Samurai Siege Guide: FAQs

Samurai Siege Below you will find a list with the most FAQs for Samurai Siege.

Samurai Siege FAQs.

  • What’s the best deployment position for a Commander Unit and Is it Better to have multiple Commanders?
  • When facing levels that have lots of defensive buildings mixed with other type of buildings, including walls, you sure want to put more than one, since the commander will increase the chances of other units of attacking the defensive buildings first. They can resist longer because of their higher HP.

  • How do Healers actually work?.
  • What a healer does once deployed is to target the closest ally with injuries. After that, the healer will keep healing that same unit until it dies. Healers do not heal multiple units at once, and nothing distracts them from their objective, even if it’s located far away in the map.

  • Why Should I upgrade the Dojo?
  • There are two main effects the Dojo has over Troops is the fact that it makes the troop training queue bigger, allowing to queue more units and also makes training speed faster.

  • How many spells can a Scroll Statue carry at the same time?
  • A statue scroll can have 2 spells available for immediate use. However, you can queue 3 spells, and once you use one of the 2 spells available, the third spell will start being created and eventually become ready.

  • How to increase Units/Troops HP. How to make troops stronger?
  • There’s one main method to upgrade troops/units. First of all, unlock the Blacksmith building. Second, start upgrading each unit individually. Upgrading your troops increases both your health and damage.

  • Where do I see the Troops/Units that are ready for battle? [already out of the training queue]
  • Tap on the Practice Yard and then tap on “My Yard”. Other way is tapping on the icon “Troops”

  • How To Increase “Alliance War” ranking?
  • While your Alliance is going through a war, any battle you win and lose adds or decreases your honor added (with the exception of campaign battles)

  • How do I add new players to my Alliance?
  • Hop on our “add me” page for Samurai Siege and request for players, indicating your Alliance level. You can also get alliance members through Facebook contacts.

  • How Alliance Wars work?
  • It’s simple. Once an alliance declares war on another, they get into a match that lasts for 12 hours and involves 4 alliances. During that time you can donate troops to other alliance members.

  • Why is the Alliance Feature Missing?. How to unlock the alliance building?
  • Just complete the mission Leaving the valley, which is just the third mission in the PvE campaign.

  • How to find players to battle that are the same level as I am?
  • The multiplayer PvP system pairs players taking into account their honor, not their in-game level

  • Can I Recover the Loot I just lost when a player raided my castle?
  • Yes, you can take revenge, check the attack log and recover that loot from that same player that attacked you.

  • Why some Players are not listed in the Revenge tab, despite having attacked me?
  • There are two possible reasons of this happening. If the player is online, you can’t attack him. The second reason is that the player is using a Shield.

  • What is the Core Building that determines a battle has been won?
  • The Castle. No matter how few other buildings you have destroyed, if you manage to wipe out the castle, the battle is considered over and won.

  • How to choose a specific player to attack?
  • The only way you can do this is by taking revenge. That means that you can pick this player if this player has previously attacked your village (as long as this player is offline.). When entering a multiplayer battle, you are matched with a random fighter.

  • What Are Shields. What’s the best way of using one?
  • You get a shield only after being raided. The amount of time the shield lasts depends on the amount of damage done by the other player. The shield prevents your village from getting raided over and over again. The best way to use it is simply NOT attacking other players if you are not sure you can win, since the shield goes down as soon as you enter a PvP battle.

  • How to change the Village Name?
  • You can’t do it.

  • How to start a Samurai Siege Game from scratch?
  • It’s not possible unless you install a new game through a different account, both in itunes or google play.

  • How to Move Buildings?
  • Tap once, then tap again and hold and drag it at the same time.

  • How to Earn More Essence and Coins resources?
  • There are three ways of getting “free Essence” and “free Coins”. The first is completing Campaign levels, looting 100% in the way. Then you have the Essence Wells and Markets, which you should upgrade to the max if you are planning to harvest lots of Coins and Essences

  • How to get Free Diamonds?
  • The only way to get free Diamonds without cheating or buying them is by getting into an Alliance and making the Alliance level up and win Alliance Wars.

  • How to Upgrade Buildings?
  • Tap on a building, then tap on “upgrade” in the button that appears after that.

  • Play Same Samurai Siege account on another device?. How to Sync the game if possible?
  • You cannot transfer or sync account if they are based on different platforms, that means you cannot play the same game on an Android device and sync it to an iOS game. You can do it though in the same platform, through the Game Center account or Google Play account.

  • What is the Resource [Coins & Essences] Cap the enemy can loot after raiding the village?
  • The loot cap when raiding is of 20% of the total resources found.

  • Save Samurai Siege progress?
  • This is done automatically through the Game Center, remember to stay logged in to it when playing the game.

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  1. how do I manage my own base..? do you have a Village EDIT button like the one in Clash of Clans? i really want to continue playing this please include that option.! otherwise i will just simply delete this gane..

  2. I need to transfer my iPhone game to my android. It’s not worth starting over. I am a level 50 with 6000 diamonds and castle 8. Please create a login so we can do the swith. I’m real upset I lost my game. I’m not willing to start over especially since a created an awesome alliance.

  3. I downloaded this game on my phone. I am currently playing on my tablet. I have a castle level 7.when I downloaded the game on my phone and tried to sign in with Google Plus it had me to create a new castle. Now when I sign into my phone I get the choice of playing with this new level 2 castle or a new one, not my level 7 castle. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times with no success of being able to play my level 7 castle. When I sign in on my tablet I get the choice of playing my level 7 castle for the level 2 castle that was created on my phone. How do I delete the level 2 castle and get those level 7 castle as an option on my phone? any assistance would be great thank you.

    1. did u know how to fix it please tell me if found out any thing i have the same proplem and i cant live with it i lost my level 9 castel

  4. It is annoying that you cannot play the game with the same account in different platforms. Please make it real, there are other games that you can do this. I WANT TO HAVE MY GAME IN MY IPAD AND IN MY ANDROID PHONE! I have a note 4! Please!!!!

  5. I cant buy diamonds as they 4.99 dollars but the UK use the pound. For some crazy reason they wont let me buy diamonds. I do have a google account. So please sort this nonesense out.

  6. I cant buy diamonds as they want 4.99 dollars but the UK use the pound. For some crazy reason they wont let me buy diamonds. I do have a google account. So please sort this nonesense out.

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