Stormfall: Age of War Guide: Battlegrounds

Every Battleground has two strength indicators – its Level and its Current Strength. The Level indicates the approximate size of the force awaiting you on the Battlefield. Current Strength represents the percentage of enemy Units remaining on the Battleground (only once you raided the town).

You may attack or defend the same Battleground as many times as needed to destroy all its occupying or attacking enemy Units. Battlegrounds are dangerous places with few hiding place. shrouded in the carnage of battle – your Silent Ones cannot venture there.

Eagle’s Nest – Find New Battlegrounds and Settlements

Eagle's Nest Panel

You must build the Eagle‘s Nest in order to find new battlegrounds and settlements. but it may also be used to more easily detect and manage the Battlegrounds around your Castle. During the first levels, your Scribe will be in charge of notifying you about new battlegrounds.

The Eagle’s Nest gives you information about; New Battlegrounds appearing around your Castle and The Level..

All detected Battlegrounds can be found in the Eagles Nest on the “Battlegrounds” tab. Upgrading the Eagle’s Nest has no effect on the number of detected Battlegrounds, what is does is increase the detection range.

Place your cursor over a Battleground on the Map to see its strength indicators and available actions. You can view
Battlegrourd’s Level and Current Strength_ dispatch a force to attack or defend it, or return to the “Battlegrounds” tab at your Eagle’s Nest interface from this menu.

Types of Battlegrounds

From within your Castle, go to your Eagle’s Nest and open the “Battlegrounds” tab to view all available Battlegrounds. Upgrading the Eagles Nest has no effect on the number of Battlefields you may detect. but will allow you to locate more Towns on the Map. There are two types of Battlegrounds – Offensive and Defensive. Send Offensive Units to destroy Orcish forces foolish enough to take up positions near your Castle (Offensive Battlegrounds, highlighted red in your Eagles nest and on the Map]. Send Defensive Units to evacuate unarmed villagers and subjects
from the attacking Orcish Horde. and leave nothing but ashes behind you (Defensive Battlegrounds – highlighted green in your Eagle’s Nest and on the Map).

How to check the exact number of enemy units in battlegrounds?

You cannot find out the exact number of enemy units in any battlegrounds or settlements in advanced, you will only obtain the unit losses on both sides after your units come back to your castle.

Can you dispatch Spies to Battlegrounds or Settlements?

No, you can only send spies to other player’s Castles.

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[box type=”shadow”]In order to have access to new units or new buildings to produce them, you first need to discover certain lost arts first.[/box]

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  1. What the heck? My last 4 battles haven’t given me anything, and I’ve been losing units I can’t replace. Whose smart idea was it to start skimping players out of their meager rewards for battles?

    1. Random randomness is random. Besides, whose smart idea is it to send units they can’t replace?

      Raiding battlegrounds, lesson one:

      Only use cheap units that can be replaced quickly.

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