Ninja Kingdom Guide: Raids & Defending Your Village

Ninja Kingdom. Below you will find the complete list of Defenses available and also useful tips and strategies for defending your village.


  • Wall: Use walls to protect vital buildings in your village. Upgrade walls to increase their toughness.
  • Dragon Cannon: the dragon cannon is a fast firing, accurate weapon that damages enemy ground troops.
  • Possesing greater range than the dragon cannon, the Kunai Tower can target ground and flying enemies.
  • Demon Mortar: The slow firing Mortar loabs deadly shells that damage all ground enemies near the point of impact.
  • Bomb Trap: when triggered, the bomb trap explodes, harming all enemy troops in the blast radius
  • Big Bomb Trap: when triggered, the Big bomb waits a moment and then explodes dealing massive amount of damage.
  • Pit Trap: these traps capture attackers who are then put to work in your Jade Mines. In other words, each time you capture an enemy when a player is raiding your village, your Jade Mine will start producing Jade for free.
  • Sentry Bot: the sentry bots makes special bomb bots that walk out to meet the nearest enemy troop with explosive result.


DefenseRangeDamage TypeTargets
Dragon Cannon10 tilesSingleGround
Kunai Tower11 tilesSingleAir and Ground
Demon Mortar4-12 tilesSplashGround
Sentry Bot0-8 tilesSplashGround


  • Walls and Buildings determine a radius in which the enemy troops cannot be deployed. Try to place the walls just far enough of your towers to create not only temporary protection, but also to give your towers time to attack the enemy more times until they reach the target.
  • When placing the towers, spread them far away from one another, so the enemy actually has to split their troop deployment and giving you more chances of defeating it.
  • Try to upgrade your Castle to level 3 as soon as possible, to unlock the Princess, which is a very powerful defending unit.
  • Always have an Oni summoned, it usually ends up beating up more Grunts than your towers do.


You can buy shields to block enemy raids. However, there are two important things you need to know about shields. First of all, as soon as 1 enemy attacks your village, the Shield will be used, and if a second enemy tries to raid it, there won’t be a shield unless you buy another one. Second, Shields last for just a certain amount of time before they disappear.

Big Bomb Trap
Big Bomb Trap


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13 thoughts on “Ninja Kingdom Guide: Raids & Defending Your Village”

    1. No, after 3 attacks in a row, an automatic free shield goes up, and lasts 12 hours. Besides, if the multiplayer attack fails to wipe out your castle before the times runs out, then you will get quite a few trophy points.

  1. Your game won’t let me leave the clan I am currently in, I want to leave it and join metaphysics101, where my friends are but everytime I try it says error and resets back to my old clan, It makes me not want to play the game anymore if I can’t play and support my friends

    1. I think your base is not so strong against ninjas and samurais combined.. its vulnerable against tower attackers ,coz your towers and mortar is mostly outside part of your kingdom

  2. i don’t know why all people place their Gold storage / Sushi storage in the safe place.. When i raid someone, i prefer attack their Goldsmith, cause they give me more money than Gold storage… Hbu? Am i wrong?

    Oh yeah, i have crazy thesis, can we place our building scattered, so there’s no place for enemies to deploy 😀 .. can we?

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