Pearl’s Peril Chapter 6 Scenes Screenshots and Objects

This guide lists all objects for Pearl’s Peril Chapter 6 Scenes. We’ve got all screenshot/pictures marked up with every single object that can show up, with the exception of “special missing objects”. If you believe there’s a missing item, please leave a comment below.


The Tent
The Tent
Vincent's Plane
Vincent’s Plane
Tanzanian Lagoon
Tanzanian Lagoon

Excavation Site
Excavation Site
Doctor's Office
Doctor’s Office
Olduvai Monolith
Olduvai Monolith

  1. Grab Item
  2. Grab Item
  3. Examine [Grab Straw inside]
  4. Examine [Grab Knife inside]
  5. Examine [1. Cut tent flaps with knife 2. Grab wire from tent]
  6. Grab Item
  7. Examine [1. grab pickaxe remaining part 2. Clean dirt with object 3. Dig rock with pixaxe 4. grab diamond and ruby]
  8. Grab item
  9. Examine [grab car battery inside tent]
  10. Examine [1. drag battery set to the left side of the scene. 2. Grab mirror 3. grab lever]
  11. Examine [1. grab stick 2. grab dish 3. break glass on box by dragging last item set 4. grab item from within box]
  12. Examine [grab remaining item from scene]
  13. Drag Item set 1
  14. Examine [drab second item set to marked stone wall]

11 thoughts on “Pearl’s Peril Chapter 6 Scenes Screenshots and Objects”

  1. I have same problems as others u need 2 open up board faster tired of playing same thing over & over again u need 2 keep the game interesting help us out here

  2. Having trouble in level 6 with the butler box to watch a video. I can’t get video to come up and play or to get rid of it. The box with butler in it blocks the cigar in the excavation site. What can I do?

    1. I have the same problem! Bug in Pearl’s Peril which means not able to progress. Thinking of giving up entirely.

    2. I had to update the app on my ipad, then the butler went away and I was able to play the videos.

  3. I’m. Baack. same problem I had last scene in chapter 5….this time it’s chapter 6…. Can’t move forward to chapter 7…I must be doing something wrong….can’t. Correct if I don’t know what it is…. Any assist would be appreciated….

  4. I’m stuck at chapter 5 no way of going to 6
    have restarted each chapter now for several times then I get 5000 money and I buy then I get message open chapter 6 but when I push on button nothing.
    always same message ask your friends to travel with you…. hopeless I’m going to quit fed up with it

  5. I have been stuck on Chap 6 for 2 weeks now. Several scenes in Chapt 7 has been unlocked, through buying stuff and earning flowers, but cant get Chapt 7 to open. Im getting fedup, and think of quitting this game. Several others have the same problem.

  6. I’m stuck on the Olduvai Monolith. I’ve gathered the objects necessary to make the knife and now I’m trying to cut the knots on the tent, but for some reason it’s not working. Any ideas on how to get through this? I’d be most appreciative for any insights!

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