Developer: Plarium App: Play Now!
Platform: Facebook Fee: Free
Category: Strategy Release Date: Nov 1, 2012


Stormfall: Age of War quickly became one of the most popular facebook strategy games in just a few months. Join thousands of other players and defend your castle while raiding others. Trade resources, and create the most powerful army in the lands of darkshine. We’ve created several walkthrough guides for each of this game features, tips, FAQs and cheats are also included.

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  1. hi i play marketland every day but i have lost my cake stand and my e players can you please tell me how do i get them back i have tryed all sorts can you email me and let me no what to do meny thanks kathleen

  2. i dint have any raid points and my leagues gonna kick me out i raid and collect tons of resources i think it might be a glitch will you please help me so i dont get band from my league

  3. Hello.. Dear storm Fall age of war Game ,,,this is The second time i send my identity my Game wont open anymore .my level is 49 and i daily player i never miss any day in this game

  4. Why can I not find anything about declaring war or how the point system works? Any strategy about it would be a big help too. How does it end?

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