Royal Story Beginner’s Guide & Walkthrough

The game is supposed to have a great storyline, but you somehow end up doing quests and the background story goes inadverted most of the time. You can read the not-very-interesting story by clicking on the purple book on the top left side of the screen.

Following the intro tutorial with the help of the Gnome and Patty the Cow is strongly suggested, since it tells you all the basic on harvesting, buying and building machines, chopping trees, mining, etc. Oce you complete a couple of quests you will be granted the option to name your Kingdom (you can rename it by clicking on the purple flag on top of the bottom bar.). More characters will join you as you progress through Royal Story

Royal Story Fullscreen Gameplay
Royal Story Fullscreen Gameplay

Currencies and Resources.

Here is the complete list of currencies and resources you will come across in Royal Story

  • Coins: The soft currency of the game. You need to it buy almost everything, Animals, Crops, Buildings, Expansions,Decors, etc. They are not enough to get some of the items.
  • Rubies: The hard currency of the game. With it you can get access to premium objects and also automatically finish tasks. For sure, the most expensive hack in all casual games.
  • Humble Hearts: you get these heart points by visiting friend kingdoms and helping them with their crops and other stuff. The more friends you the easier to collect such hearts.
  • Energy: each action in the game requires energy, and the bar gets bigger as you level up.
  • XP: Obtain experience by completing tasks, and also by doing all the regular activities like feeding animals, harvesting, mining, etc.
  • Castle Value: You get more Castle Value points by getting more buildings into your kingdom, these allow you access to high level items.


[box type=”shadow”]We’ve got the complete list of Royal Story Quests, just go to the page if you are having trouble completing one or need to see if you missed something.[/box]

Questing cannot get any easier, maybe easier than Farmville itself, which Royal Story takes a lot of elements from. You have the quest log on the left side of the screen and simply have to complete the tasks within each quest, if you position the mouse over the question mark you will get more details as to how to finish that specific task.


Sowing, Harvesting and Fertilizing.

These 3 activities are amongst the most repetitive in the game and key to your progress. You just start with Coffee Beans and Clover, but will soon unlock the rest of Crops available. You need to place the fertilizer bag in your kingdom to make it usable, and as anything else, you run out of it quickly. You can apply as much fertilizer as you want per individual crop though.

Harvesting is easy, simply click on the grown crops, you can create a queue and your avatar will follow. Pretty much Farmville Style.

Trees and Flowers.

Not only you have crops, but also Fruit Trees and Flowers, which once harvested will produce Fruits, Dew Drops, Tree Saps, and Flowers. You will find some Flowers already available around your default kingdom

Last but not least, you will need to chop and mine quite often to gather resources in order to create buildings. Fortunately, you are surrounded by a pretty huge forest that will eventually wipe out. You are wondering where to get more wood to chop from?. There’s an extra tab on the Shop that says “Nature” you will have buy the trees and rocks that appear there to be able to keep gathering the construction materials needed.

Machines and Animals

Machines, Animals and Crops are all interconnected somehow, since you need the produce of some to input another one. For instance, Patty The Cow needs Clovers to feed in order to produce Bottles fo Milk.

Another example is the Coffee Machine, which produces different types of coffees and needs of milk and coffee beans to work. What some machines produce can be sold for more than raw mats alone. Also, the level of complexity of each machine is quite awesome for this type of game, it’s not simply click and profit.

Chickens, Rabbits, Buffalos, all the animals work pretty much the same, they need to feed on some particular crop to produce a particular good.



No, Royal Story is not an exception, you have plenty of achievements to deal with. You can find the entire list of achievements by clicking on your Keep, which is a building that comes by default with your kingdom. The different categories available are: Farm, Product, Consumables, Building and Others. Many of these achievements will be completed just by playing the game daily and doing the daily clicking routine.

In-Game Events.

Even though the Cottage looks like a peaceful place, you will have to deal with different type of negative events like fires and Minions/Monsters which you will have to fight personally.


More sooner than later you will run out of land space and won’t be able to put all your decors, animals, crops and buildings even if you pack them together. If that’s the case you will have to expand by purchasing the nearby land lots.

These land patches are not merely just space, but give you access to new features, like fishing ponds, new trees and plants and most important, new buildings like the Mushroom House, the House of The Wise, etc. Mind you, you don’t just buy these lots with coins, but you need to complete some special quests before doing so.

The Shop


You access it by clicking on the bag to the right of the bottom bar. The inventory is divided into 3 main sections:

  • Stock: this is where the stuff you produce and buy like seeds, milk bottles, etc get stored.Its also divided into different categories like Trees, Machines, Animals.
  • Pouch: here is where gifts, decors and everything else that you don’t produce is stored.
  • Warehouse: –

Customizing Your Avatar

You can change the looks of your avatar by clicking on the customize character button to the right of the bottom bar. You can modify its hair color, crown style, skin color, etc. Beware, since it’s not really that cheap if you have just started.

Edit Your Kingdom

Before you ask, yes, its posible to move, sell, rotate, store items already placed in your kingdom. Simply click on the blue arrow to the right of the bottom bar, choose the desired action and proceed with the item you want to modify.

Adding Friends

You need to add community friends in order to progress through the game. Neighbors are essential to obtain Humble Hearts points. The best spot to get these contacts are the official Royal Story forums, where you will find “Add Me” threads which are actually pretty active. Once you add enough friends, you can visit them by clicking on their profile. Besides, for each full visit you will obtain 1 energy points

How To Get Free Energy on Royal Story

So far, the best methods to gain free energy are as follows:

  • Grant the app permission to post on your behalf each time you accomplish something in the game or level up, they give you 26 energy. Remember to keep the game updates only available to those in a reserved list in order not to bother your real life friends on facebook.
  • By visiting neighbors, and since there’s no friends threshold, you can quickly fill up your energy bar again by doing a quick visit round.

Hope you enjoyed our Royal Story walkthrough and tips. We’ll be adding more guides soon for this facebook game.

51 thoughts on “Royal Story Beginner’s Guide & Walkthrough”

  1. When i grant the game permission to to post something in the game i achieved it NEVER gives me extra energy, how come in this guide it says it will give 26 energy for that??

    1. The switch only works when you have the ingredients to make a second or third type of coffee. Just position the mouse on top of the “second ingredient” feeder in the machine and the swith should appear, click on it if it doesnt work. Remember, you must have, lets say Milk, to make the second option show up.

    2. I just got to level 24, there’s still nothing to make with wheat – just a mastery to earn medals. Medals can be used to upgrade your castle (25 per upgrade).

      I think once u hit Level 26 and get a cake machine, you can make more. Otherwise you can use wheat to make wheat flour and then sell the flour.

      Good luck!

    3. You make a brick oven, where you can use the wheat flour to make apple, banana, cheese, etc bread types.

    4. just click on the picture that says coffee, you get 3 options. only ice coffee is available after level 30

    1. The magic kitchen is basically, an easy way to make money. You use it to make specialty items like omelettes and custard. Basically, the only thing I’ve ever seen those things used for, is to increase the value of stuff. For example, an egg and cheese would normally only profit 72 coins, sold separately. If you use them to make an “Egg N’Cheddar”, you will profit 170 coins from it. I’ve never used my magic kitchen for anything other than increasing profit. All things made in the magic kitchen are instant, therefor, you will not see the magic kitchen cooking anything. The item you’ve made will just appear in your inventory.

  2. I have made 16 bags of wheat flour, but all my breads in the bread machine require oat flour. I’m level 12. What is the wheat flour for?

  3. How do I make updates available only to a certain group of people so the game posts don’t annoy everyone i know?

    1. You need to filter through Facebook options, create a group that only receives game updates.

  4. why i can not make espresso shot??? i have everything neccessary – milk, coffe beans. I click the coffe buton then to the right i click espresso shot. It says ` no new drop in the stock` wtf

    1. You need to select espresso shot from the round button above the machine. Collect dew drops from some of the flowers, then select espresso shot instead of Café Au Lait.

    1. Harvest dew from lilies and then click on the bee hive. You’ll see bees harvesting for you. Later click on the hive and retrieve your honey.

      If you have a solution for making “clay”, please forward. I clear grass and nothing happens. I must make bricks.



  6. SOLOMON’s BAG …. what is the trick to getting to unlock the satchel called Solomon’s bag? Or even the trick to move it out of the way.

  7. my chicken have been royal, and it couldn’t produce eggs anymore, i tried to buy on market, but there’s no chicken there….can somebody answer this..?? thank you

    1. go to the shop. click on machines and animals. select baby chick. you will need to feed it baby bottles till it grows and is able to produce eggs

  8. You get baby bottles by asking friends.
    How do you use _________ carriages? I thought they were to save space by putting the animals in the carriage, but I can’t figure out how to put the animal in the carriage.

  9. How do I get lilies in my inventory? When I click “tend” I just get dew drops. When I buy them, they just go in my garden. How do I get them in my pouch inventory so I can use them in the Magic Kitchen? I already have some in there, but I don’t know how I got them there.

    1. You have to “Tend / Click on Lilies” in your Garden to use them in the Magic Kitchen, when you tend your Lilies you will get the Dew Drop and it will add 1 more Lily to your Kitchen as well :) It also does this will the Daisies and both of these will let the Bees polennate them as well to make Honey. If you do not have Bee’s yet you will get a Bee Hive Tree so you will need to collect flowers because later you will need lots of Honey. I hope this helps clear up your issues :)

  10. I too am having trouble making clay after harvesting grass. So, how do I retrieve/make clay in Royal Story? I must make bricks with clay and am asked to “get” grass.

  11. am I able to reinstall Royal Story on Facebook? I enjoy playing but as of August 19, 2014 I have not been able to open the game to play. Therefore losing valuablue time on a time quest. I am currently playing the Back to School Quest and am on 6/8, I think. Please solve this issue if you can so I may get back to enjoying the game. I am also confused in how to add neighbors. Thank you for your understanding.

  12. I got the accelerator to work one time and now I cant get it to work again and I have the 3 red light bulb thingys. can I please have a walkthrough on how to work it :(

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