Mutants: Genetic Gladiators: Planet Cleaner

Mutants: Genetic Gladiators. You wouldn’t want this guy to tickle you, but there’s nothing quite like wathching him run his diamond tipped blade through somebody else. I got to say I prefer my maid but the planer cleaner does an impressive job of mopping up in the arena.


Destructive Resistant Very Slow

1187 3.57

Galactic & Cyber YES 2520 19h30m



Attack Power Unlocks Gene
Disintegrator 417
Disintegrator + 626
Techno Rage 417
Techno Rage + 626


How to get Planet Cleaner?. BREEDING COMBINATIONS [Alien + Colossus]

Bronze Planet Cleaner

Bronze Planet Cleaner

Silver Planet Cleaner

Silver Planet Cleaner

Gold Planet Cleaner

Gold Planet Cleaner


  1. What is the weakness of this god damn thing? I’m fighting it in tokyo stage now.

    • he is galactic cyber, so undead(necro) will eat him alive

  2. How can i breed a planet cleaner i have been trying the combinations but i only get a colossus or an astro surfer, please answer.

  3. zomborg and alien

  4. What is the combination with the highest chance to get this mutant? I tried ALien + Colossus and it gave me an Astro Surfer, and Alien + Zomborg gave me a ghostmonaut.

  5. Any sure way to obtain this mutant? I’ve tried the combination alien + colossus twice, with no success. I even tried Alien + Zomborg but got a Ghostmonaut.

  6. ASTRO surfer and ROBOT..

  7. i got this planet cleaner from breeding alien and enforcer (1 time trial!)

  8. Hey if you tryied breeding Alien+Colossus and you get Astro Surfer try breeding Alien+Android it worked for me !

  9. my combination 4 AS: Techno Taoist+ Astro Surfer

  10. Easiest method is Android and Astro Surfer. That gives you an almost 50% chance compared with the 10-25% chance of Alien and Robot

  11. guys i got this ang like my website mutants genetic gladiators and get a money on mutants


  12. How to get Planet Cleaner?. BREEDING COMBINATIONS [Alien + Colossus]
    Doesn’t work…
    By this formula got Colossus,then changed combination (Colossus + Alien) and got Astro Surfer…

    • It does work, but you need to try more than once.

    • colosus+robot. i try it and now i have silver planet cleaner

  13. I breed Alien+Robot
    it gives me Planet Cleaner

  14. astro sufrer + android = planet cleaner

  15. robot + parasite queen = planet cleaner ( not sure )

  16. how i can get a silver astro surfer ?

  17. Guys,i feel so strange i got sentry gold collosus + gold robot = t got sentry

  18. Hey,guys when u breed a zomborg + alien what does it make?

  19. I suggest breeding:
    Android + Astro Surfer(100%)
    Alien + Android(75%)
    Robot + Astro Surfer(75%)

  20. Colossus + Enforcer

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