Pocket Knights Walkthorugh Guide

Welcome to quickgamer’s Pocket Knights walkthrough guide. If you’ve played Paramon, you will find this casual game similar in many aspects. We are working on separate guides for the complete list of cards.


Pocket Knights - starter heroes

At the beginning, you get to choose among 3 heroes of 4-star rarity. Honestly, none of the three make a difference at the beginning.

  • Warrior: Short range defense and block
  • Mage: long range, attack and hit
  • Hunter: long range, critical and dodge

[box type=”info”]Check out our Pocket Knights FAQs guide.[/box]


Pocket Knights - Quests

Quests, besides giving quest points, XP points and gold and surely the best way to guide players to play the game. Remember to claim the rewards after completing the quests by getting into the quests log. Quest Points are meant to unlock Story Quests.

Bounty Quests.


Hero Cards includes Normal and Super Cards. Super Cards have better attributes and its first attack in battle be CRIT. There are 100 levels in each star level (1-6 star). The higher the Stars and Levels, the stronger the heroes are. All the heroes can be fortified, and heroes above 3-star can be evolved. Ways to get Hero Cards: Trial of Tower 2. Summon. 3 Elite Dungeons

Hero Pieces. hero pieces need to be collected from dungeon levels, once you get all the pieces, you will get a new Hero that can be used in your battle formation. These are not low level heroes, but rather 3 star or higher. Althrough you can find out where is the exact level where the material drops, the drop rate is quite low and you will likely find yourself playing the same level over and over to get that piece.

Equipping your Hero – Gear. Each hero can use 6 pieces of gear, and switch their Gearon the right side. When the equipment arrow points upward, it means the attriute evolves, while downwards, it degrades.

Pocket Knights - Equipping your hero

Battle Formation. In the beginning, each player can choose 3 heroes to start at the same time. and when they arrives at level 50 or 70, they can add one more hero, but no more than 5. There are 6 battle positions. Players can move heroes and form the battle formation. You can assign the leader on the right. Only the leader hero can use the leader skill

Pocket Knights - Formation

Gear. gear star levels ranges from 1 to 6, and have different levels from level 1 to 100 according to the star level. The higher the stars and level, the stronger the gear. Ways to get gear: Adventure Dungeons. 2 Treasure Chests. 3. combine.


The total combined power of your battle formation can be seen by tapping on the check box in that same screen. There are 6 items that can raise your power:

  • Evolving and fortifying your Hero can raise your Power
  • Upgrading your Tech can raise your power
  • Completing quests can raise your power
  • Fortifying your gear can raise your Power
  • Upgrading your title can raise your power
  • Completing albums can raise your power


All your friends will be shown on the list. Click to add friends. Search other players to friend them. Praising friends gives you pal points (here is the answer to the question, how to get pal points). Pal Points can be used in Normal Summons to get heroes. Check the friend list and interact with them (mail, praise duel and delete.). Group praise can be found on the right.

The system can suggest friends for you. Base on the players info you can decide if you want to friend them back.

Through the invite tab, you can invite your friends to play and get rewards when they reach level 30, 60 and 70. Here is where you can find your invitation code as well. The invites are sent through Facebook only


Albums show the cards player has obtained in the game. After collecting a whole album, player will be rewarded with Summon Vouchers and Spin Vouchers and bonus attributes for Heroes.

Although each album has 3 completion tiers and you are automatcally give the Bonus stat after completing it, the vouchers are only given once you get all the cards. In order to see the cards,select the album , then tap on enter. There are two album categories, Heroes and Gear.


Players get Medal Points after getting medals. Medal points also grant players bonus Gold and bonus attributes for heroes. Medals are in fact, achievements, enter the medals menu to see the complete list of medals.

5 medal points = 5 HP for Heroes = 2 diamonds.


Overall Ranks are based on your Attack Score. The leader rank displays the leading hero’s power. The winning streak rank is based on the consecutive winning times of the arena.

Tips. all the players on the rank list receive their rank rewards the next day. Click players’ nickname for his her info.

Power Rank. You can check your level, dungeon, tower and prestige rank here. Tips. attack score shows here is the overall attack score. click the players nickname to check his her info. All the players on the rank list receive their rank rewards the next day

Weekly Rank. collect rank shows you how many times players have colelcted that week. Helper rank is based on the times you’ve helped other players in battle that week. Praise rank is based on how many times you’ve been praised that week. Tips. all the players who make it on to the rank list receive different levels of reweards the following week.


There are two types of Battles, PvE battles, which you enter by tapping on the World building. and the PvP battles, which are unlocked at level 20.

Dungeons. The final fight in each big Dungeon is a Boss Fight. Boss fights have a higher chance of dropping high level gear and Hero Pieces. It takes 5 action points to enter a battle. Players generate 5 action points every 30 mins. VIP players can use Diamonds to purchase extra Action Points.

Now, if you are wondering where do all items won at dungeons go?. The answer is, the Warehouse. This building is unlocked by default, just find it in your town.

Invite. in the summon interface, players can choose friends to be a help. Friend’s battle position can be changed. Player’s friends will be displayed on the right. If you currently have no friends, the system will choose 5 random heroes base on your level. Summoning the same hero requires 30 mins cool down.


  • Merge. players can use the right materials to make equipment based on plans or merge low level materials to create high level materials.
  • Fortify [Cards Menu]: fortify is the key to leveling up heroes. Choose the hero to fortify for the Main Card. After upgrading the Material Card, it will change into the Main Card and then disappear. You can choose several heroes at a time. Of course, 1 star heroes are the ones you will use most often in the beginning.
  • Evolution: the starting hero can be evolved to the 5th tier and a super hero card. When the starting heroes become super hero cards, they can evolve their stars. The starting heroes can be evolved to 6 stars. The amount of times you can evolve differs between heroes. The evolution requirements are: 1. reaching a certain level, gold and required items suchs as star energy stones. You can also evolve gear from level 70 on.


Pocket Knights - Buildings

  • Warehouse: the warehouse is a storage space for players items and materials. Use Diamonds to unlock more slots to store more stuff. Higher level Warehouses have more unlockable slots. You can use the “Merge/Combine” feature in the ware house as well.
  • Hidden Training:
  • Magic House:
  • Tower: there are different random surprises or activities in Tower. The final fight in a chapter will be the Boss battle. You can unlock the next chapter by beating the current chapter boss. Energy is required for Tower fights. Player gets 1 energy points every 15 seconds. Player can also get the energy potion in the store. There are 5 difficulty levels every chapter. The next level can be unlocked by beating the level before it. Rewards get better in higher difficulty level fights.
  • All Tower chapters contain 3 steps, which may contain a star treasure chest or an enemy. What’s good about Towers is the amount of XP they yield.

    The question mark boxes in each chapter

  • Castle: the 3 collection types are “Collect Gold”, Collect Honor and Collect Runes. Players can receive gold, honor and runes in a short amount of time. Collect all to get all the unlocked items at the same time. Of course, don’t mindlessly tap on these, since they cost premium currency.
  • Event Hall: the event hall contains different categories with rewards that unlock depending on different actions. For instance, the Login Gift is unlock as you log in to the game daily.
  • Summoner’s Gate: here you can obtain different hero qualities. Each category requires a different resource to be used. By the 11th consecutive summon you are destined to get a 5 star hero.
    • Normal Summon: 1-3 star hero [need 200 pal points]
    • Special Summon: 2-4 star hero [voucher x 1]
    • Supreme Summon: 3-6 star hero [voucher x 5]
  • Market: –
  • Arena: –
  • Hero’s Market: –

If you are any questions regarding Pocket Knights, or want to share tips and cheats on the game, please leave a comment below.

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    1. You have to get prestige. You get prestige by battling in the arena (about 20 points i think) or fighting an event boss (pretty sure this one depends on the boss). Anyway, i hope that sorta helped… :)

  1. how can you change heros in formation. i have a hero that is stronger than one i have in the formation. but cant figure out how to change tbem out. thanks

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