Mutants: Genetic Gladiators Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to quickgamer’s Mutants: Genetic Gladiators Walkthrough guide for beginners. Although you will not find many hacks in here, you do get all game features explained in detail. We also have the complete list of mutants available in the game and also the best breeding formulas, navigate through our wiki to find the other guides.

Currencies, Resources & IAPs.

  • Fame: Each time you level up, your Fame increases by 1 point and you can share a Med-Pack with other aspiring Psy-Captains. Winning fights increase your Fame Level. Leveling up also gives you credits and 1 gold as a reward.
  • Mutosterone: This attribute bar needs to be full for each Mutant included in the Breeding Center, you cannot combine mutants whose mutosterone bar is empty. Of course, you can auto fill-it by spending Gold on it.
  • Credits: the soft currency of the game, obtained mainly from winning fights.
  • Gold: The game’s hard currency, although there are a couple of ways you can get a bit of Gold, you need to purchase it if you want to buy creatures without going through the cross-breeding.
  • Campaign Passes: consider this to be the energy for other casual games, once you run out of it, you need to wait for it to replenish in order to keep fighting.


There are a total of 6 Mutant Genes; Cyber, Necro, Saber, Zoomorph, Galactic and Mythic. Not all mono-strant mutants are available right from the beginning, but you start out with two of them for free. Below you will find the basic Mutants which, when combined, can result in a whole entire variety of other Mutants. Also, even after unlocked, some basic gene-Mutants like Demon or Alien, need a lot of credits to be bought.

  • Robot: Robots have a heavy armor and a weak attack but it damages all targets
  • Zombie: Zombies are fast and reliable
  • Warrior: The warrior lands powerful blows but has limited health.

CATEGORIES. There are a total of 6 Mutant Genes; Cyber, Necro, Saber, Zoomorph, Galactic and Mythic.

You might notice there’s an empty slot in the Breeding Center. This is where you put a STAR item and give birth to a mutant that is certain % more powerful, depending on the star you get at the shop (stars costs gold to purchase), check the stats below

  • Bronze Star: Cross breed two level 10 creatures to have a bronze mutant, which is 10% stronger
  • Silver Star: Cross breed two level 15 creatures to have a silver mutant, which is 30% stronger
  • Gold Star: Cross breed two level 20 creatures to have a gold mutant, which is 75% stronger


You will spend a lot of time at the Breeding Center doing Mutant Cross-Breeding/Sp[licing. You cannot breed mutants without a full bar of Mustosterone (adquired mainly through battle)

Once you cross-breed two mutants, a certain amount of time needs to pass before a larva is created. After that, there’s another process that takes places at the Incubator, after the incubation process is over, the Mutant will be finally be ready for battle

[box type=”download”]The most important fact to remember about splicing Mutants is that you might or might not get the Mutant you are looking for, even if you include a pair that contains the genes needed for the expected creature. However, there are certain formulas that work quite well, check out our breeding guide for more information.[/box]

Each time you retrieve a larva/mutant from the Breeding Building, you have 3 choices; To discard the mutant, to Keep it or to exchange it for Gold (the amount received depends on the mutant’s rarity)

Notice that breeding/splicing is not an exact science. You can get different Mutants from combining the same pair in different splices.


Each new mutant you buy or breed needs to be placed at a compound (the equivalent to the stable for many of the dragon or monster breeding games outthere). Not all compounds are suitable for a specific monster. In order to place a Mutant in a compound, this needs to have at least one matching gene with the mutant. There are multiple compound sizes of each type on the shop.

Compounds which contain Mutants generate Funds (Credits) which need to be collected from time to time. The more mutants you have within the same compound, the more funds you will collect. One click on the compound is enough to collect the credits.



You can select up to 3 mutants for each battle, the more you have, the more strategic decisions you can make, as some genes are more effective than others against your opponents.

TAG TEAM ATTACK. In a fight, you can choose a friend to help you make a Tag Team Attack. The tag team attack can only take place once in the battle and what it does is basically give you an extra attack in a turn, adding your friend’s monster to the fight and making it unleash a random attack. Each friend can tag you up once per day, no more than that. This is why is key to add as many friends in facebook as possible.

ATTACKING. Once the fight starts, and for each of your Mutant’s turns, you need to select an attack from the ones available for each Mutant. Each attack is linked to a gene. Certain genes are more powerful against others. Check out the schematic below that shows you how the 3 basic genes work. For instance, Warrior Gene deals a 25% more damage to Zombie Mutants.

Your mutants level up through fighting, and they also produce Mustosterone by doing it.


This is the PvE mode in Mutants: Genetic Gladiators. You cannot play Campaign mode indefinitely, since Campaign Fights require Campaign Passes to enter each level. They are replenished over time and fully replenish each time you level up.

Battle Campaign rewards are Credits, Fame Points


Once you reach level 6, you will unlock the PvP mode, where you can fight other human players and test your true strategy level. You should be matched with players of your same level


Quests or tasks are strongly suggested to complete because they not only give you credits as a reward for completing them, but also give you a clear path to follow and level up.


Do not mistake main buildings with compounds. These buildings will be given for free after reaching a certain level of completing a task. You cannot buy buildings at the shop. Each building has a specific function, like the Evolution Center, which needs to be upgraded if you want to take your Mutants to higher level caps. We are working on a separate guide for these buildings.


The achievement list can be found on the right sidebar, it is a pretty good way of obtaining free gold. Of course you wont complete the list of achievements overnight.


You will run out of map space over and over again as you add new compounds for your Mutants. Just click on adjatent areas to buy a map expansion. The cost of purchasing these new land slots gets more and more expensive, you buy it with credits.

However, you will also run out of space in the roof you are at. At that time you have no choice but to buy another roof, which may cost credits or gold depending on the roof you click on.


The shop is the only place where you can buy compounds, whatever gene they are, and you have 3 sizes of each type of compound. You can also buy almost all the mutants available in the game, with the exception of the most basic gene-mutants until you unlock them and the limited edition mutants. You can also get shots of mutosterone and also passes.


Each day you can use a regular magnetic key on the mystery chests to get a free reward. You can also buy premium keys for bigger prizes.


Teh daily challenge, which you can see to on the right sidebar, contains a set of tasks which need to be completed before the timer runs out. These tasks are by no means fast to complete. The more tasks you complete, the better the reward you have access to. If you manage to get all available points, you will get gold and med packs.


You need quite a lot of friends if you plan on fighting plenty of times a day. The tag team attack is really useful both in PvE and PvP and can only be used once per friend. The best spot to get facebook contacts that actually play the game is at the official App Page for Mutants: Genetic Gladiators.


  • How to Get Free Gold?
  • You receive free gold both by leveling up and also by completing achievements.

  • How to move buildings and compounds around?
  • Click on the middle button to the right of the bottom bar, this button gives you access both to the inventory and the architect mode.

  • Where’s the complete list of Mutants available in the game?
  • You can check the Mutopedia at the bottom bar, it lists all the Mutants but only fully shows the creatures that you already unlocked.

11 thoughts on “Mutants: Genetic Gladiators Walkthrough Guide”

  1. Just saying you should put a whole thing about pvp because most people didnt really know how to run it. Like me I had a little troubles with it and still do because I didnt know if I was going to win whatever I had gotten past in the other parts of the pvp. Just a recommendation because I have had a lot of people ask me some questions about the way it worked.

  2. I notice that some of the mutants have a extra slot. I understand about the bronze, silver and gold stars, but what is the fourth slot for? I noticeed this on Beetle bot, and then on some other ones too, but not on all of them. What is it for?

  3. i was just wondering, there’s an inventory thing in the game, right? well, how the hell do i put a compound in there? i’ve been trying like forever to find out how. forums, support, the whole works, but i still haven’t found anything helpful.

    1. Once you have a free space to place the compound, go to the shop and click on the compound you want, then just place it in an empty space and it will start building. Level 1 compounds have no ready slots (it takes time for you to be able to place mutants there), Level 2, 3 and 4 have 1, 2 and 3 slots ready to use upon purchase.

      Also, when upgrading a compound clear a new slot first, purchase the compound you want, transfer the mutants from the old compound to the newly built one (should have the same number of slots available to begin with) and then sell the old compound, this way you save half the price.

  4. I’ve played this for a few hours now. I like it but I’m having a bit of trouble finding my prizes? Where are the mutants that I win? I’ve finished the first two levels and thought I won the Terror Doll. Also I got two mutants from the reactor, but I have no idea where they are. They are not appearing in my inventory. I have suitable compounds for both ready but nothing is appearing? Anyone help?

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