Pixel People: Secret Animals Guide [all combinations]

Pixel People. After the last update (version 1.51) a new page of animals, a total of 20 new species of creatures, was added. What’s outstanding about this content update is that this time the method through which you obtain the new animals is not by collecting hearts, or getting free gifts from buildings. You now have to


  • Tap on the Professions counter.
  • Switch to the Animals List
  • Keep dragging pages to the right until you reach #4, then drag it once again, page #5 contains all 20 secret animal cards.
  • Tap on any given grey card, a gene splicer will come up, pretty much like the one used for professions.
  • Depending on the card you select, the splicer will tell you which secret animal it is with at the bottom. We have all the formulas in the chart below.
  • Find the corresponding pair in their respective categories and then tap on the mutopium icon
  • Make sure you have at least 1 animal in your current collection for each one needed and that they are not locked to missions. Besides you need 1 mutopium per combo created.


  • You still need to keep collecting regular Animals through buildings and heart harvesting, since you need them to create the formulas for the secret creatures.
  • Start adding friends on facebook and take advantage of the Animal trade feature in the Pet Store, definitely a lifesaver when a certain Animal simply cannot be obtained.


Secret AnimalAnimal 1Animal 2
CerberusChow ChowGolden Retriever
Oriental DragonDragonPanda
YetiGorillaPolar Bear
Drop BearKoalaRed Panda
NarwhalHarp SealUnicorn
Rocket CatTom CatOriental Dragon
Wooly MammothSheepElephant

20 secret animals
20 secret animals
Animal Mutations!
Animal Mutations!

Animal Splicer
Animal Splicer
The Yeti
The Yeti

24 thoughts on “Pixel People: Secret Animals Guide [all combinations]”

    1. Thx it helped out but how do you get MU
      I need that MU or else I can’t do anything else please reply ASAP

  1. Hmm im having a bit of trouble here and I need help, When I get to the last page of the animal list And when I swipe to the left it doesnt show the secret page to splice the animals plz help.

    1. You are swiping to the left and bring pages from the right side, is that correct?, is the page# increasing?. Besides, how many professions you have unlocked?. When did you update the app?

  2. Yes, I am swiping to the left to try and bring up the secret page, but it won’t work the number doesnt increase. Right now I have 116 currently, I downloaded the app at the newest version. I currently have all x1 of all the animals. Hoping for a reply back asap

    1. Then you still have a very long way to go my friend. Try at least to get to 200 professions. We’re sure you are still missing plenty of the old buildings. Forget about the secret animals for a while.

  3. Do you have to spend mutopium for every secret animal splice? I still haven’t got my facebook connectivity so can’t visit any other towns or swap animals :-( I’ve got 203 professions and 265 land.

    1. you can purchase MU with utopium from the store. It is 25 U for 1 MU. If you play enough it’s really not hard to collect 25U at all.

  4. I’ve only been able to unlock one animal so far, Pegasus. Even though I have more than enough animals for the combos and enough mutopium to make the other secret animals, I cannot. When I add the animals together with the right combo, the tube won’t light up for me to splice them

    1. Are you sure you have the animals?, people tend to mistake having unlocked the animal with actually having collected animals.

  5. The combination for wooly mammoth is not correct. I have spliced several of the animals so I know it does work, but this formula is not correct, the “vial” does not light up at all. I’d very much like to know what the real formula is. Thank you

    1. Maybe you don’t have animal cards. Unlocking an animal is not enough, you need to have specimens available. We’ve checked once again in other sources and all of them have the same exact formula Wooly Mammoth = Sheep + Elephant

  6. Ive been trying to splice for cerberes for awhile and i know i have the chow chow and golden retrieve its not that i dont have the animals, the mu thing wont lifh up though and i have 2 mu so someone help me out?

  7. So, what is the secret astrolglass residence/surprise/reward about when you splice a secret animal? And how do you get it, if you really do get something?

  8. I cant access the secret animals neither splicing the other animals to get a secret animal. I drag the list of animals ive taken but its only 4 pages. Wheres the page 5 of that?

  9. How many professions do i need to have to unlock the secret animals, because so far i have 141 and when i try to slide the fourth page to get the fifth it doesn’t work to get the secret animals. Help please!

  10. When you spliced around 149 professions, you get the special mutant gene, with that gene you can mke the centaur (jockey+mutnt). That allows you to build the Altar
    You need! The altar to start getting mutopium and splice secret animals etc.

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