Best Ways to Get Sapphires in Stormfall: Age of War

Sapphires are Stormfall‘s hard currency [as opposed to resources, which are the soft currency], thus, if you have unlimited access to it, you can do pretty much whatever you want in the game without limits or waiting. However, as we know most of the Lords won’t spend real-life money to purchase sapphires, here’re a few tips to get free sapphire without having to buy it.

  • Capture Sapphire Settlements: Amongst the several type of Settlements there are the sapphire ones, once you conquer or capture it, you will beging harvesting sapphire. Of course, you need to refresh the Eagle’s Nest a lot of times until you finally find one that is unclaimed, every single lord in Stormfall: Age of War wants this settlement.
  • Log In To The Game In a Daily Basis: If you, you will get the 5-day reward as long as you keep logging into it, 50 sapphires is the prize for being loyal to the game
  • Top Ranking List: Only hard-code players get access to this reward, this is because you need to play a lot to top raiding, battlegrounds and besieging weekly rankings to do it.
  • Complete Surveys: This is another option that you can see on the top nav bar which says “Complete Surveys”. I’d think it twice before entering your address or real phone number though, you will start getting spammed and maybe charged without previous notice. There’re some offers that require you to just watch a video, maybe these are the most convenient to earn sapphires.
  • Complete Quests: Questing must a priority for any rookie in Stormfall, and you will find that some tasks will also reward you with free sapphires when done.
  • Level-up: For each new level you hit, you are granted a bunch of sapphires, mind you, after level 30, it gets a lot more difficult to reach the next level, simply because it requires a lot more of time to pay attention to your multiple units, raids and captured settlements to earn enough experience.
  • Buy It: If you are willing to spend real life money to buy sapphires you get the “special discount offer”, which varies from day to day, it’s a pop up window you can’t miss, since it appears as soon as you enter the game. For instance, as of right now, there’s an offer for 8750 sapphires for US$25.00.

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