Soldiers Inc. Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to quickgamer’s Soldiers Inc walkthrough guide for beginners. Even though this guide is fairly extensive, there are separate articles in our wiki for topics that need further description. You can leave your own tips and hacks in the comments section.



Click on the Resource panel at the top of the screen to boost your Resource Production using Diamonds. Click the Diamond icon in the top right corner of the screen to purchase additional Diamonds. Use Diamonds to boost Unit production queues, building construction times, or to purchase Units at the Black Market.

In the top left corner you’ll find the ‘Rankings” icon and the “Mail Server” icon. The top panel also displays your Base’s coordinates, current Level, current Defense Bonus, and currently available building upgrade/construction queues. Hire Engineers to build or upgrade more than one building at a time (by clicking the wrench and hammer icon).

ROM the “Settings’ window you can: – enable/disable inertial scrolling; – enable/disable animation; – enable/disable voiceovers, sound effects, and musk.

Open the Field Manual to find detailed info on rules and gameplay. The menu icons at the right side of the screen On ogler from top to bottom) access the Editing, Construction, Map, Contracting, and Unit Construction features.


You can send messages to other players through the in-game Mail system. To send messages to your Friends and Partners, dick the “Mail” button from the pop-up menu above their avatar on your ‘Friends” panel. Use the “Inbox” to view emails from your Friends, Partners, and Rivals. In the “Sent’ tab you’ll find letters you’ve sent to other Commanders. To write a new email, dick “Choose Friend’ and select a Friend from the list, enter the message text and click “Send”. You can also exchange messages with other players by going to the Map, placing your cursor over the player’s Base, and clicking the envelope icon. Then simply enter your message text and click ‘Send”.

To stop receiving communications from other users, add them to your Blacklist by opening the “Mall’ window and dick the “Block user”. Messages from users on your blacklist will be automatically be deleted.

You can send messages to other online players in real-time using the game’s Chat function. To use Chat dick on the “Char button on the right side of your Friends Panel. Be aware that all Chat communications outside of Combine channels are unsecured and regional You can interact with other Commanders from the Chat interface by clicking on another Commander’s name and choosing a desired action (Open Profile, Send Message, Blacklist, Add to Contacts) from the pop-up menu. To send a chat message simply enter text and dick the “Send” button.


To view your Ranking against the other players, click “Rankings” from the user menu. Global Ranking displays your position against all the users that play “Solders Inc.”. The Friends Ranking shows your position among all your Friends that play “Soldiers Inc.”. Rankings are divided into three categories: Winners. Current and Soldiers of Fortune – in order of significance.

Soldiers of Fortune displays the names of all players to ever place in the Weekly Rankings. Winners displays names of players who took top positions at the end of last week’s calculation.

There are six different Ranking metrics:

Offense – ranks the players who defeated the largest number of enemy Units while attacking other Bases.

Defense – ranks players who have defeated the largest number of enemy Units while defending their arm Base.

Occupation – ranks players who occupied the most Basin.

Resources – ranks players who have seized the most Resources while Occupying/Annexing other Bases.

Raid – ranks players who seized the largest amount of Resources when raiding other Bases.

Search and Destroy – ranks players by who has destroyed the most Zheng Shi Holding Group forces on Search and Destroy missions.

To see where you stand in the Rankings click the “My Ranking” button. Click “Top 10″ to see the leaders in each category.


You receive Experience Points for defeating enemy Units, negotiating Contracts, constructing and upgrading buildings, attacking or defending Zheng Shi Locations, and completing tutorial tasks and bonus missions. You will automatically level up and receive a free Diamond bonus each time you collect the required number of Experience Points.

Your Level shows your progress in the game. Some game features will also only unlock at certain Levels (for example, you can join a Combine when you reach Level 16).


To go to the Map, dick the “Map” icon on the right side of the main interface. To return to base, click ‘Home from the Map or Base menu, or click twice on your Base. You can scroll across the Map by:
1. Clicking and dragging the Map with your mouse. (Inertial Scrolling). 2. Using your keyboard arrows. 3. Entering coordinates in the bottom right comer of the Map and cicking the “return key” icon.
All Bases have corresponding x coordinates (numbers at the bottom of the screen) and y coordinates (numbers on the left side of the screen). Place your mouse over any player’s Base and you will see the coordinates below its name.


Click the “Achievements” button on the top menu bar of the screen to view your Achievements. Build and upgrade Buildings, collect Resource Supply Drops, negotiate Contracts, and complete other game actions to unlock new Achievements and win free Diamonds. Place your cursor over the question mark to read each Achievement’s completion requirements.


Combat Engineers help you construct or upgrade your Base’s buildings. Hiring extra Combat Engineers allows you to bud or upgrade more than one building at a time. Click the green wrench and hammer icon below the top menu bar to view the purchase price of your next Engineer. To purchase, click the button and confirm your decision. The number of Combat Engineers you may hire is limited. Engineers do not physically appear in the game.


Combines allow players to join forces under a well-organized command structure with one name, insignia, and hierarchy. Each member of a Combine is given their owl credentials, duties, and responsibilities within the group. Level3Oisrequiredbeforeyoucancreatea Combine. Level 16 is required before you can join an existing Combine.

You can join a Combine in the following ways – accept another player’s invitation in the “Partners” tab of yourJoint Ops Center – you MI get aJoint Ops report upon receipt of a new invitation. – Send a request to a Combine Chief Executive Officer by clicking “Join Combine” in the “Combines” tab. You can be a member of only1 Combine at a time. To join another Combine, you must first leave your current Combine.

If you are a Combine Chief Executive Officer and wish to join another Combine, you have to delegate your status to another Combine member first. before being able to leave the Combine

Open the ‘Combines” tab in the Joint Ops Center to view the list of existing Combines. Here you can also view the Combine information:

  • Position: Combine’s position in the Global Combine Rankings.
  • Level: total amount of Combine member’s Experience Points.
  • Insignia: Combine insignia.
  • Combine Name: Combine name.
  • Leader: Combine Chief Executive Officer.
  • Associates: the number of members in the Combine.
  • Status: Other Combine’s Status.
  • Actions: Action menu where you can view a Combine’s info, join a Combine. or send a message to a Combine’s Chief Executive Officer.


Command buildings are the non-tactical support infrastructure needed to manage your Base’s Joint Operations, Logistics, and Contracting. All buildings have different construction/upgrade times. You start off being able to build or upgrade only one budding at a time, but may add extra construction/upgrade queues to your Base by hiring additional Engineers.

To construct a Command building do the following: 1. Go to your Base and dick “Construction”. 2. Open the “Command” tab and find the building you need. 3. Click “Build”. 4. Select a place inside your Base and start construction.


Negotiating Contracts grants you access to new Buildings. Units, and Services. Build the Contracting Office to begin negotiating new Contracts. Upgrade the Contracting Office increase the speed of your contract negotiations Negotiating or renegotiating a Contract wit cost Rations, Fuel and Munitions. The more advanced the Contract or the higher its upgrade level, the more each negotiation will cost.


There are two kinds of defensive structures – passive and active.

Passive defensive structures include Walls, Gates, Towers, and Improvements. All of these additions contribute to your Base’s total defense bonus, wanting all your defensive units additional combat effectiveness when fighting off attackers This bonus will only be applied to defensive units currently garrisoned in your Base and outside of your Bunker.

Active defenses include Automated Gun Turrets and Artillery Emplacements. Unike Walls, Gun Turrets and Artillery will actively participate in defensive battles just like one of your regular Units- unlike normal Units, when they’re damaged they can be repaired and brought back online for free by you or by Friends as many times as needed, granting a considerable long-term advantage. Active defenses also contribute to your overall Defense Bonus. Defensive structures cannot be deployed to locations outside your Base. Note: There is no difference between Gun Turrets and Artillery Turrets aside from their appearance.

WHY DO I NEED IMPROVEMENTS?. All Improvements help increase your Base’s Defense Bonus. The mom of these additions you have in your Base, the higher your Units’ Defensive rating. Only Units actively defending your Base (not in the Bunker) will receive the Defense Bonus.


Within mains of Zancfian crisis, the international UN peacekeeping force tasked with securing national infrastructure, maintaining order, and providing humanitarian relief withdrew under fire – leaving behind enough strategic stockpiles to supply a major military operation for years. Secure these abandoned Depots to access a free sources of Diamonds, Fuel, Munitions, and Rations. Each Depot contains one of your three main Resources (Refineries – Fuel, Munitions Dumps – Munitions, and Rail Depots – Rations), along with Diamond mines.

There are different sizes of Depots: Large, Medium, and Small. The anoint of Resources produced by the Depot and its capacity depend on its size. The larger the Depot the more Resources it can collect per hour, and the greater its Intel worth When all the Resources at a Depot have been exhausted (or its time limit expires) it will disappear from the Map. The time remaining until a Depot disappears is displayed on the pop-up Map menu, your Command HO, and your Radar.

Visit your Radar to detect new Depots (see the “Radar” section for more). Every new Depots (see the “Radar” section for more). Every new Depot starts off vacant and unguarded – there are advantages to being the first to take one, but be wary of ambushes set by other players. Any player can view the amount of Resources stored lithe Depot by placing their cursor over it.


Your military buildings are where you produce, manage, and deploy ad of your combat units. Each Unit or set of Units is produced at its own building, and construction of some buildings a prerequisite for negotiating certain military Contracts or building more advanced military buildings Military Buildings are non-upgradeable, but you can renegotiate their required Contracts to improve the Unit performance statistics of the units they train.

The ‘Production Queue” window in Military buildings allows you to view your current Unit production queues. Use Diamonds to instantly complete a production line in a queue.

To construct a Military Building do the following: 1. Go to your Base and dick “Construction”. 2. Open the “Military tab and find the building you need. 3. Click ‘Build”. 4. Choose a place in your Base and start building.


Interaction between players is the heart of the Soldiers Inc. gameplay experience. This covers all the different ways you can influence and engage the other players. There are several ways you can perform actions with other players.

  1. You can easily interact with your fellow Commanders from the Map interface: Go to Map and dick on other player’s Base. You can choose an action (Exchange, Occupy, Raid, etc.) from their Base’s pop-up menu.
  2. You can also interact by visiting their Base. Go to other player’s Base. Choose the action you want to perform from the “Action” menu.

Alternately you can conduct most interactions from the Command HO. Use your Command HQ, Joint Ops Center, and Logistics Exchange to perform military actions, conduct Joint Operations, and execute trade transactions.

Read your reports to keep track of your military actions, diplomacy, and resource and referral exchanges. You can also set different Fibers to sort your reports for the most relevant information.


There are three main types of Resources in the game – Fuel, Munitions and Rations. You will need them to construct or upgrade buildings, negotiate Contracts, and produce Units.

To increase your rate of Resource production, construct and upgrade Munitions Factories, Landing Zones, and Oil Derricks and other resource related buildings like the Fuel Silo and Arms Dealer. The total amount of Fuel and Munitions you can store is limited by your Storage Depot capacity. Build and Upgrade more Storage Depots increase your Fuel and Munitions storage capacity.


Resource buildings all manage different aspects of your Resource production and accumulation. The more
Resource buildings you have and the higher their upgrade levels, the more Reources you can produce, accumulate and spend on your war effort. You will need a mix of all Resources for Base development and Unit production.

Each Resource Building has an internal storage. While your resources will never stop accumulation, you may increase your resource flow by frequently clicking on your Resource Buildings to move Resources to your Storage Depots. Upgrading your Field Kitchens allows you to accumulate and store more Rations. A maximum of 3 Field Kitchens are permitted. Fuel and Munitions collection is limited by the capacity of your Storage Depots. Upgrading the Storage Depots allows you to accumulate and store more Resources. A maximum of 3 Storage Depots are permitted.

To build a Resource Building do the following:

  1. Click “Construction”.
  2. Open the “Resource” tab and find the building you need.
  3. Click ‘Build”.
  4. Choose a place inside your Base and start construction.
  5. Click the “+” button next to the wrench and hammer icon to purchase Engineers. Hiring Engineers allows you to build or upgrade more than one building at a time.


Zheng Shi Holdings Group Locations ZHG Locations are strategic positions across the Zandian countryside that have been occupied by hostile Zheng Shi forces. or that are under imminent threat of Zheng Shi attack. You have been pre-cleared to execute a standing Search and Destroy contract to harass, engage, and eliminate these Zheng Shi strong points at your discretion.

Successfully completing these allows you to: Earn mission items for Global Missions & liberate new Units above your current contracting level

Be advised – while many Zheng Shi Locations may offer valuable recoverable assets (resource caches or
unaffiliated new recruits) – some will offer nothing but high casualties and the opportunity to earn Experience Points. Evaluate your goals and current strength carefully before engaging, and do not waste units you cannot afford to lose. While not every successful mission will offer a reward, each ZHG Location you neutralize for no reward counts towards your eventual payout. Each skipped payout increases your odds of receiving a bonus on your next attempt – so keep trying!.

Every ZHG Location has its own Level, indicating the approximate size and strength of the enemy force. You may attack the same Location as many times as needed in order to destroy all hostile units. All Zheng Shi locations can be viewed from your Radar center on the “Zheng Shi Force” tab.

Radar gives you intel about:

  • New ZHG Locations spawning around your Base
  • Level and Current Strength of all detected ZHG Locations. Upgrading the Radar has no effect on the number of detected Locations. but will allow you to detect more Depots on the Map.

Send Units to a ZHG Location from the “Zheng Shi Force” tab in your Radar interface. or use the menu on the Game Map.


The Training Center allows you to use Drill Instructors to improve the speed, production time, and Ration consumption statistics of your Units. To get started, go to the “Construction” tab and build the Training Center.

DRILL INSTRUCTORS. Drill Instructors are seasoned professionals that can drive
your Units to be better, stronger, and faster than ever. The Syndicate will send you additional Drill Instructors for attaining higher Experience Levels in the game. The number of Drill Instructors you’ll receive per level-up will increase over time:

  • Levels 6 — 30,/’ 2 Drill Instructors
  • Levels 31 – 60,-” 4 Drill Instructors
  • Levels SI — 75,-” 6 Drill Instructors
  • Levels 76 + Drill Instructors

You can also get extra Drill Instructors by completing successively higher Search and Destroy Mission Levels. Drill Instructors CANNOT be hired at the Black Market or traded.

Click the Training Center to access the Training Program. You will see all production line Units divided into Unit Sets. In order to unlock different Unit attributes and branches of the Training Program. you must progress through each Unit Set subsequently. To get started. use two of you Drill Instructors to unlock the Phase 1 by clicking the “Training Phase I’ button twice. You’ll notice that assigning each Drill Instructors takes time – this time will increase with each additional Instructor you assign to a Unit.

REASSIGNING INSTRUCTORS. Important, once you‘ve assigned your Drill Instructors,
you only get ONE chance to reassign them for free. To reassign a Drill Instructor, click the ‘Reassign’ button at the top of the Training Program. and then click the ‘-” symbol next to the Instructor you want to reassign when you have reassigned the Drill Instructors you want. ‘Assign’ to
make your changes permanent. You may now assign your Drill Instructors as you would normally [this includes the wait time while they are being assigned).


You can use your military Units to protect your Base, raid or occupy other Bases. and concoction operations on the Zandian battlefield. You will also need them to engage in Search and Destroy Missions. All Units are divided into four different categories (Light Infantry. Heavy Infantry. Armor and Combat Aviation) based on their speed. power. and performance statistics. Offensive Units have Offensive
ratings that apply across all categories. while Defensive Units have varying levels of effectiveness against each category.

Negotiate Contracts a1d construct Buildings to unlock new. more powerful Units. Renegotiate Contracts to increase their combat effectiveness.

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