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Platform: Facebook Fee: Free
Category: Hidden Object Release Date: March 6, 2012


Dive into a dark mystery full of romance, thrills and challenges. Help Pearl survive this beautiful Hidden Object Adventure game!. Pearl’s Peril has become in a very short time one of the most popular hidden object facebook games. All scenes gradully go from easy to hard, adding new objects little by little, unlike other games of the same category. We got all scenes screeenshots marked up, with the complete list of objects to be found.

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  1. how do i contact support for pearl’s peril? not very happy that they up the number of gold bars needed to upgrade bldgs! needed four, got to 3 they upped it to 5, then to 7 now 10! why??

    1. I have never had that problem and I am up to chapter 15. Are you on the second or third upgrade for a building? Each upgrade costs more supplies.

    2. My sister and I both play Pearl’s of Peril
      she can fly and visit every ones islands and collect ,I am on chapter 100 and I have yet to be able to visit other islands and I have not seen a plane fly from island to island as hers does….

    3. I completed all of 48 and tried going to the next level/chapter…I get this “Travel To The Next Scene In 2 Days 1 Hour 40 minutes 45 seconds” Why am I getting this and what does it mean? Thanks

    4. I have enof materials to upgrade buldings. However my timer keeps resting every 24h can not get any flowers.

    5. What level are you on currently? As you progress through each chapter – you have highlighted a number of gold arms which allows you to progress to the next chapter. I think there are six or eight chapters to each level. It is a matter of persistence. Sometimes it is a matter of energy levels you have for each chapter which will give you a new gold arm for each one you successfully complete. Good luck.

    6. As you play each chapter and each level of that chapter – the increase in bars becomes greater – it is a case of persistence and replaying each chapter and gaining more bars to complete each level and chapter. There are usually six levels per chapter. Keep trying.

    7. Chuck – what that means is that you have a building that is being completed in that chapter that takes that time limit. When it is completed you click on the completed building and you can then move onto the next level you are trying to reach. Hope this piece of advice helps you out.

    8. have a completely different question for players of pearls peril. I have a player friend who is in Australia. She is a school friend of mine. I have been sending a flight crew request over the last several sections to her. Unfortunately, for some weird reason – she is unable to receive my requests when it comes to flight crew requests from me. I get her requests sent to me and reply and she receives those. I am on a desk top stand alone PC Unit. Someone who is a computer fundi maybe able to figure out where the glitch lays. She is willing to assist me if she can receive my requests to her Pearls perils inbox. Any help out there? Thank you.

    9. When will the flying trial end? After searching all over the web, I finally stumbled upon a Wooga FAQ page about Pearl’s Perils and why some of us can fly and other’s can’t. It turns out that Wooga chose the people at random as to who can fly, visit their teammates islands and get coins & energy off of their buildings. This was awhile ago & there are still teammates of mine that can fly & I can’t. They send me buckets of coins that they get off my buildings, while I’m grounded like a wet bird. I play on my ipad & on my laptop so devices aren’t the issue: Wooga is. It’s NOT fair to the rest of us that want this same option. I wrote to them & they wrote back as if flying had nothing to do with their game. BTW: if you need “some” questions answered go to You can also contact them. Maybe if enough of us write them, they’ll figure it out and LET US ALL FLY!

    10. I cannot get rid of the picture of the man when it is asking me if I want to watch a video. I have touched the yes and no buttons and they don’t do anything. I can’t go on until I get rid of the man in the picture

    11. gold bars? you don’t need gold bars to upgrade buildings…you need specific materials. Click on the building that needs upgrading and it will tell you what you need and how many of each

    12. why have all of my friends been blacked out? they are not at the bottom and also not in the game

    13. Dale, I can’t get rid of that man offering the video either. Did you find a way or abandon the game?

    14. I play alone and like iit. Relaxing…….. My after work ritual. I found I was junking up the island to get enough flowers to travel. WRONG,! Just be patient….think ahead and play your “beat” scenes already played with your energy so you can rack up the coins for future building or upgrade purchases. I have never played a game so beguiling …… I’m 33 days in… Next stop the Vatican. I love it

    15. Help please! I only need one more prestige flower but the area l have is full. How do l get the last flower l need please!

    16. IDE to post my own question but can only reply to questions already posted? Anyway, I am trying to complete the villa terraces puzzles. Every tine I finish it and get my cash reward I get “connection lost try again” then I have to redo the puzzle. This has been happening for days. Any ideas?
      Sorry to hijack this question. Would post my own if I could figure out how.

    17. I have been playing pearls peril on my iPad min and Apple Mac for about a year and love the game. I just bought the iPad air2 and my game is at the right level on my computer but when I download the game on my new iPad its making me start over. What do I need to do to get my new iPad to be current with my computer I don’t want to start over.

      Can anyone help me??


    18. At last I have finished the game. I was half way through & had a dispute with Facebook & lost everything. I have so enjoyed it, the best.

    1. I am up to Chapter 45 and have never been able to fly to my neighbour’s island??? Why??????????
      Some of my friends are the same and others click on their neighbours and are granted energy.

    2. why cant I see my friends on my list lots of people have sent me requests but they r not in my list so I cant move on to my next chapter

    3. How are you trying to obtain cash? cash comes as a bonus in certain levels of the game that you are on. When you complete a puzzle at the end of the chapter it says you have $2.00 cash and click on the green to obtain. When you do that – the tool box you have per game section will show the number of cash you have for the game. other times you go to the toolbox where it shows you the cash box – another screen will then highlight and ask how you wish to obtain cash. You then input your particulars and then click to complete . Another screen should show that you have been successful and the toolbox will then show you how much cash you have on hand to purchase items from the store – which is on the bottom right hand side of the game you are in. Good luck and hope this tip helps.

    4. Hi Waneta. Cash comes as a hidden bonus – as a reward as you play each section and complete each section of the series you are playing. It shows on the tope section how much cash you have – this you use to purchase game items from the store to complete sections. Good luck.


    1. Just keep replaying levels to earn more coins. Along the way you will also earn more tools to make upgrades and earn flowers.

    2. Just play the game to get the coins and buy something, the flowers will come. Plus friends send coins also. Be sure to send gifts and energy each time so you get both energy and coins in return.

    3. I was in the same spot and had to go back and finish all the scenes I snuck by, plus I had to do more decorating on the island. Hope this helps.

    4. Have you completed the entire chapter 7? If so then there should be a gold arrow going to chapter 8 – click on chapter 8 – it will show how many florets you need from the previous chapter to complete to go toward the new chapter – there are usually three windows – the first says that you have completed the chapter – the second is the number of florets you need to complete the previous chapter to move forward to the next chapter and the third is ask friends to travel with you to the next chapter – it is uaually three persons. If you have enough cash in the window above in the previous chapter from itesm given to you as you complete each chapter – the final one usually gives you $20,, cash for completing the final chapter – usually a puzzle piece you put together and claim the $2.00. This cash you can then use toward flight crew to move to the next chapter. When you have all three of these sections correct – it usually opens direct into a new chapter 8 with the story level to go with it in the first chapter of the new chapter. Good luck in moving forward. Hope this advise helps.

    5. A friend of mine has a”Captain’s ship” next to her island and can play what she calls “Captain’s Challenge. I guess I wasn’t one of the lucky ones chosen to try this sidekick game of Pearl’s Peril. And I can’t fly to other islands. I love Pearl’s Peril, but wonder why the company Wooga is piloting these other additional games with only a select few. Umm…NOT FAIR! Ok, I’ve said it and will continue to play, but really would like the opportunity to try the other games. I feel better now.

    6. I cannot open chapter 8. Can you help?…

      Have tried for weeks and have gone back chapters to check if I forgot something. Can’t understand how some people have no problem.

    7. To gain more room to build , the adjacent areas covered in “fog” need to be explored, when you have enough coins (1000) 15 compasses and gold marks you will see a indicator in one or more of those areas that can be explored, just click and see what you need and it will tell you, if it’s available the area will open an you can build there. You don’t really need cash, just coins which you get by playing the hidden object scenes, just keep playing them till you have enough coins to build the item you need, things like grass that cost 100 coins give 1 prestige flower and they fit in 1 space. Just a thought. Some things like buildings need resources that are found in the Hidden object scenes as rewards for completing a scene.. So exploe areas around your current locations to get more space, collect coins for building prestige items and resources to upgrade.

    8. At some point in the game you have to purchase (with real money) whatever you need to move ahead. The game will stop giving you any bonuses except cash. So spend $2. My issue is as one gets up higher, they are just recycling the same scenes over again. How cheap and lazy can one company be?

    1. Mary – Click on the pictures of your friends at the bottom of the page – that takes you to their islands. And you can collect energy from 5 of them – by clicking on their buildings.
      I’m on 24 and the only time I see the amount of supplies increase is when you move to a new level of the upgrade. If anyone doesn’t like that – just wait till you open the castle that needs 20 upgrades :)

    2. nikki i tried that but nothing happen’s i see the plane fly in and land i click on my friends but nothing happen’s it opens for some but not for other’s i gave up

    3. I have mini IPad and have been playing this game and it seems you have to keep playing the same scenes over and over and it’s getting old am I doing something wrong my friend plays on her computer and it gives different things that I don’t get please help.

    4. I am not able to visit friends islands. It is very unfair that others get coins and I am at level 380 and have never been able to visit others.

    5. If you have friends that you play with in your game – there is a toolbox on the bottom which shows which friends you play with. Click on their profile pictures and you should be able to see their gardens. This is how you obtain extra cash bonuses and energy bonuses toward your game. Good luck and hope this helps. When you are finished with each persons’ gardens then it will ask you to return to your own garden. When you are in your own garden at the tope of the screen your cash amounts will have increased in coin levels and so does your energy level increase.

    6. it all depends on what type of computer system you are on and whether the program recognizes your game system you are utilizing to access the game on. Each system is different. It is sometimes a compatability issue that needs to be looked into. Ask a PC Sytem person for the type of PC system you are using to try and access pieces of the game you are playing. Good luck

    7. it all depends on what type of system you are accessing the game on. Each system used varies and so do and some don’t – at the bottom of the screen it shows who you are playing with. click on each player and travel to their island – get energy and cash to add to your levels. Remember to send in return to them. As you travel to their island/s. Remember to return to your own island after. Good luck and hope this helps.

    8. I can’t either……and I have clicked on their pictures…I go no where……I get upset at how long it takes to work toward getting more land…..getting ready to maybe quit…can’t do half the things others can……..huuuummmmm

  3. Don’t bother to contact customer support, they don’t bother to answer, I sent them an email on July 23rd, and then another one 10 days later and they still have not answered me!

    1. I posted on their FB page because I am trying to get to the next level and have all the necessary flight crew, but it’s not letting me press the “travel” button. I even posted a screenshot of my page to show them. :\

    2. donna. perhaps there is one level that you have yet to complete – such as missing number of florets of a part of a chapter not yet complete. Once all parts are complete there will be a green tick mark beside each item and a travel button will appear at the bottom of that section – then once clicked on it another screen will appear and take you to the next level you need to move onward to. Hope this helps out. Good luck in your travels.

    1. You need to have other people be your travel crew, which is really hard. I am trying to get to Level 7 & can only get 2 of the 3 to sign up. It costs $5.00 if I want to sign up myself. I shouldn’t have to pay. I have 15 neighbors, not sure why they won’t help me.

    2. Have you completed all the necessary steps in order to travel, such as chapter completed and ticked off, correct number of florets for that chapter ticked off and the allotted number of travel persons to travel onward? if all three have been done and ticked off – a green travel box will appear – click on it and a new travel map and travel section will appear – normally six at one time and the first one will have an arrow in it to the right – click on it and a new story line will appear and items in that first chapter along with a clue to find – good luck in your travels. Check your chapter two again for these sequences and then try to travel onward. Good luck. Hope this hint helps.

    3. Alicia. See if your friends are still logged into facebook and reask them to help you being flight crew. Some people depending upon what system they are using – get their request and others for some reason don’t. Send them a message direct to their FB page and ask them to help you onward in your game. Some may have to relog into the game in order to help out. Good luck in your quest.

    4. I’m trying to get enough flowers to move on and every time I buy or sell something it takes that many away. I have lost hundreds of flowers and of course I can’t move on. What do I do?

  4. want to know why some people get to fly and others don’t-husband can fly and I don’t yet-samee with another couple-she can and he can’t-why?????

    1. Depends on the system you are on. My friend and I can see other islands as we are on computers, but my sister is on tablet and cannot see other islands.

    2. I was told by Wooga support a few days ago that flying to other islands is still in the testing stage and has only been enabled for a select number of random players.

    3. People can’t fly because Wooga made it that way! They choose people at random. If we all write them, maybe they’ll change their minds,

  5. What if you don’t play with other people – how do you hire a flight crew if you don’t have dollars – is there where you have to start buying things?

    1. This is where I am stranded and don’t have any friends that play. How do we move forward or is this the end of the game for us?????

    2. If you play on facebook there are many groups you can join for this game and get all the friends you could ever want. That’s how I got a good 200 in no time! Here’s a link to a nice PP group with great people who will gladly become your friend for the game. It also helps to have a lot of friends because they send energy and coins. You get to send everyone of them energy once a day and when they play and accept the energy you automatically get coins back!

    3. I have the same problem and its so annoying. I cant get to chap 3 and does building stuff on the site open up new chapters?

    4. It is a bit of a hassle but I have set up 3 Facebook accounts and then befriended them. I get them all to play the same games as I do so that when I need 3 friends to help me I just ask myself on these 3 accounts. I then log in to their accounts and send the required ticket/flight crew so I can immediately progress.

    5. Cindy – Where it says to hire crew and you don’t – there is usually a cash option from cash you have already in the game – if you put this cash toward the flight crew – flight crew will show up from the game crew for you and enable you to move to the next level. I believe it is $15.00 for three flight crew. Good luck on this one.

    6. Yes. I’ve had to buy a few times, but I reckon £2 or £3 is fair play for the weeks & weeks pleasure I’ve had from the game.

    7. Cindy my son found this for me I see all the problems , I’m gone through six and been at the flight crew for six months I thought if I got enough cash witch is 51 $ at least that’s what’s showing up top of the game and I don’t know really how much it takes to move the plane , I don’t even know if your even getting this message or not any ideals on what it doesn’t say anything about having friends that I can remember that plays this game to even play with looking forward to hearing back ,hope you get this its not showing up good

    1. Assik – are you connected to FB on your IPad? Are you signed in to FB on your Ipad page? Take your pad to an Apple Store and ask a technician to look at your Ipad connection to the game for you. It could be case of a simple adjustment on a screen somewhere. Good luck.

    1. Woukd love to have some Pearl Peril gamers on my facebook so that i can have some Flight Captains. Im so stuck because i have the same problem, no friends play this game either.

    2. Hi Cissy,

      How did you do the Vatican Cryt. I can’t come through! Can’t cut the chain. I have almost everything and have to use the big scissors.
      Will you help me please?

    3. I have the same problem on the Vatican crypt with the chain, plus pieces I can it find. Chain is also tying me up. Stuck

    4. I need some friends to play because I don’t have any friends to play and I have no flight crew to help me get to the next chapter

    5. I need friends, lots of friends to play pearl’s perils. please, please add me. it’s a nice game, but their method to add your current friends only is lousy. they should actually allow you a list of other people that plays the game. my current friends do not play. so I do not know any other way to recruit others with the same interests to play along with me. please add cleo hughes to play along with me on pearl’s peril. I also play Farmville 2 whenever the webpage opens and lets me play it. thanks so very much. you are not alone!!!

    6. I cant travel either. Never could. But at level 45 I noticed i have to wait 6 days to get my bonuses from new buildings whereas it used to be 24 hrs.I want to know why??? Even a small ticket item like a bridge or flower takes up to two days.

      I dont like steam ship to play on. just want to get on with this games, but collecting is starting to be a pain in the butt.

    7. Lisa – hook up to me – I am on Pearls peril on Facebook – you can look me up and be added to my friends contacts and play along with me. I am level 26 right now. I am trying to open the last of this chapter and complete to final chapter in this level and then ready to move to chapter 27 of pearl. I love the intrigue and mystery. Many places she goes to I have visited over the years.
      Look me up and join me and I will help you with your levels.

    8. Help I need friends for the game too none of my friends play so it’s get boring and can’t do any extras x

    1. I haven’t found any rhyme or reason to why some people can go to friend islands and other can’t. When you go to the bottom of the page where your friends are listed, if it doesn’t highlight with a circle around them, then you can’t fly….why…..I can’t get facebook to answer me either???

  6. Not only can I not fly to neighbors like friend in England, but they have a ship at their dock and they can play extra games and earn stuff like cash and energy. Not fair, everyone should have same advantages. Play fair Wooga.

    1. if you’re playing on tablet or phone you can’t fly to neighbour’s island nor do you see the ship. on pc i can fly and play on ship but even though i’m sync’d and MY coins and buildings follow, i can’t see NOR can i HELP i play on both…

    2. I found out that the ship only shows up when you play on a computer. If you play on an Ipad, you can’t see it.

    3. I play on iPad and have had ship from day one…. My sister is way ahead of me but has no ship, she is also on iPad…. Neither one of us can visit other islands…

  7. I am in the same boat can’t travel to chapter 8, it was alright when it first came up to travel but I was short 1 flower and by the time I came back it had changed to aircrew or money and I only have 1 friend playing and not enough money and can’t seem to get anymore money. What a dumb arse game, real p…d off.

    1. I’m in the same boat. Only have 1 friend and no money. No on else wants to play and I’m not spending real money. Now I need a crew and no friends to help . Stuck ….

    2. I has the boat early in the game. Then it disappeared along with my friends and my name in the player box. I cant travel without friend and I don’t have enough money. I will not pay. I play on a PC and cant go to other peoples islands. WOOGA wont give me an answer

  8. What a waste of time. If you’re not willing to annoy your friends by asking them to join your flight crew, you are stranded. Deleting the game and telling friends not to bother playing.

    1. If we bombard Wooga to fix the inability to fly or else we’ll stop playing, maybe they’ll do something. I flew once on my ipad Chapter 2. Now I’m on Capter 9, almost 10… And I can’t fly on my laptop. Plus, they’re making it impossible to get high scores. Also, I already have a flight crew & tickets. Problem is they don’t explain the game at all!

    1. No, I finished up chapter 16 and it acted like all the other chapters…I could see the Himalayas scene but when I went to play it, the screen goes black and I get kicked off. I then have to replay the last of chapter 16 again…the cannon fires, the new scenes for chapter 17 come up then I push play again and go to black screen. Did you find out how to fix it?

    2. You can get money when playing as a bonus, in addition to the coins, sometimes you get compass or tools, and every once in a while, you get cash. Also if you are playing on facebook, watch for Wonga free gift ads. When you click on them, you can get money or energy.

  9. Why is my screen all black on chapter 17 for the smelting pit? Sent numerous emails to support but no response. Am I the only one with issues with chapter 17?

    1. My screen won’ t open For chapter 17. City Square. It comes up black. I have tried to fix it for 3 days. Any suggestions. Please help Dorothy

  10. I’m on chpt 30 and when finding the last clue on the 3rd pic. it froze, then lost all of the other items found on all 5 of pictures…..what can I do to get them back…..PLEASE help, I love this game is good for the mind!!!

    1. Hi Leana,

      How did you cut the chain in chapter 10, Vatican Crypt?
      I can’t cut that chain but have all equipment. Can you help please?

      Thnx, Inge

    2. For those of you asking about cutting the chain in level 10, the wire cutter’s tip should not be at the chain – hover the center of the wire cutter over the chain and click it – that’s what helped me. You just keep trying it in different position and you’ll eventually get it in the right spot.

    3. if somebody can tell me how to pass solve the chapter 26 the final scene of pearl’s peril i will send him power and energy

    1. I have a ticket boat on my laptop. On my iPad, no boat but I can play puzzles for dollars. 4$ game money a puzzle.

    2. Phillip – I had no trouble in the last scene of chapter 26 of pearl peril. First you collect the broomstick parts and use it to brush away the cobwebs. The second is that you put together the hook to open up the van and collect the pieces inside the van. There are three sections in three different boxes to complete – follow the magnifying glass to the clue and click on it. It will take and put the pieces together in the bottom box for you and then click on the completed item box and go back to where it is needed to be used to move to the next box and do exactly the same with all three. it does work. Then you get the next chapter – complete the chapter of chapter 26, have all necessary florets in place from chapter 26 – then recruit three crew members to level 27. Good luck. if you are stuck contact me again.

    1. I think it depends on what level you´re on AND how many friends/neighbors you have. I´m on level 41 and I´ve been able to visit neighbors for a while. I have about 12 neighbors.

    2. I cannot visit my neighbours either Grazyna, and I am stuck in the Vatican crypt, because I cannot find one item, the ruby! So I can’t go on to the next chapter. Help!!!!

  11. How can I get past level 2. It says I need 23 flowers to unlock level 3. Also I’m not using Facebook to play! Really starting to piss me off playing same scene over and over!!!!

    1. My sister and I both play Pearl’s of Peril
      she can fly and visit every ones islands and collect ,I am on chapter 7 and I have yet to be able to visit other islands and I have not seen a plane fly from island to island as hers does….
      plz help me

    2. Each plot is available after a certain number of badges are earned, 5 per scene. My stuff is more crowded than I’d like because I had to buy stuff in order to get flowers and advance. Did discover that you can sell back items when you get enough coins to buy bigger stuff and clear some of the clutter.

  12. None of these games give you any idea how to play them or what to do next to continue. A lot of people are stuck and have no idea how to go further. I am one of them. What’s the use of playing a game when you are stuck?

    1. I’m at Chapter 10 at the final stage and the puzzle won’t work. Is anyone else having the same problem?

    2. Rosy reead the walkthrough at the top of this page it explains how the game works and that will help – also helps to have friends playing so check out the Pearl’s Peril facebook page as others will be looking for neighbours – you can add me if you can see my name in the like list.

    3. Hi Karen Shiro,
      Did you already got through te Vatican Crypt. I have the same problem. Scissors don’t work. But nothing to find anymore.
      Pleas reply to me. Thnx, Inge

    4. Vatican Crypt

      Hi there, is here sombody who can tell me what tot do in the Vatican Crypt. I have t he big scissors but can’t cut the chain. There is no other option to do.

      Please give an advice! I’m stuck and desperate!

    5. why don’t you post your message in the respective chapter?, maybe some people will be able to help you there. By the way, you cut the chain with the “big pliers”, but you need to drag the tool to the right spot, it took us a couple of tries.

  13. Hey everyone! I have the same problem, while my mom can visit me, me, my sister, my grandma can’t! Does anyone has any idea why? Thanks :))

    1. Some people can fly, it’s totally random. You can’t earn it or make it happen: either you can, or you can’t.

    1. Use the arrow left to the diary down on the bottom. Crossed arrow = move. Arrow pointing on a coint = sell tools

  14. I had a problem with Honolulu, Hawaii on level 41. The gloves weren´t pickable, no matter what I did. So I lost much energy there, had to leave the scene everytime the gloves were involved. Finally succeeded but it took it´s time……………

  15. Is there anyone who knows if it´s done when all chaptures are compleeted and all the clouds on Artemis Island are removed? I use to play FarmeVille a couple of years ago but I went too tired when it never came to an end…..

  16. I am in level 29 and can’t fly to “neighbors”. I wonder if you have to have a certain number of your facebook friends who play Pearl before it will let you fly to visit your neighbors. I only have two friends who play and three or four others who have played briefly, so maybe that’s why I can’t go visit others…who knows.

    1. What system are you using to play the game on? You should be able to travel to neighbours. they should appear at the bottom of your island scree, you click on their profiled picture and you should be able to go from there, just remember to return to you island once done. It normally will let you visit up to five islands at one time. Hope this tip helps.

  17. Stuck on level 27 as the last puzzle scene won’t load even though I have left it to load for ages! Any ideas anyone!! Also what is this boat a friend of mine has in the UK but I never got one! She said it just appeared in the harbour!

    1. √if somebody can tell me how to pass solve the chapter 26 the final scene of pearl’s peril i will send him power and energy

    1. Depends on the device you play on. I friend and I play on computer and we can visit islands. My sister plays on a tablet and cannot travel to visit others.

    1. See how many flowers you need, then go to the shop and find the item or items that will give you the amount of flowers that you need and buy them and put them on your island. When they are totally buillt you will get the flowers.

  18. I am stuck at the end of level 20. One of the reasons I stared playing this was you didn’t need other players to advance in the game. Now I get to chapter 20 and need other people to go forward. Also friend requests are not going through. I’ve sent them to my husband’s FB and going to his page, all you can do is play the game, there is not a screen that comes up to help the other person in their game. Reading through the previous posts, I am not able to visit others as well. I have only one other person who “dabbles” at the game

    1. if somebody can tell me how to pass solve the chapter 26 the final scene of pearl’s peril i will send him power and energy

  19. I can’t upgrade the observitory or the tower. The star with the arrow is there but will not let me click to upgrade it . Everything else only get the star with the green arrow when there are enough parts to upgrade. Really annoying cause I can’t get the flowers to move forward without them

  20. can you please change the settings on my game so I can visit my neighbours. I have played for a long time, and love the game, but feel at a disadvantage with my friends who play too. best wishes, Jean Guilfoyle, Ireland

    1. I don’t know anything about captains and flying to other islands. I hardly know anyone who plays this game and I am stuck, trying to break the chain the the Vatican vault. Thanks

  21. I am at #21. My game is STUCK. It is St. Basils Cathedral. Does not tell me what to do, so nothing happens. Please fix this now. It should be easy from your end. This is a good game. Please don`t make me stop playing it out of frustration. Please help !

    1. In chapter 21 there are six levels in this chapter. Look for clues as they are given in each chapter of chapter 21 – they come up at the bottom of your screen per chapter – click on each item as you complete each hidden item you will either receive coins or wood or bricks or hammers as items for building later with. sometimes you may get a cash bonus in a level played. As you complete each chapter in chapter 21 you will get a gold completed wing. Each chapter has a story item to it. each chapter has a clue you must find. you click on the clue given by pearl. then you move onward to the next chapter of that series. The last chapter in the series 21 is a seek and find – click on each item listed in a box at the bottom the screen and complete the mission. there is usually a puzzle to put together and earn cash for doing so which adds to your cash list. it will then tell you that you have successfully mastered the chapter. You then receive a right gold arrow to take you to chapter 22. It will tell you then if you have completed fully the previous chapter and have sufficient florets for completed buildings in that section you are on. it will then ask you for flight crew to fly you to the next chapter. You get three people to help you. once this is all done – you will then get a travel onward button to travel and the new series will appear. Good luck and hope this helps you out.

    1. A boat usually is there in front of the pier – – if you see it there – click on the boat and tickets to the boat and a scene will appear that you use the tickets for. Click on each items in each scene and score items to your island – either energy or cash Hope this helps you in your quest and search. Ytje what level are you playing on currently? it may appear later on in the chapters are you progress. Good luck in your game and progress. Persist and keep going. Sometimes it is frustrating = but it usually works out in the end.

  22. I have been receiving tickets from friends, but don’t see where I can send tickets back. My plane has disappeared and been replaced with a submarine.

    1. It is OK. The plane was replaced by a sub. The plane comes back in a later series. it is all part of the plot.
      Don’t fret. you don’t send tickets back. As you work through the chapters and you get tickets, click on the boat and a chapter will open up and you use the tickets toward other tickets and energy or cash. As you work through each chapter and series sometimes you will get a ticket to use for the chapters on the boat. The chapters on the boat change frequently. you accumulate tickets to use which get accumulated toward your island to use for items on your island. Keep going and good luck. Hope this tip helps.

    2. Re: How to Give Tickets in the Bonus Game on the Boat.
      after U play a bonus game at the Boat or Ship the game should show U where U rank for that particular scene only. U should see a list of players to the left. click on the box next to each name,use the down or up arrows to give each person an Offer of a ticket or to be Your flight Captain.

  23. My daughter used my ipad for 6 wks and now even though I am signed into Facebook and it says my name when I sign on, I can only get on her game. How do I get my Pearls Peril back on my ipad, I was way further than she is! This happen to anyone else??? Any suggestions???


    1. If you have an IPAD that you can play on, you can travel to the next chapter without having hire a flight crew

    2. I am stuck on chapter 5 can not get into chapter 6 I have no more land to build on until I go futher so cant buy anything to get flowers since no space left. Can not get any cash eother. I kep playing the same chapter 5 over and over I only lknow one person that plays Pearls Peril so have no help how can I go on? need flight crew and how to get cash.

    1. the tickets are for the big boat that comes every so often to the shore and you need about 12 tickets to get on and it had some hidden object object scenes that you can play and earn things

  25. ithe VATICAN VAULT scene in chapter 10 of pearls peril is just not opening.
    the earlier scenes have been mastered .i have enough flowers as the next chapter has also opened but which i can’t play till finish this scene.
    please help

  26. Could someone please help me? I have finished all of Chapter 16. I can see the scenes in chapter 17 just like I did on all the others. When I press play on the first scene in chapter 17, the Himalayas, my screen goes black and I get kicked off of the game. I have been trying to get it to work for a week now and the same thing happens every time. I can go back and replay chapters 1 through 16…. But chapter 17 scenes won’t open. I can see their names, etc. I have enough prestige for all of chapter 17 so that is not the problem. Any help would be appreciated. I am at the point where I may have to quit the game.

  27. in captains challenge ,how comes that my husband receives lightnings instat of cash when he’s on number one. i receive cash ( 5 cash, 5 tickets and 5 energy),my husband (3lightning, 5 tickets and 5 energy),personally i find these lightnings are ennoying.

    1. The tools are for upgrading your building which gives you the prestige(pink flowers)you need to open new chapters etc. Hover each building & you’ll see what you need to upgrade to next star.

  28. Why does this game keep making “hire a flight crew” to move on to the next level???? I’ve gotten enough prestige points and have mastered every damn scene. Not to mention, not a single one of my friends are receiving a request to “hire a flight crew”. My wife is playing the game on her IPad and has NEVER had to do this to move on! Feeling pretty pissed and frustrated!

  29. Does anyone else find it really frustrating that it takes so long to earn the 5th badge in every scene? It seems to take an unbelievably long time, enough to make the scene boring and almost enough to put me off playing the game anymore. It’s a real shame because I think it’s a great game apart from that :-/

  30. On Chapter 21 St Basdil’s Cathedral. It will not let me put censer where it is suppose to go. So I am stuck on that level. You all need to fix it.

  31. I can get extra money in the achivements but these achivements (the green lady on the left)do not appear on my friend’s pearls peril site. Why? what should they do? Thanks for your answers:):)

    1. It’s better to open up more of the island. Click on a cloudy part of the island and it’ll tell you what you need to open it.

    2. I need 1000 badges to open a plot of land!!! That’s seems impossible. I have no room to add anything. And can someone help me add friends? I can see all my Facebook friends but cannot add them or visit their islands? It is starting to get boring. Am on level 9. Thanks

  32. im so frustrated, I only have one friend and I cant get a flight crew. what am I suppose to do now? I don’t have enough cash either. I need either cash or people to play with. rather have people.

    1. You will receive them every not and then, at the end of a chapter, as a prize, as a gift from Wooga (Pearl’s Peril group on Facebook) and as a prize on the Captain’s challenge.

  33. It is just too CRAZY the amount of energy it takes to gain a badge… Was loving the game , but this is ridiculous. If you decided to buy energy… it would cost a fortune to move on… so I’m not doing that. This is really making me consider giving up on the game… even though I love it 1!!!!!

    1. Monica, my daughter told me there are FB pages where you can safely add friends who also play. It will save you a lot of time & money! I always check first that they are genuine players & don’t add too many in one day or you risk ending up in FB prison- penalty for ‘fishing’ for friends. Don’t say you don’t know them outside of FB though & I only add them as acquaintances so they don’t have access to full profile.

    1. You click on the arrow just above the ‘play’ button which brings up 2 icons – the one with 4 arrows lets you move an object and the orange arrow over some coins is if you want to sell the object. When you sell an object you’ll get the coins back that you paid for but you will lose the flowers that you gained when you constructed that object.

  34. I’m stuck on Port of Rome, level 12. the screen appears all black and there’s nothing I can do. Has anyone had the same problem?

    1. I only have the boat on my desktop. I also play on my iPad and don’t get the boat there.

  35. im on level 53 and its froze up it want reload to start the game , it has been this way for 2 days. you know how it loads when you first start . well mine want
    help . help

  36. Hi,
    I’m on chapter 25 and I’ve upgraded the palace it’s 20 times and it’s still under construction. When does it become fully built. I expected it to be finished once I upgraded it 20 times.

    1. Carm I also have the same problem. Palace up-grade 20 -20. But the construction is incomplete. Did you contact Wooga Support? Does anyone else have this problem? If the palace construction is completed, what happens? Do you get a reward. Coins? Hope someone can answer this question or help. Thanks, Marion

  37. I have been playing this game a long time. on chapter 48.getting really pissed off with it can not go to friends island –friends send energy–coins-tickets and you can not get them when you click on them it takes 52 hours to up grade the Japanese temple .then you only get 200 flowers.think i will just say to h\ll with it .

  38. i am stuck on the smelting pot everytime i play it say that there is some thing up with my browser can anyone help me thank you

    1. Hei Pinky! ou can’t rotate the building but you can move it from one place to another. It is pity but maybe latr it will be possible.

  39. what the hell? went to play this a.m. & was back at the start a the game!!! goin’ from level 620 back to zilch is unacceptable!! anythin’ to do besides just not play the game anymore?? this thing takes to much time to start all over!!!

  40. Played fine all day. tonight went back to play and I was at the start of the game. Is anyone having the same problem? Love to play but I don’t want to start all over again.

  41. I’m current ly on chapter 11 atPorto Fuori Roma and each time I go to play my screen is black all I get is the Hints circle and the pause button. Someone please help me. I’m don’t wanted to reload the app in afraid that I may lose everything.

  42. Building construction does not open when time expires. Clock starts over. I’m on day 3 waiting for water mill to open. Can anyone help?

  43. I am just starting chapter 37 and find there are three scenes I have to buy something to go further in the chapter. This is not right. Also, all of a sudden I cannot see building on other islands, just the gift box. What is going on? If the game is trying to make more money, they will not get it from me.

  44. I’m on level 33 and would like more friends if anyone would like another friend for Pearls Perils. I enjoy this game best of all. I can’t understand why others spend their time in games that doesn’t have a plot.

    1. Hello Lyn, yes it would be great to be your friend. How could we do? I am not going to write my e.mail on this page so??? Anyway I need friends to play and I am on the level 25. I have to wait that the buildings will be build to give me flowers to open the next chapter.

  45. Hello every one, who knows if the sale from 10 years anniversary FaceBook offer is safe or not because you have to pay with your card and I am a bit suspicious. To get so much for 1€ 79; 1000 coins, 100 cash and 10 energy it is very cheap! Thanks to let me know.

  46. I purchased the items today (and I’ve purchased other things in the past) it has all been safe but I used PayPal as a form of payment. Anyone who would like to be friends to continue to play I would love to connect. Please friend me on Face Book.

  47. I don’t know if you can get any energy or cash free but last year it used to work very well at Pearl’s-peril-hax-cheats/free-energy…. Now nothing! It says always that it is to late or I have got already!? It doesn’t work well at all and that’s pity because it helps for the game especially when you don’t have many friend to send those energy!

  48. I just bought the Orrery building which became available to 575 badges. It says it takes 7 days to build!!! I don’t remember the other buildings taking that long. Everything seems to take longer now. Is that new to Pearl’s Peril or just because I am at a higher level? Anyone else noticing that?

    1. Hello Kate, I bought the Orrery and it lasted 7 days. Others will last as long too. The level start to be high and the game demands more to go further. It is normal!

    2. I’ve noticed this also. It seems everything is at 7 days to mature. It’s very frustrating to have to wait that long to move on with the game

  49. My dad’s pearls peril game has an achievement icon on the left of the screen where he earns cash and coins for beating levels and for building etc. it’s a little Icon with pearls picture on it on the left side of the screen. I don’t have this and he does. does anyone know how to get it added?

  50. My dad’s Pearl’s Peril game has an icon with Pearls face on it on the left of his island. When he presses the icon, it tells him how many buildings he has and all of his achievements in the game, and he gets dollars and coins for his achievements. Mine does not have this. Does anyone else have this or know how to get it?

    1. Hello Julie, My husband can visit the lands of the others but I can’t. He gets coins, gifts from it. We don’t know why it is so different from each other? But if you have buildings you should get coins from it. It comes every 2 hours.

  51. I can’t get past the last challenge in level 7, it’s in darkness and only the magnify glass come up! What do I do?

  52. I am on the level 30 and it goes well but I need more energy and more captain’s tickets too. Is anyone who would like to be my friend in Pearl’s Peril game? The buildings take long time, seven days before to be ready! But it is great game and let’s hope it will continue. Thank you for your answer. Have a nice day.

  53. I’m wondering if anyone is in the same boat as me – I don’t seem to be receiving cash at the end of the chapter. Tried logging in with a different account, same problem! I don’t want to pay for energy, am I missing something?,

  54. when i go on to the boat game and i send my tickets out why do i have to do them one at a time please instead of just hitting them

  55. I’am no at level 620 and become a hundred flowers too short to open de last game. My castle says 1500 hunderd but I can’t play the last item. What to do?

    1. Level 62! I didn’t know that there was so many level. Great! Your castle has probably given all the flowers when it was in building. In every stage builded it gives flowers. So you probably must buy decorations or constructions to get more flowers. Anyway more you advance more it is diffucult to get materials ans flowers as well for the money. By the way, I need more friends. Would you like to be my friend in this game?

  56. I have been stuck on chapter 25 for months. I know I need prestige so I have sold a lot of stuff to buy more expensive items and yet I still can’t go forward, even when it says I can. I am so close to finishing the chapter, but I am very discouraged because nothing I do seems to get me further.

    1. Items like briks, woods, hammers.. comes when playing only. You can’t buy it but you have to play to get it.

    2. Sorry, my answer is wrong! I didn’t read carrefully your question! If you give back your items you will lost the flowers and you will not get back all your money.

  57. I am stuck on level 21 in the final box. It won’t let me place the incense burner where it is supposed to go. The hint keeps pointing out the spot but doesn’t work. Can’t move on until this piece is placed. Help!

    1. Once you get the incense burner put together in the gold box on the bottom, drag it to where the bottom of the burner is on top of the hook. When you do this, other things open. Finally got it by accident.

  58. Are you only allowed so many tickets for the captains boat at a time? I have noticed that I sometimes have tickets in with my inventory. Is there a way to get them out of inventory and use them?

  59. I can’t get to the next chapter. Need more coin, but they disappear after each day and I will never get to the next chapter at this rate. Is there any other way to get extra points to go on

    1. You can only collect 10, it won’t build up more than that unless you spend money to get more lives,trust me I know. When I first started playing I spent a lot of money to keep getting lives.

    2. Use your energy before you collect your gifts from friends because if your energy is already on max it won’t save the extra energy. Use up your existing energy then collect your gifts.

    1. Ha ! Yeah ! I remember that one.
      I can’t remember how I did it now, but do everything in order & persevere & it will work !

  60. I am at chapter 57 and need more prestige points to open new chapter but I have run out of space what can I do? can I sell back items on the island?

    1. Theresa, just click on the arrow icon for moving items around and you’ll see another option with coins. Click on the coins and hover over item and you’ll get half the value back but you also lose prestige.

    2. Really? You’ve got to Chapter 57 & haven’t ever used the “sell back” option before now? WOW !! I don’t know how you’ve done that.
      I’m only on Chapter 11 & I’ve been buying & selling & moving to free-up space since day one !!

  61. Ever since I updated the game each shield has puzzles plus the hidden objects. I hate the puzzles,the only puzzles there should be are the daily ones. Not happy,and I find myself avoiding playing because of them.

  62. I unlocked stage 3 and the travel is graded out and I cannot get into the game. What do I do? I can go back to level 2 but need to continue in 3.

  63. I have been playing this game for over a yr and I have had 3 different computers in that time and I have never been able to get to my neighbors islands. I have over 1500 badges. It is a glitz in the game!

  64. I have 696 badges but the game says I have 695. I notified wooga support but no response. I’m on chapter 28. Mount Rushmore. All prior scenes were mastered. What can I do?

  65. For everyone wondering why they can’t fly to other islands when other people can, I was told by Wooga support a few days ago that this feature is still being tested and has only been enabled for a select number of players.

  66. I am on chapter 10 and STILL can’t fly to neighbours island. Can anyone let me know what should I do, so to access this?

  67. I would like to suggest they move the list of items to the top of the screen. While playing on my iPad, my hand covers the list making it harder to quickly finish the scenes.

    1. John – Go to Pearl’s Peril Wooga, Scroll to the bottom of the page there is a tab for Wooga support. It opens a dialog box and you can explain your problem. They may or may not answer you. My problem: the total number of badges is wrong. Wooga said it was fixed, but that’s not true. I contacted support again but so far no reply. I too will not use facebook. I play this game using an I-Pad Except for the badge problem. The game works, although it takes much too long for “construction” and getting enough building materials. Hope you have better luck. Marion

  68. My game wont load, keeps saying Operation Timed Out, anyone else had or having this problem? Help appreciated. Love this game

  69. Can any one help me? Playing game and it suddenly went to a Operation timed out screen and now the game wont load at all. Please it is my favourite Game.

  70. Can anybody tell me how i make high scores at captain’s challenge?I find objects very fast and in order but i can’t make score over 900 points

  71. I bought some plots of yellow flowers and had to put one of them out of position as the intended place was covered by other icons. Now I want to move it into its correct position but can’t find an icon or command to do this. How do i go about moving the position of plots, buildings etc? Is it possible, or could I sell the plot and buy another one?

    1. Where it says play in the lower right and has the magnifying glass you press the arrow button and then the top part says move so you press it and you can pick up objects and move them. Hope this helps.

  72. I’m stuck on Chapter 7 and I’ve been playing a long time but I’m about done. Tired of this!!!
    How can I move on?!!!

  73. I love this game but why does it take weeks and weeks to be able to build on your island. That part of the game is so much fun, but it takes ways too long to open up another piece of land! It would be nice if it were half the time!

    1. I agree with you as it is taking way too long and I’m getting up during the night to make it go faster and it’s not so I’m about to give up!

  74. Recently I am having trouble in loading the game-it stop loading half way-.Can anyone tell me how to contact Pearl’s Peril support team? Thanks

    1. Sandra – go to wooga peral’s peril website. At the bottom of the page is a “support” tab. It opens a dialog box. Good luck, Marion

  75. For those wondering why they can’t visit friend’s islands…I recently contacted wooga about this feature and was told that the feature is in beta testing and only randomly selected players have been given access to it.

    1. Doris – in your browser ( internet) log into Pearl’s Peril Artimus island. You will find lots of pictures of the island decorated in various styles. Enjoy, Marion

  76. Have been playing Pearl’s Peril for a number of months now. Yesterday I noticed a bug has appeared in the game. When you find an item and click on it the item disappears as normal but sometime the name of the item remains on the list. Please advise.

  77. hi none of my friends want to play so need to make some new ones, so will any one be kind enough to befriend me

    1. I would love to…..I’m confused as to how to get more prestige points! I’ve cluttered my island and can’t buy any more things to get prestige flowers!

    2. hi,,none of my neighbors play anymore and looking for some,,,i would like to be your neighbor,,contact through facebook? and i dont know how to add neighbors,,when i click on invite it takes me to a page for sending the free energy

  78. I have plenty of badges, coins, cash etcetera but I can’t seem to get any more prestige points because the no more room to place items on my island! How can I delete some of the things I have purchases to decorate my island to spent more money on prestige points to move through the game?

    1. Sell some items that take up room but don’t have much prestige, grass or road for instance, that will free up space for high prestige items that take up the same footprint.

  79. Not happy that i do everything requested to get free cash,coins an energy,an dont receive anything,ppl are saying its a scam is this right

  80. The butler button on the side of the screen is asking me if I want to watch a video. Nothing happens if I select yes or no. He won’t go away and he’s in front of objects I need to “find” in the game. Help!

    1. Clare – I am new to IPAD and Pearl’s Peril.
      When I go into game it is frozen on “Create a Nickname. It will not cancel, nor with it give me a keyboard to type anything. Any advice please. I’m a pensioner and not computer/IPAD literate!!
      Many thanks.

  81. There is a picture of a butler on the left side of my screen and when I click on it, a message comes up and asks ‘Do you want to watch a video?’. Whether I click ‘yes’ or ‘no’, nothing happens and he stays there. I am on trip 30. At Big Ben, there is an ampersand under his picture and I can’t click on it, so I have to quit that session. Can someone help”

  82. I cannot earn anymore prestige because my part of the island is full. All my
    land is covered. Thus I can’t purchase any buildings, decorations or terrain that would he me earn prestige to move to the next kevel. HELP!

  83. This is a very annoying game. No support whatsoever when you are stuck on a level. No use even trying to play the game. If you do ask any questions you will not recieve any response to your questions.
    Don’t waste your time trying to play. Heaps of other games out there!!


  85. Updated to new version on the ipad, now the game won’t open, all I get is a purple screen saying wooga, any suggestions

    1. I updated and now I can’t open the game. I get the purple screen and then it closes! Any ideas?

  86. chapter 13 2nd phase ‘Navigation Room’ NOT loading. hangs at the ‘Loading….Navigation Room’ page. and the compass keeps turning round and round meaning that something is loading. stays like that for ever….

    updated latest version June 10th, still same problem.

    using I-pad mini.

    Any suggestions?

  87. I am on Chapter 15 with 372 badges and I need 450 to unlock another region. However, all the available spaces on the island are full, and no matter how many coins I earn I cannot buy any more property to earn more flowers. Any suggestions?

    1. What I do is to sell some of my land that is grassy or paved to open up a space big enough to buy items that will give me the flowers I need to progress. I think the button that let’s you move stuff around also lets you “sell”. There are two options when you click on the button and one is for selling. Hope this helps.

  88. PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP ME. I have just received an IPAD and just started on Pearls Perils, I’m hooked!! However, I went to start a game yesterday afternoon and again this morning and it has frozen on “Create a Nickname”, it will not let me cancel nor will it give me the keyboard.
    What can I do, I am not computer or IPAD literate and on my own for the next fortnight. PLEASE HELP. Thank you.

  89. I tried to finish a building- (the watermill) by buying the remaining items (glass) for $15.00 – it took my $15.00 twice but never completed the building. Now I am out $30.00 and the building is still not complete. How do I get a refund?

  90. No capitulo 28, Cofre Secreto falta uma peça para completar o enigma, já tentei várias vezes e não acho uma peça da fase 2/3 que é para abrir uma das pedras, alguem pode ajudar? essa peça não está nessa fase, tenho certeza, pois nunca tive dificuldade em nenhuma fase.

  91. No capitulo 28, COFRE SECRETO Falta UMA PEÇA pará completar o enigma, JA tentei varias Vezes e não Acho UMA PEÇA da fase 2/3. Existem 3 pedras que precisam ser abertas, só que uma ja começa o jogo aberta, é ai que está o problema, com certeza é lá que deveria estar a peça que falta. O que faço, alguem sabe se há um suporte para esse jogo? obrigada

  92. How do you sell decorations back, help section says to you arrows at bottom of screen, I don’t have any arrows. Help!,,,,,,,,,,,m

  93. I am at chapter 23 and have lost all my parks and gardens, trees, lampposts and in the shop everything unlocks at chapter 50. I cannot buy anything in the shop that was yesterday. Today I have lost my Aviary what is going on? My husband has not lost anything and he is a couple of chapters ahead of me.

  94. Has this happened to anyone? I bought this unlimited energy for an hour and it lasted 10 minutes. No reply from wooga, I contacted them 2 times

    1. Tap the lighter fogged sections and it will tell you how many badges, compasses, and coins you need to open that section.

  95. I have the boat on my laptop but not on my ipad. How is this possible???
    I would like to know how i get the boat on my ipad.

  96. Hello to all, how is everything, I think every one is getting more from this website, and your views are fastidious in support of new viewers. fedkdekbfkgg

  97. completed chapter 7 and it will not let me hire a flight crew. It shows the pic of one. It also states prestige 2120/2200. What does this mean. I have completed the puzzle of hidden monkey twice! What do I need to do.

  98. Pearl’s peril stopped loading – I carried out the fix they suggested and after 2weeks game finally loaded. However, when I click on play nothing happens – ive emailed them again and they advise I carry out the same fix !!! I have only 195 badges, can collect coins, can play the game via the ship and also have a daily game that comes on my screen when I log on but thats it. I deleted game and reloaded without success. Has anyone got any suggestions so I can play the game

  99. I am on day 11 of the daily puzzles and after I solve it, I keep getting a “lost connection try again” error message, but I am still connected. Anyone else encounter this?

    1. For the last 2 weeks or so I get connection lost error in the middle of doing anything. I lose coins because of it. It is not my internet connection as everything else works. I don’t have a solution

    2. Never experienced that but I have never gotten past day 1. Every day the same pieces appear in the puzzle, never enough pieces to complete the puzzle. Is there something I’m doing wrong so that I don’t get the total number of pieces I need? And it’s the same puzzle every day and I’m always on day 1. Daily puzzle has been this way since I started playing about 2 or 3 months ago.

  100. I get ask for tickets all the time an I’m sent tickets but I don’t know what they are for can someone please help me

    1. They are to use in the Captain’s Challenge on Captain Pete’s boat, however not everyone get the boat right away is my understanding. I have the boat, but can’t figure out how to get more tickets to play. I can’t find anything in the help or on the wiki.

    2. On your right hand side of the Island is a colourful paddle boat. Click on it and you can play games for which you need the “Captains Tickets”. Good luck. Gerda.

  101. I can never complete a Captain’s Challenge. I’m tagging stuff as fast as I can, but it always says I didn’t complete it. Is there some trick to it?

    1. Here’s my strategy for the captain’s challenge. I collect 20 or more tickets and wait until the last 10 hours or so of the game. Then I play continually so that I can remember better and get a good score. I was able to beat the captain twice and earn the 1st prize. You have to play until you can pick up all items in the shortest time possible. Just picking up all of the items won’t do it. Also, I beat the captain early in a game once and his score just increased so I was again in 2nd place.

  102. Pearl’s Peril will not load completely. Will load about 20%, then stop loading. Have tried everything I know of. Please help, any suggestions?

  103. I’m not able to upgrade some buildings. For example, I never get pearls or pipes as rewards. All of my other inventory items are full (paint, hammers etc.). I am on level 17 and all I have gotten for rewards on this level is cash. I would be willing to go back and play on others levels if I knew which ones would give me my missing items. Also, none of my friends play the game and I have having problems because I can’t get flight crews.

  104. Why is it that when you get to chapter level 5 of any chapter the coins halve very frustrating to say the least , may give up

  105. Hi, I was just wondering if some of the rare building materials (i.e. pearls, terracotta, copper pipes, gold) came from specific puzzles. I’ve been looking for them for over a week, and I can’t seem to find them, which means I can’t upgrade anything.

  106. I opened up Pearls Peril and noticed the fog was lifted on 4 sections at the back of the island. I tried to put decorations on that area but was not allowed to. Has anyone else seen this? If so were you able to build on it?

  107. facebook had me change my log in password, now I have lost my place in the entire game (chap 43) and on the verge of moving onto next chapter
    how do I regain my lost settings — do not like the fact of starting from the beginning
    would appreciate any help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. I am just finishing chapter 25l and have 623 badges. I have three buildings that need materials. The problem is; I have not gotten any materials for almost three weeks. Sometimes I get gold treasure boxes and think that a material will be coming out and all I get are coins. I need glass, pearls and gold bars. This is getting frustrating and I’m about to give up playing after all this time.

    Does anyone else have this problem? I play sometimes three times a day.

    1. I got stuck once I hit 600 badges or shortly thereafter. You have to be patient, as for some weird reason the game frustratingly slow about giving the specialty material you need (glass, gold, pearls, etc.). It took forever, and glass seems to be especially slow to receive. It finally got better once that build could be completed, but wow-took so long to get there. The game got better about giving specialty materials after that, but I almost gave up, too. I sure wasn’t going to spend real money to buy anything. Once you get past that build you should see lots of improvement pretty quickly. I got stuck during spring. It’s 9/20 today and have 1,020 badges, so keep playing!

    2. I have this problem…. Needing to upgrade clock tower for weeks but not getting no pearls…. Only ever have had one and I’m up to Chapter 15!!! Frustrating!!!!

  109. This may be a silly question, but I’d be grateful for advice from folk who are further advanced than I am ..
    I’m just starting Level 20. In the earlier levels (1-10) I needed prestige in order to progress. But, since then, another scene has always opened just by playing the previous one. So, although I’ve got 3 cleared foggy areas on which to build, I can’t see the advantage of building anything.. What is the point of building? Consequently I have now got over 60,000 coins & over 8,500 Prestige & they’re growing all the time coz I’m not using them. I’m assuming that I might need them later on in the game so I’m not going to build anything. Is that right?

    1. Prestige comes from either adding/upgrading buildings or buying decorations. It’s possible to get ahead of the need for more prestige for some time, but it will catch up. Keep building/upgrading as you get the chance. Try to save up your coins for decorations with the best prestige points, or you’ll eventually run out of room to build on. I had it pretty easy until around 600 or so badges, then it got ugly for about a month or more waiting for the game to provide glass to upgrade with. Now it’s good again.

    2. Yeah….. Was wondering the same thing….. How are you doing with Pearls acquisition?? I’m up to Chapter 15 and only got 1 pearl, is that normal? I need more to upgrade building (clock tower)…. Do you get pearls a lot ‘cropping up’ dude??

  110. I love Pearl’s Perils, but I have spent a small fortune in REAL money playing it. I need to know if there is an end to the game. If there is no end to it, then I will quit playing immediately and play a game that doesn’t cost a ton of money.

    Please answer my question. Is there an END to the game?????

    1. I have never spent any real money on this game, which is why I like it so much. The game does require patience, though. Not sure if there’s an ending, as I only have 1020 badges (one player in my list has over 1800). If you’re way up there like she is, then my response may be no help at all. I started playing around summer 2013 and only had one period of frustration so far earlier this spring. The game got better after a month or so, so I don’t mind if there’s no ending yet.
      I agree about quitting a game when you’ve spent money and it seems you’re not getting anywhere unless you spend more. I’ve left several games once it became apparent that bigger amounts were going to be needed continuously to advance. No thanks!

    2. No idea if there’s an end or not…. I have not spent a single dime on PP but play it daily…. It seems like you’re hooked girl!!!

  111. My friend who is playing pearls peril said she has a store where she can put her thing is to make more room on the island , the first 3 were free then after that she had to pay 5 coins or 5 cash , she is up to chapter 36 and I am up to chapter 76 and I don’t have the store .WHY

  112. When will the missing captain’s challenge bug be fixed? It´s clearly a bug, and the fact that wooga are trying to pass of as a “feature” makes me laugh. Sloppy programming is what it is.
    Many people have identical iPads, are on the same chapter, some have the boat, some don’t. Some lost the boat after connecting to Facebook some didn’t. Some got it after a while some didn’t. all had identical iPads, facebook activated, same chapters and everything. Feature? No. Bug? Yes.

  113. Everything is going smoothly for me apart from I have only acquired ever 1PEARL since playing Pearl’s Peril….I am up to Atlantis (Chapter 15) …. Is that normal??? I need pearls to upgrade a building but aren’t getting any…. Anyone else affected like me??

    1. That is about the way I remember it. Got paranoid about then and started keeping log where found pearls, glass and terracotta.
      Are you using FREE GIFTS on the left? Some time get building material there instead of energy. I run the videos while refill drink and let dogs out. LOL! Very repetitious and eventually get timed out for the day.

  114. I saw that there are differend versions of Pearl’s Peril. I have to sel thinks to get further with the game, while others have boxes where they can store some objects and make place for new buldings or decorations. Is it possibel to make an upgrade of this game?

    1. See my entry dated 9/24/14: 2 FB pages open. Had left PP game up and opened new page to ck home FB posts. That was last wk, this wk nothing.
      2nd: click INVENTORY (below SHOP). Below the word INVENTORY I have 2 boxes: one labeled INVENTORY, gold box when clicked pops up MATERIAL. Apparently you get 3 free storage slots and must buy more. I never noticed gold box until after upgrade.

    1. Have had same problem – persistence seems to only tool. At X’s closing and retracing your path seems to help. Nothing works consistently for me.

  115. Quandary: game has upgraded several times past few weeks. Seems to initiate when collecting coins from buildings or have 2 FB pages running. Panning improved and eventually noticed 3rd transport vehicle: fish-like submarine in the water below villa.
    Like the seaplane, there is no activity when submarine clicked. What’s up there? Have heard about players flying to neighboring islands – NOT me. So why these two vehicles if they are unable? Any takers???

  116. I have been playing Pearls Peril for ages, and love it, with no problems, but suddenly my Internet explorer has blocked the site, and it is telling me I am not connected to the internet, but everything else is fine, why! Can anybody help

  117. Message: I played “Sweet Delight” during chapters 37 and 38, finished the last challenge, and earned 1 energy+inifinity. The game expired, but I still do not have my reward. How do I get the hour of unlimited energy which I earned?

    I do not have facebook to contact Wooga. Where else do I get help?

    Thank you!

  118. I was just informed about sweet delight (I’m guessing that’s when a baker shows up and you find his sweets for rewards)I play every day and never saw any of this. Does anyone know why I wouldn’t of seen it in my game?

  119. I was just wondering if your captain’s challenge tickets go away when you move to a new location. I have reached first place and don’t need to play anymore but don’t want to lose my tickets.

  120. Does anyone ever get to the last prize box on the Captains steamboat Tickets challenge? I saved up 28 tickets and still struggled to make it to the last prize box.. average score is between 720 and 850.. I have reached first place but don’t know if you keep the place.. so frustrating, will have to wait weeks and weeks to save up to 30 tickets and hope I get the last prize box which is probably just energy .. or more tickets, other than that I am enjoying Pearls Peril, sadly only three friends are listed but only one of them plays regularly the other two don’t and haven’t for quite sometime and despite many requests no-one else is interested in playing all I get now from FB friends is stop sending me requests LOL oh well I shall continue to play alone and earn my own travel cash to fly to next scenes.

    1. My friends are vanishing as well. And it is the ones that actually are still playing so I am not happy because I can’t get ahead without my friends. I actually pay on this game, but until they get their bugs fixed I will not spend another dime on it. Not Happy At All….

  121. What am I doing wrong, I have finished chapter 6 I’m told I have opened a new chapter, When I try I’m then told to ask for flight crew. What is going on.

  122. I won an hour of unlimited energy at the end of the special Halloween challenge game. The game ended a rew days ago, and I still did not get my free hour. I do not have Facebook or any other way to contact them. How do I get the free hour of energy I earned? Thank you.

  123. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game but it is really sad that they don’t give you the opportunity to get cash as you’re playing!! I have to wait for DAYS after completing a chapter to move on because I don’t have enough cash! Getting tired of it I must say…time to find a new game I guess!

  124. Help! I’m stuck. I’ve got to scene 30 kingsbridge pub but I just can’t smash the vase. What is the secret? What do I need to do?

  125. I am playing Captain’s Challenge. I am on Agnes’ Room where I achieved the Gold Medal and top score. But I checked it recently and my score has disappeared from the leaderboard.

  126. Is there a way to request more friends who are already playing the game? Even on the game it limits the friends you can invite.

  127. I’m on chapter 25. I don’t know how to get the “extra” items that are being requested for the collections that it is showing.
    Can anyone help me?


    1. Wish I understood the scoring too. I asked another player who consistently gets scores over 650,000 and her reply was vague. Said she always finds the items “in order” and knows where everything is so she is quick and accurate. Well, I am quick and accurate but usually only score about 643,000. I have tried different orders but didn’t see a huge difference. I usually go top and bottom from right to left and then repeat.

  128. I’ve been playing pearls peril for about 2 years, i’m on chapter 84, but i’ve found it’s getting harder to get enough coins to buy things to move onto a new scene in each chapter it’s costing me 100 flowers each time, so every time I get coins stacking up I have to use them to un-lock the next scene in that chapter, so then I can’t buy any buildings as I don’t have enough coins, am I doing something wrong, it’s getting very frustrating

  129. I have made chapter 90, and try to ask for new beginning in Pearl’s Peril on PC. Please help me. Sincerely Lis Hellemose, Denmark.

  130. How can I keep info about the game from showing up on my facebook time line. I like to play the game but dont want all of my friends seeing how I have done, they dont care!

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