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[box type=”shadow”]So you want to know what’s the difference between raiding and sieges. When you besiege someone, you don’t obtain resources from their castle, you only obtain Siege points and sapphires when you top the weekly siege rankings.[/box]

To lay siege to another Lord’s Castle. choose the number and type of Units you want to send. If successful, your Units will capture the Enemy‘s Castle and you ll take a higher position in the Siege Rankings. Sieges can be broken if the besieged Lord produces enough offensive Units or gets enough Reinforcements to defeat the siege. lf your Castle has been besieged, you can still produce Units to defeat the Captor or ask your Friends to send you Reinforcements. Sieges don‘t affect your Castles normal functioning.

Sieges can be performed in 3 ways:

From the Map:

  • Click on the Map icon in your Castle.
  • Place the mouse cursor over the Castle you want to besiege.
  • Select “Lay Siege” from the Castle menu.

From inside the enemy‘s Castle:

  • Visit the Castle of the player you want to besiege.
  • Click “Lay Siege” on the “Actions” menu.

From the Keep:

  • Go to the Keep.
  • Open the “Send” tab.
  • Select “Lay Siege” from the action list.
  • Click ‘Lay Siege”.

[box type=”download”]Read how League teams can certainly do much better when besieging powerful lords[/box]

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5 thoughts on “Stormfall: Age of War Guide – Siege”

  1. Howdy,

    Can you tell me where “Occupy” comes into the picture. In the FAQ section of the “Guide” under “What are Sieges” is says: “… The Guide says “You may also choose to occupy Castles you are currently besieging. Once occupied these Castles will offer you a percentage of their Gold or Iron production. To Occupy a Castle you have Besieged, go to the Keep and open the “Garrisons” tab, then select the Resource type you wish to collect from the Besieged Castle. …”

    But I don’t have any “Resources” on the Garrisons tab. Is there some building that is needed for this?



  2. Um not sure where you are getting your information from, but you absolutely can get resources from your sieged castles.

    First: After winning the Siege, go to the garrison tab in the keep, and select what resource you want to collect. You have to choose from Gold or Iron, those are all that are offered.

    Second: Now you have a Fief tab. You will go there to collect your resource, which you need to do every 12 hours or less. If you let it go longer than 12 hours the amount doesn’t get any higher. You can also have more than one fief, so you can collect gold from one, and Iron from the other, or the same resource from both.

    Third: You can also go to the Eagles Nest and pick the settlements tab and conquer a settlement. You can occupy it and collect resources from it depending on the settlement type. There are even Sapphire mines, but you better be very strong.

    Fourth: make lots of friends in the game. If you go to their castles peacefully you can pick up gold iron and food from each of them each day. For me about 7:00 P.M. at night works best. You can also raise a Wraith for each other. With enough friends you can acquire up to 50 wraiths.

    Fifth: You might want to go up to the question mark in the upper right hand of your play window and do some reading, all of this information is there for the searching.

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