Pearl’s Peril Chapter 8 Scenes Screenshots and Objects

This guide lists all objects for Pearl’s Peril Chapter 8 Scenes. We’ve got all screenshot/pictures marked up with every single object that can show up, with the exception of “special missing objects”. If you believe there’s a missing item, please leave a comment below.


Crashed Jeep
Crashed Jeep
Interior Jail Cell
Interior Jail Cell
Interrogation Room
Interrogation Room

Marina's Room
Marina’s Room
Reception Desk
Reception Desk
The Courthouse
The Courthouse

29 thoughts on “Pearl’s Peril Chapter 8 Scenes Screenshots and Objects”

  1. I got to chaper 35 but don’t have enough cash to get to the next level. Apparently I need 15 to get flight attendants. what do I do so I can continue playing?????

  2. I have been trying to get to chapter 9 for at least three weeks. Ihave selected some people to be my flight crew, but I will not bother people who are not playing games just to advance. If this is my only alternative to move on – I will delete this game as I have others. It is boring to keep trying to play chapters you have already mastered.

  3. I’m having the same issue as Sharon, Bette & MKG. I’ve been stuck on it for ages and have asked friends to join the flight crew but no takers and I’m sick of playing the same scenes over and over.

  4. I’m on Pearls Peril and have got to level 17 smoldering pit but all I get is a black screen so can’t play on, has anyone out there had the same problem and if so how do I get the screen back, please help me


    1. Comment: yo tuve el mismo problema en el express train. la pantalla se puso negra espere como 2 minutos y abrio la esena.

    1. I have solved the courtroom puzzle about 20 times the compact opens and just as the message is about to be revealed, it freezes! I really want to get to chapter 9.

      I love the game but now I’m getting really frustrated, please help

  5. Problem with this is that there is no guide! They should help us understand what we need & when. I get notices saying, “You can travel now.” But I can’t. I can’t on my laptop. I flew once on my iPad, months ago..

  6. I am stuck in level 7 for weeks now, can not figure out how to get to level 8. I am planning on quiting this game. Bored….

  7. Had 18$ tried to upgrade one of the buildings, computer took my $ but sent me a message that upgrade failed!!! $$ were not returned!!
    What a cheat.

  8. Cannot expand the borders the laptop gamr PP won’tell me what I need. Can’t play without flowers, and and no place to put purchases …?

  9. How do I get rid of the guy who appears in the middle of the left side of the screen? He is asking if I want to see a video and will not accept no or yes, and it covers one of the hidden objects so you cannot tap/click on it.

  10. Big Bird – u will need all three to open the clouded area:
    1) collect badges (5 badges per scene / 25 badges per chapter)
    2) compass (check items in storage, maximum 15 at one time)
    3) 1k coins

    Blue key will appear when u could pay to explore the clouded area.
    Green key will appear when u have all 3 to explore the clouded area.

  11. I’m on chapter 9 Vatican Vault. I can’t figure out how to cut the chain to drain the water. Have the item necessary, but can’t make it work, so I can’t move on. Anyone else have this problem?
    How can I make it work?

  12. I have the same problem as Carla. I cannot cut the chain, however I have everything.

    Any ideas how to solve this problem?

  13. I am at level 8. Need 44 flowers to advance to level 9, but have no space to beauify the island to earn the flowers. Any advise?

  14. 8 Sept, 2014 and have had about 7 days of not being able get past blue Wooga screen. Just won’t boot up. I see there was a fix on Sept 1…is this the cause? Am in Chapt 8 at present. VEry frustrating. I play on iPad.

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