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The difference between raiding and defending/capturing a settlement is that the latter has a limited lifecycle before it dissapears, when the first takes place at a player’s own castle. It’s also different from a battleground, since even though they have a limited life span, you fight against human players, not the computer.

How To Capture a Settlement

Place your cursor over a Settlement on the Map to view its info. You will be able to view the amount of Resources remaining at a Settlement. its status (whether the Settlement is vacant or captured). and choose from a set of possible actions. You can get more information at your Eagle’s Nest. Once you’ve
captured a Settlement, go to your Keep and open the “Settlements” tab. It provides info about:

  • – The total amount of Resources at the Settlement
  • Time remaining until the Settlement is depleted
  • The Settlement’s Tribute storage capacity
  • The amount of Resources currently awaiting collection
  • Time remaining till you can collect Resources again
  • Time remaining until the Settlement’s collection capacity is full
  • Type and number of Units
    [buzz] currently garrisoned
  • Type and number of friendly Reinforcements.
  • The maximum travel time to any Settlement on the Map is 1 hour for all players.

[box type=”shadow”]Here is one great tip on Stormfall: Age of War Settlements. Always capture first unclaimed settlements, this way you will avoid losing units trying to obtain it and then defending it.[/box]

The House of Lords

Building the House of Lords allows you to conquer l Settlement. Once you’ve upgraded the House of Lords to Level 6, you’ll be able to control 2 Settlements. Go to the Obelisk of Power and use required Skull Runes to control 3 Settlements at a time.

To spy on a Settlement, build the House of Lords and the Hall of Shadows. and locate the Settlement from the Map or Eagle‘s Nest. Choose the “Dispatch Spies” option. select the number of Silent Ones you want to send for the mission. and click “Send” [see the “House of Lords’ and “Hall of Shadows” sections for more). Successful Spying missions allow you to detect all Units defending a Settlement – including its owner‘s Units and other players‘ Reinforcements. Recruit and station as many Silent Ones as you
can to protect your Settlement from being spied upon.

How To Defend a Settlement

Select the “Settlements” tab, then choose the type and number of Units you want to send on the mission and click “Send”. If you succeed. your force will conquer the Settlement and you’ll be
able to view its info under the ‘Settlements” tab at the Keep. Once youve captured the Settlement. it starts collecting Resources. You can claim Resources from Settlements once an hour. If you don’t collect Resources for more than 12 hours, they cease collecting.

If a Settlement is conquered from another player. the new owner doesn‘t get any of its previous owner‘s collected or claimed Resources. The Settlement starts collecting Resources again, but the total amount of Resources in the Settlement continues to deplete regardless of how many times it changes
hands. You may wish to maintain a large garrison of Defensive Units at your conquered Settlements to keep them under your control. But be careful – other Lords may see this as an opportunity to destroy your armies! You may also dispatch spies and conquering armies to your Allies‘ Settlements… but do so at your own risk. Sometimes short-term profit isn‘t worth losing a valuable Ally! If your Settlement is captured by an Enemy force. all surviving defenders and Reinforcements will return to their respective

Sending Reinforcements to a Settlement

To send and receive Reinforcements. you need to discover the Art of War [see the full list of lost arts here] and build the Keep (see the “Keep” section for more). Select the number and type of Units you want. and then dispatch them as Reinforcements to your or your Allies’ Settlements. Sending Reinforcements to other Settlements does not allow you to collect Resources from that Settlement. but if you help your Friends control their Settlements they might return the favor or pay you a percentage for protection. If you recall all of your Units from one of your Settlements. all Reinforcements belonging to other players will automatically be
returned to their respective Castles. If all your Units at a Settlement are destroyed, all surviving Reinforcements automatically return to their owners.

To control your Reinforcements in other Settlements. go to the Keep, open the “Garrisons” tab and choose the “Settlements” filter.

Where To Check The Settlement battle results? You will receive information on your Settlement battles in your Grand Marshall’s reports. Your Lord Steward will send you information about any Resource

[box type=”shadow”]How to properly Siege another player’s Castle?, read our guide to find out.[/box]

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  1. How i recall my sent reinforcements??? i sent all my reinforcements to one player with a level less than 9, and now, i need to recall my army, to defense my castle! but i don’t now how! help me! thanks!

    1. you go to your Keep and click Garrisons. It will say “your forces are defending ______. whatever. recall them if you want them back.

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