The Smurfs & Co.: Spellbound Walkthrough Guide

Smurfs & Co: Spellbound. Welcome to quickgamer’s walkthrough guide to Smurfs ^ Co: Spellbound, the most popular Smurfs game for the Facebook Platform. We have separate guides for recipes, decorations and related buildings, crops, fising and creatures.

  • Blue Favor: you get it by farming and clearing debris. This is used to buy stuff at the shop, buildings, crops, creatures, etc.
  • Mystic Gems: certain quests give you gems, you can also buy the gems at the shop. They can be used to speed up processes, unlock certain items
  • Red Favor: you get it by helping and visiting your friends
  • Smurfiness: Smurfiness is actually very important, and you should always save it to unlock new area maps. Smurfiness is mainly collected from Houses.
  • XP: xp points are collected from almost every action you do in the game. By reaching up a certain level, you unlock a series of new buildings, decors, recipes, and other misc items
  • Energy: Energy is required for action your Smurfs do, but is automatically replenished.
  • Social XP: needed to unlock items, maybe as important as regular XP


You will verify as you make progress in the game, that not only Papa Smurf has been cursed, but all the others as well, with you being the only exception. Uncursing Smurfs is mandatory, by doing so you allow that Smurf to work in your village (besides unlocking the related Smurf’s House and Workshop). Don’t worry, just let the quest flow guide you to uncurse the Smurfs in the right order.


Quests in Smurfs & Co: Spellbound are the single best way to make progress in the game, they are the best path to unlock stuff and get XP and gems. Quests are divided into several steps, and within those steps, of several tasks each.


Along the village and in each new cursed spot you unlock, you will find Vines, Rocks (turn into Pebbles) and Sticks. These are the most basic resources in the game. These same elemental resources help you craft other objects, such as planks. Gathering this stuff requires energy, so it’s not totally free. Get it only when you need to do so.


Workshops are buildings where you can craft different sorts of objects, each one requiring a certain resource or material in order to be created. Besides requiring a certain level to be unlocked, workshops also need a particular Smurf “uncursed” from the stone spell, since they are attached to one and only one type of Smurf, which has the skills to operate there.

Houses. What are houses for?. First of all, they provide you with Smurfiness, which you need to collect in order for the house to keep producing it. Second, each time you upgrade those houses (you will be required to get certain objects or materials to do so) a related Smurf’s Workshop will get new recipes to craft new elements. Each new Smurf that you “unlock” will give you the chance to build its house.

Special. these are special buildings from which you can harvest unique stuff. For instance, the Sand Plot yields sand, which is used to create glass.


Decorations certainly are not as useless as in most other social games for Facebook. for instance, Flowers can be periodically collected to obtain seeds and extra energy. Most important, every single Smurf House needs a special type of decoration in order to get a bonus. The bonus will make the house create more Smurfiness. The objects you need to place near the House are not upfront revealed, but only the shade. We are working on a list of decorations and their related buildings.

For instance, Handy decorations in the work category, his house produces more Smurfiness with the Toolshed nearby . Farmer and Smurfette like Flowers. Fantastic decorations with multiple categories can give bonuses to more Smurf Houses.


At level 5 you will unlock Crops and Farm land. Yes, besides all those buildings and decors (and Smurfs) to work with, you also have quite a big range of crops to seed and then harvest. What you get from collecting the crop are the seeds of that crop, which are used to create other stuff, besides you can plant them again to multiplicate them. Also, you get energy and Blue Favors when you do it. The first crops available in the game are Wheat, Sugarbeet, Smurfroot, etc.


The right term for unlocking new map spots is “uncursing”, that’s obvious, since Gargamel has cursed not only the Smurfs, but also the rest of the forest. Each cursed area contains a special item. For instance, the first are you uncurse contains a supply pack.

Smurfiness. Indeed, this is a key component to unlocking new areas in the map. The first time you do it, you can buy with Mystic Gems.


If you are wondering how delete, move, sell or send to your inventory any object in the village, click on the green arrows icon at the bottom bar. This will open the editing menu, you can click on the object first and then choose the desired action.


Once you reach level 5, you will unlock the forest defense league, but what is it?.


Certain items are really not that pleasant to collect, specially when you need lots of them. This is when having lots of neighbors that play the game comes in handy. You can ask for certain list of items, like Flower Seeds. You can also choose to send gifts to your friends. The mailbox will eventually fill in with constant item requests.

Visiting Neighbors. Grouchy is by default, the first neighbor you get in the game if you don’t already have any other Facebook contacts playing the game.,

Social XP: social XP is obtained by interacting with other buildings or creatures in your neighbors’ own villages. Once you level up your Social XP, you will unlock new decors.


Everyday you have a free daily spin in the smurf spin, which can reward you with free Mystic Gems, Red Favors and other items.


Collections are the equivalent of achievements. When each achievement is completed you are given a certain reward. There are fishing, Gathering and Cooking & Crafting Trophies awaiting.


  • Changing Avatar/Character: If you changed your mind and want a Smurf/Sassette instead of the one you initially chose, go to Build >> Click on the Last Tab and pick the other one. There is not cost in doing so and you can do it an unlimited amount of times.
  • Each time you finish placing a building or decor in your village, click on the “escape” button at the bottom, otherwise you risk buying yet another object you don’t really need
  • If you vivit a league, you will find there all Smurf neighbors currently active at within the league
  • Repeating a recipe enough times will eventually level up that recipe, yield a bronze star and give you the chance of getting twice as much when producing that item.

[box type=”info”]If you like the Smurfs & Co: Spellfound Official Page on Facebook you will get a Smurfs Care Package [contains Blue Favor, Medium Energy Kit and Heart Shaped Fountain][/box]
[box type=”info”]Hope you enjoyed our Smurfs & Co: Spellbound walkthrough guide for beginners. If you have any question regarding the game, or want to share with us any cheat or hack, leave a comment below.[/box]

43 thoughts on “The Smurfs & Co.: Spellbound Walkthrough Guide”

    1. I am on Level 28, but do not have any quests yet to free Painter Smurf. His plot is uncursed and I have even started his house hoping that will initiate something. Does anyone know what I can do? It’s annoying.

    2. i have accidentally deleted handys house… does anyone know how i can get it back… i have went on the houses in the store and it says that i already have it built..please help me

  1. painter upgrade level 4 = 2 easel + 1 magic paint + 6 pink flower patch reward 20 stars
    Painter level 4 = 6 iron bar + 12 polished wood + 4 heart flower bouquet
    smurfette level 5 – 15 glass + 2 tree of love + 2 abstract painting
    heafty level 4 = 4 iron bar + 6 polish wood + 3 mushroom roofing
    greedy level 5 = 4 smurf salad + 6 magic metal + 20 glass
    miners level 5 = 4 iron bar + 5 magic metal + 8 gourd
    brainy level 1 = 8 planks + 25 sand + 4 clay
    Brainy Level 2 = 8 cement + 4 marble + 3 mushroom roofing
    Brainy Level 3 = 1 magic paint + 12 stone + 20 cement
    Brainy Level 4 = 5 magic metal + 20 needle + 25 cement
    Brainy level 5 = 6 magic gift + 20 polished wood + 30 cement
    clumsy level 1 = 4 vine rope + 8 glass + 12 slime
    Clumsy level 2 = 5 mushroom roofing + 5 polished wood + 4 marble
    Clumsy level 3 = 12 feather + 6 clay brick + 26 cement
    Clumsy Level 4 = 25 vine rope + 15 marble + 25 needles
    Clumsy Level 5 = 5 magic paint + 7 hammock + 4 magic metal
    vanity level 1 = 8 planks + 5 blue flower patch + 10 needles
    Vanity level 2 = 8 polished wood + 5 cotton cloth + 5 emerald
    vanity level 3 = 3 heart flower bouquet + 6 maypole + 2 big mushroom
    Vanity Level 4 = 3 rainbow rug + 20 copper bar + 2 diamond
    Jokey level 4 = 4 marble + 20 flour + 8 polishes wood
    Jokey Level 5 = 6 great gift + 10 flame + 15 copper bar
    Lazy Level 4 = 10 needle + 20 copper bar + 10 gourd
    Wild Level 5 = 25 spider webs + 6 workout benches + 60 water
    Harmony Level 1 = 6 vine rope + 20 wax + 8 polished wood
    Harmony Level 2 = 4 magic metal + 1 music + 4 mushroom roofing
    Harmony level 3 = 2 multicolored lamp + 4 loud music + 12 polished wood
    Harmony Level 4 = 25 silk + 2 trumpet stand + 10 iron bar

    1. I’ve gotten gold dust by breaking rocks i think it has to do with levels. I’ve got uncompleted buildings and need silk. OMG! Where is my silk cheat answers?

    2. Harmony level 5 = 2 harp + 6 loud music + 20 magic metal
      Vanity level 5 = 3 mirror + 20 cotton clotch + 12 marble
      (i’m not sure of the names my game is in french)

    3. Goca, to get silk you need spiders. If you don’t have any, for whatever reason, you can visit your friends and pet theirs.

  2. i have been stuck on Growin’ time, quest 5 for MONTHS. Everytime I try to harvest the mushroom, it makes me refresh my game. I cannot move on with this quest, and i think it is keeping me from uncursing many smurfs.
    Also, I cannot build my Treehouse, because I have a squirrel in front of it, and it it cursed. I don’t even know where the animal came from, but it will not let me finish building my treehoue. Animal cannot be beat, because it needs to be hit by Hefty, who is STILL cursed.
    I am at a standstill with this game. although I LOVE it, I cannot get heefty, jokey or lazy uncursed, and I think it is because I cannot get ahead, due to Growin’ time,quest 5 making me refresh the game EVERYTIME I TRY TO HARVEST THE LAST MUSHROOM.

    Very frustrated. Please help.

    and do’t tell me to update my flash player, because it refreshes the game for me from 3 different computers. It’s not my computers, it is the game!!

  3. Smurfette’s house has to be leveled up to level 4, but I cann’t make a paint, because Paint smurf isn’t uncursed yet! But there are no more quest about Paint Smurf! How do I uncurse Paint Smurf????

  4. A friend of mine has applied to the League I just set up, but I haven’t received any notification of this in the game or on the League’s page. Is there something I need to do in order to get her into the league? She tried to apply again on the off-chance but the Apply button is unclickable now, and we’re just not sure what to do.

  5. iam level9 but do not have any quests yet to free Painter Smurf. His plot is uncursed and I have even started his house hoping that will initiate something. Does anyone know what I can do? It’s annoying.

  6. I can’t find my bronze statue for my crops and I’m already working on the silver but the quest says I need to place the bronze statue. Any idea where it could be? I’ve checked everywhere.

  7. can anybody tell me what to do with the cauldron parts, I am full up but still have more to get rid off. Are they used for anything please?

  8. Hi I think I am level 20 when smurfette wants me to plant or harvest 20 trumpet flowers. How do I find them as it did not come up in my seeds to grow them in either sized plots. Chapter here come the carnival.

    Please help me I just had to pay for it with diamonds to get throu. Where are they hidden?

    1. Open build menu, choose featured folder, then carnival, then open the second page. Trumpet flower seeds should be there.

  9. **Need help** I am trying to add a friend to my league and it does not work, her name does not show up in the search engine. She used to be in another league but she left it to be with mine, but I still can’t add her. Also, she did find my league and tried to press the ”join” button, but it’s not allowing it, it’s grey and she can’t click on it.

    Anyone knows why?

  10. ~ Help Please ~ How do you unlock Wild & Jokey Smurfs? I’ve built Wild’s Pharmacy & Jokey’s House & Workshop, but they are both still cursed.
    Cheers :)

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