Pearl’s Peril Beginner’s Guide and Walkthrough

Pearl’s Peril is a Facebook hidden object game that despite not having unique features, uses simplicity to actually work like a casual game, not flooding you with quests and multiple tasks. Below you will find the complete walkthrough guide for beginners, and also a few tips at the end of the article.

Currencies and Point System

  • Coins: Coins are obtained as a reward for playing scenes and can also be collected from buildings. Coins are used to purchase buildings and decors.
  • Cash: This is the game’s hard currency, you can only obtain it by purchasing it with real money
  • Prestige [hibiscus flower]: Prestige is not spent, but rather accumulated, just like XP points and levels in other games. These are used to unlock new scenes and unlock some buildings.
  • Energy: Energy points is what you need to play scenes. Each scene play costs 1 energy point. You can get more energy by asking friends or waiting for the energy bar to replenish itself (max 5 energy points.). Each point of energy takes 20 minutes to replenish
  • Badges: Badges are obtained by playing scenes. They work like prestige since they are only collected, and allow you to unlock buildings.


You can access the scenes menu through the magnifying glass at the bottom. Scenes are divided into chapters, each one having 5 regular hidden-object scenes and 1 puzzle scene. So far there are 6 chapters to investigate. When you position the mouse over each scene, you will see how many points you are missing for the next badge to be obtained.

  • Each locked chapter requires a certain amount of prestige to get unlocked, click on the chapter number in the scenes menu to see what is the prestige requirement.
  • Each scene played costs 1 energy
  • Each point of energy takes more than 15 minutes to replenish, and that’s the main reason people complain, since once you empty your energy bar, you do have to wait a lot of time to come back and play again, unless you actually buy energy packs with cash that is.
Puzzle Scenes

Puzzle scenes are the last scene of each chapter to be unlocked. These scenes are not time-based and you need to complete them in order to open the following chapter. You need to find different pieces and create working objects, making them interact with other objects in the scene. By completing these scenes, you will get to complete a mini-game within Pearl’s Journal that rewards you with cash when finished.

Scenes Gameplay

Your objective when playing scenes is to get as many points as possible by finding objects, this will allow you to reach badge thresholds sooner which is why you are playing the scene afterall.

The rewards for successfully finishing the scene are not only badges, but also coins and sometimes materials.

Objects will get added to the scene as you obtain more badges, you start out with a pretty simple scene and it becomes quite flooded with new objects once you get the fourth badge

If you can’t manage to find an object by yourself, you can use the magnifying glass, which can be used repeated times, but you need to wait some time in order for it to fully reload and become available again.

If you find two or more objects in a row, you will activate the bonus bar, which grants you bonus points. You need to keep finding objects without the bonus bar resetting to keep getting greater bonuses. Missing a click does not reset the bar, neither does using the hint (unlike other hidden-object games)

There are three parameters that determine your score on each scene play;

  • Base Score: this is determined not only by the objects you find on each scene, but also obtained through the bonus multiplier when you start finding multiple objects in a row withouth letting the bonus bar reset.
  • Hint Bonus: the less you use hints, the more points you get.
  • Time Bonus: although you do not have a timer when playing the scene, it does matter how long you take to finish the scene, it counts as a bonus towards your score.
  • Accuracy Bonus: the less miss clicks when trying to find an object, the better, do not click if you are not sure

Special Missing Objects

Each scene, besides the regular objects, has a total of 3 special missing objects, your character will appear randomly, for a total of 3 times, asking you to find a special hidden object, by doing so, you help her complete her journal. Finding these objects does not yield any special reward though, it’s merely to complete the storyline.

The Island

Pearl's Peril Artemis Island

The island is where the rest of the game takes place, and is key to your progress, since all objects placed here let you unlock new scenes and complete the journal. Besides the buildings you construct here, there’s nothing else that you can interact with.


Buildings Yield Coins. If you position the mouse over any given building, you will notice a counter. Once it reaches zero, you can collect coins from it and reset it for another round. We suggest that you first focus on buildings, and once you have plenty of them, start with the decorations, this is because buildings give you coins, which creates a virtous circle, otherwise you will find yourself having enough prestige but not having enough coins to purchase the unlocked buildings.

You can move or sell/delete a building by using the “arrow” tool, located at the bottom bar.

Upgrading Buildings. All buildings, after being installed, can be upgraded a total of 3 times, but you need to gather all materials specified within the building’s menu to actually upgraded.


Materials required for buildings are collected from scenes. The items are obtained randomly from each finished scene as a reward, besides coins of course. Expect to play lots of times without seeing any material though.

Expanding – Exploring Regions

You will eventually run out of space to put buildings, this is where you should unlocking new regions, which are locked areas covered by mist. Each locked region has a set of 3 requisites which are; Coins, Badges and Compasses (these drop from scenes as well)


Prestige points let you unlock new scenes, they are obtained by building stuff on the island, your pretige points are shown at the top middle bar, you cannot purchase Prestige points. All the things you can buy are located at the Shop menu, which is accessed through the old-fashioned checkout counter at the bottom bar. Prestige, just like Badges, are not actually spent, they are sort of an equivalent to levels and XP points in other games, once you reach a certain threshold, new scenes are unlocked.

The Shop

The Shop is divided into 4 categories, Paths and Rivers, Decorations, Buildings and Energy. Although Paths, Rivers and Decorations do not require materials to be built, they yield less prestige points than buildings. All objects in the shop are unlock once you gather the amount of badges indicated on each item. All objects can be purchased with coins (obtained by playing scenes). The energy at the shop can only be bought with cash.

Pearl’s Peril FAQs

  • How to Get Free Energy?. You can click on the small tab below the energy bar and send an energy request to all your facebook contacts. Unfortunately, you cannot filter people who actually play Pearl’s Peril than those who don’t.
  • Cheats or Hacks to Unlock Scenes or get free Prestige Points?. Unfortunately, there’s no way around to unlock scenes than gathering enough prestige, and prestige cannot be incremented artificially through any hack or cheat. Don’t get fooled by fake hacking tools.

567 thoughts on “Pearl’s Peril Beginner’s Guide and Walkthrough”

    1. The compasses drop just like any other special item, just keep playing scenes until you gather enough of them to unlock a new area. However, we’ve seen them drop from the last scene of each chapter (the one that you need to solve a series of puzzles)

    2. At what point can I visit other players, I have a friend who says she visit others are gets extra coins and energy. I however can’t seem to do this. Does it have something to do with how far along in the game you are?


    3. Sorry, but Im confused…..I need building materials (are they hidden in the scenes and I have to find and click on them) ?? OR, so they come after the scene is finished where the coins show up? I see the little icon at the top telling me there are building materials in that scene, but I cant find them/////

    4. How high is the score in each game I will finish the game, and someone will come and bump me down and she is number 1 what is it I’m doing wrong..

    5. If you click on some of the misty areas, there is a “play scenes to collect compasses 60bills” play button-only on some. (I’m on the first chapter).

    6. You are given compasses by playing scenes. They didn’t mention flying to other islands. What do you need? Why can some fly & others can’t? I heard UK players have a submarine to visit other islands. Don’t know if that’s true. Unfortunately, I’m not in the UK to find out.

    7. I can’t find either pearls or terracotta or gold bars can anyone tell me where to find those?

    8. I only finished chapter2 and spent my cash…im stuck and will not ever buy cash… is my game over?

    9. I am on level 21 and i cannot get past the finding objects to finish so i can move on.First time i have been stuck.I find some-but not able to find all to get past first stage.Please help-I love this game and am trying to get to next level

    10. I have over 4,000 coins. I cannot put down any buildings nor can I put down any grass or anything else I purchase. I have unlocked the hotel but can not place it anywhere

    11. I have a boat on my game but my friend does not have one on hers and it is not mentioned in the walkthrough …why is this ?

    12. I’m on level 2 trying to finish the Father’s Room, and am unable to find the last part of the key to open the lock box. I am unable to find the secret compartment in the chessboard which says “there is no obvious way to pull it apart”!!

      Any HELP to finish level 2 would be greatly appreciated!

      Thank you

    13. I am trying to get compasses so I can go onto the next scene you need 6 I have 3. It tells you to keep playing scenes to get some, but I have beat all the scenes and when I play them again I get nothing. What the heck how am I suppose to get to the next scene. Let alone my problem with not being able to visit neighbors cause you are having a trial and therefore not making it fair to all of us.

  1. Hi! Nice guide! Just want to point out that finishing the journal (‘find all the hidden clues’) DOES give rewards, namely cash. Once you’ve finished a chapter you’ll be rewarded with cash if you’ve found all the last (the third) hidden clues in each scene, which is always some kind of ripped paper that you’ll need to puzzle back together, which you’re allowed to do once you’ve finished the puzzle scene of that chapter.

    1. Hi Sjaz,

      We do point that out in the section “Small Hidden Objects”, but thanks for adding the tip.

    2. I think he was pointing out the fact that you said it did not yield any rewards to complete”it just furthers the storyline.” While in fact it rewards cash Which is why your section “Small Hidden Objects” is a little misleading.

    3. I was able to visit after chapter 7, and my friend is on chapter 8 and she still cannot visit, I think it has to do with how many neighbors, I have 9 neighbors and she only has 2, so I think it is after 7 , but depending on how many neighbors… not really sure, but there is nothing I have read that tells u just how to fly…Sorry , hope this helps, how many neighbors do u have?

    4. Are there anyone, who can tell me, what my gamefriends do, when they ask me to unlock the next chapter up. I would like to do it back……thanks

    1. Hi. Saw you comment about funeral banquet and I am in same situation. Did you get any replies to your query? Going mad with the gloved hand going up and down!

    2. diane i’am on level 27 and have 26 friends still can’t visit others island clicked on friends clicked on the plane nothing works so i guess i’am blocked

    3. I have hundreds of neighbors or teammates & still can’t fly anywhere. My friend has a very high score but doesn’t get flowers or decorations. Maybe it has something to do with our score? Don’t know. I’m at the Vatican. I recruited people by sending everyone I know energy & other game players. They began sending me energy & coins. I have no space left on the in-misted part of the island. I hate buildings. I don’t want it looking like NY. It’s an island! They should give us coins for trees & plants NOT buildings! And $10,000 coins for a mango tree? And not getting coins for it? That’s bonkers.

    4. I just read on Wooga’s FAQ site that visiting neighbors goes to random people. This seems ridiculous. I have a friend that can visit but doesn’t. I want to but can’t.

      Please Wooga, let us visit. Not everyone will. It gives us a reason to keep playing. Think about THAT.

  2. Hi, after playing to the end of chapter 7 I now get 7 energy rather than 5, but have found my friend who is playing 2 chapters behind me gets energy recharged to 10 (11 if I send them free gifts!), any idea’s as to why the difference?

    1. Playing along nicely without any glitches until now. Scene 8, Hotel lobby will not open. I click on it and all I get is a dark page with the magnifying glass bottom right. Using an IPad and wondering if it is specific to iPad use. Haven’t had a problem until now. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

    2. My bar fills up to 15. But if I get energy from friends, I lose it even after playing & using up the 15 energies unless I wait (and my friend’s wait) until it will accept energy again. There is no way to choose energy. If I get 32 energies, I lose all but 15. There should be a way to choose how much energy to accept or they should store it for us like other games do. Wooga needs to help us out here. There’s been an update but I haven’t noticed anything different. Seems as though everything is random, except the buildings, etc. Also, the scoring baffles me. How can you get two objects together if they haven’t put them on the bottom menu, yet? Strange game. Too bad I like it so much. However, if I can’t fly, not sure I’ll stay with it.

    3. Chris go back to Chap 7 and make sure that you have completed all of the scenes. Also make sure all your gold shields are filled and no white space can be seen. Sometimes it is tricky.

    4. I don’t make enough money to pay to go through the flight crew to move on to the next scene , it shows up at the top of the page I have collected 51 $ can I use that or do I need to collect more cash to move on or do I just need to come up with cash myself to do it , any suggesting would be helpful , thx bobbie

  3. I have master all the scene but I dont have enough prestige to open a new region for my new building and I have only 93 badges and I need 100 or can I get more badges or prestige

    1. You do not need prestige to unlock a new region. What you need is: Badges (you obtain them by playing scenes repeteadly), Coins and Compasses (again, this item drops from random scenes).

      Prestige is needed to unlock certain scenes and buildings/decors, but is not needed to expand your land.

    2. Go to the shop and buy a plant or something for decoration if you are only short a few points for prestige… I needed 500 but only had 497…. I kept playing the scenes and couldn’t find objects needed…

  4. Does anyone know how many levels there are in total, I am only on level 8 but there must be lots as I need 1000 badges to open an area

    1. Do the math. Each chapter has only 5 scenes that give 5 badges each one. Which gives a total of 25 badges per chapter. We can see at least 12 chapters, and that is 300 badges. It’s certainly not accurate that you need a thousand badges to open an area, or at least, that you can actually see the requirements for that area, since you can only see unlock requirements for regions that are adjacent to the spots you already opened. What you probably saw was coins requirements, and not badges. Even less considering that you are on level 8 (we presume you mean chapter 8) .

    2. Janet’s right: there ar eindeed areas that require 1000 badges to open (1075, in fact). I can see them but I very much doubt I can be bothered to play the game for long enough to accumulate that many badges.

      There is a temple hidden in the mists. This unlocks at 500 bdges. I’m hoping this provides either The End, or at least a satisfying end point, to the game.

    3. I’m at ;eve; 589. The building in the mist that opens at level 500 is a palace. When it opens, there are 10 levels that need completed before it starts paying coins. Lower levels were fairly easy to complete. Upper levels a bit more time consuming, have to collect pearls. I’m starting level 10 of the palace and am now collecting gold bars. With limited time, this is the only game I play (tho it does stand for some improvements). I like building the island and it’s good mind exercise to remember the objects for a “old lady” LOL, LOL

  5. I haven’t found a single pearl, copper pipe or granite, all those required materials that are necessary for the upgrade of the buildings

    1. You need to play each scenes plenty of times to get the necessary drops, playing a scene until you get 5 badges is more than enough to obtain the items you mention.

    2. I can’t get a pearl, copper pipe, or terracotta needed to upgrade the building either. I have played each chapter until I earned 5 batches on each. I don not have enough cash to buy the required items.

    3. I got the same problem which is why I searched for infos and ended up here. I played 4 chapters , 18 scenes, and got all 5 badges on each. I get plenty hammers, paint and woods but no pearls, no terra cota or pipes. I used to get some and upgraded my buildings but now I am stuck. I play the scenes over and over but still get only hammers etc. My inventory is almost full of everything now except the pearls and co. I will play again and again and fill the space with decorations but it’s super time consuming compared to upgrading buildings. I wonder if it’s locked on purpose, i.e. I’ll start getting stuff again after I reach chapter 5.

    4. I have exacty the same problem. I play all the scenes until I get all possible badges, but newver saw pearl or glass that I need. Terracota pipes came along but not the other two. my inventory is full 30 out of 30 in timber, bricks, hammers etc but I have just one gold and no pearls or glass.

    5. Same problem hence i am here for help. No pearls, terracota, copper pipe. I have gone back to play though the scenes, i am only getting coins!!!

    6. I like this game but I’ve got 5 badges for each scene so far and have not had one pearl or piece of pipe and it is beginning to annoy me. The only way to upgrade the buildings is to pay for the cash as it tells me I can use 15 cash instead. Is this to make people pay?

    7. I had finished 4 of the scenes in one chapter and couldn’t progress until I had more flowers but I didn’t have enough money to buy buildings to get the flowers.
      I decided to keep playing finished scenes over and over to get more cash and found that I also got building materials.
      I was one bar of gold short to update the hotel and suddenly, after replaying one of the scenes the bar of gold appeared.
      I would say to keep playing the completed scenes because it looks like there are still materials left in them.

    8. Hmmm ya, Same as everyone else…except one glitch I had. I received a pearl Once…and it’s Not in my inventory! whata rip. But I did receive 2 gold, shy of one more to complete my upgrade. I think it’s like that for the sheer purpose of keeping you playing addictively like all the other facebook games. And it works! lol

    9. You get the building materials by replaying the scenes over and over, even after you’ve gotten the badges. I found that I had to replay mastered scenes in order to earn prestige, and the pipe and gold seem to show up occasionally when I do that. It’s a really stupid, unnecessary, and frustrating way to do things, in my opinion.

    10. I’m not sure if this is true or not, but I also played the scenes over and over after mastering them to get the gold, pearl, terracotta, etc. It seems that the faster I click items, the more special material chests I got. Also, I tried doing them in alphabetical order, and this also gave me chests. Not sure if there is any relation, but give it a shot. Worked for me, so I haven’t spent any money on the game.

    11. if you don’t have what you need to move on, you need to replay scenes that you’ve already completed.
      if you need items to upgrade a building, you need to just keep on playing until you get them . . . they will eventually come your way. I’m at level 589 ~

    12. I found a pearl but it did not go into my inventory. I don’t know what happened to it. I also need a terra-cotta to upgrade one building. I don’t know if I missed it it one of my other levels.

    13. I have same problem I have never received a pearl granite nor terra cotta I have achieved all 55 badges that is 5 rooms in 2 chapters and 1 room in the third and(not counting the two badges in 2nd room) no pearl no terracotta have been awarded. I did get one granite in the villa garden but it froze(several times) and when I refreshed I did not get it of course(always hope). It says enhance your prestige by upgrading the villa to third level so in need of granite I bought one like an idiot thought I would get all 3 for 15. but I have 18 hammers 19 wood 19 brick 1 compass 19 paint and none of the three items mentioned, needed so “playing a scene until you get 5 badges is more than enough to obtain the items you mention.” not quite true… I have the basic 3 items to upgrade when started and “bought” Parisian tower and the observatory which will need more of these items i.e. adding copper pipe…I know it’s to make people buy cash with real $$$ but have never gotten any item getting all three medals in the 5 rooms that gives you 5 badges and then the one puzzle doesn’t count.. so simple math here and acquiring all 5 badges in each room is not adequate to get the items needed to comply with butler’s instructions …playing them over obtains paint and hammer and wood and see no point in re re re-doing rooms I have received badges in already as you know it wastes lives….sorry not a concise person, nor a curt mathematical mind.

    1. You cannot visit your neighbors’ islands. The only gift you can send to your neighbors is energy, you can do it by clicking on the “send it” button at the bottom of each neighbor’s avatar, or wait for the pop up screen to appear and send the energy in batches.

    2. I have indeed visited my neighbor’s islands. I am trying to figure out why some people can and why some people cannot. It is an awesome feature because when you visit you can click on their buildings and get coins and energy.

    3. I can also visit other peoples islands but my girlfriend cant don’t know why as we are both at about the same level

    4. I am one of the people who can’t visit friends. I am level 90+. One friend at a lower level can visit and click. I hope they fix it.

    5. I have same problem, My friends can visit me but i cannot visit them.
      Please check twice !!!

    6. It must be a glitch. My grandma and brother can visit neighbors but I can’t. Hope the game creator fixes this.

    7. I can visit 5 neighbours once a day. I am waiting for chapter 33 to open and I have 800 compasses. I have been able to visit my neighbours for the last two weeks. I wonder if it is prestige or compass related. I really wouldn’t worry about it yet. Your not guaranteed to get any energy on a visit it appears to be pot luck. You may get three or zero energy from one visit.

    8. When you run out of energy an arrow appears pointing to your friends picture. Click on it and you go for a plane ride to her island. You will see gift boxes, click on each you get energy or coins or both. Afterwards click on “go home” which appears on your “Play” button. And start playing again.

    9. I can’t visit neighbors either. I tried clicking on their pic but nothing. For those of you who can visit neighbors, is that how your traveling to neighbors ?? I wish I could travel to see how they set up their island.

    10. I can visit some meighbors and some neighbors I can not visit… in turn this doesnt help when you need flight crew and these neighbors cant visit you therefore cant help you with flight crew… I think this is a glitch in the game…. the creator needs to fix this ASAP!

    11. I also cannot visit friends. It frustrates me. I have a plane at the bottom but my friend that visits people does not. I thought of uninstalling and redoing but afraid it won’t link back and I have worked so hard to get where I am. Hope there is an update or something to fix it.

    12. Wooga decides who gets to visit. I think it’s a trial run. We have no choice in the matter. It’s on their FAQ page.

    13. I can only send energy once a day. The only other gifts I can send are the captains tickets, which people w/out the boat don’t know what it’s for. For a great game, it’s so poorly organized, it’s ridiculous.

      Some have the puzzle;others don’t. Some can fly; others can’t. Others have the Captains Boat–others don’t.

      Then we have a submarine that sits there “for decoration” according to Wooga. You’ve got to wonder what they’re drinking in Berlin besides coffee.

  6. I purchased 2 right bridges instead of one by mistake which I am sure I am stuck with but can they be moved once in place, if so how? Just started playing yesterday. This kind of game is new to me. What are the double hammer symbols for above things I have purchased??

    1. the double hammer symbols mean that you can upgrade those buildings, you should do it since they will give you flower points, which are necessary to unlock certain scenes.

    2. You can resell things back or you can move them around. Click on the Arrow on the play wheel.

    3. You can get rid of the unwanted bridge by clicking on the TOOLS arrow, then clicking on the money symbol! You can move them, by clicking on the TOOLS arrow, then clicking on the double arrow, then on whatever it is you want to move!

    4. You can return the item by clicking on money bag which brings up red arrow to return. You only get half of what you paid back.

    5. Peggi, you CAN move your improvements around! Click on the arrow just above the magnifying glass at the bottom right. You will see a four-directional arrow and another arrow that is pointing to a stack of coins. Click on the four directional arrow. Now, move your regular arrow to the item that you want to move(the four directional arrow will follow) and click on the item. When you click on it, it will lift up and have green around the bottom of it. Use the regular arrow to place it in a new position and then click on it again, it will sit there. To get rid of the 4-arrow, go back over to the circle with an ‘X’ on it and click. Hope this helps!

  7. Sorry me again. Do you literally keep playing the same scene over and over again if you have energy even though you have mastered it to gain what you need to open chapter?

    1. No, you shouldnt need to replay the scene after mastering it. If you master all 5 scenes in a chapter, that should be enough to drop enough items and get enough badges and gold to buy buildings, upgrade them, buy land and place decors.

    2. Actually I found this happened to me by end of Chapter 4. I had purchased decor every time I could so I had very little space but still not enough Prestige or gold to expand and open the next scene. Down to 7 squares, I had to buy about $7.00 worth of game money; used that toward materials needed for upgrades on two buildings; prestige from those finished buildings + coins earned in 2nd last scene to buy one decoration with 40 Prestige attached, gives me just enough to open the last scene of Chapter 4. When I get badges from the final scene of Chapter 4 I’ll have enough to open the 100 badge area, but the game is getting very tight for me now. I will only have enough room to place the hotel which is already available to me. I’m afraid I may not be able to progress much further. I’m too jammed up with little space. Suggestion for starters; save enough coins to buy the larger items with more prestige, wait for the grass and small things worth only 1 or 2 prestige til later. They may be cheap but they are taking up valuable real estate. :)

    3. Not so Quickgamer

      I’ve just done it again. I went back through old completed scenes and was given cash and a gold bar.

    4. can you tell me in chapter 4 how do you get out the French cottage? I have tried to find to find some of things but I am finding it difficult HELP

    5. You don’t need to keep replaying the scenes in order to open a new chapter – you just have to accumulate the indicated number of prestige points. And it’s been my experience that you have to keep replaying the scenes even after you’ve mastered them in order to get the building materials to upgrade the buildings.

    6. Can play any of previous scenes even though you have mastered it to get more coins to buy items for you island that provide needed prestige

  8. I don’t have any gold and as I mentioned I have mastered all the scenes through Chapter 3 and have completed one scene in Chapter 4. Also don’t have any pearls, or enough compasses as well as several other materials.

    1. I found that if I kept going over all the completed scenes I got materials and cash. I’ve collected two gold bars this way and other materials.
      I had come to a full stop as I needed more cash so I decided to redo scenes to build up my cash and was surorised when other things came up too.

    2. Please help I can not travel to chapter 6 I have completed chapter 5 and decorated but can nt go further
      please resposed

  9. In what chapters / scenes can you find terra cotta? copper pipes? white pearls? granite? gold bars? I need all of these items for upgrades to my buildings. PLEASE any help is appreciated!

    1. These items drop randomly from several scenes. However, the cheaper the building that needs those materials, the more likely the odds to find that particular material in first chapters. Just make sure you play each scene until you master it (obtain all 5 badges) if you do that, you can guarantee you will get all items needed to upgraded every single building you have.

    2. To say that if you master all of the scenes you will get all of the extras you need is simply not true. I am on Chapter 4 and have all 5 badges for all previous scenes and have yet to see ANY copper pipe. I have gotten 1 granite and 1 terra cotta and NO pearls.
      You need these items to upgrade buildings to get more prestige.

    3. Joanne

      I am now on chapter 6 and have only just begun to be given copper pipe so you just have to keep playing. I also found gold bars by going over completed scenes.

    4. Well I must be missing something… about to start chapter 24, and at a rough count I need 14 Tearrcotta, and 8 glass to start with, not to mention the bricks, wood, hammers, etc.. must be some chapter to get ALL that I require for upgrades, lol

    5. I have to disagree with quickgamer. Simply playing all the scenes once and getting the 5 badges will NOT get you all the building materials to upgrade the buildings. It’s been my experience that you have to keep replaying old mastered scenes to get things like copper pipe and gold.

    1. You do not need that much to expand your land, start clicking on the surrounding spots of land (misty) and choose the one that costs less. Compasses are required to buy land.

    1. the purpose is to speed up building creation or building upgrades. You can do anything else with it, not even unlocking new scenes.

    1. You cannot rotate buildings. The only thing you can do is move them from one spot to another. In order to do that, click on the arrow icon on the bottom bar and then click on the building you want to move.

  10. I keep seeing it said that if you mastered all 5 you’ll have the items you need. I have mastered all of the first 3 Chapters and I need all gold bars and pearls, and only have 1 piece of terra cotta so far. No copper pipe or granite either.

    1. Keep playing other scenes, you will get them eventually. We had sort of the same trouble during the first chapters, the materials seem not to be enough, but then drop from other scenes.

    1. You just automatically gather the compasses that drop from scenes you play. Then you go and pick a surrounding spot of land and check if you meet the requirements (for instance, if you have enough compasses to buy that particular spot)

  11. What is the mysterious ruined building, just about visible through the mist adjacent to the square of land that needs 160 badges to be unlocked?

    1. It’s the palace, I just unlocked it. You can keep upgrading it to get extra prestige. Appears to be further buildings like this further on in the game.

  12. In the funeral banquet I can get everything but the glass that’s under the blender. Can you help me get that. Thanks

    1. You are missing a step before being able to grab the glass. Some items are not available until some other action is carried out. Just wait a few seconds without doing anything, you willl see a small spark that indicates what to do next.

  13. When I click on the sparks it still does nothing to help me. There is one on the coconuts in the tree and one on the back of the chair by the blender. Any other ideas?

  14. If I use cash to buy 20 extra energies, will they remain forever? I mean, when the life replenishes, will it go up to 20 after the due time or it will be still maximum 10 lives?

    1. Of course not. The energy cap will remain the same, you are simply buying energy points. The best way to obtain free energy is to keep adding people to your Facebook contacts. Lots of users want to add friends and post it on the official Pearl’s Peril facebook page.

    1. That does not mean Pearls will always drop in that same scene, all object drops are random and can occur at any scene.

    2. The friend I play with keeps requesting ‘ Captain’s tickets’ She has a paddle boat/ferry in the harbour. How do get this boat?

      I have 10 tickets in the inventory. Thank you someone!

  15. If the neighbors send me 30 energy, the bar and I always indicates only 15. Where does the other energy? (sorry for the translation but I’m using the google translator). Thank you.

    1. It’s wasted, we sugget you first empty the energy bar and just then use the one your friends sent you. Simply close the mailbox by clicking on the X mark.

  16. Do you have any way figured out how to reset the game, the support team of wooga just ain’t help at all, and I want to start over but can’t figure out how to reset the game myself

    1. I tried that with pearl’s peril and also other games but when I remove an app and reinsstll it again it is just the same:-(

  17. Some of the decoration items are pretty but can only be used facing a specific way, is there any way to rotate them?

    1. No. some items are the same but rotated left or right. That’s it. The others will forever remain the direction they are in.

    1. We do not know, it’s a good question. Probably yes, since you would not buy land expansions otherwise, simply create a building, upgrade it and then sell it.

    2. You DO lose the prestige… so you need to be getting rid of small buys, such as grass, etc.

  18. I accidentally purchased a building I don’t want but I can’t sell it now! Message says buildings cannot be sold and has to stay on island. How can I get rid of the unwanted building?

  19. You say to follow your step by step guide for the final scenes, but I can’t find it. I’m currently stuck in the tomb in Chapter 4.

  20. Iv finished chapter 10, now on the last part of it in the vatican vault but I can’t find all the missing pieces to finish chapter completly and hints

  21. Nice guide to the game, but there are some errors:
    – you don’t have to use real money to get the cash for the game; you can get cash by solving the puzzle available when you find all the hidden puzzle pieces in a chapter. It also happens to receive some cash as a reward while playing a scene, and sometimes you can have cash as a free reward from wooga (follow the official game page on facebook).
    – in facts, you do need prestige to unlock chapters as well as to unlock scenes.
    – it is true, in the first chapters you can’t get enough materials to upgrade you buildings, I had no copper pipes or pearls until chapter 6 and it was driving me crazy. You have to earn prestige by buying decorations, but don’t fill your gamefiled with little items with few prestige points. You better wait and purchase decorations with little space and great prestige value, in order to have room enough for the buildings that will became available; have some patience for the first 5 or 6 chapters, then copper pipes and pearls will come easier, but will always be rarer than gold or glass.
    – so far, there are 23 chapters in the game with 25 badges each, that is 575 badges. In spite of that, there is actually an area that can be explored with 1000 badges, I can see it in the upper right corner. (I love math).
    I’m on chapter 19, have opened some 25 areas, have 119 cash, 8030 prestige and 453 badges without spending a cent and without any cheat.
    Now I have a question: what is the building hidden in the area reacheable with 500 badges, any hint?

    1. You seem to have made more progress that 99% of Pearl’s Peril players. Regarding the hidden building, we have not that amount of badges just yet.

      The area that can be explored with 1000 badges makes no sense, since you cannot collect that amount of badges, unless they release new chapters that is.

    2. the building for 500 badges is a castle. I am on 475 badges now but have friends that have made 600 badges.

    3. I am on Chapter 22, hardly any cash…$24, but 9308 prestige. I am within 20 badges of the building that opens with 500 badges… I have been doing only 4 badges within each of the 5 scenes within the chapter so that I can open the final scene and then move on since you can get badges quickly at the beginning of scenes… maybe why I don’t have much cash. I have been doing this since chapter 8.

      I was wondering if there is a way to see other player’s layouts of the island and also how other decorations could be added, e.g. diving boards?

    4. The area hidden in the area requiring 500 badges is the palace – you upgrade it about 20 times until it’s complete with small amounts of prestige each time – making a total of 1500 prestige in total, there is also another building (or rather 2) hidden on the top left hand side after around 700 badges are earned – this is the castle and this is upgraded 20 times for a total of 950 prestige. I hope this helps. I am currently waiting for level 38 which I have enough prestige & completed badges & also the 3 pilots but it has made me wait 4 days – it will be available to me in 13 hours unless I wish to pay 45 (paper money)

    5. as this question was asked dome time ago you probably already have the answer by now. but the area will unlock. I live this games and have been playing for more than one year. although I am only on chapter 19 I continually see new chapters being added or opened. when I first started playing I thought I would be through with the game by now. My godmother has 1300 badges while I have not reached 500 yet. It has not been the game’s fault though. I stopped playing for about six months at one point because of health issues. My question is what, is going to happen when all the island is fall and all the scenes have been played. Will there be some kind of extention that allows us to continue somehow. May add a neighboring island or allow us to travel to the mainland and do something there?

  22. I have played to chapter 7 and gotten terra cotta, gold bars etc, still never had copper pipes at all. I have maxed every chapter and my question is what chapter and scene should i go back to look for copper? It seems silly that i have upgraded many buildings to max but havent come across copper once.

    1. it comes slow. I thought I would never get any but low and behold I did. I thought the same thing with the glass and gold but I eventually did get them. I still have three buildings that needs their third upgrade so I am now playing for those things. I really think we should get them a little quicker though. I read somewhere that there are thirty eight levels or chapters, is that true. I just realized about three weeks ago that I can visit my friend’s islands and collect coins too. This is cool because it allows to see what others’ island look like and sad for me because I only have one friend that plays. (the ten coins do help though) You must play all the scenes to get the max points and prestige. the last two badges of each scene does take to long to complete. It really needs to be a little shorter. when the island is complete then what. I don’t want the game to end. this is one of the best hidden object puzzle games I’ve played. It is more practical than most.

  23. quickgamer:
    You keep saying in your comments that mastering the scenes, ie. earning all 5 badges, guarantees you all the pipes, pearls, gold bars, etc. you need to upgrade your buildings. That isn’t true at all. I’ve mastered every scene in every chapter, I’m in chapter 5 and have just now found 1 of the 4 pearls I need to upgrade a building. I have to keep playing the same scenes that I’ve mastered waiting to get enough money to buy little things to unlock the next chapters b/c I can’t upgrade my building. It seems like something is “locked” on my game–I play on Facebook on my PC; not a mobile device…

    1. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to get any better, I have done ALL the scenes in ALL the chapters and am still 24 glass, 24 Terracoota and 12 pearls short, as well as the bricks, wood, etc.. to go with them. :-(

  24. Dabliu,
    I’m also on chapter 19/ 8719 prestige and 490 badges and very curious about the building in the mist. I find chapter 19 requires an inordinate amount of prestige to advance, compared to other chapters. I have to go back and get the last badges from some previous chapters to get my 500 badges. There seems to be no way around it…

  25. The building in the mist turns out to be…. no let’s not spoil the surprise! However, the neighbouring area can only be uncovered when you have 1050 badges so there’s still a lot of gameplay ahead!
    For those looking for building materials: usually the last in the series of 5 badges produce more of the items you’re short on. Even though you often only need 20 badges to advance to the next chapter, the rewards tend to show up in the last 5 badges..However Even on chapter 19 I still only have 1 copper pipe…

  26. I deleted a region by mistake. can I get it back? it said delete for X amount of money, but I hit delete because I thought I was using the money to complete the region. I know, duh. do you know if there’s any way to get it back?

  27. 1. When i earn energy from the drop-down box it never get added to my total,who will see that I get my energy?
    2. sometimes my friends send me coins, how can I do this for them?

  28. stuck on chapter 20 in the last part with the sickle, not quite sure where the patch of grass is to use the sickle, any help would be appreciated.

  29. i have been playing pearls peril for the last three months i have just reached level 25 why do you have to wait 2days before i can go to the next level

  30. i don’t know enough people that play the game to help me advance into the next chapter….how do i find people that can help me….its such a good game i don’t want to have to quit it now…thanks…

    1. I agree, I only have one friend playing so we do send each other energy… I guess try to convince friends… all of mine like Candy Crush, which I play but don’t enjoy… too much like slot machines..

  31. One of my friends sends me energy + coins and asks that I send the same to her. I know how to send energy gifts. How do you send coins to friends?

    1. I think it just does it on it’s own.. I get coins sent to me when I send energy to my friend.

  32. I am up to 10 and can’t get in there as I need two partners to come with me on the trip…bummer as I have asked some people I know and just waiting so I keep playing 9 over and over and getting more stuff….

    1. I’ve never had that happen… I can do all of the chapters on my own and I’ve not bought one thing… but I sure have waited to go to bed!

  33. Hi,
    I’m at level 15, Science Exhibit. For last one week I stopped here because it’s not loading anymore. When I click on Science Exhibit, the conversation starts and finish successfully. Later when the game needs to download the loading bar stands at approx.40%. It doesn’t proceed further. Do you have any solution. I reported to wooga but no reply.

  34. Hello
    I can’t visit my neighbours … right? But some of my friends say, they can! They put the cursor on the picture of a friend, a RED AIRPLANE appears and they can fly to the island of said friend.
    Is anybody there outside in Pearl’s Peril World who can explain this fact?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Andrea – thanks for the tip! I was able to put the cursor on picture of a friend, and click on it, and the red plane appeared, and I was able to fly to their island and fly back. Why? dunno. Why not you? dunno.

    2. Update – This may be something you can only do after a certain number of Chapters
      . I’m on 8, a friend is on 3, when i put my cursor over their picture I get a magnifying glass, can click and fly. When they put a cursor over my picture, they get nothing.

    3. Visit friends islands?? WHY!! to get extra gifts of course, doesn’t work every time, but I find about 2-3 times per day I visit a friends island and can get up to 5 extra gifts.

    4. You can visit other friends islands and ern coins. just click on their pics and then click on packages on their buildings. Try it

  35. I too am having the same problem not being able to fly to my fellow gamers islands. Thought it may be my computer but was able to do it on other family members accounts on the computer. I am ahead of them in the game, and not sure why I don’t have the same option to visit their island. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

    1. I have the same problem… I also can’t fly to my neighbours… Is it solved ? Can you fly now ? pls explain how

      tnxxx and regards Jan

  36. I don’t know how to place anything, Bushes Bridges Grass Sand etc!
    I but them & they Float on the end of the Cursor.
    How do I put them in place?? It’s driving me Mad!! Thank you

    1. Go to the arrow key at the bottom amongst the magnifying glass stuff and select
      then select the 4 arrow option
      select the thing you want to move by left click mouse on it
      left click mouse to place

  37. OK, so here a question… what IS the best way to play this game??
    a) just complete every scene to get the required 3 ‘extras’ and just get 4 badges per, so just enough to get the 20 to get though to the next chapter
    b) complete everything as you go along

    1. I have been doing just the 4 badges in each scenes of the chapters – only doing 20 so I can move on… but when I get extra energy from friends, I go back and do the remaining scenes, just in case I missed a pearl or terracotta… these items of the hardest to get and I think they come only on the “later” scenes. I’m on chapter 23 and I did get the ‘palace’ opened up, but I am noticing that a region that was first 1000 badges, then 1075 badges – is now 1200… kinda irritating, but if not completely ‘built’, I can understand.. although I think they need to forecast better.

    2. I do every badge in every scene. I only buy and upgrade buildings as they are uncovered. I am now at 13.

  38. Hi,

    I can’t fly tomy neighbours…. how come ?
    My partner flies to me in a red plane …..
    Explain how ?

    regards Jan

  39. I have 2679 coins, 1389 prestige and 123 awards. I am on Level 5 and can’t get any further. I purchase items from the shop and decorate my island, but don’t get any more awards. I’ve been re-playing all the scenes for 2 weeks now. How do I go on in this game? It is getting frustrating.

  40. @ QUICKGAMER – do you know of any reason WHY the one area that used to be 1000 badges, then 1075 badges… is now 1200 badges???

  41. In response to Gail: I’ve noticed the same thing and was very disapointed. Getting 1000 badges is already a big accomplishment!!! why bring it up to 1200???? I’m on level 21 and would like to say this: it takes time to upgrade buildings. Lots of time. Half of my buildings are still in progress. If you think it takes a long time wait until you get the palace :)) it needs to be upgraded 20 times!!!

  42. I love this game but I am a little angry how to open turtle vault. I do have the first three, and one ribbon, and the grapes. Can you help me?

    1. Click on the chest near to the foot of the bed, then selct your turtle brooch to open it, within it is the rest of your ribbon to tie back the bed curtains, This reveals…….

  43. I am begining level 6, but to move on I need to hire a crew. It seems the only way is by sending notices to my contacts. Why? Why do I need to involve others in my game? I don’t feel comfortable doing so. Is there another way to be able to play level 6? its a pity to have stop playing, I enjoy this game.

  44. At what point can I visit other players, I have a friend who says she visit others are gets extra coins and energy. I however can’t seem to do this. Does it have something to do with how far along in the game you are?


  45. My sister and I both play this game. She is able to visit my region, but I can’t visit hers. I have seen her do it! Why are some people able to travel and others not?? When the game opens and the players pics are at the bottom, she can click on a pic and go to their region and collect extra coins. When I try, nothing happens!

  46. Isn’t hindsight wonderful? If I kept a list of which scenes I had collected glass, pearls and terracotta, I would know what to go back and play again for these items,sigh!!
    Anyone with ideas would be most apprecoiated

  47. Hey everyone,

    I’m needing some help with finding something that I’m missing in the funeral banquet. I have the picture but in my log book it says I’m still missing something and I can’t seem to figure it out for the life of me! I’ve played the scenes over and over again and still can’t find it. Does anyone know what it is?

  48. I’m firmly stuck in Chapter 1. I’ve completed all six scenes (many times), accumulate lots of stuff, bought all available buildings, one of which is fully upgraded and another currently upgrading now I’ve got the terracotta. But when I try to move on to Chapter 2 I keep meeting a screen which asks me to hire flight crew. My friends have all agreed to fly with me but nothing ever happens. What am I missing….? Please! I would add that my wife moved straight through without this problem.

    1. Name* I am looking for the same info. Keep seeing the bouncing arrow above my first neighbor. No clue what it means, but is getting irritating. I have already visited today. You can visit 5 neighbors and click 5 presents on each. I have already done that. Why the bouncing arrow? Why does it say “blitz” on her photo?

    2. When you see that arrow it means you can travel to your friend’s island. Just move your mouse over their picture and click and see what happens.

  49. HELP!!!
    Have completed EVERY scene, every chapter waiting for the next chapter to be released….. BUT still need 24 Glass, 12 Gold, 24 Terracotta AND 12 Pearls,… anyone know where they are??

  50. I have 12 neighbors and still cannot “visit” them. I have 118 badges, and 1284 prestige.
    Please tell me how i can visit my friends.

    1. Lisa go to the bottom of your screen and click on your neighbors picture. You should get Pearl’s plane to fly you to their city.

  51. great game, but now I getting bored, spent last 3 days at an average of 75 energy per day trying to find glass…. terracotta OR pearls to upgrade. In ALL that time, lotsa coins but ONLY 2 pearl. Maybe time for a change of game, although it would have been nice to upgrade the last few buildings, unless someone knows where I can find building materials and PLEASE don’t tell me that if ‘you play all the scenes’ you will find enough… clearly this is rubbish !!

    1. Adrian I am playing the Russian Red Square and getting a lot of glass. It is really not rubbish that you will get your needed items by playing scenes! I get a lot of items. No need to buy. I have gone through a lot of my items I have collected just trying to update that piece of land that had the building already on it! It takes 20 updates!! Now I don’t even need all this glass I am collecting..sure I will later. Now I need more wood, brick and hammers!! LOL

    2. OK so it has taken me days to get ALL the pearls that I needed, but for those of you that are in the same position as me…. I have got 9 pearls from the chapter 44, scene 4 , “Express train” – if that helps anyone, just need the 24 glass next, lol

    3. Finally picked up ALL the pearls I needed on chapter 4 scene 4, @Express train’, lotsa Taerracotta in Chapter 31, now, what chapter is the Red Square please? so I can go find the glass, need 2 more Terracotta and then just glass to finish of all my buildings

    4. Didn’t mean it was rubbish that you wouldn’t get all the building materials you need 2eventually2, what I meant was that there is an impression given in this blog that by playing each and every scene just once ….. you would get all you need, this is NOT the case, you MUST go back and replay scenes. I t wold be useful ‘if’, as player works their way through the different chapters/scenes, they keep a not of where they pick up the Glass/Gold/Pearl/Terracotta materials so they know where to go back to. Hence now I know where to find glass, I suspect I will be spending quite a bit of time there, lol, I NEED 24 of those little gems 😉

    5. Adrian why do you think you have to go “BACK” to get required materials??? I have never gone back…your materials will show up AGAIN by going forward in the game. Unless you are at the end of the game waiting on new chapters to come out, I find my needed materials as I work forward. Are you really at Chapter 44? I can’t even see a Chapter 44 yet! The Red Square is in Chapter 21.

    6. Jester, no I not at 44, that was an overzealous typo, shoulda been 4. But I at the end waiting for chapters to come out, and yes I have played every chapter AND every scene within it, but not enough building materials in them to upgrade everything, so now I hunting, Thanks for the tip about the glass in the square, picked up 4 today, only need another 20 and whatever the castle may need, lol

    1. Jan the golden key is showing you the opportunity to expand your “city”. That is to get more land. Click the golden key and it will tell you what is required to expand.

  52. How can I earn cash? I’m stuck on chapter 11 and need either flight crew or cash to continue and have on;y 1 friend who plays. I am getting frustrated!!

    1. Easy way is to add more friends, type ‘levelupcity’ and will give you a choice of ppl who play PP that you can ‘add’ as friends if you wish to

  53. I’ve been playing this game thru level 8. I love it! My problem, which I’ve written Wooga about and have received 1 reply that was of no help … I have to invite “Facebook friends” to become a “flight crew”, or pay $15 of my hard-earned “game dollars”. I’ve “invited” all my friends as requested, and to date no one wants to join. I have only $13 to spend … it seems I’m doomed to be at level 8 forever. My take is, I followed the request for invites to friends, and no one is interested. I should be allowed to advance without having to cough-up the $15. I’m now on my 3rd e-mail to Wooga with no relief in sight. I’d love to purchase this game, but I’m growing tired of being held hostage. Is this game available for download or purchase??? Can anyone help before I just remove the game??

    1. @ mysterybuff…see Adrian’s comment above…there is also a forum for PP…just google Pearl’s Peril forum. Lots of people looking to add “friends” to play the game.

      @ Adrian I am in Chapter 23. Why are you waiting for chapters to come out?? If you just did Chapter 4, there are a lot of Chapters still to do!

      BOTTOM LINE…don’t use your hard earned cash to go to a new Chapter! ADD friends! They are out there needing you as much as you need them! You also get to visit 5 friends each 17 hours and click on their buildings 5 times to get coins or energy with each building!!

      @ jeanette…watch your screen…after a few moments you will see a sparkle….that tells you where to look! I’m sorry, but I can’t remember where the mask was!

    2. Jettster, have completed chapter 31, went back to chapter 4 to find pearls, that is the best chapter I have found for them. Chapter 21 for Glass and 14 for Terracotta. I now stuck as I cant seem to get glass anywhere, have played 57 lives today, only getting coin and the odd few extra energy, seems to be a mass shortage of materials. Everything else ( wood, etc..) is maxed out.

    1. p.s. meant to say, don’t forget to put the ore in the collector of the big mask in the corner, this will then release the 3rd part of the mask

  54. I think that the Green mask you refer to is the one in 3 pieces, if that is so, one piece is on the left of the big mask on the left, the second piece is in it’s mouth ( big mask on the left) and the third piece is in the mask in the corner

    1. I’ve upgraded all but two, and am very slowly collecting gold bars and terracotta to finish them. So once that’s done…? Oh, also currently upgrading the castle on the cliff.

    1. Yeh, I go to agree with you there, seems a bit pointless without any more buildings to build. But as they keep increasing the number of badges you need to open new fields as well it all starting to get boring as you also have to wait a week for each new chapter. You can spend over 75 lives on any particular scene and still get nothing of use for building purposes, maybe time for a change ;-(

    2. Vivian, I agree, I suspect that they will continue to bring out new chapters at the rate of one a week, AND increase what you need to open a new region, it keeps going up and up. So, like yourself I suspect that maybe leave it for a while, or maybe just ‘pop back’ once a week to do the new chapter to see if anything else has changed. Like you said, bit disappointing.

  55. trying to finish level 15. In the final scene, the Gold reservoir, It doesn’t let you collect the last piece of green. What am I missing?

    1. Adrian, do you know anyone who has progressed a lot farther? And what do they have to say? Wooga support has never replied to any of about 20 of my e-mails. I’m thinking that once I finish upgrading the last two buildings, I’ll just leave it for a while, maybe go back to it in a few months to see if anything has changed. Pretty disappointing to put in all this time to find a dead end.

  56. Stuck at the end of leel 9 I cannot go on to level 10 beacause I need 1 more friend or 5 cash I only have 4 cash as a few weeks ago I lost all my cash suprise suprise it just disappeared off screen overnight can someone please friend me

  57. seems to be catching a few out this bit, so hope this helps…

    1) Collect ore and green gems from floor and nearest ‘slab’ ( will need to click on slab for close-up)
    2) put ore in mouth of right hand ‘mask’ put green gems in eyes and collect gems from mouth and wooden block.
    3) collect second block from floor and click on slab to collect third block before placing blue gem in slot
    4)Put blocks in right hand ‘slab’ which reveals more ore ( gold ore)
    5) collect 2 pieces of green mask from left hand deity ( one in mouth) and a red piece and red piece from floor
    6) you should now be able to see the deity in the corner, put gold ore in grinder and you can then take the final piece of green mask.
    7) make smiley faces, allows GOLD to be made, take gold.

    like I said, hope this helps, good luck

    1. I have a couple of buildings and the castle to finish and then I’ll be at the same point. What then? It seems that the game creators simply haven’t kept up with the players. After spending all that time, to reach a dead end kind of stinks, doesn’t it?

    2. VIVIAN – I know what you mean, fortunately I only been playing a few weeks, but still doesn’t reduce the disappointment of reaching a dead end, especially as they keep increasing the badges you need to open another region all the time, just when I thought I could open a new region at 800 badges….. it goes up to 850 ;-(

  58. I am stuck on chapter one the funeral scene. The game points me to things it wants me to pick up. Two parts for the camera. If I want to look at other stuff it won’t let me. Then it points me to the ice and the melon for the drink which I then have to complete. But when I put those pieces where they belong on the table it says something is missing, the screen darkens slightly and I can’t do anything at all. Has anybody else encountered this and how do I solve this?

  59. Please gan someone tell me how to use the boat that is captained by Pete? I have won a few tickets but I get a server error every time I try to travel.

  60. Lyn, this is my problem too, I have gained about 16 tickets but everytime I click on it I get a server error too !! Can someone pls help ?

    1. Vivian – The boat appeared for me after completing Chapter 32… you cant miss it…. Pete is the Captain of the boat, the hardest ticket seems to be the first ( got that after completing chapter 32 – Buried House) and after that got tickets ALL over the place, got 150 of them now, lol

    1. YES you can visit, you can visit as many as you want, but every 18hrs you can visit up to five neighbours and claim money/energy by selecting up to five of ‘their’ buildings – so up to a max of 25 freebies.

  61. How do I get t his boat thing? A friend requests captains tickets. I have 10 but no boat. She is on chapter 3, I am on Chapter 20. When does the ferry appear? thanks

  62. Hi Adrian,
    I’m on chapter 34, no boat, no Pete, no tickets. Any thoughts? Also, all I’m getting are coins. No terracotta, no glass, not even bricks or paint etc. It seems there are different actions for everyone.

    1. Really? I had the Captain’s boat right from the start. Have been to 2 places so far. Each scene uses a ticket. It’s a good way of getting more energy too!

  63. Having the same problem with Pete and the boat! Ever time I accept the invitation to board I get a server error and have to close the game down. I have 22 tickets – is this what they are for? I’m on CHapter 13.

  64. I was playing at level 34 a chapter 4 and there suddenly was an earthquake and all my buildings collapsed! What is happening?? Do I have to rebuild each and everyone of them?? Did anyone experience the same?? Please help!!!!

  65. Played level 34 and there suddenly appeared an earthquake and all my buildings collapswed! Do I have to rebuild them? Did anyone experience the same? Please help

    1. Mieke,

      that’s the first I’ve heard of such a thing. I have no idea what that means. And contacting the so-called support for the game does no good. They never reply. It seems that there are all kinds of variations within the game. Some people get tickets and ride a boat, which I haven’t. Others can go from island to island, which I can’t. So your guess is as good as anyone else’s.

  66. I sold back some of my decorations to gain coin to by other prestige points. I noticed that when I returned to the game I lost prestige points. Is this because I sold back the decorations, or is this a flaw in the game?

  67. I can’t get a pearl, copper pipe, or terracotta needed to upgrade the building either. I have played each chapter until I earned 5 batches on each. I don not have enough cash to buy the required items.

    1. My experience has been that you have to keep replaying old, mastered scenes in order to get the copper pipe, gold, etc. that is needed to upgrade the buildings. It’s a very random thing, 90% of the time you get extra coins, but sometimes you’ll get something useful.

  68. Earthquakes, cant visit, NO boat, clearly there is something very strange going on with this game……
    NEVER heard of earthquakes and building collapse before, although I had an earthquake once and scree shook, but NO building collapse, as for the boat… when you CAN get onto it, there is a ‘mini’ scene for extra tickets/coin/energy, as for visiting… seems to be completely random as to who can and who cant.
    As for ‘HELP!!!!’ … don’t know why there isn’t any, but clearly there are errors ion the game, or maybe I just lucky?? 😉

    1. I only started playing the game the other day. I’m only on Chapter 3 but I’ve had the Captain’s ship in the bay of the grounds right from the start. Just click on it & do the Captain’s Challenge. I’ve been to 2 places so far (I was at the Quay side & have am now in New Orleans at the moment!). It’s a good way of getting extra energy & coins.

  69. Adrian you must be very, very Lucky! For me no plane and no boat! Just the earthquake! And the waitinggame until I can play the next level. Iam
    waiting for level 35!! It will be there to-morrow!

    1. Yes, lucky Adrian! : ) I keep playing and only once in a whole chapter get a gold bar. Then have to play through another whole chapter to maybe get one more. No terracotta, no glass, which are all I really need to finish my building. Then only having one chapter per week. I’m getting pretty fed up. And when the game first started it seemed really good. Too bad…

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Shaz. I’ve played five whole chapters and have gotten only one gold bar, five dollars, and coins, coins, nothing but coins. I can’t finish my buildings as no building materials arrive. I’ve not seen a plane or flight crew yet either and am on chapter 34. It sounds like you’re well ahead of things. How long until building materials reappear? Or do they? Any new buildings on the horizon? What changes?

  70. You’re right Shaz, I did get all I required to finish my buildings even the fantastic earthquake! i just have started to rebuild. A neat game!

  71. There is an animated arrow that keeps flashing and pointing to my neighbor. I go to the neighbor to get coins and energy but can’t get them all because i am only allowed 5. The arrow keeps flashing. do you know what it means?

  72. I’ve used 9 energies after getting all 5 badges in Chapter 4, and I haven’t found how to hire a flight crew to get to chapter 5! Do I use energy, money, prestige? or keep playing games in the 4th chapter?

    1. to continue… I seem to get a GOLD bar for about every 12-13 energy that I use, just had a look around the map and I now see that for one of the regions that can be seen we need 1800 badges, I winder how many we will need for those we cant??

    1. Ooops. Spoke too soon. Now the aquarium wants upgrading. Haven’t yet gotten to where I need the gold. Sneaky. I haven’t seen a gold bar in a few chapters, never mind a few energy.

  73. I don’t like the new set up with the Captains Challenge it’s making the game slower. I also have a problem, I’ve just completed level 37 and I have all the badges and prestige & also 3 pilots (which is also new and annoying) it states that everything is complete so why is it making me wait another 3 days and 16 hours before I can open chapter 38 – I hate the way it has been changed – before when you had the required elements you could travel and didn’t have to wait – why have they done this – I don’t want to wait – I’ve played to the required level now I should be allowed to play without waiting 3 days !!! It needs to be changed – It’s got to the point where I want to stop playing

    1. Simples…. they haven’t written it yet, th epoint of the Capatins challenge is to slow it down, I suspect they didn’t expect people to get through it so quick and released it b$ they had finished writing all the levels??

  74. I hope you are able to answer my question. How can I continue playing the game without having to involve other people in it? Does this game have a way to get around the crew bit? Like doing missions like in other games?

    Thamk you

    1. It’s a social game, so the only way around it is to spend real life money on it to make progress if you don’t want to add contacts.

  75. Why do I keep playing this??? just used 103 energy and only got ONE gold bar. I keep telling myself that unless I start to find stuff quicker I will stop, but still I keep coming back!!!

    1. Ha. I know what you mean. I finally got enough gold bars to upgrade the aquarium to the second level–now have to start the waiting game again. I too tell myself that I’m going to go away but still keep coming back to it. I really like the artwork and that generally it’s historically fairly accurate. Other games look too cartoonish compared to this one. So, we learn to go more slowly.

  76. cannot finish Father’s Room in Scene 2, cannot find one item from 2nd set and 3 from 3rd set to complete scene – hint doesn’t help, will only show the items I have already found! How do I get the 2nd ribbon and the other items to show? Have enough flowers to open the next chapter but can’t until I finish previous scene?!

  77. At what point can I visit other players, I have a friend who says she visit others are gets extra coins and energy. I however can’t seem to do this. Does it have something to do with how far along in the game you are?

    1. No, I can visit my neighbor’s islands since the first time I played (less than 2 months ago). I had only 3 friends playing the game -now are 5- and I can press on a max of 5 of his/her buildings to recieve 5gold or 1energy from each building..once a day. My mom who plays for a longer can’t visit and has much more friends than me playing this game..

  78. Unfortunately – I have finished level 28 and I do believe the game ends there for myself – only have 3$ cash and the crew costs 15$ – I have never and will never pay real money to play a game!

  79. Re: Chapter 2-Fathers’ Room. I am stuck, how do I complete this scene, cannot find the key. What are the steps to finish off finding this one item.

    1. You can´t “jump over”. There must be something you have missed. I know, it can be very tricky but be patient…

  80. how do i go back in the chapters to master them i didnt know thats what i had to do but i cant seem to get back to master them

  81. I have several questions. Yesterday I had $7 paper money in my account. Couldn’t buy anything with that and so it stayed in the account. Shortly after I looked up and the $7 had gone down to $3. Can some one tell me why? I also wasn’t getting any paper so I forced myself to buy some so I could complete the Observatory, the only one building in the first area that had not been upgraded. I paid the $15 and today is another day and it still has not been upgraded. Why? Finally, this morning I had $95 in my account I now have $91 and did not use any paper money. Can someone tell me what is happening?

  82. Bonjour à tous,

    Moi, je suis au niveau 26 scène 3 ( soute ). je n’ai rencontré aucun problème majeur jusqu’à maintenant. Sinon de vendre du matériel ( haies, statues etc…) pour faire de la place. D’autre part je peux aller chez mes amis qui jouent avec moi ( 5 personnes) mais eux ils ne peuvent venir dans mon île récupérer des pièces ou de l’énergie toutes les 24 heures. La situation de devoir demander du personnel pour passer au chapitre suivant est apparue au niveau 15 ou 16 si je me rappelle?? Autrement c’est un jeu super sympa….J’espère que les auteurs auront toujours autant d’imagination ( mais qu’ils débloquent un peu plus rapidement l’or, perles, terres cuites, verres bleus) car c’est très pénible d’attendre pour pouvoir construire ou améliorer les bâtiments.

  83. I´m on level 39 and have to wait another 6 hours to reach level 40. When I have played the latest chapters, I have to wait a week to reach next level, no matter how fast I complete a chapter. And that´s annoying me, I was done with level 39 days ago

  84. on last chapter on level 20 cannot or will not let me use the sickle did anyone else have this same problem…if so how did you fix it because until Iam able to I can not go on

  85. After I visit my friends islands and collect the coins from their buildings, there is always one present left in the count box but I can never find it! Any help?

  86. Hi,

    I am not able to travel to 5th chapter although i have got enough flowers to unlock it,Please guide i have already mastered 4th chapter

  87. On Oct. 21st I left a question asking why my money (Paper) keeps disappearing and I am not using it. Today this morning Oct.28 I had $78 dollars in the acct. Several hours later I happen to look up and $78 had gone to $38 and again I had bought nothing. Does anyone know why this is happening? I only use this money for when I need to buy Flight Attendants $15. I have only one friend in the game with me and she is not always available when I need to go to the next chapter. she is the only friend I know who plays this game, hence the saving of my money when I need to progress. Any answers? Would appreciate it. P.S. Keep an eye on your money.

  88. How many variations of this game are there. Some people have a plane, some have a boat and some have neither. I am lucky enough to have both but when I visit neighbours I notice they have halloween items in their garden. I was told they buy these from the ‘shop’. I have no halloween items in my shop

  89. I have mastered chapter 4 but it won’t allow me to move on to chapter 5 .. it said to complete previous chapters. they are all complete.. it also says in order to move on to chapter 5 I have to hire a flight team .. but I don’t have enough ppl to hire a flight team.. How can I move on to chapter 5?

  90. I am currently trying to play level 41 in the Honolulu episode I am clicking on the gloves but then it gives me the 5 second countdown – which means I won’t be able to complete this episode as it is not recognising the gloves. I have so far lost 3 energy trying to get the 3rd badge as the gloves have come up every time – when you click for magnify it shows exactly where the gloves are but won’t let you collect them now this seems to be a problem – the changes that have been made to the game are totally unnecessary and have spoilt the enjoyment for the many people that play the game. There is an old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t try and fix it” well you have well and truly shot yourselves in the foot – you’ve made it unplayable.

    1. I’m having the same problem. What I do is go through all the other objects first, then very carefully click on the gloves. It doesn’t always work, but clicking on one of the fingers seems to be the better spot. It’s not a great solution but better than nothing. I hope this helps even a little bit.

  91. Why can I not place anything on the screen. Wherever I drag the item to the red box remains and doesn’t turn green. I have successfully placed items before. Help, this is driving me mad as I can’t unlock the next chapter.

  92. Chapt 26 Moroccan road. Can’t find knife blade to open locker, and shovel blade not accessible yet. Have crowbar tho. Help?

  93. Please answer my question on how to cut chain on chapter 10 Vatican’s vault. I have tried this numerous times and cannot seem to get any help with this. Apparently no one else can get help as I have read many messages that have the same problem I have.

  94. I cannot receive the assistance from my third “flight crew member”. I know they send the help, but it never shows that more then two people have helped me. What can be done about this??

  95. Help I need prestige points , I have no room to build anything else.. How can I delete something to put something else there for more points?

    1. Have you worked your problem out yet? If you still need help look at the bottom of your screen . In that round circle is your Inventory, Shop, Journal and Tools. I don’t know if you have touch screen or mouse. doesn’t matter . Open tools there are 2 tools. The bottom one is the coins with a red arrow touch/click on it and drag it to were you want to resell things you don’t want. Click on whatever it is, it will disappear and will be replaced by coins. You can sell as much back as you want, but remember you will not get back what you paid for it initially. It’s like in real life – it’s now considered “second hand. I am not quite sure how much you lose, but I know you don’t get back what you paid for it. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

  96. You said above that you cannot visit ither peoples Islands but my friends can do so… Why am I not able to do this as it seems unfair that they can collect coins quicker than what I can by visiting other peoples Islands.

    1. Here is answer from Wooga concerning unable to visit friends

      Thank you for getting in touch with us!

      We at Wooga strive to provide you with an awesome playing experience, and for that reason we are always implementing new features in our games.

      The feature you described is completely new and currently being tested by randomly selected players. Unfortunately, we cannot add it to your game, but stay tuned as it will very shortly be available for every player!

  97. Help? I completed/mastered level 5 and cant advance to level 6. I click on the TRAVEL button and it does nothing. Any idea?

    1. If it’s like my version, you must collect enough dollars and premium points to buy your way to the next level. If you play with friends, you can ask them to be your flight crew in lieu of dollars.

    1. I guess by now if you looked 3 questions up on Nov. 7 you saw Wooga answered her question on Nov.14. They said they installed the flying randomly to different parts of the country or world. I have had the flying option since Day 1. Now unless they add some changes to the flying rules when everybody gets it , it now goes like this……. When you fly to a friends island you collect Gift boxes that sit on the roof tops. Depending what level you are playing at the time some people will have more buildings and decos than others. However if someone has for example 12 structures you can still only collect 5 of these boxes ( at least right now) and inside is either coins or energy…Now you can go home and then go onto visit another. Now, the thing is , say you have 10 friends and you can visit them as many times a day as you want, however, you will only be able to receive gifts (5) of them from 5 friend and may only collect gifts once a day even if you visit that person 3-4 times. There may still be some boxes there, but you will not be able to open them. Why? I don’t know. Will it change. I don’t know. So remember, when you can travel only 5 gifts from 5 islands and gifts only once a day. Hope this helped some.

    1. Hi Sonia, This is what WOOGA says to your question: We at Wooga strive to provide you with an awesome playing experience, and for that reason we are always implementing new features in our games.

      The feature you described is completely new and currently being tested by randomly selected players. Unfortunately, we cannot add it to your game, but stay tuned as it will very shortly be available for every player!

  98. I am having problem with getting into Silas room when i ckick on it it shows :WHOOOO” THEN KICKS ME OUT..HAD NO PROLEM WITH THE PREVIOUS ROOMS. CAN IT BE FIXED?

  99. for some reason I can’t complete Moroccan Roadside because it won’t allow me to pick up pieces that I can clearly see such as the shovel. What is the problem?

    1. I’m at chapter 26 Moroccan roadside and like other people cannot pick up the shovel, cannot find the knife and the crowbar is useless…we are stuck pls someone help us.

    2. Cathy, did anybody help you…I’m still stuck at the roadside , cannot advance to chapter 27.. Nobody is helping…

    3. Hi Cathy, Ginette, Try closing your web page, or refreshing it, then re-DO the scene, this should fix the problem! If this fails, clear out your cache, then re-start the game! GOOD LUCK!!

    4. Tks Claude but did the de-install and re-install and have same issue..on Moroccan roadside chapter 26, magnifying glass stopped working after I get the crowbar which is useless, cannot pick up the shovel or the knife

  100. Tks Claude but I did that already and keeps on going back and have same problem…magnifying glass mot working, cannot pick up the shovel and the crowbar is useless.

    1. Try clicking close to, but not on the shovel. I have found with some items even though the help button highlights the item, you still need to click close to it, but not actually on it.

  101. 2 questions – What does it mean when an arrow keeps bouncing up and down frequently on different members on my site. It can be distracting.

    People I play with send energy to me and I send back, however they then thank me and send me coins. How do I do this? They also contact me via post, how can I contact them first so they don’t think I am ignoring them?

    Thanks if you can help me

    1. The bouncing arrow is just an annoying reminder that you can travel to your ‘neighbors’ island, by clicking on their avatar, and once at their island you can click on 5 of their buildings for extra coins/energy. You can do this for 5 neighbors once per day.

      You can also ask for energy by clicking on the ‘play’ button, then on the icon showing the gold/silver/bronze medal which brings up the high scores for that level, then click on ‘get free energy’ to ask friends

  102. stuck at level : 25 badges but not enough cash to fly to chapter 7. Playing for a week already to find more cash, but nothing. Now what?

    1. Today is Sunday and every Sunday we get a gift box. Did you get yours today? It had $5.00 in it. If can’t find cash, occasionally some will come by playing game. Do you play with other? Request their assistance to help you get to where you need to go. They get your message , hit a button and they have helped you fly to your destination. Ask as many of your friends as you play with. better chances someone is available and will answer right away. Hope this helped

  103. Up until last night I had the captains ship and I used my tickets to play. This morning when I switched on the ship has disappeared which is a bit unfair as I was in 2nd place and would have won 5 energy

  104. Was playing on the boat but now its vanished, only on mine? not on any of my friends. Also I am in shock reading what everyone has put what they can and cannot do. Mine cannot fly, mine cannot go to other islands did not know you could?? disappointed about the boat disappearing though grrr

  105. Andrew – thank you for replying to my question. I have been playing for only 4-6 weeks and am just getting into some things I’m not sure about. One thing I don’t understand is people send me coins to thank me. I would like to return the favor, however I can’t find anywhere on my computer that tells or lets me do that. Can you or anyone who reads this help? Also in last 2 days I have gotten a ship docked by the island and in these 2 days I received a few tickets by playing the game. however, if someone request how do I send them one? Thank You in advance to anyone who can help me. I play on a laptop computer, many of my family/friends play on Ipad. Are the rules different in any way?

    1. Here is what I know. There may be more, but what I do know gets you on the boat and playing. Sometimes people who play with you sends you a request for a ticket and states they will send you one in return. I go and click onto the boat and I am inside. There is a Captain and other players. You don’t see the players only a list of names from the people you play with. Some are playing – some are not, maybe because they don’t want to. Next to some of there names is the word sent or send. Some with sent has a check mark on them – that means they are playing and someone they requested sent them a ticket.. The people with send next to their names maybe waiting for their request be fulfilled by someone they ask or they do not want to play. If you want to play send a request to a friend requesting a ticket and let them know you will send them one. If they send you a ticket sent will be across from your name with a check mark. To begin playing at the bottom of the name list is the word play. hit play and a scene open ups and you begin to look for hidden objects. Hope I helped you understand at least some of it.

  106. why can’t i visit other islands like my sister can and how did she get a ship with tickets, what am i missing on my game

  107. Well I cannot go to friend’s islands nor do I have a steamboat although I do receive tickets..I have seen numerous people ask why they can’t visit their friends or have a boat……I have yet to see an answer…..Will you fix this or no?

    1. If you go back to Nov. 8th , name Silva (something like that) you will see a reply from a company person (Juanita). Reply sent Nov. 14th?? The person from Wooga explains about visiting other islands. Regarding the ship, she doesn’t answer, perhaps the ship had not been introduced yet. It may be the same reason you cannot go to other islands. Hope this helps.

  108. I got a new iPad and copied everything over. Pearl’s peril copied the game software, but not my progress in the game. Is there a way to log in to get back to my old place? I longer have that iPad. Can’t see starting over – I was quite far into the game!

  109. For those stuck at Father’s Room on Level 2. Have you found the clues now? It is all in stages – you have to find the turtle shell pieces first to then be able to open the chest – that then enables you to pick up the ribbons (& bird’s bowl). Ribbons are used to tie back the curtains to show the rest of the fruit to put in the bowl & give to the bird. The bird then releases a key piece. When you have found all the missing chess pieces and put them on the chess board, the draw opens,revealing the last piece of key. Then you open the locked box on the desk to find the final clue.

    1. Please tell me how in the world do I get the ship to show up so that I can send Captains tickets to my friends? Mine has not shown up yet. Thanks!!

    2. Oh – I didn’t bother doing that room ! SHould I ?
      It said that the Chapter (2) had been completed, so I didn’t bother doing the last room. Perhaps I should !

  110. can u tell me why i don’t have a boat but have a plane
    it is that is u have one you don’t have the other
    if not then tell me how to get a boat

  111. We are level 9.
    3,235 prestige.
    213 badges.
    2 friends playing.
    No real money spent.
    No problems.


    No one uses the town. So:
    Grass and roads are useless don’t waste space.

    Buy every building as soon as offered.
    You could pack buildings side by side no spaces.

    The bottom left item in each decorations page is best.
    (Highest prestige per square.)

    The higher building materials (glass, gold, etc.) come one kind at a time, game chooses.
    No worry if many buildings to upgrade, will happen one at a time.

    Spend dollars on nothing, except flying if needed.

    2 of us have ship one doesn’t.
    1 of us can fly, 2 of us can’t.

    If you can’t go on, replay old scenes until you can afford a large decoration.

  112. I am playing on an iPad 3 so I can’t move a mouse to see how many of anything I need. I am in the 12th Chapter and my little Island has all the Buildings I need thus far and loads of decorations. So what now? How do I get more land?

    1. You need badges to get land and buildings.
      You need to place and upgrade buildings to get flowers
      You need flowers to open new scenes, where you earn badges.
      It is a circle.

      Also see my previous comment.

  113. Help each time I go to play game, after it starts up it tells me sorry internet connection lost, every time I go into the game, this started about 3 or 4 upgrades ago. Can you help. By the way my internet connection is fine

  114. I’m in NZ and have the steamboat, but my sister in the US does not, we can’t visit each other. My sister has over 1200 badges and has restored both ruins that are visible. I’m at 574. We both need 3 friends to be “copilots” but our friends that are behind us don’t seem to be getting the notification. Is this a glitch?

  115. I’m very curious – I’m on level 12 and a submarine just showed up at my dock. I can’t do anything with it. Why is it here and what does it do? Thanks.

  116. I can’t get Silas’ Room to show up. Only getting a black screen. I’ve tried restarting my ipad and using several energy times. Help!! What can I do? Thanks!

  117. It’s awesome to pay a quick visit this web site and reading the views of all friends regarding this paragraph, while I am also keen of getting familiarity.

  118. I’m on chapter 4 and have observed the following during the time I’ve played. The first building materials received are the basics at the front of the list, i.e. hammers, wood, paint, etc. After accumulating half or more of each item, some of the more rare items (granite, terra cotta, compass, pearl, copper, etc.) will very occasionally drop. After accumulating the listed number of items (30/30, 20/20, etc.), mostly coins will drop and a few more of the rare ones will. This will result in being able to start building. This, of course, will deplete some of the common items which will start to replenish before more of the rare ones drop. In other words, the building materials replenish, as used, from common to rare; the rare ones basically won’t drop until the common ones have been replenished. The game seems to be programmed to provide just enough building materials, coins, prestige and cash to stay abreast of the game by not opening areas before needed. One can speed up the building by paying, but I just wait the time out and play as my energy replenishes. This is where the coins and materials needed are accumulated- playing the scenes over and over to collect them while waiting for the buildings or upgrades to be completed. By playing while the basic items are fully stocked, one accumulates more coins and more of the rarer items.

  119. I can’t get the third part of a kind of kiralıyacam could you help how I don’t have a military crew ..? we have more than 50 filling the energy I’m playing again I scenes badge ends can’t get to the next level of energy, a kind of father’s room, please help, I’m a Turk, my name is John.

    1. memet / January 2, 2014

      I can’t get the third part of a kind of kiralıyacam could you help how I don’t have a military crew ..? we have more than 50 filling the energy I’m playing again I scenes badge ends can’t get to the next level of energy, a kind of father’s room, please help, I’m a Turk, my name is John.

  120. I have contacted u several times with a poor non helpful reply all I get is ablank screen puzzle page does not load what do Ido at the moment with no help it looks like I am goin to have to regretably dump the game owing to poor or non support

  121. Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Many thanks, However I am going through issues
    with your RSS. I don’t know why I am unable to join it.
    Is there anyone else having similar RSS issues? Anyone who knows the answer will
    you kindly respond? Thanx!!


    1. I had this same problem when I first began this game. Then by accident I found out that you have to click on the item again to make it stay in the place you want it to be. You then have to click on the arrow in the circle with the magnifier to put the moving tool back in it’s place. sure hope this helps.

  123. These are actually wonderful ideas in concerning blogging.
    You have touched some good things here. Any way
    keep up wrinting.

  124. How do you get the “accomplishments” icon/button on the main page of the game? I have it and my husband, who plays his own board does not! I’m earning money from it and he’d like to too!! I can’t tell him why I have it and he doesn’t. It’s a little button on the left hand side with Peerl’s face in a Green hat with a feather. It’s between the button for asking friends for energy and the “free gift” button.

    1. I don’t have it either, but I am not surprised. I did send in a message to Wooga and I did get a reply! They told me that some people can visit and some can’t because that is a “trial” they are doing. This “trial” has been going on for far too long. Same as some people can get Halloween items, Christmas items, etc and others can’t. They don’t put us players on the same playing field. For a while there were some of us that didn’t have the Captain’s Challenge and they FINALLY opened it up to all. So I do believe that this “accomplishment button” is another Wooga thing that is limited to a certain amount of players. First I have heard of that!

  125. What’s with the “free gifts”? 80% of the time they open a split screen video that never plays. 15% they play and give nothing. 5% I actually get a gift!

  126. there is an arrow pointing to the picture at the bottom of the screen of one of my friends that also plays the game. it goes up and done to draw attention and I don’t know what I am supposed to do.

  127. For those of you who cannot visit other’s islands, I think it has to do with the version of pearls. For example, when the screen comes up asking to send energy to your friends, do it mix all your friends together or does it split your friends between nonplayers and pearls players? I have the mixxed up friends and i can visit others islands and my grandmother can do the same thing as where my mom has the newer version where it split the friends and she cannot visit others. I dont know if this has anything to do with it but it’s my theory because this is the only difference we see.

  128. Could someone please tell me how to get into the palace? I have upgraded to level 20 but the palace is still surrounded by wood planks

    1. Joan you probably don’t have enough building materials for the palace. It should tell you what you need when you click on it. That is not a regular building and when it is completed you do not receive coins for it. It is for prestige only. When you get it completely upgraded it is 1500 prestige. You have to obtain a certain amount of building materials to build it.

  129. at the end of playing a scene A big block comes up and tells me I have coins and other items as a reward. I am so frustrated as I cannot figure out how to get the coins. the only coins I have added to my totals are the 5 I get for each of my buildings. How do I collect these coins. ALSO what do I need to do to be able to use the building materials? I have clicked and clicked on these items to no avail.. thanks for the help

    1. Kym, the coins are auto collected when you hit continue. Same for the building materials. They are auto collected and when you have enough to upgrade a building they come out of storage when you click on “upgrade”. The symbol will pop up above a building when you have enough materials to upgrade so you will know.

  130. On level 8 and bought the library. I didn’t have enough cash so waited the 24 hours for it to build. After 24 hours instead getting the 300 flowers to enable me to move on to the next level the timers goes back to 24 hours and starts counting downward again. This has now happened 3 times Is it a problem? Will I ever be able to move on?

  131. how does eleanor appear for some but not others. i have her but my mother does not. when i click on her [she is located on the left above the energy envelope] my achievements open up and i can claim cash rewards for the achievements ive completed and she is further than me and she doesnt have eleanor on hers. WHY?

    1. It might be related to opening new areas on the map, I got it recently and that is all I can think that I did that might of triggered it. Alternatively it could be related to a specific decorative item or number of decorations bought, wish I knew for sure and also here to try to find how the 650,000 pts for scene works one moment I had 18/20 then back to 3/20, I’d guess I need to do 20 scenes at 650k pts + each at one sitting but thats just really hard take a try or two and only start with 10 energy, want to see if I sit with it open all day and keep going back one long waited for energy at a time if it will work 😛 am stuck waiting for stuff for next chapter so nothing better to do lol

  132. Level 8 Courtroom. Trouble with eyes (gems) going into lion statue and also problem with claw on stick unsewing purse. Eventually both will work, but key will not open drawer at Judge’s bench no matter what I do. I have played this about 6 or 7 times and key will still not work. Any suggestions?
    Cannot move forward to next level until solved.

  133. why is my cash disappering??? when I went to bed at 2AM this morning I had 43 bucks. Got up this morning and I now have 15. Why??????

  134. need some info. when I went to bed at 2AM this morning I had 43 cash but when I signed in just now I am down to 15. Where did my other 18 cash bucks go? help ! ! !

  135. I have been playing Pearl’s Peril for quite awhile! Why did it start at the beginning today?????????? Not impressed!!!!! What gives?????????

  136. Dear someone . I have the same problem with Sandy I’m tuck at chapter 10 . I did like Joan said I did numerous times .The chain can’t off .Help me please .Thanks

  137. when i have visited my 5 friends to collect coins i then get an arrow pointing to one of my friends when i go back it says no more actions what is this trying to tell me thank you sheila

    1. After the last update, the English in the game is now all in code – <>. It’s very difficult to read, although the game still can be played. Anyone having the same problem?

  138. why do some players have icons of a man or woman next to the energy icon that gives you quests to complete. i dont have any and i cannot visit my neighbors. my daughter and granddaughter both have these extra icons.

  139. Can someone please help me? i was told by several that you can visit your neighbors place..How do you do that..I click on the name but nothing happens…Please help :)

  140. Hello ! I saw that someone said they’ve sent a message to the support team. I’d like to know how to contact them if anyone here knows, because I can’t get rid of a bug: there is an image on the top of my cafe building, the same image as when you need to construct/upgrade a building, only that it also has a mail drawing on it, it’s like the 2 tools inside a mail. I’ve upgraded the building since the image appeared, and it’s still the same. I’ve checked their fb page, their website, but I can’t find a way to contact them.

  141. why can’t I add friends? I don’t have the option to click on the ‘invite’ button below their pictures; is there any other way to add friends?

  142. My friend and I both play Pearl’s of Peril
    she can fly and visit every ones islands and collect energy and coins ,I have not yet to be able to visit other islands and I have not seen a plane fly from island to island as hers does….

  143. My game on facebook will not load. The game pearls peril will not work. Could you please fix it

    Thank you
    Linn Wickenhagen

  144. The last view days the game do not start it keeps on loading but do not start can some one help me so I can play this game on a normally way, thank you

    1. Karl. You cannot rotate an image of a building or something…. It looks how it looks …. you just place it where you want it. Of cuorse you can grab it & move it, but you cannot rotate.

  145. I am stuck I cannot open a region because I need more badges and I cannot get any badges because I have nowhere to put anything I buy. Is this the game over now.

  146. 2 questions:

    1. How do you rotate items that you place?

    2. Once those items are placed, is there a way to move them around?

    Thank You!

    1. To move items, click on the arrow button above the play button and to the left of the book (journal) button. The X will then let you move an item, and the down arrow lets you sell them. I don’t think you can rotate items.

  147. on the little screen where it shows to explore it says you need to pay 1000 coins, you earn xxx badges, and something else, why do the badges that I have not increase by the number that is shown on the screen? I hope this makes sense but the only thing that actually happens is that this game takes the coins but does not increase the badges. help please

    1. Kym. I don’t really understand your question here. You earn badges by playing the scenes.

  148. I use Google Chrome and Internet explorer – have always played of chrome and now for the past few days the game will not load! I’ve tried everything…… it just sits there saying “loading” but it never loads. I can’t find any HELPFUL help anywhere!!! I just want to open the game and play! I dont have an Iphone, Ipad or apple – I have been playing on facebook. HELP! how do you get teh darn thing to load!?!?!??!!?!?

  149. temple of syble wont open even though its unlocked compas and full gold line stop on screen and do nothing how do i proceed

  150. How can I resume playing when there is no way to get others to participate in becoming part of my flight crew? The place to click to invite others does not work!

  151. looking for copilots so i may advance in the game I just started and looking for friends to join in the fun,

    Thank you

    1. Hello Red, if you are still playing on Pearl’s Peril game I would be pleased to accept you as Pearl’s Peril’s friend.

  152. My achievements icon has disappeared – you get rewards for achieving milestones like having a certain number of badges or buying a certain number of buildings. It used to be in the lower left with the “get more energy icon.” Any ideas about how to get it back?

  153. I am stuck on level 5 and I have tried everything to proceed to go on to next level but nothing is working. I enjoy playing this game but at this time it’s getting me aggrieved. Please could you help me out or maybe some tips on what to do. Thank You Cliffard Fisher.

  154. If some one needs to be updated with hottest technologies therefore he must be go
    to see this web page and be up to date every day.

  155. Its fucked up shit for people who cant visit neighbors in this game. I played so many other games on facebook, where its possible. And its a very nice function…

  156. Finished Chapter 51. I still need another 275 Prestige Points to migrate to Chapter 52. This equates to 18,000 coins. That means I have to replay already completed chapters ….Boring. In fact I will have to replay a previous chapter approximately 36 times. Time to find something new.

  157. Just started playing and love it! But i not sure how you you get new bits of the island? Seem to add randomly but i am sure i need to reach something somehow! Thanks for helping me!

    1. Do you mean clearing the fog & getting more lad to build on?
      Yes it’s difficult. But if you hover your cursor over each fogger area, it will tell you how many “badges” you nede before you can attempt to clear that space.
      I’m on Chapter 11 & 261 badges & have only cleared 2 new areas.

  158. OK…up til now this game has been a breeze….thr roadblock is the French Cottage….how tge hell do you get that elusive key???? That chisel is absolutely useless!!! HELP!!!!

    1. yes, you can move items by clicking on them, they will change color, then simply drag to where you want them, then press them again to plant them in that spot..

    2. Click on the gold arrow (above “play”) & click on the grabber. Click on the object to move & put it where you want it. Click to release the grabber & drop the building.
      Click on the “X” to get rid of the grabber.

    1. You can’t. The image of the building, or whatever, is how it looks & that’s it. Grab it & move it… but you cannot rotate it.

  159. I’m stuck and don’t have enough prestige points to unlock the next scene because I’ve run out of room on the island to purchase items (made the mistake of buying small items-too much grass)!

    Will the island fog ever clear enough for me to purchase more items (prestige points) with my money?

    Yikes! I don’t want to start over!!!!!

    1. you can keep playing some of the scenes you already completed, you will get additional building supplies and coins. You can also SELL your buildings, grass, etc. click on an item and it will tell you how much you will get.

    2. Click on the gold arrow (aobe “Play”) & then on the coin image. If you go to your grass or something & click, you can sell it back. This will give you back a few coins &, although it may take away some of your prestige, it will release some space to build something bigger.
      A larger obeject or, better still, a building will yield far more prestige & keep you going for a while.

  160. HELP!!! I just started chapter 24, and one of the characters from a previous chapter now appears on several screens, in a small tab on the left side of screen. When I select him, a window pops asking if I want watch a video, when I say, ‘YES’, nothing happens. There must be a way to activate the video, anyone have a clue about how to activate the video?

  161. I am stuck in chapter 6. I’m trying to play excavation level and can’t get to the cigar as there is a box with pic of a man. When I click on the box a box comes on screen that asks me if I want to view a video but when I click on either yes or no nothing happens. What do I do?

  162. Am on chapter 5 but my Captain scene scene ( after I got my reward) dsnt change – can I play and get a reward? ( seem after playing twice – nothing change nor advance

  163. I need to know the deal with the little treasure chests that appear sometimes after I find an object. Do I tap the chest or let it float to the top of the screen. I tried to find a connection of tapping and getting more points or not tapping. Please help. Ellen

  164. Jeeves picture is sitting half way up the left side of my screen in every scene. When I click on him, he asks if I want to see a video. It never connects to anything and I can’t delete him. The biggest issue is he blocks items and I cannot complete scenes. On Tanzania level end of Chapter 7

    1. When you purchase a building or whatever, move your cursor to where you want it & click. It will drop just there. You can move it anytime by clicking on the gold arrovw (above “play”), grabbing it, moving it, & clicking to drop. Then click the “X” to release the grabber. You also use this tool for selling any item back to release coins.

  165. Stuck at scene 57 – ie. ice cavern entrance. Cannot access. It keep spinning and telling me it’s loading. Is this a glitch?

  166. I’m a bit confused about the “compass” aspect of it all.
    I’m on Chapter 11, have 261 badges, & another foggy area is available to clear but it says I have to collect 13 compasses & I only have 6.
    Not sure how my achievemants only equate to that & not sure how I can increase my compass total.

  167. Bit confused.
    At the end of each Scene when I have collected the 3 clues, the final clue is always pieces of scrap paper which says that “they look like blueprints” or “it looks like a photograph” etc etc.
    When do we ever get a chance to piece these bits together?

    I’m not talking about the bonus jigsaw you get – those are just pictures.
    I mean the jigsaw clues. Thanks.

  168. PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP ME. I am new to IPAD and games. Just been given one and have played Pearls Perils for a couple of days, I am hooked!! However, I cannot get into the game as it has frozen with “enter Nickname” on the screen, it will not let me cancel, which I’ve done before, nor will it bring up the keyboard for me to put in a nickname. PLEASE HELP ME. Thank you so much.

  169. what is the best browser to use for Pearls Peril? I cant buy the special sale items today so someone suggested it was my browser. I use internet explorer? Help

    1. The tickets are used for the ship at the bottom right corner of your screen, it helps you get more moves and earn more tickets. It’s kinda like the same as the scenes you play in the game, you;ll see when you go into it. the scenes in the ship last for about 3 days so, it’s good to have lots of friends that play if you ever want to finish a scene, example; the fist 5 tickets earn you 2 more turns in game and 5 more tickets. Then you’ll need another 15 to get the next set of gifts, etc!! hope that helped!!

    2. Valerie, how do you earn more tickets? I played all mine and the timer is ticking down. I don’t want to purchase them. Help?

  170. My game seems to be stuck. I have finished with chapter 25, and now it will not let me ‘Travel’ to the next adventure. It shows that I have completed the chapter, and it will not let me ‘Ask Friends’ or ‘Skip’ either. What do I need to do to get to the next adventure?

  171. I can’t find the 3rd piece to the censer in Level 21 St. Basil’s Cathedral?? I have looked every where, gone into everything I can go into and it gives me nothing, I have 2/3 of the gold parts, the lantern and candle are doing me no good at this point. I’ve never ask for help before, but this one has me baffled, it is a hook to hang the lantern on. Even when I use the cheat circle, it tells me to go to the hook, once It tells me what it needs. I go into the parts I can to find the piece……..There is no 3rd piece that I can find?? Any help??? IDK what to do with the candle and I can’t find the 3rd gold piece that looks like a wing, I’ve had my mouse all over every part of the screen looking for the hand to grab at something. I’ve tried putting the lantern and candle in places!! HELP!

  172. Level 21, PLEASE HELP, at the end at St Basil’s Cathedral~ Cant find third cold piece for hook (censer) as they call it and can’t get any further, have lantern and candle, but can’t use them anywhere??

    1. I’ve only just finished 15, soI’m not there yet. It’ll be a while ’til I can help you.

  173. do i need to complete all badges in the levels? i move on now as soon as i find the third item that is needed and never fill all the badges.

  174. I am very very frustated on the stupid captains challenge in the game. The scenes just stop before the time run out. Every time I got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 seconds left it just stop itself and calculate my time. And I get about 950.000 points. I never get the 1 place, when a freind is able to get over 1 million points. Its a very annoying game fail. And I really hope it will be fixed soon as possible…

  175. my tower has vanished from my island. i’m on level 18 and friday i got on here and it was just gone. i cant place anything where it was but i cant see it or collect off it either.

    1. ok they emailed me back about my missing tower i had to go in and clean out the cache for my browser and that fixed it u all need to try that it might fix some of ur problems to

  176. I’ve played the first seen a bunch of times and my browser always closes when the plane takes off…is this a comon problem? Is there a fix?

  177. This may be a silly question..
    In the earlier levels (1-10) I needed prestige in order to progress. But, since then, another scene has always opened just by playing the previous one. So, although I’ve got 3 cleared foggy areas on which to build, I can’t see the advantage of building anything.. Consequently I have now got over 30,000 coins & 7,000 Prestige & growing all the time coz I’m not using them. I’m assuming that I might need them later on in the game so I’m not going to build anything. Is that right?

    1. I know when I started playing it would say I needed so many prestige but now I have so many that the scenes just open for me. I spend my coins often. usually once I get 20,000 I spend. I only buy the things I want though. I don’t want my island to look like a jumbled mess wit things everywhere. I’m just finishing chapter 18. I know you are probably further than me by now. Just found this site or would have been posting long ago. Especially when I first started playing and was lost. Had to figure it all out for myself. My only fiends that were player started after me so I was the teacher who knew not a thing. side thought why can’t this be played on a mobile device?

  178. Is there an order in which we should find objects in each scene in order to get the maximum coins(regular coins and three rewards)? Sometimes I get coins and 3 rewards other times one or no one, only regular coins. An answer could be very useful.

  179. How do you receive the Captain Challenge? I am on chapter 25 and have never seen it. A friend is on 14 and has this tool to get extra energy and icons. Love to play the game but would love it more if I could figure out how to get that tool.

    1. Terri.
      You don’t “receive” a Captains Challenge.
      Just click on the boat that’s moared at the front of the island & play the games. Yes, you can get extra coins or energy this way.

  180. I have a problem,i laid grass first on one of my islands n now it wont let me put a building or anything else on it,i want to put a hotel on it but cant,,i need hrlp.ty

    1. Marie.
      Above the “PLAY button”, there is a gold arrow.
      Click on this & then click on the gold cross (grabber) that pops up.
      You can then click on your grass or other objects & movethem around the garden. Click to drop it into place.
      You have to click on the red cross o release the grabber & get back to normal mode.

  181. How do you play the daily puzzle and move on? I am ALWAYS on Day 1 and I can’t figure out what you’re supposed to do to get more puzzle pieces and move on. HELP!!!! This is really bugging me!

    1. Linda.
      Not really sure what you mean.
      You play the daily puzzle – which is just a small jigsaw – & click “continue” & you get some coins or something as a reward.
      The next day, there is another jigsaw puzzle. The day after that, another one …. & so on.
      There’s nothing more to it than that. ok?

  182. Thank you Deryck. To be more specific, if I go on the jigsaw today there are only about 10 pieces. Not enough to make a complete puzzle. If I go on tomorrow I’m still on day 1 and I still get the same amount of pieces, but not enough to complete the puzzle. And the jigsaw has been this way every day since I started playing. On a happier note I FINALLY worked my way through the mausoleum!. I SORT OF followed instructions from a post on April 23rd. Any further help you can offer on the daily jigsaw???

    1. Linda. There are ALWAYS the same number of pieces to the jigsaw (12) and, more than that, they are ALWAYS the same shapes !! I’ve done dozens of them now & it’s very boring because the shapes are always the same & fit together the same ! It’s really very VERY easy !
      You say you only have 10 shapes? You must be covering two of them up.
      Drag them to the side before you start making the pic.
      When you put the last piece in place, it makes the whole picture & says “continue”.

    2. Deryck, love the daily puzzles also love the collectibles. I only have 5/10 collected though. wish it took less than 24hrs to be delivered.

  183. I invited a friend to play Pearl’s Peril but she has told me that when she tries to send me things within the game, it says she needs to enlarge her pop ups. Does anybody know what that means and what she should do about it?

  184. I thought I hit submit earlier but I don’t see my comment. Each day I go to play the daily puzzle. Each day the same pieces are available and they don’t fill out the complete puzzle. I go in to play every day and I’m always on day 1. The jigsaw puzzle has remained the same since I started playing this game. Any advice?

    1. I’ve replied above, Linda.
      Hope you’ve solved the jigsaw now.
      There are always 12 peices & always the same shapes which always fit together the same.
      Once you have completed the picture, you click the pic to claim your free coins & continue.

    2. I’ve replied above, Linda.
      Hope you’ve solved the jigsaw now.
      There are always 12 pieces and always the same shapes which always fit together the same.
      Once you have completed the picture, you click the pic to claim your free coins & continue.

    1. I find that hard to believe.
      Maybe they cannot see it.
      They must click & drag the whole garden up so they can see the boat at the front of the garden walls.

  185. Dummy me! I figured it out last week with the help of Wooga. I assumed that the pieces fit into and covered the entire space inside of the frame. WRONG!! I have it now and thank you for your patience and your help.

    1. When you click on the cash register to see what u can buy it will show u how many prestige points u earn and what the cost is to buy each item

  186. I am bit confused. I have been playing this game for a little while (I would progress faster, but I do not want to pay to play a free game). The question I have is that it says to move on to a new chapter, I need badges, prestige and compasses. I keep having to pay for a flight crew (which does not happen on the iPad version of the game). Why is this?

    1. This is my problem exactly. None of my friends play, and I’m certainly not going to send out invitations to all my Facebook friends. I need a flight crew but it looks like I’ll be “grounded” until I find one. How can we reach out to other players that we can exchange help with?

    2. this has also been my delemia. I usually just buy my flight crew and keep on pushing. this is the only thing that I spend any actual cash on. I too do not have any friends playing. Nor do I have any that is really interested in playing mainly because you cant’ play on a mobile device other than the Ipad.

  187. I am on level 23 and have been waiting a long time to get pearls, I remember getting a few very early in the game. Where can I find them? Some levels give out more things like compasses and glass et al. I don’t mind going all the way back to get them, but this is annoying and I have bought a few in-apps. Help me out please!

    1. The building materials are supplied completely randomly so, unfortunately, you cannot go back to play a particular scene to get a specific material.

  188. I seem to be having a problem with trying to place my purchased objects I have the green space but I can’t place them, I have the gold chests but they are now full and I can’t earn anymore prestige as I can’t place objects. Any advice would be appreciated janet

    1. Janet. What scene/level are you on? I’m on level 25 & I haven’t had to use any of my chests yet. Why have you been putting stuff in the chests when you have green space to plonk your stuff on to earn coins?

  189. I’m on level 25 and, to play each scene, I’m having to build something in order to get at least 200 prestige to open each scene to play.
    I now have nowhere near enough coins to buy anything. I need about 12,500 to buy stuff that will give me 200 prestige for the next scene.
    So it looks like I will have to keep playing the same scene about 40 more times in order to afford to buy something to get me to the next scene !
    And, after that, the same in order to get to the next scene. Is that right?
    How have some of you managed to get much much further into the game?
    Please explain.

  190. A strange thing just happened. I clicked to buy something – it deducted the money as usual – but the object was not on my cursor to drop & place. I’m really annoyed because it cost me thousands of coins, which I now have to build up again by playing the same scene about 50 times.
    Has that ever happened to anyone else here?

  191. my island is fully unlocked and i have been playing it for soooooo long however i really want to know what happens when your island is completely full?

    1. Wow – it’s completely unlocked?
      I’ve been playing it a lot everyday for a about a year & I’m still only on Chapter 27 ! How have you managed that? What level are you on now?

  192. Is it possible that a room scene appears more than once?
    I’m just coming to the end of Chapter 27 & am in Captain Vogel’s room. I KNOW I have been there before …. I know where all the objects are & what’s going to appear as I go through it. But I’ve looked back on previous Chapters & cannot find where I played it before. Could it have been one of the Captain’s Challenges?? I think it was.
    The same happened a few weeks ago when I played the Shamabala Gates – I KNOW I’d played that scene before. Yes?

    1. yes had the happen to me too then realized I played it in the captains challenge. had that happen a couple of times. didn’t mind though

  193. I am stuck on CHAPTER 5…can’t get in..TRAVEL TO THE NEXT ADVENTURE…have been stuck here for days…not sure what I am suppose to do…Help!!

  194. I would like to know how to make friends with people who play this game. I have 2 from my facebook friends, but only 1 actively plays. I would like to seek other friends who play the game. Does anyone have the answer???

  195. I have played 95 badges till far, and I am about to unlock the 6th level, waiting for the responses of some friends to be my flight crue. But I haven’t gotten any positive reply yet, thus cannot move forward. I won’t pay either. Shall I wait for the level 6th to be unlocked by it’s own, or has the game finished about me?

  196. I just updated the game and now I can,t sign in without Facebook signing. I am on level two and don,t want to use Facebook to play? Do I quit now or is there some way to continue?????

  197. I am at the end of Chapter 48 and cannot get the very last scene inside the cave to finish. I see the sparkles showing where to click. I click and it takes me right to the ending dialogue. Once that finishes, it takes me to the screen to show chapter 49, but also shows chapter 48 as unfinished.

    Any suggestions?

  198. when does the riverboat show up on pearl peril, i have a friend playing & she doesn’t have the riverboat

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