Reign of Dragons Guide: Evolve

So what is the Evolve feature in Reign of Dragons?, how does it work?. Basically, “Evolve” or “Evolution” is the technique through which you “fuse” cards that are of the same type (we consider them to be the same type when they have the same name) which gives in return a stronger version of that same card. You cannot use unlike cards to feed the evolution process. A card can be evolved 4 times only, and the current evolution stage of the card is indicated at the bottom right of the card (see screenshot below).

Before you start, know that Evolve and Enhance do not depend on each other to be used, they are separate features.

Thief (Folk Hero) Evolve Stage 4
Thief (Folk Hero) Evolve Stage 4

This is the naming system all cards follow when evolved.

  • CardTitle
  • CardTitle+
  • CardTitle++
  • CardTitle(Special Legend)

You will notice how the Card Art changes each time its evolved, and so does its stats. Also, Rare, Super Rare and Mega Rare cards also get their art modified after being fully enhanced while in their last evolution stage.

This is how the stats of a card get modified after an evolve provess;

  • 5% of the attack and defense points in both cards used during the “evolve” event will be ported to the “evolved card”.
  • Bearing in mind what we said above, any card involved during the evolve process which is fully enhanced (MAX sign) will actually port a 10% of the stats towards the new card.
  • The new card will also inherit part of the enhancement of any of the cards combined. The exact number is 50% from the highest enhancement level of any of the two cards involved during the event, also, getting the attack and defense points modified accordingly.

Card Evolve Strategies.

There are multiple combinations to make a card evolve to its final stage, all of them with different end stats. Needless to say, when combined with Enhancement, it gets quite expensive and may take weeks to fully developed a card. Take a look at our guide on Card building for more information.

Evolve Tips

  • Onve you fully evolve a card, you will add 1 star to it as well. That means you will get the card to a higher rarity level.
  • Evolving cards costs way less than fully enhancing cards, that’s why is usually the first process used when improving a card.
  • The less amount of cards you can use to evolve to the last tier is 4, and the max amount is 8.

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