Royal Story Guide: Quests & Tasks

Below you will find the complete list of Royal Story quests and tasks (still on the works). You will it useful specially if you can’t figure out how to finish some of them or are looking forward to know how certain machines, buildings or expansions are unlocked. You can read our Royal Story Walkthrough for beginners if you are new to the game.

Choose a Brew.
1. Buy a Coffee Machine
2. Build the Coffee Machine
Wood and Stone.
1. Gather 10 wood logs by chopping trees
2. Gather 10 stones by mining rocks
A Good Start.
1. Fill in the Coffee Machine with beans.
Lucky Clover.
1. Plant 6 Clover
2. Take The Fertilizer out of your inventory and place it in your kingdom
2. Fertilize Clover 8 times (click on the Fertilizer and then the crop to do so.)
Expand Your Horizons.
1. Click Full Screen to enlarge your view
Fight The Fire.
1. Clear the Burnt Tree
A Portion For Patty
1. Feed Patty 2 times
2. Produce 2 bottles of Milk
Plenty O’Plots
1. Have 12 Farm Plots
2. Plant 6 Coffee Beans
Creamy Coffee.
1. Add Milk to the Coffee Machine 2 times
2. Collect 2 cups of Cafe au Lait
2. Sell 2 cups of Cafe au Lait
Mooove It Outta Here
1. Clear 3 Grass
2. Mine 2 Rocks
2. Harvest 6 Coffee Beans
Tucked Away Turtle
1. Clear 2 Tall Grass
The More The Merrier
1. Invite Friends to Royal Story
2. Visit 1 Neighbor and get a humble heart
Preserver and Prosper
1. Plant 10 Clover
2. Produce 4 bottles of milk
Flower Power
1. Tend flowers 3 times
2. Collect 6 Dew Drops by Tending Flowers
A Chicky Chum
1. Take the baby Chick out of your pouch
2. feed baby chick 3 times (you need to feed baby chick with baby bottles 3 times in order for it to become an adult chick)
Heed The Seed.
1. Have 25 plots on your farm
2. Plant 12 corns
Espresso Express
1. Add Dew Drops to Coffee Maker 3 times. Flip the switch on your coffee machine in the espresso position. Click the glass container to add dew drops.
2. Produce 3 Espresso shots (combine dew drops and coffee beans to make espresso)
Cheese Please.
1. Buy a Cheese Machine
2. Build the Cheese Machine
Cunning Corn.
1. Take the super fertilizer out of your inventory and place it in your kingdom (its just a bigger bag of fertilizer, don’t worry)
2. Use the super fertilizer 5 times to fertilize coins
Smitten With Chicken
1. Feed Chicken 6 times (chickens eat corn)
2. Collect 6 Eggs (Chickens will lay an egg for each corn you feed them)
Better With Cheddar
1. Add milk to cheese machine 6 times (Click the cheese machine to add milk)
2. Make 6 Cheddar Chesse (put milk in the cheese machine to create cheddar cheese)
3. Sell 6 Cheddar Cheese
Tempt A Turtle
1. Plant 5 tomatoes (you can click on an empty slot to do so)
2. Harvest 5 tomatoes (use the magic fertilizers to accelerate growth)
3. Sell 6 Cheddar Cheese
1. Gather 15 Wood Logs by Chopping Trees
2. Clear Grass to find 15 fiber
3. Sell 6 Cheddar Cheese
1. Find the Bridge behind the Tall Grass and Fix It (click on the broken river once you get the materials to fix it.)
A Wealthy Endeavour
1. Purchase 1 Castle Wall at the shop
2. Get Your Castle Value to 20 so you can explore (royal items increase your castle value)
Way of the Wise
1. Unlock the House of Wise (click the groomed area across the bridge and meet the conditions to expand your kingdom to that area)
Love Somebunny.
1. Feed a baby bunny 3 times with baby bottles
2. Have 35 plots in your farm. Use the plot tool to do so.
2. Plant 12 Carrots with seeds from the shop
A Sacred Space.
1. Clear 10 branches, grass, wild mushrooms
2. Clear 2 tree stumps
2. Clear 2 dead trees
Petal Pusher.
1. Buy 1 daisy at the shop
2. Tend flowers 8 times in your kingdom
2. Collect 10 dew drops
Espress Yourself.
1. Plant 10 coffee beans
2. Produce 10 Espresso’s
2. Sell 10 cups of Espresso’s
Have a Rabbit.
1. Feed the adult rabbit 10 times (you feed rabbits with carrots)
2. Collect 10 bags of Rabbit Fur Angora
2. Sell 10 bags of Rabbit Fur Angora
Whimsical Workshop.
1. Buy 1 Whimsical Workshop
2. Build The Whimsical Workshop
Dew Drops.
1. Buy 1 Lily
2. Tend Lilies 6 Times
Dress To Impress.
1. Change Your Look Once
2. Help Your friends 5 times
3. Get 5 humble hearts by helping your friends
Cottage Renew.
1. Craft 1 Wood Plank in the Workshop
2. Restore Solomon’s House
Desire For Fire.
1. Buy 1 Campfire
2. Click Campfire To Add Wood
Mess With Minions.
1. Use 1 Minion potion to attract a minion (first one for free in your inventory)
2. Defeat 1 Minion (simply kick it until it dissapears)
Chop Chop.
1. Buy 1 Super Chop in the Shop (needs 5 humble hearts)
2. User the Super Chop to cut down 1 tree (Each super chop is dosposable and can only be used a single time, choose the biggest trees to gather the max amount ogf wood possible.)
Royal Stamp.
1. Have a complete workshop (you can find the workshop in the “Animals and Machines” tab, NOT in buildings.)
2. Craft 3 Royal Stamps from the workshop
2. Use 3 royal stamps for the letter.
Need More Cowbell.
1. Collect Ash 2 times from Campfire (you can do this once the campfire burns out)
2. Collect 5 cowbells from your friends (need to ask them.)
Orange You Glad You Came.
1. Buy an Orange Tree (farm section)
2. Harvest the Orange Tree 4 times (wait until the tree bears fruit, if you cannot wait use the watering can, which accelerates the process.)
Medal of Eggcellence.
1. Feed Chicken 10 times, you feed them with corn.
2. Earn a medal from collecting eggs, You need to complete the egg achievement, which is basically collecting 60 eggs.
A Will To Mill.
1. Buy a Windy Mill, find it in the shop, in the machines and animals section.
2. Build the windy mill, click on the construction to see which materials you need.
3. Make 12 bags of Oat Flour. Simply flip the switch of the mill to the Oat Flour position.
A Will To Mill.
1. Buy another cow
2. Feed Cows 12 times
3. Collect milk to earn a Farmer’s medal. You need to collect 80 milks to get the achievement.

29 thoughts on “Royal Story Guide: Quests & Tasks”

  1. I am stuck on Level 12 with the following quest: Savvy Explorer; Unlock the fiserman’s field; feed a hungry gnome. My questions are where do I find the gnome and how do I feed the gnome?

    1. You don’t feed the gnome. You have to buy the oven and make 12 apple breads >< I just barely finished with that quest, it took me FOREVER -_-''

  2. I’m on Spice it up and Barter for Bert atm…was hoping you had more here, but for the lower level players this’d be really helpful! :)

  3. how can i gain the bronze ore. I’ve mined a lot of rocks now and still I don’t have it. please help. thanks!

    1. Earn 1 Medal for making Plum Bread
      Crafts 5 Magical Magma Melts
      Each Magical Magma Melts takes:—
      5 Magma soup, 2 Wizard Potion and 25 hearths!!!

    1. I understand the same problem lol. I am level 28 (almost 29) on Royal Story. I need to ask something of you….Have you unlocked Merella`s Task? and have you found Merella? I have looked around her home and even moved her home away from the vines, but cannot seem to find her….If so, Please, inform me about where you found her and such intel. Most would be appreciated.

      ~Everlinc Brisi.

  4. How to finish the “Need More Cowbell” task if I hav missed it? I don’t find the option 2 ask for cowbells 2 frnds. :(
    Also, how do I get frozen dew drops for Ice coffee (coffee machine)? I am lvl 13 now.

    1. u can collect dew drops from daisy and lily flowers .when you will bring your cursor over it,it will read tend it.That’s you get dew drops.

  5. @bhumika….i meant “FROZEN dew drops” not the normal dew drops. It is required 2 make ice coffee wid the coffee machine. But, more than that i wantt to knw how can I get cowbells? As I think i missed the quest and now i don’t see the option 2 ask cowbells from frnds. :'(

    1. Frozen Dewdrops are obtained by the Frozen flower thing, which isn’t unlocked until lvl 28, so you’ll have to wait. :/
      Not sure why you can’t find the option to ask friends for it… O_O

  6. i have reached level 40 but had no tasks to do since level 37, its very boring just planting and harvesting, this game goes on the scrapheap now

  7. how to make mozarella cheese on level 12. i got 9 buffalo milk(it says I only need 8) yet it still keep making cheddar cheese.

    1. on your cheese machine there will be a short icon on which there will be a yellow colored cheddar cheese you have to click it and then select white cheese

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