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    1. You need to build the key, which is the second set in the middle. the first piece is located after you move the curtains of the bed, hanging from a cord. The second piece is obtained from the parrot’s beak, after giving him fruit. The last piece of the key is found in the chess compartment, you will find most pieces in the room itself.

  1. Can someone assist, plse. have completed chapter 2 in its entirety, but can’t open chapter 3. help…….

    1. why can’t you open it, what does it say?. You need to complete the final scene of the previous chapter in order to unlock the next one.

  2. Even if you have completed the scene, you also need enough “Prestige”. Decorate your island to earn prestige to unlock scenes.

    Good luck

    1. i also having trouble getting the last part of the key from the chess board where are we suppose to click to retrieve the last part of key ive clicked the whole damn board lol please help :)

    2. I am also having trouble finding the last part of the key on the chess board. I have clicked everywhere including where the small flash of light indicates…I can’t seem to find it….:(

    3. To Emma….to get the last part of the key, bring the two chess pieces to the chessboard and that will open it

  3. Where is the cord to tie curtains back? Found 1 ribbon. Also how do I open the Turtle chest latch? It remains a compass instead of hand. Help!

  4. i have been playing pearls peril i have gotten to fathers room and am able to find the first peice of the puzzle one peice of the ribbon on the second half and only two peices of fruit on the third part how do i open thew curtins i am sure there are things behind them can any one help i have gone over it time and time again…….HELP

    1. do the following, stare at the screen for a few seconds without clicking on any object (in the main screen) you will then see a small flash of light that indicates where you should look next, or where there’s an item you are missing.

    2. In the fathers room am unable to find the second piece of the ribbon and only two pieces of fruit and I don’t know how to open the curtains or the treasure chest or any thing that has to be openedl. Also I don’t know how to tie the curtains back. Or feed the Parrot fruit.

    3. If you complete the turtle shell in the first section, move it to the turtle top on the chest. It will open the chest. Move the ribbon to the curtains on the bed to open them. Give the parrot fruit after you’ve found it all. Find all the missing chess pieces (they are hidden around the room). After you collect all the chess pieces, move them to the chess board. You should now be able to find the key to open the locked box.

    1. OK I figured it out. Put the 1st completed box on the turtle box…it is it’s shell and the box will open and you can get the second tie back and bowl then you can figure it out from there.

  5. Maybe this should be obvious to me, but how do you move the turtle’s shell to the turtle and the fruit to the parrot’s beak?

  6. I went to give a friend some life and the screen went dark. ????? Have tried several times but still dark. All other apps work.

  7. I have to get 15 more “Prestige” to get into round 3 but I can’t find anywhere else on the map to put them. Can you help please?

  8. I cannot open the box with the key. The hint keeps pointing me in the same place next to the latch but it will not open. Anyone know why?

    1. It says above you need lots of prestige so need to decorate to progress on to the next level

  9. I need help. I have the iPad version and there is no turtle, the chest is already opened, and the curtain is already open. If I let the game give me hints, you feed the parrot first, then find the chess pieces. I have found 2 of the 3 key pieces. The game keeps telling me to click on the chess board but when I do, I just get a message that it has a secret compartment that she cannot open. The game does not help me find the 3rd key piece or how to use the chess pieces. In other versions, I know that you have several chess pieces that have to be placed on the board but I can’t get the chess board to allow me to interact that way, even by dragging the chess pieces to the board. Any ideas?

  10. I found the fruit and bowl, opened the bird cage for the two pieces, got the chess piece but can not locate the final metal piece to complete the scene. I saw the hint about moving the cord but nothing. Where do you find the final metal piece?

    1. I can’t find the bowl anywhere – this screenshot is not the same as the game is now.

  11. I found all the pieces I need in Fathers room except the last piece of the key that is in the chess board I assume. Cannot open or move the chess board. What do I do to obtain the finale piece of the key?

  12. You never answered the myriad of questions as to how to get the last key from the chessboard. I even use the magnifying glass hint, and clicked the mouse a gazilion times around the highlighted hint, but there’s no way to pick up that third piece of the key. HOW DOES ONE GET THAT LAST KEY PIECE???

  13. I can not find the first part of the key so I can complete it and go further. any help would be appreciated, thanks

  14. I made it to Fathers Room and I found everything, but I can’t get past that first scene, I just keep playing the first round in Fathers a Room over and over, frustrating and a waste of coins. What am I doing wrong?

  15. Please, please help!
    Am obviously being extremely dim, but I’ve been looking for the bleedin’ fruit bowl for three days. Where on earth is it?
    AND I can’t seem to move anything at all!

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