Stormfall: Age of War Guide – Command Buildings

This Stormfall: Age of War guide on Command Buildings will explain in detail each of the buildings needed to engage in Trade, Diplomacy and Research/Upgrade, which despite being non-military, are essential for your Castle’s progress through the game.

Town Hall

Your Town Hall is where you administer all the day-to-day functions of your Castle and its populace.

From here you can View:

  • Warehouse and Barn Resource capacity (resource buildings)
  • Food consumption
  • The number of Lost Arts you’ve discovered
  • The number of Allies and Enemies you have
  • Ranking points
  • Buildings currently under construction
  • All buildings you’ve Constructed and their current Level
  • Castle coordinates and development statistics (Castle size, Defense Bonus, Intelligence Defense Bonus)

Click on any parameter to upgrade it. Upgrading your Town Hall (max. Level 20) reduces the construction time for all buildings available in the game. The Town Hall is already built when you start the game. so it wont appear on any construction menus.

House of Scrolls

The House of Scrolls is where you discover and improve your mastery of the Lost Arts. The House of Scrolls also unlocks the Lost Arts panel for tracking and planning your discoveries. Upgrade the House of Scrolls to speed up the rate of your discoveries And further mastery (max. Level 20).

To build the House of Scrolls:

  • Go to your Castle
  • Click “Construction”
  • Open the “Command” tab and select the House of Scrolls
  • Choose a place In your Castle and start building
  • Build the House of Scrolls to trade Scrolls with other Lords, sell excess ones for Resources, or exchange them with your friends (see the “Lost Arts and Scrolls” section for more)

Obelisk of Power

We explain how the The Obelisk of Power and Runes work in a separate article.


The Market allows you to exchange Resources and Scrolls with other Castles. Upgrade the Market (max. Level 20) to Increase the “number of Caravans available for trade. You will need these Caravans to transport Resources and Scrolls to other Castles.

Keep in mind, every trade transaction you conduct with other Castles will temporarily use at least one Caravan until the transaction is completed.

You need to discover ‘Trade” to unlock the Market.

To build the Market:

  • Go to your Castle
  • Click “Construction”
  • Open the “Command” tab and choose the Market
  • Select a place in your Castle and start building

You can make a Resource Exchange Offer in the following way:

  • Go to your Castle
  • Go to the Market
  • Open the “Trade Resources” tab
  • Click the “Extend Offer” button
  • Choose the Resources you wish to trade
  • Click the “Make Offer” button
  • Set the “My” filter tb view when your Offer expires

In order to exchange Scrolls:

  • Go to your Castle
  • Go to the Market and open the “Trade Scrolls” tab
  • Click the ‘Extend Offer” button
  • Choose the Scrolls you wish to trade
  • Click the “Make Offer’ button
  • Set the -My” filter to view your Exchange Offers


You must build an Embassy to establish diplomatic relations with other Castles. The Embassy allows you to make Alliance offers, terminate current Alliances and’ invite Friends.

To build the Embassy:

  • Go to your Castle
  • Click “Construction”
  • Open the “Command” tab and choose the Embassy
  • Select a place withih your Castle and start building

You may also use the Embassy to organize and manage your League. Here you can view information about existing Leagues or create your own (see the “Leagues” section for more).


Open the “Beacons” tab to view any Beacons currently controlled by your League (see the “Beacons” section for more) and any Units currently stationed there. To pin the battle for Beacons you must join a League, or staff your own. Upgrade the Embassy up to Level 5 to increase your maximum number of Allies (max. 6). Forging Alliances will give you partners with which to trade Resources and plan attacks. Units and caravans moving between Allies will travel at significantly higher speeds.

To become Allies with another, player. send an “Alliance” offer for them to accept and await a confirmation message from your Herald.

Trader’s Inn

You can upgrade the speed of your Caravans by building and upgrading the Traders’ Inn (Maximum Level 20.). The faster your Caravans move, the sooner they become available for new transactions and emergency delivery of Resources and Scrolls to your Allies.

You must discover the Art of “Wayfaring” before you can unlock the Trader’s Inn.

  • Go to your Castle
  • Click “Construction”
  • Open the :Command” tab and choose the Trader’s Inn
  • Choose a place inside the Castle and start construction.

Thieves’ Guild

Improves the efficiency of your commerce by increasing the amount of Resources each Caravan can deliver (max. Level 20). Discover the Art of “Smuggling” to unlock construction of the Thieves’ Guild.

House of Lords

You must build the House of Lords before you can capture Settlements on the Map. Once you’ve upgraded the House of -Lords to level 6, you’ll be able to control 2 Settlements (see the “Settlements’ section for More). You need to build the Eagle’s Nest in order to detect new Settlements (see the “Eagle’s Nest” section for more).

Eagle’s Nest

You will need to build the Eagle’s Nest to detect and manage new Settlements and Battlegrounds. The Eagle’s Nest gives you information about:

  • new and unclaimed ‘Settlements
  • Resources remaining in a given Settlement
  • Settlement lifetime
  • A Settlement’s current occupier
  • New Battlegrounds appearing around your Castle
  • The Level and Current Strength of Battlegrounds
  • Battleground type (Offensive or Defensive)

Use the Eagle’s Nest to Spy on. Attack, or Reinforce Settlements. Set the “Settlement type” and “Settlement status” filters to narrow down your search. All detected -Battlegrounds can be found in the Eagle’s .Nest from the “Battlegrounds” tab. Upgrading the Eagles Nest has no effect on its ability to detect more Battlegrounds, but will allow you to detect more Settlements on the Map.

Upgrade your Eagle’s Nest to increase its range so you can find additional Shrines and Settlements before your enemy does.


The Keep is the stone heart of your Castle, the impregnable sanctum from which you command your armies, plot the movements Of friendly and hostile forces, and manage the Tribute you collect from your Settlements. There are several tabs at the Keep that allow you to manage:: your holdings.
Open the “Castle” tab to view the number and type of Units currently stationed at your Castle.

Open the “Settlements” tab to .view information about:

  • The total amount of Tribute remaining at your conquered Settlements
  • Time remaining until Settlement depletion
  • Your Settlements‘ Tribute storage capacity
  • The amount of Tribute currently awaiting collection
  • Time remaining till you can collect your Tribute again
  • Time remaining until the Settlements tribute capacity is full
  • Type and number of Units currently Garrisoned
  • Type and number of friendly Reinforcements

You can send Reinforcements to your Settlements or return friendly forces back to their Castles from this interface. To control Reinforcements you’ve sent to friendly Settlements. open the “Garrisons” tab and choose the “Settlements filter. You’ll be able to see all Reinforcements you’ve sent to your
friends and Allies.

Use the “Contacts” tab to interact with Castles you’ve bookmarked earlier. To add a Castle to Contacts use any of the following methods:

  • G0 to the Lords Castle and click “Add to Contacts” next to
    the Lord’s name
  • Use the “Chat” function and click “Add to Contacts” from
    the pop-up menu that appears when you click a Lords name
  • Go to the Keep. set the Friends. Allies, Assists. or Enemy
    filters and click “Add to Contacts” next to the Lord’s name
  • Find a Castle on the Stormfall Map and click on “Add to
    Contacts” in the drop-down menu

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