Spirit Stones Guide: Card Combinations [Evolution]

Spirit Stones. There are a total of 20 cards, all of them Rare, that can be obtained by combining two common +++ cards. The combination formulas are shown below.


  • The +++ versions should be fully leveled up before evolving to carry out more stats.
  • The best rare cards obtained from an evolution combo are: Hell Guard, Devil Hunter, Exorcist and Sword Dancer
  • Only the normal cards listed in these combos are the ones that create a Rare Card, the rest of the normal cards can be evolved to +++ versions, but stop there (being the Inferior Gunner an exception to the list)


All of the evolved rare cards get 435 HP and 30 attack points.

Rare CardCard 1Card 2CostAttackHP
Barbaric WarriorBeastFighter161221702
Beast ConquerorTrainerAlchemist201301731
Dark KnightKnightMagician161221702
Dark MagicianSorceressMagician161361818
Devil HunterHunterPriest161241615
Explosion SpecialistGunnerArtillery161241528
Giant BeastBeastAlchemist201301818
Hell GuardScoutGuard201341876
Light WarriorMusicianPirate201281789
Long Bow MasterSpearmanArcher161221586
Power ArcherArcherFighter161201557
Sword DancerDancerRogue201381760
Temple KnightPriestKnight121261760

16 thoughts on “Spirit Stones Guide: Card Combinations [Evolution]”

  1. I have two rose cards and I’m not getting the option to evolve could you explain this please and their levels are max out so what am I doing wrong

  2. What is the cost of gold per evolution level of cards?

    normal + normal = how much gold for normal+?

    normal+ + normal+ = how much gold for normal++

    normal++ + normal++ = how much gold for normal+++?

    normal+++ + normal+++ = how much gold for rare?

  3. If i don’t maximize the original card before fusing into rare card, will the maximum stat for the rare card be the same if i maximize the original card 1st ? Tx

    1. I hope I understand ur question correctly. Yes the maximum ranking level will be the same as ur original non Rare card. Example, say u ranked ur original card max 10/10..and later decide to evolve/fuse it to the upgraded card…then the new evolved will reset and start again at rank 1 again 0/10.

  4. i have lots of normal+++ cards..but none of them can evolve to rare cards. how 2 evolve to rare ?! when i selected normal+++ to evolve,it said that there’s no cards to evolve..but i have 2 same cards. then also there’s 2 same cards that can’t selected. please help. thx b4.

    1. When you open some card to view info about it, you can see the list of cards with whom card evolves. It is small table under the stats but above the Enchant/Evolve buttons.
      Hope it helps.
      Another thing is the table in article above. It shows how to evolve different Normal+++ cards into Rare card.

    2. This confused me at first, too. You don’t use identical cards to evolve a N+++. There are certain, DIFFERENT cards you use, for example, Alchemist+++ and Beast+++ make Giant Beast, but combine Alchemist with Trainer+++ and you get Beast Conqueror -BUT- there are alot of cards that don’t evolve past N+++ (I wasted alot of money figuring this out) and also, there are some R+ cards that don’t evolve into SR cards… hope this covered anything the other reply missed! H4090086 is my friend code, if you’re interested. I’m level 29.

  5. So do you recommend selling the cards that can’t evolve to rare or super rare? I’ve only been playing for a short time but was evolving everything I could so what is the point of having +++ cards that can’t do more when I already have rare of each color

  6. Hey, quick question. I’m trying to evolve the Honey SR card and it’s not letting me. When I go and check the evolution list it clearly shows I can evolve. Would you be able to help me out? Greatly appreciated! :)

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