Stormfall: Age of War FAQ and Tips

Here is a pretty big list of frequently asked questions, and answers for Stormfall Age of War rookies. If you still have a question after reading all the tips below, please leave a comment, we’ll reply as soon as possible with an accurate answer.

  • Which Units Are Affected By Defense Bonus?Expect only troops (even those sent in by your allies as reinforcements) within your Castle to be affected by this bonus, this same rule applies to Relic Attributes.
  • How are Spoils of War/Bonus from Battleground Victories calculated?The game takes into account the units lost in battle and adds a bonus to it, what you get most of the time are higher level units of the ones you lost in battle. If you happen to get no spoils at all despite winning, don’t worry, that bonus will be taken to the following battleground victory and added to the reward of that battle.
  • How Many Settlements Can You Capture/Conquer at the same time?. You can control a maximum amount of 3 Settlements. The requirements are: Eagle’s Nest, Level 6 House of Lords and Level 30 Rune Tree Bonus.
  • What are The Requisites to be Able to Create a League? You must be a level 30 player and pay a set number of sapphires.
  • Does it matter where I place the Fortifications?. Not at all, in fact you could scatter the fortifications all along the castle’s land and the defense bonus would apply the same. This tip goes to Lords who recently expanded their lands and are worried about the fortifications not “protecting” buildings outside it.
  • How are Siege Points Obtained?. You get them for besieging other player’s castles. If the siege points are still not added to the counter after the siege, just wait until the games updates the scores.
  • Where are the Unit Statistics located?. The stats are exactly the same for the same type of unit, unless its upgraded, go to “units” and check the corresponding unit stats by clicking on “more”, right above the unit “buy frame”
  • What is the Defense Bonus and How Does it Work?. The defense bonus is “triggered” by fortifications and improvements, and “applied” to your defense units within the castle. If you have no defense units, you won’t have defense bonus. Your Castle Defense Bonus is located on the top left corner of the screen, represented by a shield icon.
  • Can You Prevent/Avoid Spy Missions?. Yes, the more Silent Ones you have stationed in your castle and the more Sentries you have placed on top of tower (which increases intelligence bonus), the higher the chances are of discovering enemies’ silent ones and destroy them. You cannot discover if someone has sent a spy mission, you will only find out once the event took place and the Grand Marshal will report you of the outcome.
  • Are There Raid Limits?. Yes, they apply exactly the same to all players, you have a maximum amount of 10 raids per day and after you reach the threshold, you can do just 1 every 2.5 hours
  • You didn’t get any Raid points despite raiding a lot at other player’s castle, is this a bug?. No, resources are considered as raid points, if the enemy managed to take out of your castle more resources than you were able to take in, you won’t be given raid points at all.
  • How Do You Expand the Castle? Click on Construction, then click on the “expansion” tab, you will have two options, using sapphires only, or getting the required amount of friends and resources.
  • Running Out of Food?. All your units consume a set amount of food per hour, if you food production rate is not enough, you will start deplenishing your food resources and if you stay at 0 your units will start disappearing from your army.
  • How Can I Follow My Units Missions? Simply go to your Keep building and then click on the “tracking” tab to see where they are and the travel time.
  • How Do I Get a Missing Scroll?. Every day, your scribe will give you a random scroll, but this might not be the want you need to discover a lost art. You can build a Market and use the trade scrolls option to get rid of the ones you don’t need.
  • Where Can I keep track of the caravans? go to the market and click on the “caravans” tab.
  • What is Novive Protection and Why Have I been Attacked If Im a low level player. You simply attacked a player above level 9, no more explanations needed.
  • Why I can’t Raid or Siege Other Players?. You might not yet have produced military units or build the sentry’s house.
  • How To Move or Delete Buildings?. Click on the hand icon (edit) on the right hand side of the screen, then click on the building, mind you, you cannot delete buildings, only fortifications.
  • Can Buildings Be Destroyed During a Raid?. No, you will only lose resources and units during raids and besieges.
  • Are There Looting Limits?. Yes, the max amount of resources you can obtain from settlements or raids are 50,000 units of any resource, gold, iron and food.
  • Why Can’t I cancel an Attack/Construction/Upgrade?, because you waited more than 50 seconds after you started the action. Also, if you actually cancel the action, you will be refunded only the 80% of the initial amount involved in the upgrade or construction.
  • Can The Game be Reset/Restarted from 0?. No, you would need a new facebook account to do that.

22 thoughts on “Stormfall: Age of War FAQ and Tips”

  1. How do I get out of a league so I can start my own. I go to my embassy but it wont let me start a league because I belong to another one. Want to drop the one I belong too so I can start my own.

    1. You can buy special skins for your castle which also boost your defensive bonus. The +1000 def cost 1500 sapphires and the +1500 def cost 2000 sapphires. You can find these at the Black Market, under the Fortresses tab.

  2. My Stormfall keeps asking me to download Adobe Flash Player. I download and same problem. Note: I’ve been playing SF for a few weeks now with no problems; then all of a sudden, the Flash Player problem.


    1. With that, it becomes the matter of who has the higher level. He may have a higher level in the Lost Art “Cloak of Shadows.”

    1. not 100% certain but believe U need to get dark energy by controlling a certain type of beacons that only show up in global map mode and giving permission from league captain after.

  3. Is there merit in this game for support structure of your armies. For example. Sending out 300 pike with 200 paladin or 300 archers for every 200 dwarfs for the Battle grounds? Stacking your army in this way does it really yield better success?

  4. How is the castle defense bonus distributed among the troops? For example: I have a castle defense bonus of 6000 and I have 200 archers out when I am attacked. Do they each get a 6000 point bonus or do they share the bonus at 30 points each?

  5. J’ai les Quêtes de la saga qui ont disparu de ma plateforme de jeu Stormfall Age of War. comment je peux les récupérer?

  6. “Est bien que haga esta propuesta, pero creo que la hace desde una visi muy barcelonista. Nuestros equipos no tienen intenci de jugar partidos europeos en fin de semana”, se Scudamore, seg recoge la cadena brit BBC.

  7. When or can you at all upgrade more than one building at a time?
    The pace at which stuff upgrades is infuriating.

  8. Looking for a wiki guide or information detailing how legendary units work at a beacon.

    Specifically do you have to send in a specific format:
    select the legendary unit then all the units that give it bonus
    can you just send / click on in any order

    do you have to send only the legendary unit and it’s bonus giving units
    is it ok to send legendary unit and it’s supporting bonus units and all other non supporting units in same batch

    as a whole for the beacon, do incoming legendary units work the same at the beacon as they do at a castle
    at castle if u have legendary unit and some one sends you reinforcement troops they will not work with the legendary unit at your castle
    wondering if legendary units at beacon works individually with only the units of the owner that sent the legendary unit or do all legendary units work collectively / interactively w/all supporting units at the beacon

    a wiki guide for this information would be preferred vs your opinion as opinions are what are differing in my Stormfall league

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