Star Wars Force Collection Walkthrough Guide

Star Wars Force Collection. Welcome to QuicGamer’s Star Wars Force Collection Walkthrough Guide for Beginners. If you rather experienced with TCG games, you will find most of the options easy to grasp, such as Evolving and Enhancing Cards. We are working on a complete list of cards at the moment. Also, some options are explained in separate guides.


[box type=”info”]If you complete the Tutorial [Prologue: Escape from the Captured Starship] you get to win 1 free draw from the Premium Card Pack, worth 300 Crystals. Remember to register your call sign, which is basically your username and is useful for getting added as an ally through other players. Once you confirm, the Call Sign cannot be modified.[/box]


Below you will find the most of the game features explained;

  • Side: This level determines how many bonuses your cards receive depending on which side you are and how far you are to the “dark side” or the “light side”. Your cards need to match the side in order to receive the bonuses.
  • Force Level: This is your position in the Sith or Jedi hierarchy, the better your position the more attributes you receive.
  • Honor: In order to obtain Honor, you need to complete quests and win Battles. This is also how you get higher in the hierarchy.
  • Level: Collecting EXP points end up filling up the level bar. Each time you level up you get 2 stat points.
  • Energy Points: This is what you need to complete quests, each attack consumes 1 energy point.
  • Capacity [CAP]: This is what determines the limits of your battle formation. Cards and Vehicles have a cost and if that costs surpasses the CAP, you wont be able to fit any more of them.
  • Battle Points: Battle points determine your performance in PvP. Each attack you make needs of 2 BP. 1 BP is restored every 15 minutes automatically.
  • Ally Points: Sending messages to allies give you AP and in turn you can draw new cards from the Ally Card Pack. You can pile up a max of 30k AP.
  • Credits: Credits are used for creating vehicles and for the enhancement process. You get credit by questing, won battles or sold cards.
  • Crystals: this currency is mainly obtained by purchasing it with real money. They are mainly used to buy premium card packs and speed up all kings of processes.


Questing is the main way of leveling up and getting extra cards (and blueprint pieces), you don’t have acccess to battles at the beginning so you are just left with quests. You can access the Quest Menu by tapping on the Quest button at the bottom

  • ENERGY POINTS: Represented by a yellow bar when questing. Every attack you make consumes Energy Points (EP). If you don’t have EP, you will not be able to make progress. 1 Energy Point is recharged every minute.
  • For Each Enemy defeated in the same screen, your will go forward in the progress bar, once you reach 100% you will end the Area of the Planet you are in. Remember, you don’t actually use cards when questing, only your EP.
  • For each enemy defeated you obtain credits and gain EXP Points.

PLANETS, AREAS & REGIONS: There are a total of 6 Planets, each one with multiple regions inside and within those Regions, Areas where you actually fight your way through. At the end of the last Area of a Planet, a Boss Battle will take place. Sometimes you will have to make a decision, to assist the Dark Force or the Light Force. Your choice affects your Force Balance.

CHOOSE YOUR SIDE: Choose to help either the Light Side or the Dark Side Boss character. Your Force Balance will change depending on which side you help.

BOSS BATTLES: Bosses are battled 1 on 1, by using your leader card. However, you can obtain help from an Ally Leader Cards to defeat the boss (you can get a max of 2 allies to help you out). Both changing the leader card and calling for assistance can only be made in the “Prepare For Battle” menu. Tap on the “Start Battle” menu to begin. Boss Batlle rewards can vary, but you will usually get Crystals.

[box type=”info”]Cards on the same side of the force as you will get a bonus status increase during Formation Battles. Choose wisely, depending on which cards you got at the beginning.[/box]


Crystals. Crystals can be used to: Fully recover your Energy Points. Fully Recover your Battle Points, Cut the building time of vehicles and enhance your cards.

Shields. Protects a while set of Blueprints from another player’s attack. It will be destroyed when defending from 1 attack. You can also freely take it off even after setting it.


To get into a battle you need Battle Points (do not mistake with energy points). Depending on the opponent you defeat, your Force Balance will be altered. Always have that in mind and choose depending on which card compose your battle formation team. The main objective of Battles is to defeat other players to get Blueprint Pieces and Credits and prevent other players from looting your Blueprint Pieces. Normal Battles cost 2 BP, but Battles fought to loot Blueprint Pieces cost 4 BP. 1 BP recovers every 15 minutes.

We’ve got a more extensive guide that explain in detail Shields, Replays, Punishment and Battle Formations.

Battles have a time limit as well, which can be seen on the top-left corner of the screen. Once the battle has ended you are presented with the results, including the Best Attacked and Best Defender.


What these two processes do is to improve your Cards’ stats. We’ve got a detailed guide on both features right here.


Collect Blueprint Pieces to build powerful Vehicles. Collect up to 4 pieces from quests. Battle other players to obtain the remaining pieces. Defeating other players in PvP is actually the most effective method of getting those pieces. Once in the “Battle For Blueprints” menu, you can change the blueprint piece you are fighting for. 6 pieces create a Vehicle. Don’t get into battles as soon as you start, since you will be missing cards to fill up the back row. We have a separate guide for Vehicles.


Leveling up grants you extra Stat Points, only the first level up gives you 10 points, the following will only give you 2. You can either assign them automatically or manually. You can gain an advantage by allocating your Stat Points to either your CAP or EP. As usual with most TCG, it’s suggested to assign all Stat Points to EP if you are just started in the game. EP is useful to keep questing for longer times, while CAP makes a stronger Battle Formation.


The Cards section is fairly extensive, that is why we created a separate page for it.


Goals give you different rewards as you complete them. They can vary from reaching a certain Ally threshold to completing an area.

YOUR ID & Player Stats.

By opening the sidebar menu on the left, and then tapping on Status, you can access your Player ID and a vast collection of stats, such as Level, Weekly Ranking Trophy, Purchase History, and the stats shown below;



  • Side of the Force
  • EXP Total
  • Allies
  • Total Cards
  • Character Cards (Light)
  • Character Cards (Dark)
  • Character Cards (Neutral)
  • Vehicles
  • Stack Cards
  • Time Played
  • Times Enhanced
  • Cards Sold
  • Total Card Packs Picked




  • ATK
  • DEF
  • Asssists
  • Shields
  • Punishments
  • Blueprints
  • Credits
  • Leader Card Hired
  • Attack Stats
  • Defense Stats
  • Total




  • Areas Reached
  • Light Side Bosses Defeated
  • Dark Side Bosses Defeated




  • Total Blueprint Pieces
  • Sets Completed



Allies are essential to make quick progress and defeat powerful players in Star Wars Force Collection. Allies not only give you AP, which allow you to draw cards from Ally Card packs, but also give you extra Stat Points. You can access the Allies menu by tapping on Allies on the bottom left corner of the screen.


For every consecutive day you log-in to the game, you receive different rewards, such as Ally Points, Silver Card Packs, Gold Card Packs or Crystals.


  • Register a password in the Status Menu so you can retrieve the game data if you change the device, lose it or delete the app by mistake.
  • Unlocking Modes: PvP Battles, Enhancing Cards, Evolving Cards and other features are unlocked as you reach certain Levels. For instance, when you reach Level 5, the Enhancement mode is unlocked.
  • 2000 Ally Points allows you to draw 10 cards from th Ally Point Card Pack.
  • Both the Cards and the Vehicles can only be seen in the Archives once discovered for the first time (or by taking a look at our List of Cards or Vehicles.)
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  1. Do you know how much of a bonus the card skills grant? E.g. short atk up (sm) I understand that it gives a small boost to cards with a short attack range, but is the boost a percentage of their total attack or something else?

    1. It does give a nice boost to attack and can be added. So say you get short attack up all short cards get the boost. Say you have another card that give light attack up so your light cards that are short will get a double boost that proves to be significant.

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