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Raiding other Lords‘ Castles is definitely the most satisfying way to earn Resources in the game (remember you can also raid battlegrounds such as Ogre’s Caves, this is a safer and better way to start raiding since you won’t have a retaliation from the machine.) besides having your own resource buildings.

To conduct a Raid, choose the number and type of Units you want to send after picking the target. Right after that, you will see a sort of timer or count down telling you how long until your troops hit the enemy’s castle, and then you will see a second counter telling you how long until your units come back to your castle. Of course, the longer the enemy’s location is, the longer it will take for your army to raid the place. Here is one major tip to consider, since if the journey takes hours, the targeted player could receive a warning from the counselor and start producing defensive units and be more than prepared by the time you get to the castle. Read the tips below to carry out a successful raiding.

If your Raid is successful, you will seize a certain number of Resources, called Spoils of War. The amount of Resources seized depends on the carrying capacity the Units that survived the Raid. After the Raid you will receive a report from your Grand Marshal detailing the number of casualties and the amount of Resources your Units claimed.

Users below Level 9 have Novice protection. They can initiate an attack on any player. but no one can attack their Castle unless provoked first. Users under Level I5 or the ones registered for less than 5 days) can only attack players of below Level l5 (or ones who have been registered for less
than 5 days).

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You can perform 10 Raid attempts every day. A new attempt will be added every 2,5 hours. Any Raids in excess of the allotted ‘lO will not result in any acquired Resources. You can view the current number of Raids available at the Keep or on the Map by positioning your mouse on other Lord’s Castle. After you’ve reached the daily Raid limit. you can still send your Units to raid other Castles, but they wont seize any
more Resources. You can capture no more than 50% of the Enemy’s Warehouse capacity in each raid, and 5% of captured Resources will be subtracted as the cost of the Raid. lf the Castle has already been raided to its limit by other players. or the amount of Resources in Warehouse is less than 50% of its capacity. the Raider will get 5% of Resources stored in Warehouse at the time of the Raid.

A Raid can be performed in 2 ways;

From the Map:

  1. Click “Map” in your Castle.
  2. Place the mouse over the Castle you want to raid.
  3. Choose ‘Raid” on the Castle menu.

From inside the enemy‘s Castle:

  1. Go visit the Castle of the player you want to raid.
  2. Select “Raid’ from the “Actions” menu.

Some Raiding Tips

Here is a checklist to highly increase your raidings success on a player’s castle:

  • Use Your Spying Units Before The Attack: As you may know, you can’t find out the number of units your enemy has on the castle, so always send your Silent Ones first (Spies) to figure out how big the army is.
  • Target Inactive Lords: Not all the player base in Stormfall AOW play 24/7, some don’t check the game in days, these are the right targets for you, specially those that are at your same level or just a couple below. Take a look at the resources they have and decide if the raid is worth.
  • Is The Raiding Target Close Enough?: If your troops will be hours travelling to the location, you will be defenseless for a long time and recovering them will cost precious shappires.
  • A Huge Offense To Wipe Them Out: Yes, brute force always works. Make sure that your offensive units largely overpass the enemy’s deffensive units, no calculator is neccesary, just make sure that your are better in quantity, unit quality and level (lost arts progress will help you get new units and upgrade them).
  • Carrying Capacity: Your raiding army will have a total resource carrying capacity, verify before launching the attack that your can randsack most of the enemy’s resources.

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14 thoughts on “Stormfall: Age of War Guide – Raiding”

  1. thanks for the info. Really nice for beginners. I count myself not as a beginner. So i need some further info.

    My question: When i raid somebody his warehouse has to be 50% full for a succesful raid. How do i calculate (after spying and than a raid with enough units) what the total capacity of the players warehouse is. I no this is possible, but havent found the answer yet.

    gr Gerjan Huisken (netherlands)

  2. meanwhile to calculate the attack strength is easy becouse there is only one number for the attack unit, <it is not easy to define the numbers for defense since there are many depending on the type of attack unit that is coming against.
    es: 10 paladins with 600 attack strength vs 20 archers def 400 ???
    but what is the calculation for an attack and a defense with all kind of different units?
    I think that we need a battle calculator
    tks a lot

    1. A battle calculator can be made in excel, as long as you have the exact numbers for the formula.

    2. the problem is:Where can I find the exact numbers ,since the the stats for defensive units are confusing? tks for reply

  3. and I have no idea how to figure out losses too .
    Is there a guide other than the one on the game that esplains how the battle is calculated ? Thanks in advance .

    1. Yes you can abort a raid within a short time after selecting it. When you instigate a raid you will see the details and there will be an “x” next to it. If you want to cancel a raid or even a build, you have about five seconds to press the “x”. If you miss it then the selected action will continue untill completion

  4. Sometimes I send my spies and the castle has 6000 of food iron and gold. When I raid the castle five minutes later I only get 500 of each. Why is this if I make sure that the carrying capacity is more than enough? I know that the castle is abandoned so the owner cannot hide his resources.

    1. Depends on the carrying capacity of your troops, i think. If you send just 1 knight, she won’t be able to fetch back much gold, or food, or iron. For hiding resources, how is that possible?

    2. You are only collecting 500 each, not only because you might have not sent in enough troops to carry the spoils, but it could be that the castle you raided, 6000 is less than 50% of the warehouse. Even though the castle is abandoned, it could be less than 50% because other players have also raided the castle before you, resulting in an empty warehouse. If the warehouse is less than 50% capacity, you will collect only 5% of whats left. In your case, the 5% was 500 each.

  5. i raid vacant castles that have 20,000 – 40,000 resources and first time raiding them but only collect 1,000 – 2, 000 gold and iron and 10,000 food. most at level 30-35. i use 100 dragons and 60 wyverns so why do i not get a lot of gold and iron. are other warriors better at collecting gold and iron than dragons and wyverns?

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