the Wampa, nor do i know if you can even unlock it… But nobody else works. So, hopefully they will add him in an update.

  20. Scoop of hoth. Maybe the probe droid (decorator droid) unlocks it. It was the droid that Han shot down in Empire Strikes Back on Hoth. Has anyone tried that one?

    1. I activated the scoop of hoth on the tablet of the children, more by accident to be honest, I was so surprised that i hardly paid attention to who it was that activated it. Nevertheless I think it is the green (not limited edition) boba fett. Unfortunately I have the game running on my mobile where the same boba fett didn’t work. (Spoiler alert) Anyways the movie shows bobba pushing the carbonated Han.

    2. @piehoe — you have that confused with Cloud City Spa.

      That said, Snowtrooper NOW is unlocking Scoop of Hoth.

  21. I have already completed all levels + imperials, everything is completed, why aren’t my characters completed? Darth Vader, ithorian? I can not finish my scene as I can not buy Darth Vader.

    Anyone know why?


    1. Buy Darth Vader from the Album. That unlocks him to appear in the rotation as well. It’ll take a bit before he appears, but he will appear.

  22. Scoop of Hoth Unlock bitizen has not been released according to the TDS FB page. So I fired all my bitizens. Everything is built and Vader wants 100 bux or more levels built. plus I have 50+ of each item in the imp levels and 7mil in the bank. now just going to keep firing bitizens and getting bucks, Emperor missions just waste bux at this point.

  23. There is so much misinformation on this page. Almost all of the posts telling people that “X” unlocks “Y” scene on “Z” level are liars just guessing. Even the ones above the thread posted as confirmed (NO THANKS JASON!!!) only have about half right. I will try to post the ones I KNOW when I’m not typing on my phone.

    Please stop posting your guesses as fact.

  24. I had a hint appear on my lock screen stating a snowtrooper would unlock the scoop of hoth scene. I’ve delivered one to that level since and it didn’t work. So, I’m guessing there’s an error somewhere in the game stopping this scene from being unlocked.

  25. So, I’ve got all of the scenes except Scoop of Hoth(obviously) and Mon Cala Acquarium. I can’t unlock Mon Cala because the regular Mon Cala doesn’t appear and I can’t buy another one. I guess it’s time for me to just stop playing.

    1. Yeah! It sucks. Some simple programming mistakes are understandable. However, these are MAJOR error….and simple OMISSIONS…..that could be corrected fairly easily (i e. Missing Hoth scene and not enough resident levels for Panna City). After spending so much of my (our) recreational time playing a game, even a free game (hello they still make ad $$$$)… we expect that the creators would at least reward us with the ability to unlock all the scenes( i.e. like if you missed out on Mon Cala Aquarium very early on….. before you likely even knew you only had one…. AND ONLY ONE …..chance to unlock this scene.)…..COME ON…..either spend a few hours to finish what you started…..or accept your failure and go find work and fulfillment in another field….but don’t let your indifference drag Star Wars fans down too….or you may suffer the wrath of George Lucas….or worse……,……I can accept misunderstanding, or even incompetence when viewed as a learning experience, but there is no excuse for laziness and I difference!

  26. My hologram Vader level has stopped working. If I clicked on the level in the past, I would get a mission where you combine imperial goods. Now, nothing happens at all! Anyone else have this?

    1. I doesn’t do anything at all? I’ve exhausted all of the levels, but it at least shows me a screen that says I have to build more Imperial levels before I can get more missions. I’m stuck because there are no more Imperial levels.

    1. “oday the Snow Trooper unlocked Scoop of Hoth for me!”

      That`s right. Now I got them all except the new one “Imperial Marches”

  27. The snow trooper just unlocked Scoop of Hoth for me. I think I had tried it before, and it didn’t work then. So maybe there was an error that was fixed?

  28. I bought the mon cal and he appeared immediately and unlocked the aquarium. Btw the jawa works on the droid store for me

  29. It’s time to get a few things straight:

    Random Ewoks don’t unlock scenes. Only Wicket Does.
    Same thing for Mon Calamari. Admiral Akbar is the only one that unlocks a scene. This means that no Mon Calamari unlocks the scene at the Mon Cala Aquarium.
    Ditto for Gungans. Only Jar Jar.
    Chadra-fans don’t unlock scenes.
    Ithorians don’t unlock scenes.
    Toydarians don’t unlock scenes.

    All of the above is based on going to the Album in game play and viewing the Bitizen descriptions. They all are missing the tell tale scene marker in the upper right.

    *****moved to main article******

    1. Thats Funny because the Snow trooper who opened up Scoop of Hoth does not have a cut scene. Your assumption is based on programers being perfect and redesigning all parts when they decide to let something happen. People are not perfect.

    2. And no matter how much you insist it’s Akbar who unlocks Mon Cala Aquarium, you’re wrong. I missed with the “generic” Mon Calamari when I purchased him (as suggested by this page), and I have sent Akbar up there at least a dozen times. Mon Cala Aquarium is the only scene I have yet to unlock. I’m currently that and three bitizens from having everything unlocked [and having not bought any bux]. So, I know for a fact the programmers weren’t perfect and that Akbar [currently] does not unlock Mon Cala Aquarium.

    1. Ok, I’m thinking any of the black Droids. R5-J2 pulled up the flash of where a scene should be.

      It goes with the same logic as the Limited Edition Boba Fett with the Panna City Medicine.

      …I’m beginning to wonder if all three of the black droids need to go before the scene opens? Or it’s a bug. One or the other.

  30. I’m guessing all three black droids (limited edition: R2-Q5, R4-19, R5-J2) will open the Imperial Marches scene. Possibly Darth Vader will too, since he also is in the scene.

    Atleast I can say R5-J2 did it for me.

  31. So, how do we get them to fix the Mon Cala Aquarium deal?
    I emailed support and they said I have to wait for the Bitizen to reappear. Waiting 4 months for a Bitizen to reappear when every other Bitizen that unlocks scenes has shown up a number of times is ridiculous.
    Does everyone have to email them and say “Look — it’s not showing back up!”?

    (Although, come to think of it — I don’t think I’ve had a Mon Calamari in my elevator except Akbar since the last update….)

    1. Not sure if this helps. I had Mon Calmari show up and I did not deliver him to the Mon Cala Aquarium. He was listed as a character in my Album/Bitizens so I couldn’t buy him from there. He never shows up again even after a few months. I noticed that if I went into the store and looked under Bitizens, Mon Calamari was listed there for 1 bux, even though I already had him. So I bought him. He arrived at the elevator and I was able to deliver him to the aquarium and unlock the scene.

    1. What about it?
      It doesn’t have a scene to unlock. The Levels with Scenes to unlock are marked in the Album under “Scenes”

  32. I get Snaggletooth, the Snivvian a lot. I assume he’s Snaggletooth because he is dressed like him, not like the Snivvian that shows in my Album. I haven’t found an unlock for him yet, if there is one.

    Also get Bespin Leia a lot, and no unlock for her either.

    I guess some “?” are just Mysterians that increase customers to a level.

  33. Anyone know how to unlock levels? As of this comment, if you go to levels, there are some levels that I can not buy, and yet, I also do not know how to unlock them.

    each category has its own level.


    1. I found that as you collected all available, the following week (post Monday in the US) more levels unlock.

  34. I just unlocked the tractor beam with a Snowtrooper. I don’t know if that was a glitch or just sheer luck.

  35. Does anyone still play this? At the point where: Chiss HSP, Endor Adventure, and Imperial Marches are still locked. 90+ levels, 135+ bitizens, and 2,000,000 in coins…..and nothing……Time to delete and let Disney go F*ck themselves? LOL

  36. *********
    Am I the only one that cannot “stock” the Holofilm Rental? Every time I try to the game exits and I lose any progress made in the last few minutes. I’m playing on Windows Phone on a Lumia 920

    1. It happens to me every time.

      There is also a bug with Twilek Apartments, every time I close the game, any bitizens living there are gone when I start again the game.

      (In both cases i get no image of the romos, in the holofilm rental there is only a Black background, and in the apartments there is a “space” background.)

    2. You are not alone. Exactly the same problem, Holofilm Rental. Running on Nokia Lumia 925. Ghost level now…

  37. What unlocks the Holonet Cineplex is the bat-looking guy. I don’t know the name of the race, but it’s the bat guy.

  38. What does the stormtrooper unlock? He just appeared as all the others, with a ? above him. But what scene does he unlock, and also, if the same ones keep coming does that mean they have more scenes to unlock, or they continue to go to the same ones?

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