Pixel People List of Jobs, Professions and Formulas (Genetic Matches) for Splicing

With a Total of 255 Jobs available on Pixel People, it can get a bit frustating to find them all yourself, so we’ll make it a bit easier and list all the formulas (Genetic Matches) for all Jobs/positions created at the Arrival Center, no need to spend Utopium to reveal the formulas. Before you start, and specially if you are new to the game, read the tips below to see how splicing works.

[box type=”shadow”]Check our Pixel People List of Buildings, some of them not only give jobs to the clones, but also have some sweet bonuses when placed in your world. Also, check out the complete list of achievements.[/box]


  • February 12th, 2014: Anniversary Update. Contains 40 new professions and 2 new genes: Freedom Fighter, Regent, Makeup Artist, Bard, Playwright, Swashbuckler, Puppet, Juggler, Gingerbread Clone, Bean Farmer, Giant, Housekeeper, Perfume Maker, Blacksmith, Engine Driver, Alchemist, Fantasy Writer, Metalhead, Train Conductor, Successor, Hair Model, Jungle Dweller, Hermit, Sun Priest, The Invisible Clone, Knight, Sculptor, Shoe Maker, Gladiator, Piper, Bagpiper, Big Bad Wolf, Hooded Rider, Adventurer, Submariner, Wonderlander, Base Jumper, Romance Novelist, Newlywed, Dwarf. Genes: Fairy Godmother & Crusader
  • October 2nd, 2013: 13 new professions added to the regular list at the bottom, in the same order as they are shown in the game’s own list: Caveman, Camp Counsellor, Crashtest Dummy, Rock Climber, Acapella Singer, Welder, Outlaw, Eagle Scout, Vigilante, Merchant, Oil Baron, Oil Driller, Barber
  • August 14th, 2013: We added the new secret job professions in their respective list (a total of 5)
ProfessionGene 1Gene 2Workplace
Tatoo ArtistCalligrapherPunk RockerGas Station
BikerCyclistStrongmanGas Station
Gas FillerJanitorValetGas Station
Car WasherJanitorModelGas Station, Garage
Hair StylistModelGardenerGas Station
Sea DogBuccaneerCaptainThe Docks
SailorFirst MateSea DogDocks
Dock HandSailorStrongmanDocks
Boat RacerSailorRacecar DriverMarina
Sailing InstructorSailorCoachMarina, Swimming Pool
Lighthouse KeeperAstronomerElectricianLighthouse
Treasure HunterJewellerBuccaneerIsland
ElectricianMechanicAssistantTelephone Company
Telephone OperatorReceptionistElectricianTelephone Company
CashierAssistantSalesmanGas Station, Pharmacy, Pet Store
Bee KeeperFarmerEntomologistApiary
EntomologistProgrammerScientistUniversity, Apiary
Bell RingerWatchmakerStrongmanDoomsday Clock
Security GuardPolice OfficerAssistantTelephone Company, Space Port, Film Studio
Tooth FairyDentistBee KeeperDentist's Office
EmperorhistorianMayorAntique Store
MusketeerHistorianFencerAntique Store


The list of secret jobs can be found at the Secret Hideout building (treehouse), and also by dragging the page beyond page 12, secret jobs are located in pages 13 and 14. As long as the job appears as “locked” you will not be able to create it, even if you have the right formula. Now, if you complete the corresponding mission at Utopia HQ to unlock a set of secret jobs, you should be able to see the profession, but will not see the Genes highlighted at the Arrival Center building as you do with regular professions, the categories will remain greyed out, but when you finally pair the right genes, the test tube will be of green color.

249 Professions cap and “LOCKED” Hidden Professions. Even after you complete the mission “The Plot Thickens”, which unlocks the 5 new hidden jobs, you might still find that the jobs are all locked. The reason is the following, in order to make those 5 secret jobs available at the arrival center, there’s a second mission that needs to be completed, called “Where’s My H2O”. For us, the mission became available only when we reached the cap of 249 professions, so make sure that you already spliced every single secret job previously available (each secret profession spliced at the arrival center will be hightlighted in green letters in the Secret Hideout building)

ProfessionGene 1Gene 2Workplace
Conspiracy TheoristEaster BunnyCryptozoologistSecret Hideout
CatcherBaseballerPolice OfficerBallpark
Masseuse PhysiotherapistStrongmanSpa
ChemistScientistBartenderChemical Plant
HazmatChemistStunt DoubleChemical Plant, Space Admin
Investment BankerSalesmanGamblerHedge Fund
SurferSkateboarderOlympic SwimmerBeach House
ButcherCattle RustlerCookFast Food
Hockey PlayerWrestler Figure SkaterSnow Globe
Sports FanStatisticianAthleteArena
LumberjackCarpenterStrongmanSaw Mill
FencerBallet DancerNinjaDojo
Lawn GnomeGardenerWizardSecret Hideout
Punk RockerGuitarristHair StylistOutdoor Stage
MariachiGuitarristCattle RustlerOutdoor Stage, Diner
RockstarVocalistGuitarristOutdoor Stage

The “Special” Genes [Gene Pool Building]

This category contains professions that are not found by the usual splicing, but are randomly given by the game itself. These genes are only meant to create Professions and they are not real jobs for buildings. Even though there does seem to be an sequence for the professions listed below, they are not unlocked when you reach a certain level. Simply keep creating new splices, farming coins, and filling buildings and sooner or later you will get them all. The “special” professions are:

DreamerRandomly shows up in the gene pool
SalesmanRandomly shows up in the gene pool
ExplorerRandomly shows up in the gene pool
MutantRandomly shows up in the gene pool
RomanticCosts 25 utopium to unlock (was free on the day it was released)
BureaucratIt's available by default after version 1.3
MusicianComplete Mission: Wonderland to unlock
Sports StarComplete Mission: Team Names to unlock
Jack FrostComplete Mission: Ice and Fire to unlock
FoodieComplete Mission: Gastronomy to unlock
SocialiteComplete Mission: Party Animals to unlock
StrongmanComplete Mission: Beast of Burden to unlock
GuruComplete Mission: Obedience School to unlock
Hitch HikerYou can buy it directly at the gene pool building for 100 utopium, and this is the only way to obtain it.
Easter BunnyBuy the gene at the Gene Pool building for 25u. AFTER that, find all Easter Eggs hidden in misc buildings (click on the Easter Bunny page to find the exact buildings)


Click on each Profession to find out its category. Below are listed all the Job categories available at the Arrival Center’s gene bank.


  • Academic
  • Administration
  • Business
  • Creative 1
  • Creative 2
  • Curious
  • Explorers
  • Hospitality
  • Law
  • Maintenance
  • Media


  • Medical
  • Maintenance
  • Media
  • Medical
  • Music
  • Performers
  • Production
  • Reseach
  • Special
  • Sports
  • Technical
  • Transport

[box type=”download”]Some “Genes” are discovered just as you level up by expanding, meaning, they are not created after you combine different genetic materials, these genes go into the “Special” professions category.[/box]

List of Pixel People Jobs (in order of appearance as shown in the game)

JobGene 1Gene 2BuildingPage 
Sports StarSpecial
Jack FrostSpecial
Hitch HikerSpecial
Easter BunnySpecial
Holiday SpiritSpecial
Fairy GodmotherSpecial
Soccer RefereeSpecial
MayorNoneNoneTown Hall1Administration
MechanicNoneNoneArrival Center1Technician
EngineerMechanicMayorGarage, Utopium Mine1Technician
SheriffMayorMayorSheriff's Office1Law
ArchitectEngineerMayorTown Hall, Building Firm1Creative 1
LandscaperArchitectAssistantNursery1Creative 1
DeputySheriffAssistantSheriff's Office, Police Station1Law
GardenerDeputyLandscaperGreenhouse, Nursery1Maintenance
Mechanical EngineerEngineerMechanicGarage, Construction Yard1Technician
Park RangerLandscaperSheriffPark1Law
FirefighterPolice OfficerMechanicFire Station1Law
FarmerGardenerEngineerFarm, Greenhouse, Farmer's Market1Production
DoctorNurseEngineerClinic, Gene Pool, Hospital1Medical
NurseGardenerHomemakerPharmacy, Clinic, Hospital1Medical
Police OfficerSheriffSheriffBank, Courthouse, Police Station1Law
VetDoctorPark RangerAnimal Shelter1Medical
HomemakerGardenerFarmerFarm, Farmer's Market1Production
ZoologistVetBotanistAquarium, Research Lab, Animal Shelter1Research
PlumberAssistantEngineerCity Square1Maintenance
FishmongerPlumberFarmerLakehouse, Farmer's Market2Production
Animal TrainerVetSheriffAnimal Shelter2Maintenance
MilkmongerAnimal TrainerFarmerFarmer's Market2Production
ArtistDreamerArchitectArcade, Gallery2Creative 1
PhotographerArtistMechanicPhoto Shop, Gallery, Weddings R Us2Creative 2
DentistArtistDoctorDentist's Office2Medical
RadiologistPhotographerDoctorHospital, Dentist's Office2Medical
CookFishmongerHomemakerDiner, Fast Food2Hospitality
ZookeeperPark RangerAnimal TrainerPark2Maintenance
Construction WorkerDeputyMechanical EngineerConstruction Yard2Maintenance
Car DesignerArtistMechanical EngineerGarage2Creative 2
AthleteFarmerConstruction WorkerStadium2Sports
GreengrocerSalesmanFarmerNinja HQ, Farmer's Market2Business
Interior DesignerArtistArchitectGallery2Creative 2
Olympic SwimmerFishmongerAthleteSwimming Pool2Sports
PainterConstruction WorkerArtistBuilding Firm , Construction Yard2Maintenance
Hotel ManagerSalesmanHomemakerHotel Utopia2Hospitality
ValetHotel ManagerCar DesignerHotel Utopia, Theatre2Transport
PilotMechanicValetSpace Port2Transport
Flight AttendantWaiterPilotSpace Port3Transport
Aerospace EngineerPilotMechanical EngineerSpace Admin, Observatory3Technician
Art DealerSalesmanArtistGallery3Business
JockeyValetAnimal TrainerStable3Sports
Marine BiologistOlympic SwimmerVet Aquarium3Research
Real Estate AgentSalesmanArchitectBuilding Firm3Business
SoldierExplorerPolice OfficerBunker3Law
WaiterAssistantCookRestaurant, Diner3Hospitality
DetectivePhilosopherPolice OfficerLaw Firm, Police Station, Forensic Lab3Law
LawyerSalesmanSheriffCourthouse , Law Firm, Publishing House3Law
MarineOlympic SwimmerSoldierBunker3Law
SecretaryDeputy MayorBank, Enterprise, Business Center3Administration
WriterDreamerSecretaryCafe, TV Station, Publishing House3Creative 1
PoetDreamerWriterGallery, Cafe, Library3Creative 1
ParamedicDoctorPolice OfficerFire Station3Medical
LifeguardParamedicOlympic SwimmerSwimming Pool3Law
ModelLifeguardPhotographerPhoto Shop, Fashion Studio, Disco3Performers
Swimsuit ModelOlympic SwimmerModel Swimming Pool, Fashion Studio4Sports
ReporterWriterDetectiveTV Station, News Agency4Media
Ballet DancerArtistAthleteDance Studio4Performers
Martial ArtistSoldierBallet DancerDojo4Sports
Sushi ChefMartial ArtistChefSushi Bar4Hospitality
Food CriticReporterCookNews Agency4Media
ActorModelDirectorTheater, Film Studio4Performers
Flight ControllerPilotArchitectSpace Port4Transport
CalligrapherArtistWriterGallery4Creative 1
CameramanMechanicPhotographerPhoto Shop, TV Station4Creative 2
CheerleaderBallet DancerAthleteStadium, Dance Studio4Sports
CourierSalesmanMailmanPost Office4Transport
DirectorCameramanCameramanTheater , Film Studio4Creative 2
FloristBotanistFarmerFlower Shop, Nursery, Farmer's Market4Business
Grave DiggerSoldierFarmerFuneral Parlor4Maintenance
MailmanValetReporterPost Office4Administration
MinerExplorerGrave DiggerUtopium Mine4Production
Cattle RustlerAnimal TrainerJockeyStable , Stadium4Production
Postmaster GeneralGeneralMailmanPost Office5Administration
Stunt DoubleMartial ArtistActorFilm Studio5Performers
ProgrammerEngineerMathematicianTech Support, Arcade5Technician
Game DesignerArtistProgrammerArcade5Creative 2
MathematicianScientistPhilosopherUniversity, Business Center, Tech Support5Academic
ScientistEngineerPhilosopherResearch Lab5Research
AstronomerDreamerPhysicistSpace Admin,Observatory5Academic
AstronautAstronomerPilotSpace Admin5
GeneticistDoctorScientistGene Pool5Research
CryptozoologistDetectiveZookeeperResearch Lab5Research
AccountantMathematicianSecretaryPharmacy, Bank, Business Center5Business
EditorWriterWriterLibrary, Publishing House5Creative 1
Super HeroGeneticistSoldierHero Mansion5Explorers
Atomic HeroGeneralRadiologistHero Mansion5Explorers
Ancient HeroWeather ReporterPreacherHero Mansion, Astro Church5Explorers
ChoreographerDirectorBallet DancerDance Studio5Creative 2
CSIPhotographerDetectiveForensic Lab6Law
Forensic ScientistScientistDetectiveForensic Lab6Law
PhysiotherapistDoctorAthleteSpa, Arena, Clinic6Medical
CoronerDoctorGrave DiggerFuneral Parlor6Maintenance
Anti HeroSuper HeroGrave DiggerHero Mansion6Explorers
GeologistScientistMinerUtopium Mine, Observatory6Academic
Break DancerRapperBallet DancerDance Studio, Disco6Performers
Weather ReporterGeologistReporterNews Agency6Media
Disc JockeyChoreographerJockeyRadio Station, Dance Studio6Music
First MateDeputyCaptainLAkehouse6Explorers
PreacherDreamerPhilosopherAstro Church6Administration
RapperDisc JockeyPoetDance Studio, Disco6Performers
ReceptionistModelSecretaryEnterprise, Dentist's Office, Hotel Utopia6Business
SongwriterPoetPoetRadio Station, Restaurant7Music
TaxidermistCoronerVetPark7Creative 2
VocalistActorSongwriterRadio Station, Bar7Music
AssistantMechanicMechanicTown Hall, Law Firm7Administraton
ShepherdMilkmongerAnimal TrainerStable7Maintenance
BakerHomemakerCookCity Square7Production
CarpenterHomemakerSheperdCity Square7
JanitorConstruction WorkerPlumberCity Square, Diner, Fast Food7Maintenance
NinjaSoldierMartial ArtistNinja HQ, Dojo7Sports
RefereeJudgeCoachStadium, Arena7Sports
Secret AgentDetectiveNinjaHero Mansion, Ninja HQ7
SenseiPhilosopherMartial ArtistDojo7Sports
Deep Sea DriverExplorerMarine BiologistTavern, Aquarium7Explorers
WatchmakerMechanicHistorianCity Square7Technician
Time TravellerExplorerWatchmakerTavern7Explorers
TailorArtistModelCity Square, Fashion Studio, Weddings R Us7Production
RingmasterClownAnimal TRainerCircus7Performers
OraclePreacherPhilosopherAstro Church, Fortune Teller7Curious
MatadorWrestlerAnimal TrainerCircus8Performers
BartenderSalesmanWinemakerTavern, Bar8Hospitality
WizardScientistMagicianSchool of Magic8Curious
ApprenticeAssistantWizardSchool of Magic8Curious
System AdminProgrammerProgrammerTech Support8Technician
Wedding PlannerBakerWinemakerWeddings R Us8Creative 1
Wedding SingerVocalistRomanticWeddings R Us8Performers
JewellerMinerRomanticWeddings R Us8Creative 2
ChocolatierBakerRomanticFlower Shop8Creative 1
MatchmakerEngineerRomanticDating Agency8Creative 1
Dating AdvisorChocolatierJewellerDating Agency8Creative 1
PoliticianGeneralBureaucratUtopia HQ8Administration
Civil ServantSecretaryBureaucratUtopia HQ8Administration
OfficerCivil ServantAssistantUtopia HQ8Administration
Insurance AgentSalesmanBureaucratClinic, Hospital8Business
Federal AgentPoliticianSecret AgentForensic Lab8Law
ConductorSheriffMusicianConcert Hall9Music
PianistProgrammerMusicianConcert Hall9Music
ViolinistBassistGuitaristConcert Hall9Music
GamerSports StarProgrammerTech Park9Sports
BasketballerGreengrocerSports StarRecreation Center9Sports
BaseballerCarpenterSports StarBallpark9Sports
Soccer StarActorSports StarRecreation Center9Sports
Tennis PlayerSports StarSports StarRecreation Center9Sports
GolferBartenderSports StarGolf Club9Sports
CaddiePhilosopherGolferGolf Club9Sports
Racecar DriverValetSports StarGarage9Sports
MascotCheerleaderCaddieRecreation Center9Sports
Figure SkaterBallet DancerJack FrostSnow Globe9Sports
SkierMountain ClimberFigure SkaterSnow Globe9Sports
Mountain ClimberMinerJack FrostSnow Globe9Sports
Ice FisherFigure SkaterFishmongerSnow Globe9Production
Pizza GuyCourierFoodieFast Food9Hospitality
Ice Cream SelletJack FrostFoodieSnow Globe, Ice Cream Stand, Diner10Hospitality
Celebrity ChefChefSommelierRestaurant, Sushi Bar10Hospitality
ButlerValetSommelierHero Mansion10Hospitality
Cosmetic SurgeonDoctorSocialiteHospital10Medical
CardiologistRomanticCosmetic SurgeonHospital10Medical
Party AnimalAnimal TrainerSocialiteDisco10Curious
GamblerMathematicianParty AnimalCasino10Sports
InvestorIndustrialistGamblerTech Park10Business
Gym InstructorGuruBodybuilderGym10Sports
Sumo WrestlerSushi ChefBodybuilderDojo, Arena10Performers
SamuraiSoldierSumo WrestlerSushi Bar, Dojo10Law
GymnastAthleteGym InstructorGym10Performers
BoxerMartial ArtistGym InstructorGym, Arena10Sports
AcrobatRingmasterGymnastCircus, Casino10Performers
Talkshow HostActorGuruBroadcast Station10Media
News AnchorReporterTalkshow HostBroadcast Station11Media
EntrepeneurProgrammerGuruTech Park11Media
Travel AgentPilotTour GuideTravel Agency11Business
Tour GuideSalesmanHitch HikerTravel Agency11Hospitality
CyclistCourierHitch HikerGym, Recreation Center11Transport
SkateboarderSkierCyclistRecreation Center11Sports
Tree HuggerGuruHitch HikerFlower Shop11Curious
Star CommanderAstronautTravel AgentSpace Admin11Explorers
Mounted PoliceSheriffCyclistSheriff's Office11Law
TouristTravel AgentTour GuideTravel Agency11Explorers
PyrotechnicianChemistWizardCarnival, Fireworks Factory11Maintenance
Tattoo ArtistCalligrapherPunk RockerGas Station11Creative 2
BikerCyclistStrongmanGas Station11Transport
Gas FillerJanitorValetGas Station11Maintenance
Car WasherJanitorModelGas Station, Garage11Maintenance
Hair StylistModelGardenerGas Station11Creative 2
Sea DogBuccaneerCaptainThe Docks11Explorers
SailorFirst MateSea DogDocks11Explorers
Dock HandSailorStrongmanDocks11Production
Boat RacerSailorRacecar DriverMarina12Sports
Sailing InstructorSailorCoachMarina, Swimming Pool12Sports
Lighthouse KeeperAstronomerElectricianLighthouse12Maintenance
Treasure HunterJewellerBuccaneerIsland12Explorers
ElectricianMechanicAssistantTelephone Company12Technician
Telephone OperatorReceptionistElectricianTelephone Company12Technician
CashierAssistantSalesmanGas Station, Pharmacy, Pet Store12Business
Bee KeeperFarmerEntomologistApiary12Production
EntomologistProgrammerScientistUniversity, Apiary12Research
Bell RingerWatchmakerStrongmanDoomsday Clock12Maintenance
Security GuardPolice OfficerAssistantTelephone Company, Space Port, Film Studio12Law
Tooth FairyDentistBee KeeperDentist's Office12Curious
Eagle ScoutPark RangerExplorerCampsite12Curious
Camp CounsellorEagle ScoutHomemaker Campsite12Administration
CavemanTribal Strongman Cave12Curious
Crashtest DummyStunt DoubleValet Garage13Transport
Oil DrillerDeep Sea DiverConstruction WorkerOil Rig13Production
VigilanteDetectiveMartial ArtistCave13Curious
Rock ClimberSunt DoubleMountain ClimberCave13Sports
WelderPyrotechnicianMechanicOil Rig13Technician
Oil BaronInvestorOil DrillerOil Rig13Business
BarberHair StylistApprentice Barber Shop13Maintenance
Acapella SingerBassistVocalistBarber Shop13Music
MerchantSailorSalesmanPort Authority13Business
VampireAbominationCardiologistDark Tower13Evil
MonsterHenchmanMad ScientistLaboratory13Evil
WerewolfAbominationMutantDark Tower13Evil
Mad ScientistAbominationScientistLaboratory13Evil
HenchmanMad ScientistBell RingerLaboratory13Evil
SupervillianMad ScientistSuper HeroEvil Lair13Evil
ThiefHenchmanHenchmanEvil Lair13Evil
AssassinThiefNinjaEvil Lair13Evil
BanditAssassinCastle RustlerStable13Evil
CEOIndustrialistSupervillianGolf Club14Evil
GhostMummyGrave DiggerHaunted House14Evil
SkeletonGhostRadiologistHaunted House14Evil
WitchAbominationChemistDark Tower14Evil
Jack-O-LanternAbominationGreengrocerHaunted House14Evil
BogeymanMonsterConspiracy TheoristEvil Lair14Evil
SlasherAssassinSamuraiEvil Lair14Evil
OverlordPoliticianSupervillianEvil Lair14Evil
Monster HunterMonsterLumberjackSecret Hideout14Evil
ExterminatorMonster HunterEntomologistApiary14Evil
Ice LordGeneralGuardianwinter fort14Administration
GuardianSecurity GuardToy Soldierwinter fort14Law
Snow ElementalIce LordMutantMountain14Curious
SherpaMountain ClimberSnow ElementalMountain14Maintenance
Alpine RescueSherpaParamedicMountain14Medical
Snowboardersherpasports starSky Lodge14Sports
Toy MakerCarpenterHolyday SpiritToy Factory14Production
ElfToy MakerApprenticeToy Factory14Production
Toy SoldierSoldierToy Makertoy factory15Law
VikingSnow ElementalStrongmanWinter Fort15Curious
Event PlannerWedding PlannerParty AnimalEvent Center15Administration
RegentFairy GodmotherPoliticianCloud Castle15Enchanted
SuccessorRegentApprenticeCloud Castle15Enchanted
Big Bad WolfWerewolfFairy GodmotherCabin in the Woods15Enchanted
PuppetToy SoldierFairy GodmotherCandy House15Enchanted
Jungle DwellerCavemanFairy GodmotherCabin in the Woods15Enchanted
SwashbucklerBuccaneerRegentPirate Ship15Enchanted
Hooded RiderEagle ScoutBig Bad WolfCabin in the woods15Enchanted
PiperExterminatorFairy GodmotherPirate Ship15Enchanted
KnightCrusaderSuccessorIvory Tower15Enchanted
AdventurerExplorerHooded RiderIvory Tower
Pirate Ship
SculptorArtistKnightWarrior Temple15Creative 3
Bean FarmerFarmerFairy GodmotherCloud Castle15Production
GiantBean FarmerCyclopsCloud Castle15Enchanted
WonderlanderAdventurerDreamerCandy House15Enchanted
Gingerbread CloneBakerPuppetCandy House15Enchanted
SubmarinerAdventurerDeep Sea DiverPirate Ship15Explorers
GladiatorKnightWrestlerWarrior Temple16Enchanted
Sun PriestPreacherHermitWarrior Temple16Enchanted
DwarfGiantGiantCabin in the Woods16Enchanted
HermitMimeJungle DwellerWarrior Temple16Enchanted
Hair ModelHair StylistSuccessorIvory Tower16Enchanted
HousekeeperHomemakerFairy GodmotherCandy House16Maintenance
Shoe MakerSculptorTailorCabin In the Woods16Production
Base JumperStunt DoubleAdventurerIvory Tower16Sports
PlaywrightBardWriterPublishing House16Creative 3
Perfume MakerRomanticChemistSouvenir Store16Production
NewlywedRomanticRomanticWedding Chapel16Enchanted
The Invisible CloneAlchemistAbominationLaboratory16Evil
AlchemistBlacksmithConspiracy TheoristLaboratory16Creative 3
BlacksmithCrusaderApprenticeSouvenir Store16Production
Freedom FighterCrusaderPoliticianSouvenir Store16Enchanted
MetalheadBlacksmithMusicianOutdoor Stage16Music
JugglerClownCrusaderOutdoor Stage16Performers
BagpiperJugglerPiperOutdoor Stage16Performers
Train ConductorEngine DriverBureaucratRail Terminal16Transport
Fantasy WriterAlchemistWriterPublishing House17Creative 3
Romance NovelistFantasy WriterRomanticPublishing House17Creative 3
Makeup ArtistArtistDating AdvisorFashion Studio17Creative 3
Engine DriverBlacksmithEngineerRail Terminal17Transport
Soccer FanSports FanSoccer RefereeTraining Ground17
Goal KeeperBouncerSoccer FanTraining Ground17Sports
BookmarkerGamblerSoccer RefereeTicketing Booth17
StewardSheriffSoccer FanTrophy Room17
MasqueraderParaderMakeup ArtistInn and Parade Float17
Samba DancerStreet PerformerParty AnimalParade Float17
Street PerformerActorParaderStaging Area17
Marching Band MemberStreet PerformerMusicianStaging Area17
WarriorAmazon GladiatorWarrior Temple17
Online ShopperAmazonAmazonSouvenir Store17Curious
ForesterAmazonPark Ranger17
Cliff DiverAdventurerAmazonIsland17Explorer
Investment Banker18Business
Hockey Player18Sports
Sports Fan18Sports
MusketeerFencerHistorianAntique Store18Law
EmperorHistorianMayorAntique Store18Law
Lawn Gnome18Maintenance
Punk Rocker18Performers

124 thoughts on “Pixel People List of Jobs, Professions and Formulas (Genetic Matches) for Splicing”

  1. Your list is one short. After the wedding planner, there is one more, but since I am not getting ANY highlighted information for my last one, I have no idea what it is or how to unlock it. I have 149 right now but the gene splicing is all greyed out.

    1. The Centaur is the next one in the list, it’s the number 150. Read the “Profession #150 Note” and you will find out how to discover it.

    1. Ya there is no DREAMER but there is a DRUMMER but no dreamer I have looked and looked for about an hour and I have no clue if its a typo or what but still

  2. Just letting you know that the plumber is missing from the list. It is on page 1. The formula for it is Engineer and Assistant.

    1. The explorer gene cannot be spliced. It automatically shows up once you disvover enough splices. Just keep creating new jobs until it does, check the highlighted categories, and mix the genes/professions inside combining them with others that are also highlighted (make sure the test tube is pink though)

    1. The romantic is the last one, it pops up after filling up a heart bar, after you got all 150 first round of splicers. Just keep doing job combos and sooner or later the mutant will show up.

    2. I have 150 1st round clones but can’t figure out how to get romantic and I have filled the heart bar numerous times to no avail. How do I get the romantic?

    1. well, the romantic is one of the gens that you don’t actually splice, but rather wait for it to appear, all genes on this category appear in a random order.

    2. Any given building is “unlocked” by finding any gene/profession that can be placed within it. Check out our buildings guide and see which professions are listed for the business center.

  3. I have just reached the full 155 genes, and town hall says there can be 158. Are there 3 more that show up or is it a glitch of some description?

    1. Definitely a bug. There has not been a new update since the one that includes the romantic gene.

  4. So, I have a problem – all my genes/splicing options are greyed out – so I can’t make any more clones -what am I supposed to do? I on’y have 154/205.. ?

    1. First of all, did you update the app yesterday?. Secondly, did you receive the bureaucrat gene automatically?. Both are conditions to start unlocking the new genes, professions and animals on this update.

    2. the salesman is a special gene, you won’t obtain it as a result of mixing other professions, but the special gene will eventually appear as you make progress through the game.

    3. Similar issue here. I got the Bureaucrat automatically with the update, spliced for Politician, Civil Servant, Officer, Insurance Agent and Federal Agent and now all other options are greyed out.

      I’m at 160/210. What do I do now?

    4. You are missing the other “special genes”, which come from completing missions, I suggest you take a look at these missions in our list and start completing them.

    1. It’s called “special gene”. These are not professions but only genes that when spliced with others create professions. The bureaucrat is given automatically after you download the latest update.

  5. I have 196 professions. I’ve filled my hearts a bunch of times, all of the missions show rewards of utopium, and my splices are all greyed out. What do I do?

    1. Do the following, go to the Gene Pool Building, tap on “view” and tell us which “Special Genes” you have greyed out.

    2. The romantic gene shouldnt be greyed out, since it was part of pixel people’s special update back in February, contact Lambda Games regarding this issue……and the Hitch Hiker has to be unlocked spending 100u on the Gene Pool (just tap on the Hitch Hiker card and then tap on unlock.)

  6. I’m on level 176, I have land and 3 clones at the arrival center. No genes are available when I try to splice and I’ve leveled up twice. How can I get more genes so I can splice again?

    1. you are not at level 176, you have a list of 176 professions, which is quite different. Levels are determined by the amount of land expansions you have. Do you have the utopia HQ?, if so, have you complete the missions that unlock the special genes?

  7. what does it mean when I get the special delivery from my hearts and it says i received 93,0000 pts? i never get the points. can i find the points somewhere?

    1. but my coins are not increasing from the special delivery. are the coins being stored somewhere?

    2. Alethea,

      First of all, we need to make a difference between “special deliveries” received from filling up heart and bar and the Animal Shelter, and the “special deliveries” you obtain from the casino. The first two just reward you with pets, the latter might offer Utopium, Pets OR Coins.

      Second, regarding your question, the coin counter appears at the top-right corner of the screen and is always visible. Coins are never “stored”. Finally, IF your buildings are active (lightning icon has been tapped) the coin counter should be increasing CONSTANTLY, and the reward from the special delivery might not even be noticeable, specially when the counter goes up to millions.

    1. You are sure missing special genes. Why don’t you tell us which special genes you have?. Do you have the Utopia HQ?. Have you completed the missions that unlock the special genes?

    2. I don’t have the utopia hq and the special genes that I have are the mutant, Easter bunny, dreamer, salesman, explorer, romantic, bureaucrat and sococialite and I have fill the pages to 8

    3. You MUST get the utopia HQ in order to obtain the missions that unlock the special genes you are missing. go to the buildings page and see which professions unlock the building.

    4. hello
      i have a problem with the latest version of pixel people.
      in the arrival centre i have lit up genes but none of them work and i’ve tried all of them like five times each. so please help me PLEASE!!
      P.S. i still have 10 free land
      please help 😀
      xx Jess
      please help :X

    5. Jessica,

      You need to start matching the jobs you don’t have yet, we have the complete list, so why don’t you just start trying one by one following our chart?

  8. I have 156/211 genes unlocked. Once I upgraded to level 19 the only genes I was able to splice were mutant & ninja which unlocked the centaur. Now that my altar is built I can no longer splice ANYTHING. How do I fix this?!

    1. Go to the Gene Pool building., tap on view, then tap on the gene “Romantic”, which should be greyed out. This requires you to spend 25u, this will open a whole new series of professions. NOW, you will eventually unlock the Utopia HQ building, which is the next step to unlock more jobs.

  9. I am officially stuck – I cannot make any more combinations for slicing. Has this happened to anyone else? I’m trying to get red hearts like crazy so I can unlock Sports Star Gene or Jack Frost Gene to move forward.

    1. To unlock the Sports Star, you need to complete the mission Team Names. To unlock Jack Frost gene, you need to complete the Ice and Fire mission. You do not have to fill up heart bars to unlock these genes. Also, you should visit the Gene Pool visit and pay 100 utopium to unlock the Hitch Hiker, which makes available around 7 more combinations.

    2. I am getting the hearts because I need the animals to unlock the genes. I skipped a few missions from the Utopia HQ and I didnt know where to find what they unlocked until later. I have gone to the Gene Pool and I can’t find where to unlock Hitch Hiker, it just shows me the secret genes.

    3. The Hitch Hiker is there, is one of the last cards/profiles, you simply need to tap on them until you find that gene and then unlock it. It’s not a hidden profile.

    4. I unlocked it and got the other combinations. Thanks for that. Stuck again though, still trying to get the animals to unlock the sports star and jack frost gene.

  10. How do you unlock more Secret Jobs ? I have only 4 visible in the secret hideout. the rest is still locked.

  11. Your list is missing ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ (Easter Bunny + Cryptozoologist). With this you get a Secret Hideout with 14 secret jobs. The first 4 are provided:- catcher, statistician, ventriloquist, masseuse but as all my splicing is now grey, have you got any ideas on formulas?

  12. Okay i have 165/211 professions,i have used 241/260 land, i have 18 clone spaces in residences, ive got the gene pool and utopia hq ive been doing quests but cant get any more genes ive been stuck for weeks i need help

  13. How do I obtain eggs to unlock the easter bunny? I just unlocked the easter eggs mission from the gene pool by spending 25 u. Where do I get the other eggs?

  14. I’ve had a problem with all my genes being greyed out. I don’t have all of the special genes, but my problem lies in splicing normal ones. For example, I have both the Astronomer and the Doctor but it doesn’t allow me to splice them to make the Optometrist.
    Is it waiting for me to make another achievement?
    176/211 professions unlocked

  15. I have the same problem as Jay … Exactly the same. And I’ve also been collecting hearts etc to try and get animals to complete the missions to unlock the other genes but it refuses to give me what I need. I’m getting sick of it, it’s been weeks.

  16. Hi,
    In the building “secret hideout”, I’ve found a list with jobs to discover. But it says you can’t discover them by spilcing, you have to guess how you create them. So now is my question, how do I discover them?


  17. If you are stucked at 249 professions (remember, all hidden jobs need to have already been spliced and highlighted in green font in the Secret Hideout). You will notice that the Secret Hideout still has the 5 locked hidden jobs.
    Go to the Utopia HQ and try to fin the mission Where’s My H2O?, you can buy it out for $1.99 and discover the remaining job slots, you will now see the remaining secret jobs, which are: Fencer, Lawn Gnome, Punk Rocker, Mariachi and Rockstar.
    Finally, these combinations will not be highlighted at the arrival center, you will need to find them yourself, or just take a look at the secret jobs chart above.

  18. Just saw there’s a free job slot at the Lighthouse, it’s for the “Mermaid”. However, I already reached the 255 jobs and when I try to find the formula, it says “formula lost”

  19. I have all 255 jobs plus Mermaid but there are still too jobs missing and I don’t know where to find…Do they appear after more progress??? By instance??

    If anybody knows, let me know, please…

    1. we updated the list of professions and is now showing all of them in the right order of appearance as they are shown in the game. Just take a look which job is right next to the profession you want to find.

  20. Hi guys
    How do you complete the mission “The plot thickens”?
    Do we have a formula sheet for splicing animals yet?


    1. Sorry, maybe I should clarify. Is there a way to identify the secret animals in the plot thickens mission?
      Spending 5 blutoniums seems like a waste.

    2. Kevin,

      You do not have to identify any animal, SECRET is yet another category, added during the last update. The secret animals though, have to be obtained a different way, which is done by splicing other creatures, pretty much what you do with professions. Just go our guide to secret animals, and then take a look at your own animal inventory, you will sure have enough to create at least 3 secret animals. Again, SECRET is a category, not a particular animal per se.

  21. Many thanks for the quick respond as usual. Meaning I gotta spend 3 blutoniums + 50 utoniums to complete it. Might as well just spend the 5 given ones. Kindda redundant :(. I was hoping that there’s a different way to obtain them in order to preserve those blutoniums. Kindda bummer if you have zero friends playing this game. Feel free to add me at keekevin via Game Center. In need of blutoniums to splice !!

    1. Kevin,

      It’s Mutopium, not blutonium. Second, you cannot add friends via Game Center, only through Facebook (developers are working on adding that feature).

  22. I have 258 out of 255 jobs listed on my counter. Any clue why? This happened in a past update and then it corrected itself.

    1. The numbers are correct. What happens is that there are 3 “secret bonus” professions, being the Mermaid, Musketeer and Emperor. These people are not listed in the secret hideout, but the formula was still a secret and the categories were not highlighted.

  23. I now have the tattoo artist but am unable to place him anywhere. It is blank under possible workplaces. I have the gas station already (although everytime I click the empty profession slot at the top to see the profession name it crashes). Any ideas?

  24. Ignore comment above, tattoo artist now fixed with latest update just released
    along with space admin, lumber mill and garage problems. :)

    1. Cool, because they are bugged and crashed the app. Gonna update the max coind production for those buildings.

    1. Tap on an empty space slot and let the buildings menu appear. Tap on landscape >> Terrain >> Water. There are no “lakes”, but you do have shoreline items that, when combined with the beach house and the marina create a beach. Tap on Decor >> Shoreline.

  25. Does anyone has any advice on how to get “3cps” gold citizen? other than mutating them at the cost of mutopiums?

  26. I can’t make an optometrist, even though i have the astronomer and doctor unlocked. I try to splice them, but the result is gray and not red/orange/green.

  27. I have played and played and played. I am near the end and almost done with my Museum quests. What I have found, though, even after counting the clones/jobs up top is that there are only 379. Does anybody have any idea what the 380th clone/job is?

    I don’t have any clue if anybody monitors this site anymore or not. Btw…I have the Emperor, Musketeer and Mermaid (Lost Recipes) and all the (Secret Recipes) from the Secret Hideout.

    Any ideas? Thanks ahead of time.

    1. I too am stuck at 379/380, even when I check all the pages, and the secret pages, they are all full

  28. Hi! I have spliced 379/380 genes, and it says that I am missing a special gene (as the grey ‘?’ option is on page 18/17), but I cannot find out which one it is from any forums. It is the tile one from the bottom on the far right hand side, with the mermaid to the left of it (under the hockey player and above the punk rocker) and it’s killing me! Any help would be appreciated!

  29. How 2 find the secret animals page which is number5 then when I reach page 4,I swiped, the it will never reached page 5, then how, what can I do to unlock the secret page.

  30. Can you please tell me how to buy land thru the Astro church? One site said if you buy land thru the Astro church you can expand without having to level up. Correct?

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