Real Racing 3 List of Events, Tracks and Best Cars

Below you will find all Real Racing 3 events that will take you to the the detailed list of tracks on each one, the best cars, suggested for most of the races in those series is explained in there. We have just included the new tracks for the Dubai and Prestige Updates. All tracks are listed in the event progression line added after the Prestige update.


[box type=”info”]If you want to know which cars can be used in which Race Series, follow the link. By taking a look at that list, you will also find out what are the most convenient cars to buy at first.[/box]

PRO/AM World Series

14 thoughts on “Real Racing 3 List of Events, Tracks and Best Cars”

  1. Unlocking the Porsche 918 rsr concept says 20 trophies in East/west throwdown. I cant find east/west throwdown. Where is it?

    1. Honestly, the “East/West Throdown” race series does not appear any longer in the last RR3 version. Stick to win trophies in the Accolade Open, which is still there.

    2. East/West Throwdown in still on mine. It’s under the first race in the Master Series, GT3 World Series.

  2. “East/West Throdown” is still there – under GT3 World Series … I probably have it open, since I own Nissan GT-R Premium (R35) from way back

    1. I second the Accolade open. That’s where I head with my daily race bonus and make right around 70k. I use a gold coin every once in a while to double the prize when I win and make even a bit more since the dirty driving bonus is also doubled with the coin. To help yourself win, it might help to barely win every time so the computer doesn’t calculate your best laps and make things rough for you the next time you play. These calculations may happen somewhere else though as I get severly blown away every once in a while. It usually goes back to easily beatable the next time though.

    2. If you’re not as far into the game as Accolade Open (like me) got to Performance Rumble, #18 Australasian Open, Endurance. I use a fully upgraded Shelby GT500 and with daily 100% bonus plus, 1 gold coin for the manager and I rack up a little under/over $60K.

      You can go in airplane mode to keep time shifted playing down but even if you don’t, you’ll still come out at #1 although you’ll have to beat 14.5 miles or so. The longer you race, the more money you rake in, this is the cool part. I usually top out around 19 miles before running out of time.

      If I get a Free Agent or any other team member freebie, I keep them until my first race the next day so I take advantage of a high performing race to max my results. Often only having time for that one race per day, I have raked up almost a million dollars in 2 weeks (plus the other odd races I do). I actually have more money than I can spend at this stage of the game. Gold coins, that’s another story lol.

    3. The Suzuka race. Section 22 of Accolade Open.

      Best to use the BMW m3 GT2. Great handling

      Wait for your daily bonus, try get a 100% bonus 5th day bonus. then use your race experts and double the win.

      Its best to come first in the race.

      1st place… 70000 * 2 (using the race expert to double your win) = $140000 Once per day for the 100% race bonus.

  3. Unlocking the Chevrolet Corvette zr1 says 16 trophies in RWD and 8 in Modern Sport Classics. I cant find both of them. Where is it?

  4. That was wrote oh so long I have some friends that that race but I have the most hours and the most cars would like to know if there is another track that pays more than the Suzuki thank you again look forward to hearing from you fellow racers

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