Stormfall: Age of War Guide – Resource Buildings

Townhouses in Stormfall

The resource buildings are the backbone of your Castle, you can think of 3 main uses for these buildings: create/extract the resource, production rate/speed and resource storage limit. Below is the full list of facilities explained.

[box type=”shadow”]Remember, not only these buildings allow you to obtain resources like Food, Iron and Gold, Raiding, when done well, is the best way to gather resources in the game.[/box]


Farms produce the Food needed to support your units and population. Each farm produces a certain amount of Food depending on its upgrade Level.

Upgrade your Farms (max. level 20) to increase your hourly Food production. You can build up to 6 Farms in total.

To construct a Farm:

  • Go to your Castle.
  • Click on “Construction”.
  • Open the “Resource” tab and choose Farm.
  • Choose a location inside your Castle and start construction.

Spring of Life

You can only build the Spring of Life building after you discover the lost art “Waters of Life”, which require 12 scrolls AND upgrade at least one Farm to Level 10..

Each upgrade of the Spring of Life increases Food production by 5%.

The Spring of Life building is located in the resources tab in the construction panel, you can only get 1 building of this kind.


Upgrading the Barn allows you to accumulate and store more Food. A maximum of 3 Barns is allowed. You can start off with only one Barn. Additional Barns can only be built once you have upgraded the prior Barn to Level 20.

The Barn building is located in the resources tab in the construction panel, you can only get 1 building of this kind.

Ore Mines

You will find several Ore Fields in your Castle at the beginning of the game. This is where you will be extracting Iron (one of the three main Resources). You need Iron to raise buildings. discover Lost Arts. and to arm new Units. To begin extracting Iron, build a Mine on an Ore Field. The number of Ore Fields is random for each Castle. so expect to have to trade to meet your needs.


Mines produce Iron. Upgrade each of your Mines to Level 20 to maximize your lron production.

You can build as many Mines as there are Ore Fields inside your Castle. Build the Forge to further increase Iron production.

The Forge

The Forge helps you to use your Iron more efficiently, increasing your total Iron production by 5% with each Level upgrade. It can be upgraded to a maximum level of 5. You must Discover “Bran‘s Legacy” and upgrade at least one Mine up to Level l0 before you can unlock the Forge. You can only build one Forge.


You fill find several Encampments in your Castle at the beginning of the game. Build a Townhouse on an Encampment to begin collecting Gold (one of the three main Resources) from your townsfolk . You will need Gold to construct buildings, discover Lost Arts, and purchase Units.

The number of Encampments is random for each Castle, so you can expect to have to trade to meet your needs.


Townhouses house the citizens of your Castle and allow you to collect taxes in the form of Gold. Upgrade your Townhouses up to Level 20 to increase your hourly rate of Gold.

You can build as many Townhouses as there are Encampments inside your Castle. Build the Dungeons to further increase Gold collection.


Dungeons Increase the hourly Gold production rate of your Townhouses by allowing your Inquisitors to “persuade” your wealthier citizens to be more generous. Dungeons increase overall Gold production by 5% with each Level upgrade. The maximum upgrade level is 5.

You must discover the Lost Art “Light of Eldur” and upgrade one Townhouse up to level 10 before you can unlock the Dungeons. You can construct only one Dungeon.


The maximum amount of Gold and Iron you can collect is limited by the capacity of your Warehouses. You can _increase your Resource capacity by upgrading your Warehouse, up to a maximum of Level 20. After that you can build and upgrade additional Warehouses (up to 3 total).

[box type=”download”]The best methods to obtain resources with efficiency are explained here.[/box]

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  1. a lot of good information but i was hoping to find a matrix with the level and output for each structure farm mine townhouse, the farm starts making large jumps in resources around lvl 7 but the mines and townhouse seem to still be only 20 per upgrade as far as level 12

    1. any further news on this yet? as others have said the gain against spend is not worth it but without upgrading the game becomes really slow – takes far too long to save up enough to buy anything

    2. I also have been looking for this info…on the ore mines im up to lvl 12 and was getting 20 each lvl…lvl 13 is only giveing me 10 more now and the cost is outragous for the gain. Didnt know if it would do higher jumps further up the lvls…if not the max output per mine is terriable.

  2. And the # of resources it takes to build and upgrade. Such as it takes 7600 gold, 9500 iron and 3800 food to build the Forge. And you need X y and z to upgrade it to level 2… etc. That’s what I was looking for. Also, what is the count per level that a barn can hold?

  3. I have to complete the quest improve resources production.
    Do i need to level the buildings to max. level or do i need to place all buildings.

    1. you should read the quest description, but yes, you probably have to upgrade resource buildings.

  4. I was hoping to find what the capacities of the buildings were and how much for each level. People been waitng on it for this whole year. i guess it is onthe back burner simmering for ever and eer amen.

  5. I would like to know what my my minimum force should be going into a quest. Obviously a level 6 quest is not the same as a level 6 attack/defend. can anyone let me know please?

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